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"I'd like to buy a plane ticket to your furthest destination today."

What if, after leaving Miranda in Paris, Andy impulsively decides she has to get as far away from her as possible? Where will she wind up? Will Miranda try to track her down? Will she follow her? Will they declare their undying love for one another and live together happily ever after?

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They landed just before 8 pm local time. Rather than Teterboro, Air Traffic Controllers had granted clearance to land at LaGuardia Airport. Nigel took her photo under the arrivals sign before speaking to Serena and Patrick quickly. He dragged Andy away with no luggage. As they pulled up to the cab rank a familiar voice hit them.

"Hey, you two, do you need a ride?" Anne was sat in a black Mercedes holding up traffic as horns blared. Grinning at each other they both nodded to the movie star and moved quickly towards the car as a burly man approached the driver's side.

"Hey lady, you're holding up traffic here." He grumbled. Anne gave him a dazzling smile, and he calmed down immediately at the sight of the celebrity." Hey, um, I'm a big fan, um, sorry for hollerin' at'cha."

"My apologies for holding up traffic, I thought I should collect my friends since we are heading the same way back to the city and...well..." Anne laid on the charm thick.

"Oh, no worries, Ms Hathaway. Would you mind if I got a photo, my wife will never believe me?" The man grinned and pulled out his cell when she bowed her head in agreement. Kneeling beside the car he took a selfie as Andy slid into the back and Nigel into the passenger side. "Thank you." The man was suddenly grateful and as he stood and stepped back Anne shot off with a small wave through the open driver's window.

"So, what's the plan?" Anne asked, rolling her eyes as Andy laughed boisterously.

"Well, I thought we could do a feature on Social Media, Tumblr mostly. Where in the world is the future Mrs Priestly?" Anne cackled and Nigel smirked. "I thought dinner and then a few well-known tourist hotspots. Lady Liberty, the Empire State, Broadway and Times Square."

"Mm, well don't forget the Brooklyn Bridge, Madame Tussauds and Ripley's Believe It or Not." Anne thought about things as she navigated traffic. "I recommend Top of the Rock over the Empire State. Where do you want me to drop you, Midtown?"

"That would be perfect." Andy could kill for an Ellen's Stardust, their Loaded Tots or their mouth-watering Mac and Cheese Burger was screaming her name. She was hoping Nigel may agree her choice for dinner.

"Madame Tussauds first," Nigel claimed, searching his phone. "It'll be closing at 10 pm."

"Yes, sir." Andy saluted Nigel as he smirked. "As long as we can eat at Ellen's Stardust."

Nigel rolled his eyes. "Yes, Six. God forbid, you keep your size four."

"I'll drop you guys near Port Authority," Anne smirked as Nigel laid out the rest of their plans for their evening.


Miranda was pacing her study, unable to focus on her work. The twins were in the living room once again watching that infernal wizard movie they could now recite word-for-word.

Miranda looked across at the elegant clock on her wall and realised it was 8:30 pm. She knew Andréa would be home. Emily had texted her and said Serena was on her way to Runway with the items from the shoot, but she had made no mention of the brunette or Nigel. She hoped they had gotten back to the city without an issue.

The sound of Cassidy's crutches on the tiles had her moving behind her desk and glaring at her MacBook. It had been a long day, and the incompetence surrounding her, without Nigel's presence, had been astronomical. As Cassidy faltered at the door, she looked up into her daughter's eyes. "What is it Bobbsey?"

Cassidy hobbled in and handed Miranda her cell. She squinted down into the screen and saw the photograph of her Andréa coming through the arrivals terminal, at what she recognised was LaGuardia. Looking under the photo she spotted the tags and brought the device closer to her eyes. #its-a-secret, #do-not-tell-Miranda, #future-Mrs-Priestly, #WITWITFMP and the last one. #finally-home.

She couldn't stop the happy smile at the sight of the casual but beautiful sight of her Andréa. She looked casually stylish in her red slouchy beanie and matching scarf. The hood of her red hooded sweater hung down the back of her leather jacket and her black skinny jeans hugged every delicious curve.

Miranda caught Cassidy's eyes. "Will you and Caroline teach me how to use this Tumblr?" Miranda asked.

Cassidy's smile almost rivalled Andréa's in brightness. "Yes, mom." Cassidy hobbled to the bottom of the stairs and she looked up as she shouted. "Caro, it's time for Mom to join the 21st Century. She wants a Tumblr account." Caroline heard the words and launched herself down the stairs, only just stopping from knocking Cassidy over in her haste as she skidded into Miranda's study.

"First thing's first. We need to find you a fitting username." Caroline stood with her hands on her hips as she tilted her head. She looked very much like her mother.

"How about MrsPriestly?" Miranda asked.

"Too obvious." The twins stated in unison as they moved to the couch.

"It has to be something distinct. And there's been an influx of Priestly wannabe's being created in the last few weeks." Cassidy explained.

"What is something that is uniquely yours and Andy's?" Caroline smirked as Miranda blushed as she stood and moved to her favourite armchair.

"Cerulean," Miranda whispered. "I think it is a reminder for both of us of a certain moment."

"Oh, I remember that. It was when you took her to task in that off-the-cuff rant about the history of the colour in fashion." Cassidy grinned.

"Mm," Miranda hummed. "It was a moment of pure genius."

"CeruleanDragon," Caroline responded.

"CeruleanSnowQueen," Cassidy responded.

"Oh, no, no. Nothing to do with those names from the press." Miranda insisted. The three Priestly's sat deep in thought unable to think of anything. Miranda stood and poured herself a small glass of wine and some orange juice for the twins. "How about Cerulean-Hopes-And-Dreams?"

"Perfect." Caroline smiled widely and stood up to grab Miranda's MacBook. When she sat, she patted the seat between her and Cassidy and the three of them put their heads together as the twins ran her through the intricacies of Tumblr.


Madame Tussauds was a hit for Andy having never been. She sat next to a real looking Ozzy Osbourne, held hands with eerie looking George Clooney and hugged Elvis. Nigel claimed he wouldn't kick the wax George Clooney out of bed unless the real one came knocking.

They completed the chamber of horrors. Before entering someone asked them if they were ready to be scared. Andy whooped and nodded, looking forward to being frightened, having a love of all things horror, but ended up laughing the whole way through it. Nigel took photos on Andy's cell at every turn and laughed hand as she posed on as an American Idol contender with Simon Cowell and danced with Beyoncé.

Their next stop was Ripley's Believe It or Not, A new addition to the Times Square madness. Before they had left the first gallery they had seen a six-legged cow, a legless acrobat, a car made of wood, the world's ugliest woman and an albino giraffe. Looking up to the ceiling there was a replica of a 1,400-pound man. The odditorium included a miniature sculpture of Babe Ruth created from used chewing gum, a four-legged chicken bred to produce more drumsticks and a fossilised walrus penis used in tribal warfare. The whole place made Andy uneasy, and she asked if Nigel minded if they left.

They strolled arm-in-arm through Times Square, taken in by the bright lights and billboards. The area was buzzing with energy. Finding a spot on the red TKTS steps, they sat and people watched until a Billboard lit up with the cover of Runway's current edition. Andy jumped up. "Video this," Nigel smirked as Andy stood underneath with a finger pointing upwards. He laughed when Andy claimed. "The future Mrs Priestly finds this..." She licked her lips. "...acceptable." She beamed into the camera. Her eyes twinkled with mischief as Nigel uploaded it to her Fine-n-Dandy Tumblr feed. The next stop was a hunt for the Naked Cowboy, Nigel insisted it was a requirement to have her photo taken with him. As they hit Broadway Nigel took Andy's photo under the Broadway street sign and they continued towards Ellen's Stardust Diner.

The 50s themed diner was noisy and crowded but lots of fun. What Andy loved most about the place was the singing waitstaff, it was the highlight of every one of her visits. While some were more talented than others they enjoyed the atmosphere of the place as they ate and both sang along with the staff. An older couple got up and danced when someone crooned to Mack The Knife. Nigel laughed as Andy was pulled up to sing Good Morning Baltimore with a young man called Zac, having been recognised from previous visits and videoed the entire performance. Shortly after finishing they left the diner and hailed a cab, heading to the Rockefeller centre.

As they sat side-by-side Andy turned towards the creative director. "Nige, what did you do with our luggage?"

Nigel smirked. "I had Serena take it to Runway. I will have Roy drop it first thing tomorrow."

"I'm not looking forward to going home," Andy admitted quietly. "Part of me wants to get the cabbie to turn around and head to the Upper East Side."

"I think Miranda will want to give you her undivided attention, Six. She cannot do that if she has the book and the twins at home." Nigel knew Miranda was aware Andy was arriving home, but he would not spoil the surprise, once Andy realised.

"Yeah, maybe you are right." Andy sighed. "I always wanted to go up to Top of the Rock at night, I've just never found the time." Andy's cell chimed and she looked down to see a Tumblr notification. Opening the page, she noticed the tags Nigel had included in the posts he had been sharing. Andy looked at Nigel and grinned. "You have social media tagging down pat."

"Look at the first share of each post." Nigel chuckled at the brunette she read his username; ShiningBeaconOfHope. She also noticed another name sharing the posts, Cerulean-Hopes-And-Dreams. She understood it would be someone at Runway, one of those few who had been privy to Miranda's words to her that fateful day, Lucia or Jocelyn, perhaps.

"Wow, you follow me?" Andy grinned as she looked through her follower list, which had expanded significantly in the few hours she'd been back in the city. Each Post was being re-blogged and gaining likes. They arrived at the Rockefeller and there was no queue to get to the top of the building. They purchased their tickets and went straight up in the elevator where we were greeted by security staff and screened. They proceeded past the pictures on the wall of the men who built the building and the various levels of construction. There was a smiling photographer was happy to sit them down and take their photo. He mistook Nigel and Andy for someone on a date and Nigel had to stifle his laughter as he shocked the photographer by flirting shamelessly with him.

They moved to another elevator which would take them to the Top of the Rock. Nigel pointed upwards and Andy tilted her head and saw the elevator had a transparent roof and the shafts had special futuristic interior illumination all the way from the bottom to the top, she could examine the workings of the elevator as they moved up.

As the doors opened enclosed windows offering a 360-degree view of New York met them. Andy snapped photos until Nigel dragged her to the right and led her outside. There was another photographer waiting, and this time Andy agreed to a photo as the backdrop to the photo was the Empire State Building. Andy stood in one spot and spun 360 degrees, taking in the entire New York skyline in the open air. It was cold and windy but breath-taking. She felt her love of the city overwhelming her. They were 70 stories up with the Empire State Building right in front, lit up in blue, white and red. It rose far above the horizon, unlike the other buildings. The New York skyline was like no other in the world, and this trip was something she wouldn't forget in a hurry.

Andy was flagging after they hit Grand Central Station. Seeing this Nigel decided they would bypass the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge and caught a cab to the Whitehall Terminal to catch the Staten Island Ferry. Nigel claimed it was the best opportunity for Andy to get close enough for a photo opportunity without doing the grand tour of the statue and Ellis Island.

As they boarded the ferry Andy fought her tiredness and Nigel led her gently to the right of the boat knowing it would give them the best views of the statue. They got into position with Andy leaning against the railings as the boat moved quickly past the Statue. It would please Miranda to view the image as Andy's hair whipped in the night breeze as she smiled happily for him with Lady Liberty in the background, her torch raised high for all to see. Once they docked on the other side, they rushed off and hurried to loop around to get on the ferry to go back to Manhattan.

By the time they landed at Battery an hour after catching the first ferry, all Andy wanted was a clean pair of pyjamas and her bed. Nigel hailed another cab and bundled Andy and himself into it, calling for the driver to take them to Andy's apartment at 252 Broome Street and Orchard Street before heading to his Soho loft. He looked at the brunette and smiled. "You'll be able to talk to Miranda soon." He reassured her.

"She told me she'd be busy tonight, but I will text to say goodnight," Andy muttered. "It's been a long day."

They spent the rest of the ten-minute cab ride in silence, comfortable enough with each other not to make idle chatter. As they pulled up outside the red door leading to Andy's apartment he saw her set her shoulders as she rooted through her backpack for her keys.

"Will you be okay?" Nigel asked softly.

"Sure thing," Andy answered. He saw her shoulders tensing. She looked into his eyes and saw the gentle concern. "I'm a little scared, it's the first time I've been alone, and..." She bit her lip. "...I don't know what to expect. Nate's in Boston and..."

"And you don't know what he's taken?" Andy nodded quickly and Nigel sighed. "If you are not comfortable jump in a cab and come to mine, I'll set up the spare bed, just in case."

"Thanks, Nige." She leaned over and kissed his cheek. "And thank you for tonight, it's been great."

"Hey, what is your fairy Godfather for?" Nigel smirked. "It was good to see the city through new eyes. I realised tonight how complacent I had become. So, thank you, Andy Sachs."


Miranda trawled through Tumblr while she waited for the book, re-blogging and liking everything she found relating to her and Andréa. The twins had finally gone to bed, leaving her in peace. Hearing the opening of her front door, she caught the clicking of heels on the marble floor of the foyer and frowned. The new girl was nowhere near ready to deliver the book as she had not deemed her not to be a psycho. Miranda's lips twitched. She was ready to have fun. "Emily." She called.

She heard the muttered curse in Portuguese and understood it was Serena invading her home, no doubt as a gallant gesture to assist Emily. It was not unheard of for Serena to come to her home, but usually, it was to assist with hair and make-up for an event. She looked up as she caught the sight Serena in the doorway, the Book in hand. She held her hand out and pursed her lips when the blonde did not move. "Move at a glacial pace, Serena. You know how that thrills me."

Serena grinned. "Yes, Miranda." She moved gracefully into the room and noticed Miranda's eyes trail from in the 5-inch killer heels, up her bare legs, taking in the short red Versace minidress paired with a black jacket and then coming to rest on her face.

Miranda smirked as Serena handed her the book. "You look...acceptable. However, I did not realise you were coveting a position as my assistant. Maybe I should relieve the new Emily of her duties and have you doing so in her stead."

"That will not be necessary, Miranda. I much prefer the position I hold." Serena smiled. "Emily told me she could not meet me for a drink due to having to wait for the book, as it is too cumbersome to get around easily. I told her I would bring it, along with your dry-cleaning, and meet her afterwards."

"Go then and enjoy your evening." Miranda dismissed her with an imperious wave of her hand. "And if she doesn't crack at least one smile in the morning, I will have serious words with the young woman."

"Yes, Miranda. Good night." Serena left quickly and Miranda looked down at the book. Opening the cover, she looked at the corrections she had made from the night before and spotted another error. Gripping her usual red marker in her hand she scribbled furiously on a post-it before slapping it onto the page.

Miranda moved through the pages quickly, finding peace from the routine. She was as ruthless as always with the editing, searching for perfection. She hired a multitude of competent people, so why was she surrounded by ineptitude, why could they not see and find these errors before she had to see such horrors as this spread. They were using Steve Barry's "Bitten" Line to reach those who shopped on a budget. SJP was acceptable, however, those chinos? No, No, it would not do.

Miranda closed her eyes and rubbed the bridge of her nose. Finishing the book with a vicious comment about her eyes bleeding, she sighed and turned her attention to her mac only to see the photograph of Andréa on the deck of a Staten Island ferry. Saving it quickly, she set it as her desktop background and smiled. The next day could not come quick enough. All she had to do was to get through the rest of the night. Sleep would be elusive knowing the beautiful woman was so close. She hoped she also had time to speak to her Andréa soon, she'd found the lack of contact that day displeasing.

She would get ready for bed and wait for the text that would no doubt transform into a phone call, which would take her into the sweetest of dreams.


Andy stepped into her small apartment and leaned against the door before dead bolting it. Looking around she saw the apartment was spotless, there were new items dotted around, a CD player with an iPhone dock, a reclining chair and sofa. There were things she recognised amongst the new items.

Shrugging her jacket off she looked at the wooden bookcase holding all of her books, which were alphabetised. It could only be Doug that had done such a thing, but how he had provided the new items was beyond her. His pay was only marginally better than what she had earned at Runway.

Moving through the kitchenette she opened cupboards and drawers and found a new dinnerware set holding four bowls, side plates, dinner plates and matching mugs. They were white with a cerulean accent.

Pulling her cell out she saw it was almost midnight. She called Doug who picked up immediately. "Hey, Butthead. What did you do with my apartment?"

"Um, well, Nate took all the good stuff so..." Doug sputtered.

"You are such a bullshitter." Andy grinned. "There's no way you would pay the three hundred bucks for that dinnerware set Nate has drooled over for the last half a year. I remember your exact words regarding the cost, so spill!"

She heard Doug's dramatic sigh on the other end of the line. "Oh God, she will kill me for telling." He blew out a frustrated breath. "It was Miranda. She knows you are home but does not want to spoil your surprise. And she wanted you to be comfortable." She could hear Doug's smile in his voice. "You are so fucking lucky if you had told her she would have been at the airport to whisk you back to her posh townhouse."

"Why would she do this?" Andy asked quietly.

"D'uh. Don't be dense, Dandy, she really fucking loves you." Miranda Priestly still amazed Doug, her turning up to his place of work, as she had, and speaking with him truthfully. "She's a piece of work."

"You spoke to her?" Doug's words stunned her.

"Andy, she hunted me down, asked, politely I may add, if I would like a ride home and for my help. How was I meant to refuse?" Doug was laughing.

Andy couldn't help join in his laughter. "Yeah, she's definitely not an easy woman to refuse."

"I told her I would get serious brownie points, and she told me she didn't need them, but she would cash in on them, eventually." Doug's words had Andy laughing boisterously.


Andy woke up with a smile on her face. She had spoken to Miranda at length the night before after climbing into her freshly made bed, which had been made up with her soft flannel sheets.

Upon further inspection, after her conversation with Doug, she realised Miranda showed her care in the most surprising ways, with little thoughtful gestures, like the pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, her favourite frozen pizzas and soda. She was surprised by what Miranda remembered of her tastes. Knowing Miranda had thought about her comfort left her feeling warm and loved. As they spoke, no mention was made by either of them that Miranda knew of her return, they pretended that nothing had changed, but recognised they had, naturally.

Lying toastie warm under her duvet, Andy reflected on the call the night before.

Miranda listened as she yawned heavily down the line, too tired to stifle it. "You should try to sleep, my darling."

"Nu-uh, don't want to," Andy responded sleepily. "This is our time."

Miranda's chuckle had her grinning brightly. "My darling, you are stubborn. Shall I recite for you?"

"Mm, okay." Andy was fighting sleep.

"I think Ella Wheeler Wilcox would be suitable," Miranda stated.

"Whatever you think, sweetheart," Andy responded, snuggling under her duvet as Miranda spoke.

"I love your lips when they're wet with wine
And red with a wild desire;
I love your eyes when the lovelight lies
Lit with a passionate fire.

I love your arms when the warm white flesh
Touches mine in a fond embrace;
I love your hair when the strands enmesh
Your kisses against my face.

Not for me the cold, calm kiss
Of a virgin's bloodless love;
Not for me the saint's white bliss,
Nor the heart of a spotless dove.

Miranda recited quietly and soothingly and Andy's eyes fell closed at the whisper of the editor's melodious voice in her ears, it was beautiful, leaving her feeling at peace.

But give me the love that so freely gives
And laughs at the whole world's blame,
With your body so young and warm in my arms,
It sets my poor heart aflame.

So, kiss me sweet with your warm wet mouth,
Still fragrant with ruby wine,
And say with a fervour born of the South
That your body and soul are mine

Clasp me close in your warm young arms,
While the pale stars shine above,
And we'll live our whole young lives away
In the joys of a living love."

Andy's smile widened as a knock came at the front door. Shoving the blankets aside she looked down at her flannel sleep pants and t-shirt and shrugged. Roy would just have to put up with her in her jammies. Answering the door, she saw both Nigel and Roy, they were holding her luggage from Santiago and the items she'd left behind in Paris. "What the hell, I had one bag, Nige?"

"Mm, Miranda came into the closet early this morning, in a tizzy. I hadn't sorted through all this, and she waved at it and told me to take it wherever it belongs. Then she gave me a real smile, a real one Andy, not that fake social teeth together grimace thing she does socially." Nigel ran a hand over his head. "I thought Jocelyn and Lucia would have a heart attack when she turned to face them, her smile firmly in place." Nigel gripped the large Louis Vuitton suitcase at his feet and lifted it back into his hand while Roy shuffled from one foot to another holding not only a trunk but also her case from Santiago. Andy grabbed the case and stepped back quickly to give them room. "Emily was smiling too this morning, and Sofia is also awfully chipper. Do you have coffee?"

"Um sure, let me..." Andy shook her head and moved to the kitchen. Scrambling in the cupboard she found three mugs and set her coffee maker up. She spun around to find both men leaning on the counter that partitioned her kitchen from living area. "That trunk was meant for Emily."

"Oh, trust me, Six. This is a combination of the two trunks you left behind after Emily took all the pieces she could wear easily. That's the best thing, there were a few pieces you'd gotten especially for her, which she adored, but the items you loved are still in here. Now, are you ready for your interview?"

"Um, yeah. I think so." Andy moved to pour coffee easily and handed the two men their mugs.

"Thanks, Andy." Roy hummed as he sipped his brew.

"You guys hungry?" Andy asked.

"What are you offering?" Nigel muttered, sipping his coffee.

"Eggs on toast?" Andy grinned as both men nodded enthusiastically.


Miranda looked up as her outer office phone rang and Emily answered. "Miranda Priestly's office." She watched the young woman's jaw drop before schooling her features. "You have a favour to ask, of me?" She saw Emily frown. "Well I don't know, it's a huge imposition but I'll see what I can do." Emily fought a smile and glared at Lauren's curious gaze. "You have some very large shoes to fill. Hope you know that." Emily hobbled to her desk and sat down.

Miranda's schedule pinged with a new appointment. 12:15 pm - Donatella - Pastis.

"Emily, I do not remember agreeing to lunch with Donatella," Miranda called out.

Emily stood and hobbled to the doorway. "My apologies, Miranda. She was insistent. She will be in Milan until the New Year and..."

"Details of this incompetence do not concern me." She saw the flicker of hurt in the redhead's eyes and searched her face, she saw the anger blaze and then her shoulders slumped, she understood there was more behind the appointment than she thought. "Emily, come in here." She watched as Emily perched unsteadily on the chair in front of her. "Was it Andréa, on the phone?" Her voice was quiet, so it did not carry.

Emily nodded. "She still doesn't realise, that you know?" Emily's question came fast and Miranda smirked.

"No, I do not think so. Now, did she sound upset?" Miranda asked.

"She sounded chipper, as smug, as happy and infuriating as always," Emily smirked. "I'll get the creature out there to call Roy."

"Thank you, Emily," Miranda muttered the words quietly. Looking up she saw the blazing satisfaction in Emily's green eyes. "That's all." Miranda flicked her hand dismissively.

"Yes, Miranda." Emily clattered from the room hissing at the new Emily to call and ensure Roy was downstairs for midday as Nigel and the art department trooped in for the morning's run-through.

The morning passed quickly, too quickly and Miranda was nervous to face Andréa. She would now have heard her recommendation. Moving towards her private bathroom she touched up her lipstick and viewed her outfit for the day. The navy knee-length Chanel dress was a tribute to her Andréa's first foray into the fashion world and it worked well with the sheer stockings and five-inch Prada heels. She adjusted the orange Hermès scarf around her neck and ran a brush through her hair. She would have to do.

She stepped out from her office and called to Lauren for her coat and bag and shrugged on her dark emerald coat. It was the colour that had initially caught her eye, but she loved the bell sleeves and the oversize lapels too.

Sashaying away she threw a small smirk at Emily as she passed the open-mouthed young woman.

Taking the elevator ride eased her nerves but as she walked towards the front of the building, she realised her town car was missing from its usual position. She put a call through to the new Emily, bringing her cell to her ear. "I do not understand why it is so challenging to get my car when I ask for it." Miranda spat furiously as Roy pulled up at the curb. As she made to step towards the car, her eyes met the expressive eyes of the woman she loved.

She took her time in her appraisal of the woman. Taking in the Knee-high boots worn over dark-wash skinny jeans the casual black turtleneck and a brown leather jacket with a brown messenger bag. She had straightened her hair, and she wore it in a Half Updo. Andy gave a nod and waved to her before delivering one of her blindingly beautiful smiles. Miranda's breath hitched.

Miranda slid into the car, removing her Gucci sunglasses as Andréa shrugged and moved away. She watched as the young woman ran her fingers through her bangs and couldn't help the small chuckle that escaped at the young woman's confidence as she drifted amongst those on the busy sidewalk. Noticing Roy smirking at her through the rear-view she schooled her features. "Go." She demanded before putting her shades on. As they passed Nine West, she spotted the young woman again and pulled her cell out. "Emily, cancel my afternoon. That's all." She caught Roy's eye. "Stop the car. " The driver saw his chance and pulled up next to the brunette as Miranda rolled down her window. "Get in."

"Are you sure you want to be seen with your biggest disappointment?" Andy muttered, little puffs of air coming from those full lips.

"Professional disappointment." Miranda reiterated. "I thought you would see through the words, to the truth behind them." She frowned. "I told him he'd be an idiot if he did not hire you."

Andy sighed and made to turn away with a shake of her head. "Don't walk away, my darling." Miranda slid from the car quickly and caught Andy by the wrist.

"What are you doing, Miranda?" Andy's shock was clear in her eyes.

Miranda stepped into her personal space. "What I have wanted to do since Monday, Andréa." Miranda leaned up and caught her lips in a gentle kiss. "You cannot turn up randomly outside my work and not expect it to stun me. In the face of your beauty, you could have the world at your feet."

"Fibber." You knew I was home."

"Of course, I did. I am all knowing. Now, will you come home with me?" Miranda asked pulling away slightly.

"Mm, you could come to mine and we can make inroads into the Ben and Jerry's." Andy's smile was bright. "There's some Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz with Miranda Priestly's name all over it."

Miranda pursed her lips. "You will find all of your favourites at the townhouse. I may have to put a lock on the freezer once Cassidy realises there is an excess of Chunky Monkey in the house."

"Well, we can't be having an excess of Chunky Monkey anywhere." Andy teased as she tugged Miranda back to the idling car.

As they settled close to each other in the car, Roy spun around and snapped a photo. "For Tumblr," he muttered as Andy smirked and Miranda pursed her lips. He slid the privacy window into place as both their cellphones chimed with incoming notifications.

"I may have to fire him," Miranda muttered as Andy's lips crashed into hers.

"You won't though." Andy's lips moved against hers as she tugged at the scarf around her throat, becoming frustrated. "God, will you take this damn thing off."

"Yes, my darling." Miranda husked. As the scarf fell loose she felt those soft, warm lips against the pulse point in her throat and moaned.


They had fun preparing and eating lunch, enjoying being able to talk to one another without being interrupted as Andy caught her up on all she missed including a step-by-step account of her interview with Greg Hill, which had ended by his offering her a job with the final quip he couldn't be viewed as an idiot. Miranda admitted to being on Tumblr which caused loads of laughter, especially when she admitted she had downloaded her photo to make it a screen saver. It was a gesture Andy hadn't expected from the older woman, but she was known for her unpredictability.

They moved from the kitchen to the den carrying their ice cream in bowls. Miranda kicked off her heels and sat in one corner, her feet tucked underneath her. She hummed as the first explosion of coffee ice-cream hit her tongue. It had Andy enraptured and her eyes darkened as a jolt of desire swept through her.

Miranda recognised the look and smirked. "My darling, the twins will be home shortly to get ready to go to their fathers."

"Damn," Andy whispered. She looked away and dug into her ice cream with gusto. Miranda was a little breathless watching her.

"You know, I never play hooky like this," Miranda stated.

"If you need to go back to work, I would totally understand," Andy told her.

"No, I have enjoyed the afternoon, but maybe we should find something to do, a movie perhaps?"

"Sounds good." Andy grinned. "I look forward to seeing your choice." Miranda grinned and grabbing the remote switched the TV and hit play for the DVD already in the machine. The menu came onto the screen and she hit play on the movie. Andy was too busy looking at Miranda as she settled into the sofa to look at the movie choice but the opening caught her attention. "You've chosen Dirty Dancing?" The choice stunned Andy and Miranda gave her a breathtaking smile.

Miranda mouthed the words, to Jennifer Grey's voiceover happily. "That was the summer of 1963 when everybody called me 'Baby', and it didn't occur to me to mind. That was before President Kennedy was shot, before the Beatles came when I couldn't wait to join the Peace Corps, and I thought I'd never find a guy as great as my dad. That was the summer we went to Kellerman's."

Andy settled close to Miranda as they both got lost in the movie. Now and then Miranda recited an iconic line and Andy sang along to the music.

The twins came home as Johnny was leaving Kellerman's and Miranda paused the DVD as Andy huffed. Standing up she put a finger to her lips in a gesture of silence and moved quickly to the foyer.

Andy heard the joyous noise coming from Cassidy as they spotted their mom was home and she could hear Miranda telling them there was a surprise for them in the den. Caroline ran in and stalled as Andy stood up and gave her a wide smile. "Hey, Caro."

Caroline eyed the young woman warily. "You going to leave again?"

"Are you..." Miranda automatically corrected her daughter's diction as she entered the room with Cassidy, the words caused Andy's smile to widen.

"Nope, I'm here to stay," Andy reassured. At Miranda's raised eyebrow she corrected herself. "Well, I'll be in New York. I got offered a job at the New York Mirror and..."

"Why aren't you staying with us?" Cassidy demanded.

"Come, sit with me," Andy asked. She knew she had to tread carefully, she didn't want to upset any of the Priestley's. Cassidy and Caroline perched either side of her as Miranda sat in a comfortable armchair. "You know I really love you guys, but my relationship with your mom is new and it's a little daunting." She saw Caroline about to argue and interrupted quickly. "Not because of anything she does or who she is, but because part of me thinks I have nothing to offer her. Well, any of you really."

"Ridiculous," Miranda muttered darkly.

"As you can tell your mom doesn't agree." Andy grinned at the older woman. "I want this to work, us becoming a family, but I know the press will be an issue."

"We can handle the press," Caroline uttered.

"I know you can, they probably quake in terror at the sight of you." Cassidy laughed as Caroline smirked. "But you shouldn't have to deal with them. They will be rude because I am just starting out my career, I am younger than your mom and I am a woman. They will call me a gold digger and your mom will be called a cougar. They will bandy the word lesbian around like it's a dirty word or they will use other derogatory words." Andy brushed a hand through her hair. "I know the word is out, after all the social media coverage I would be a fool to think otherwise, but I want to protect you all from that for as long as I can."

"Are you ashamed of us?" Caroline whispered.

"No, my beautiful girl. Most certainly not." Andy tried to reassure her, pulling her face up to meet her eyes. "I adore being part of your lives, and I want to be a permanent fixture in it, to watch you and Cass grow into the amazing women you are both sure to become." Cassidy pushed herself into Andy's side as Caroline searched her eyes for the truth.

"So, one day at a time," Cassidy asked.

"Exactly," Andy stated as she looked down at the snuggly redhead.

Miranda looked at her delicate wristwatch. "Your father will be here shortly. Go on upstairs and get ready."

"Okay, mom." Cassidy got up unsteadily and hobbled from the room.

Caroline stayed put. "Andy, will you be here when we get home on Sunday?" Caroline looked between the two women.

"I am sure that can be arranged." Andy grinned. "Now up you get, you do not want to keep your dad waiting."

Caroline scrunched her nose up. "Uugh, I wish we didn't have to go." Caroline was deep in thought for a moment before she grinned mischievously. "I can't wait to see dad's face when he finds out about Andy being home."


Miranda switched the movie back on once the twins had gone with James and they cuddled close, with Miranda's head resting against Andy's chest. Tilting her head Miranda looked up at Andy under her eyelashes and Andy swept in to capture her pouting lips in a soft kiss. They made out while the film ran in the background and Miranda manoeuvred them so Andy was leaning against the corner of the sofa as she hovered over her. When Johnny uttered his iconic words; "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." Miranda uttered them against her lips. Andy broke their kiss and giggled.

Things heated up and Miranda's hands moved under Andy's sweater, pulling it up and over her head. Her hands moved down, and she unbuttoned her jeans, tugging them down Andy's long legs. Andy returned the favour, unhooking the hidden clasp at the back of Miranda's dress and pulling the zipper down as she trailed her lips against Miranda's spine. When Miranda was in nothing but a matching navy La Perla lingerie set and Andy in her plain black Calvin Klein cotton panties and bralette they took their time to kiss more leisurely.

Miranda looked at Andy. "We can stop, if this is too much, too soon," Miranda whispered her words, and she moaned as Andy's lips trailed behind her ear.

"I want this, I want you." Andy's words were low and the jolt of pleasure Miranda felt shocked her

"I...I...I've never been with a woman." Miranda stuttered.

"Me either. Let me know if you want me to stop," Andy whispered turning them so they lay face to face. She ran warm hands over Miranda's back and the light touch sent an electric current through the editor's body.

Miranda didn't want Andy to stop, ever. Each touch made her realise what was missing from her life. This, being with Andy, was a piece of that missing part. "Please, I need you closer," She whispered. Her heart was beating through her chest.

Andy pulled her closer, her leg landing between Miranda's. Her hands entwined in silky brown hair and she leaned forward pressing her lips hard against Andy's, her tongue swiping against Andy's full bottom lip. There was a quiet desperation in her kiss, and she knew it but there was more passion in the kiss than any she'd had before, and the softness of her lips and the gentle caress of her tongue told her that loving Andy would be something that would change her life.

"I've been waiting for this, for you" Miranda muttered between kisses as they moved against each other. Andy cupped Miranda with her palm, rubbing gently and creating friction where Miranda needed it most. Miranda arched into her touch, wanting Andy more than anything else she'd ever wanted in her life. "Make love to me, my darling."

Andy's hands moved below the elastic on her panties and moved quicker causing Miranda's breath to catch. Her heart was soaring and she could feel herself heading quickly towards her peak, just from the gentle touch against her clit. She drew closer when Andy's fingers dipped gently inside before being removed. Miranda heard herself whimpering.

Andy moved down, tonguing Miranda's breasts through the lace of her bra, before unclasping it and throwing it to the side, warm breath tickled her heated skin and the soft wetness of lips against her hardening nipples as a hand moved gently inside her left her aching. Andy's passion took her by surprise as she playfully nipped and sucked.

The hot mouth moved and Andy trailed tender kisses down the underside of Miranda's breast, over her stomach and inside her thighs. Miranda ran both of my hands through Andy's sleek, dark hair as she deftly pulled her panties off and plunged her tongue between her lips for her first taste. The moan Andy let out vibrated through her. "Don't...don't stop," Miranda pleaded as Andy's tongue teased her clit. Miranda felt the waves of pleasure coursing through her at each pass of that talented tongue. She arched her back and pleaded for release.

The sensations were overpowering and spikes of pleasure rippled through Miranda as her climax claimed her. "Don't leave." Miranda whimpered as Andy moved up her body. "Never leave me."

"Never, my love," Andy swore, sealing her promise with a kiss. Miranda spun them catching Andy off-guard and causing her to fall off the couch. Andy laughed boisterously as Miranda peered down at her, biting her lip to hold back her laughter. "God, woman. It's lucky I love you." Andy declared, still chuckling as she sat up. She sprang, pulling Miranda down off the couch and onto her lap. "Now, where were we?"

"I think I was about to say something important, and you disappeared from underneath me," Miranda smirked as she looked into amused eyes. Turning serious, her blue eyes caught Andy's as she stroked up her jaw. "I love you, Andréa." She kissed her softly. "I will always love you."


Note: So, this is it, the final instalment of WITWITFMP. I have loved writing this, and at a future date, I may revisit this fic-verse with a few glimpses. But for now, this is finished. The women got their happily-ever-after.