Professor Layton Vs. Ace Attorney: The Lost World

Prologue: The Island

Luke stared out the window, at the ocean churning below him. The water was tinted gold; cream-crested waves reflected the westering sun. He could see the shadow of the helicopter and its rotor blade whirling ever so fast.

"Luke, my boy. Is something the matter?"

"Oh!'s nothing, Professor."

The apprentice settled back into his plushy seat. Across from him sat the Professor, a habitually pleasant smile peeking from under his top hat.

"Your apprentice is quite the curious one, isn't he, Mr. Layton?"

"I'm afraid curious does not come close to accurately describing my apprentice's disposition, Mr. Hembridge."

The towering, corpulent man sitting next to Layton cackled and thumped his cane down on the cabin floor. Like the Professor, he sported a generous top hat, as well as a monocle and well-tailored clothes.

"You see, this is the sort of youth I'm looking for! The kind my enterprise depends on."

The Professor politely tipped his hat and smiled.

"Pardon my inquiry, Mr. Hembridge...but what enterprise do you speak of, exactly? Sir Cantabella had not informed us- "

Hembridge waved his hand.

"Oh, Arthur doesn't know a thing about any of this. In fact, there's very little I tell Arthur, even during our university days. Drove the fellow mad."

The man took a moment again to chortle, his frame trembling with giddiness.

"Rest assured, Mr. Layton, all this secrecy has not been for nothing. What I have to show you...what I require your expertise in archaeology of such monumental proportions that it would be gravely unwise of me to disclose even a hint of its splendor. Its magnificence. Its..."

He stopped suddenly, as if a bullet had struck him. Then he turned, looking out the windshield. His eyes lit up and he clapped his gloved hands excitedly.

"There it is!"

Luke and the Professor shifted themselves to locate the source of his ecstasy. It appeared just on the edge of the horizon: a lush, green islet ringed by thick clouds. Just looking at it gave one the sense of mystery and danger. Soon, the sprawling, shimmering blue gave way to a sea of green.

The copter came suddenly to a halt. All onboard, save the pilot, instinctively grabbed ahold of the overhead railing. The aircraft descended in jolts, bouncing up and down as it was struck by wind drafts. Hembridge grinned from ear to ear, jowls rippling as he spoke:

"Bad wind shears! We'll have to drop pretty fast!"

Luke could see the vast cliff walls racing by outside the window.

"Next time...when your friends'll be better! More comfortable, perhaps!"

The apprentice raised a brow. Friends? He thought, before turning to Layton.

"Professor, who do you think he's talking about?" he whispered. Layton said nothing, keeping a grim countenance. Luke turned to look outside once more.

Upon spotting it, he gasped. He'd caught a brief, fleeting look. It looked like a massive bird, but more skeletal. Long, leathery wings. And a great beak rimmed with horrific teeth...before it was gone. Then he heard a loud scratch, and a snap. The grating sound of metal.

Then they dropped like a stone.