If you have any innocence left, this is a good time to abandon the story, just FYI. It's not terribly explicit, but still. This is lime, I guess.

Eleven: Control

Ray could tell that the wait had done Kowalski good. He seemed more confident now: less shy to take his shirt off, more ready to take initiative, his touch a little more steady. All good signs.

They covered familiar ground at first, but Ray thought they were ready to step things up. He slipped his leg between Kowalski's, putting a little pressure on the inside of his thigh. Kowalski had been busily kissing Ray's neck, and he faltered only a moment before going on. So far, so good. He worked his hands down Kowalski's back, over his belt and kept going. He sensed no reluctance or resistance, so he began to grip and caress by turns. The khaki pants were easier to work with than the usual bluejeans.

Kowalski's breath caught, but he pulled closer rather than moving away. Ray could feel an unmistakable firmness against his thigh now, so he pressed forward with his own growing erection, getting a quiet moan from his companion.

This was a fun stage, when the newbie was just getting confident. But Ray had to make sure he didn't let things get out of hand. After all, this was a valuable suit he was wearing. When Kowalski began to grind against him, he pushed him back gently with a kiss. "Easy," he said in a low voice. "This is a good way to ruin good clothes. You got condoms?"

"Um... yeah..." Kowalski's face felt warm, but the dim light hid his blush.

Ray kissed his jaw. "Okay. Go find 'em. I can wait."

They could just take the clothes off, of course, but he didn't think they were ready for that. Skipping intermediate steps of intimacy might cause a crash-and-burn situation. Taking their time might mean they could keep up their trysts much longer.

Kowalski opted to bring the condom box back with him and set it on an end table, letting Ray help himself. He thought this was a decent plan; even though they probably wouldn't need more than one apiece, they had options. He had brought his own along, but hadn't wanted to use them unless it was absolutely necessary, because it might imply that he'd made assumptions about what they would be doing. He had, of course, but it wouldn't help Kowalski to know that.

"Thanks. Where's your bathroom?"

Kowalski pointed it out and he took his condom inside to put it on, leaving the door slightly ajar. The pseudo-privacy would make Kowalski feel a little more comfortable, as would being able to hear him zipping up to announce that he was done. He waited until he heard Kowalski finish before he did; then he went back into the living room.

"Are you totally turned off yet?" Ray asked with a smile.

Kowalski laughed. "No."

"Good. Then we can pick up where we left off?"

He nodded.

Ray reached out to him, moving his hands over Kowalski's smooth skin. He might not be a slick dresser, but what was underneath made up for it. Ray could tell he was toned from years of dedication to various demanding activities, not just working out at a gym. It had been difficult to stay in shape in Las Vegas, especially with everyone expecting him to leave manual labor to his underlings, but he had done his best. Kowalski seemed pleased enough, though, eagerly touching every inch of him.

As Kowalski kissed along his shoulder, Ray tilted his head to lick at his ear, at the same time bringing their hips together again. Kowalski gasped, but he still didn't back down. Ray felt strong hands gripping his backside and pulling him closer. This time their groins connected directly, and Ray guided them into slow, rhythmic thrusts.

Most of his male partners hadn't dared to hold him like this. Langoustini was the boss, and the boss liked to control everything. But even though he technically was Kowalski's boss, the dynamic was much more equal this time. This was what had been missing. It was a little unnerving to finally not have total control, but he thought he liked it.

Kowalski was starting to mix a little bit of colorful language into his heavy breathing, almost too quiet for Ray to make out. He decided it was time for a status check. "Everything okay?" he asked softly.

"Yeah... everything's good," Kowalski said breathily.

His skin was hot under Ray's hands, and they were both beginning to perspire. Ray decided to let him finish soon, to save him a little performance anxiety, if nothing else. He thrust a little more quickly while licking his way down Kowalski's throat.

Kowalski responded with more and more needy thrusting until he all but froze, moaning in Ray's ear. Ray quickly adjusted their position, pressing his hip into Kowalski's groin so he could touch himself without losing contact. He kissed Kowalski's breathless mouth while he worked toward his own climax, finally getting there and leaning against Kowalski's chest for support. He had to put his hand out to the back of the couch for additional stability, as they were both a little wobbly and very out of breath.

Also unlike any of his male partners from Vegas, Kowalski didn't seem in any hurry to let go of him now that they were done. If anything, he seemed more clingy than before, continuing to softly caress Ray's skin.

"Thank you," Ray whispered.

"Yeah... thanks," Kowalski echoed. He moved away slowly, not meeting Ray's eyes.

"You go ahead and clean up," Ray suggested. "I'll wait for you."


This part he didn't normally do with men. Usually it was "Okay, now get out." But this time, he was the guest. The pleasure hadn't been a bribe, a payment or an apology; it had been filling a mutual need.

Ray grabbed his undershirt and went to the bar to get himself a glass of water. The real problem now, he decided, was making sure he didn't start caring too much. That was the only way to keep them both safe.

It's been a while since I wrote something this steamy... hope it worked.