Forgotten life

A shadowed figure approached the small house in which Goku now lived. By simple coincidence, Vegeta had found the Saiyan's house first. He knocked on the door and waited. Something inside him triggered a feeling of unease about being here, although since Vegeta had no recollection of who he was or where he was, he put it down to that.

Goku opened the door and stared in disbelief at Vegeta.

"What are you doing here Vegeta?" he asked apprehensively, tensing himself so he would be ready if Vegeta threw a punch at him. Vegeta however sighed in relief.

"Thank god you know me." Goku frowned. "Well, you see… I have no memory… and I'm just glad I didn't find someone who hated my guts or something." Goku's eyes widened.

"No memory?" Vegeta nodded. "Not at all?" Vegeta shook his head, wondering faintly if this guy knew him personally, or if everyone knew him. He had noticed a lot of people staring at him on the way here, but since they had all been scowling at him, he thought it best not to ask them for help.

Goku relaxed visibly, thankful Vegeta hadn't come here for a fight. "I think you'd better come in." Vegeta seemed hesitant. "What's wrong?"

"Something inside me's telling me I'm not exactly safe here." Goku laughed.

"Well, if you had your memory, it'd be me who wouldn't be safe!" Vegeta raised an eyebrow but stepped inside nevertheless.

He gazed round the room he had stepped into. It was warm and inviting with multiple heaters and a huge machine and Vegeta wasn't sure what it was. He sat down on a cushy sofa, and seemed to sink into it, realising for the first time how tired and hurt he was. His left arm was stinging and he rolled up his sleeve to reveal a large cut that was shaped like a skull.

"How'd you do that!?" Goku exclaimed. Vegeta shrugged.

"How should I know? I don't even know my name." Goku looked pitifully at Vegeta and sat down next to him, feeling for the first time that he could be near the prince without being in danger.

"It's Vegeta. You're the prince of a dead race called the Saiyans, only us two are left."

He continued to tell the history of Vegeta's life… or at least the bits he knew. He told Vegeta of all the battles they had been in, with each other and others like Frieza. Of his family, who were now in Hawaii, having left him the previous year, going to Hawaii with Yamcha.

"And so, really, apart from Krillin, we're the only ones left in this country. All the others have departed, chasing dreams, living peaceful lives now that earth is no longer threatened." Goku took a deep breath, gazing at Vegeta. His eyes were slightly wider than usual; he looked like he was in another dimension. "Vegeta?" the prince jolted and looked straight into Goku's eyes.

"I'm so sorry." he muttered. Goku frowned. "For hurting you. You seem really nice, and I attacked you for the thrill of it… I'm so sorry." Goku couldn't help grinning.

"I never thought I'd hear that from you." Vegeta looked severely depressed. Goku took a chance and put an arm round Vegeta. "Don't worry. Everyone's long since forgiven you." Vegeta sighed. He rested his head slightly on Goku's shoulder.

Goku's mind fuzzed up. He had never seen Vegeta so dependent on someone other than himself before. It sent chills up Goku's spine and gave him a wild desire to kiss him. He looked away quickly to stop his thoughts from coming true.

"Can I stay here 'till I get my memory back?"

"Sure… as long as you make me a promise."


"When you get your memory back, please don't kill me." Vegeta looked momentarily hurt at theses words, but recovered fast and nodded.

"Hey, um… how come you don't have a family?" Goku shifted anxiously.

"Well, Chi Chi… my wife, left me for someone less stressful, my son Gohan is living in Egypt with Videl studying pharaohs, and Goten, my youngest, is on a quote 'voyage of self-discovery' en quote."

"Sorry." Goku rolled his eyes.

"Will you stop saying that? It sounds weird." Vegeta just nodded.

"What's that?" he asked, pointing to the huge machine.

"That's the Gravity room. See, on the Saiyan's planet, the gravity is heavier, so I train in there… so do you."

"I do?"

"Yeah." Vegeta nodded. He felt the silence get awkward, so he searched for something else to ask about, finding nothing. To be honest, his brain was totally weighed down with all that was now in it. He supposed he was used to it, but since he had no memory, it was hard learning about all over again. Some things Goku had said just didn't add up, and he longed to get his memory back so he could understand them more fully.


"Can you call me Kakarott please?"

"Why?" Vegeta asked, confused.

"Well, you always did. It just feels weird that you don't now. Some things stick… like you never say sorry, you insult me a lot, you have a very short fuse…" Vegeta bit his lip as the list went on. "You're kinda arrogant, you don't think you need help, and never accept it even when it's offered to you…"

"Ok I get it! I'm an egotistical moron!" Goku grinned and shook his head.

"Nah just misunderstood. See, I've never been able to tell you this before, 'cause I thought you'd rip my head off, but now I can… I think you're just messed up, and the only way you can vent it, is through insulting everyone and everything that comes into view." Vegeta smiled.


Vegeta woke in the morning feeling safe and warm. He got wearily up and looked around the room he was in. it was quite small, but as cheery and inviting as the living room downstairs. He almost didn't want to leave, but thought he should go and see where Goku went. He still remembered nothing about his past life, though a faint feeling of superiority towards everything else was there, and it hadn't been before. He went downstairs and walked into the kitchen, where he found Goku.

"Hi!" he said cheerily, his back still turned to him.

"Morning." Vegeta mumbled. Goku frowned.

"What's wrong?"

"Well, I kinda have this feeling that I'm better than everyone else."

"That sounds like the Vegeta I know!" Goku said, smiling. He turned round and gasped. Vegeta's hair was looking quite literally just like his, if anything, even more messed up.

"What's wrong?" Vegeta asked, looking over his shoulder to see what Goku was gaping at.

"It's your hair!" Vegeta frowned and went over to a mirror.

"What's wrong with it? It looks kinda like yours."

"That's the problem! It's supposed to be all sticky up, almost like black fire." Goku searched around for gel in his cupboard draws. He never used it, but Chi Chi used to, and it was still here. He found it, and taking a comb, he walked up behind Vegeta and started brushing it upwards. He used liberal amounts of hair gel to keep it in place and when he was finished, it looked like normal. Goku had no idea Vegeta had to take so long doing his hair.

"Thanks." Vegeta muttered, poking his hair lightly. "Freaky." He whispered. Goku grinned.


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