'Speak' sign language
:Speak: thoughts
§Speak§ parsletounge

Marvolo's POV

For the first time in eight years he stepped foot in Riddle manor. Normally his children would come and visit him at the other manor. Their tutors would also give him progress reports on their magic.

The last two reports had been severely lacking in one aspect. Harrison Riddle the younger of the twins had not bren in the reports at all. He had come back to find out why.

Damian greeted him in the fiour along with Bellatrix. Harrison as per usual was nowhere to be seen.

Damian Black was tall for a nearly fifteen year old boy. At nearly six feet tall he was almost as tall as his mother while several inches shorter than him. He had grey eyes from the Black blood.

The boy said happily in a nasily voice," Welcome home father. Is there anything I can get you?"

Already the brat was giving him a headache with that voice. Two sentences was all it took and he wanted to strangle the brat. Find the youngest first. Then he can indulge a little.

He asked coldly," Where is Harrison?"

A look of terror crossed Damian's face as his eyes went straight to his mother. Bellatrix for her part looked unfazed by the question. She had tried to divert his attention from the fact that the youngest was missing from the reports before. She was cunning but not enough to fool him.

She replied," The brat ran away last year. He had been coming and going a lot and one day just never came back."


He let his anger fill him. She let his son run away. When he let it go he spun on his heel and left. There was a chance that Severus would know where he was.

Kit's POV

Where did Nai go? It wasn't like his friend to run off without him. Ever since Karoku disappeared it had just been the two of them. He couldn't remember much about his life before he met the blue haired man. Mostly it was pain and coldness. The only thing he had from that life was a stick. When he held it, it radiated warmth. Now he lost his friend and didn't know where to go.

As he walked down a street he saw a blond haired girl walking under a cloak. She seemed to be waiting for someone. When he reached out to sense her she was neither warm nor cold. This was not something he had come across before.

A man in a black suit dropped out of nowhere next to her. His senses were still reaching out when he sensed the man. He was warm. The only warm he had met was Karoku.

The girl said," Sir you shouldn't do that here. What if someone saw you?"

He moved back to his hiding place. He was curious but he wasn't stupid. If they knew he was here they would hurt him. Maybe even hurt him so that red water came out.

The man said not looking in his direction," I hid my presence so they won't have noticed me. Or at least normal people wouldn't. Isn't that right young man?"

Kit eeped and hid further into his corner. He tried to move away but the man had moved closer. The man's violet blue eyes met his poison green ones. They weren't angry just curious. Still Kit was wary of the man.

The man asked kindly," What's your name, child?"

Kit cocked his head to the side curious about the man. He couldn't answer even if he wanted to. In the entire time he had been with Karoku and Nai he had not once been able to speak. The blue haired man had tried everything possible to find out without avail. When it proved to be fruitless he taught him sign language.

So he signed,' My name is Kit. That's what Karoku calls me.'

Hirato's eyes widened but then he smiled as he signed back,' My name is Hirato. It's nice to meet you. Where is this Karoku?'

Frowning he replied,' I don't know. Nai and i are searching for him. Now i can't find Nai. He has Karoku's bracelet.'

Hirato went to push his glasses up. This caused his jacket sleeve to skip down slightly revealing a bracelet. It was similar to the one that Nai had. It wasn't an exact copy though. Noticing his attention the dark haired man pulled his sleeve down further. Hesitantly Kit moved closer to inspect it.

His initial assumption had been right. It was like Karoku's bracelet that Nai wore. This one seemed less heavy than Karoku's. The gems were in a different order as well. Finally it was slimmer and radiated energy that made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

Hirato murmured reminding Kit he was there," That's an interesting reaction. Well young one I am more interested in who you are. Now more than ever."

The dark haired boy jumped in fright. The blond girl that had been speaking with Hirato originally moved behind him. This cut off any hope for escape that he might have had. Fearfully he looked between them wishing to be anywhere but there.

To his surprise a loud crack resounded and he was gone.

Hirato's POV

When he met up with Tsukumo at their appointed time he had not been expecting to meet a child. As he usually did he hid his presence when he dropped down next to his operative. She chided him for his carelessness but he only half listened. He could sense eyes on them.

When he called out to the person only for them to try and leave. He and Tsukumo moved to cut off escape routes. He had been surprised even further when the boy proved to be mute. While trying to convince the boy to come with him there was a crack and he was gone.

They couldn't worry about the strange boy. They had a Varuga to put down after they gained information. After that he could search for the strange mute boy. For reasons he couldn't explain he was drawn to him. Just like he had been drawn to Yogi all those years ago.

Kit's POV

He landed painfully on a hard wood floor. Looking around he saw a huge hole in the ceiling. The next thing he saw was Nai. Relief flowed through him. He hadn't lost his only family.

Next to his white haired friend was a dark haired boy. The boy's hair was just as dark as his own. The coldness that came off him scared Kit.

Nai said excitedly," Kit this is Gareki. He says he will help us find Karoku."

Kit signed back to his friend instantly wary of the newcommer,' How do we know that we can trust him Nai?'

The white haired boy said naïvely," Oh we can trust him. He's going to get us out of here."

The one called Gareki said," We need to get out of here while we can. If you're coming you need to follow me..."

They heard a voice that sent shivers down their spines," What's this? Playing tag? Ill play and kill you."

Gareki grabbed Nai and tried to grab him. Kit flinched away from the older boy. The cold in the room was overpowering. It was trying to unlock memories that he didn't want to remember. They only brought pain to him.

Gareki said rubbing ahead with him right behind," Come on. Run!"

He wasn't listening though. He had to get away from the coldness. A whimper passed through his lips as he rushed ahead. His right shoulder brushed against the left one of the cold boy. Vaguely he felt Nai's neutral temperature reach out for him but he didn't stop. He couldn't stop.