Author's note (2/22/2018): I've only recently become a member of the My Little Pony fandom, and I must confess that I had only seen about 4 episodes of Friendship Is Magic before I wrote this fanfic. I've seen all the Equestria Girls movies and most of the shorts (yes, I know, many MLP fans detest the EG, and vice versa. Please don't hate on me for liking both. Also, I try to respect both fandoms by listing them separately) that came out before February 2018, and the 2017 MLP movie. I've also read some MLP graphic novels and the prequel book to the MLP movie. So I do have an idea of how the characters in FIM act, although it's not as good of an idea as I would like. So I apologize if the personalities of any of the ponies or of Spike don't quite match the way they are in the TV show.

I hope you enjoy the story!

"And these are the dormitories."

Fluttershy listened intently as the Abbess of Redwall swept her paws wide and explained what the purpose of the dormitories is and what they had been used for in the past. Glancing up at Princess Luna, who was standing beside her, the little yellow pony caught her smiling down at her. Blushing slightly, Fluttershy quickly looked back at the Abbess, hiding half of her face with the forelock of her pink mane.

A naturally timid pony, Fluttershy wasn't showing just how excited she was to be here at Redwall. For over a year, the 4 Princesses of Equestria, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Fluttershy's friend Twilight Sparkle, had been working on a secret project. No matter how hard the yellow Pegasus pony and her 4 friends had asked Twilight about it, the Princess had refused to tell them what the project was. But finally the project had been finished, and Twilight was free to tell them that it was a magical portal that would allow the Princesses to communicate with and travel to other worlds. There was already a magic mirror that connected Equestria with a world that seemed full of strange copies of all the ponies in Fluttershy's world, but now there was a portal that led to other worlds, too.

Celestia used the new portal the most, and one of the first worlds that she had discovered was called Mossflower. It was a fascinating place, full of furry (and scaly) creatures who walked almost exclusively on 2 legs and had these strange things called fingers. However, they had no magic. Rarity, one of Fluttershy and Twilight's friends, had trouble imagining a world without magic, but the yellow and pink pony figured that their fingers took the place of magic. She had been hoping to meet some horses who have fingers, but was then disappointed when she learned that no horses had been seen for centuries in that world. It made Fluttershy sad to think that they may have gone extinct.

Celestia started communicating almost daily with the leader of an Abbey called Redwall. The 2 leaders really seemed to be becoming friends, and it wasn't long before the Abbess had invited the 4 Princesses to come for a visit. Cadence had to decline, but the other 3 agreed, with Twilight Sparkle insisting that her friends Spike, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, and Rarity had to be able to come along, too. Twilight had had the opportunity to travel to another world, following a Unicorn named Sunset Shimmer through the magic mirror after she had stolen Twilight's crown (which she was able to recover), and the Princess wanted her friends to have the opportunity to have an otherworldly adventure, too (although preferably without any dangers or uncontrollable magic ruining it).

Fortunately, the Abbess and Princesses Celestia and Luna had happily agreed, and so 8 pastel equids and one purple and green baby dragon had traveled through the portal and arrived at Redwall's gates, where they had been warmly greeted. After their luggage had been taken to the rooms they'd be staying in (Apple Jack giving a miffed Rarity a hard time about how she had twice as much luggage as everyone else), the Abbess had taken them on a tour of the Abbey. Over by the pond they had met the Champion, who was guided by the spirit of the Abbey's first Champion, Martin the Warrior. Rarity and Fluttershy had agreed that that was a frightening thought, but of course the almost-fearless Rainbow Dash had thought it was awesome. Sensing an eager listener, the Champion had offered to tell Rainbow more stories about Martin and the other Champions Redwall had had, and so, with the gracious permission of Celestia and the Abbess, the rainbow maned Pegasus and the Champion had gone up to the walltop to sit over the main gate.

In the orchards they had come across some Abbey mice, who were struggling with a heavy-laden cart. Apple Jack, always eager to help her fellow farmers, quickly ducked under the poles of the cart, braced her chest against the handlebar, and pushed as hard as she could. The mice cheered as the orange Earth Pony pulled the cart that was too heavy for them to move on their own. After getting permission from Celestia and the Abbess, Apple Jack stayed with the mice, helping them take the cart to the kitchen.

After touring the grounds, the Abbess had led the little party into Great Hall, where they stared in awe at a huge tapestry that had woven into its center the likeness of Martin the Warrior, co-founder and first Champion of Redwall. Rarity was especially impressed, so much so that she wrote herself a note to help her remember to talk to the creatures in charge of taking care of the tapestry and making others that adorned the Hall.

They had then all headed into the kitchen, which was in chaos as the Friar and his helpers were preparing for a feast that evening. The Abbess had explained that they always threw a feast whenever special guests arrived, but then the Friar had started wailing about they would never be finished in time! Pinkie Pie, without waiting for permission, had immediately volunteered to help, and picked up a bowl of dough that needed stirring to prove it. The Abbey creatures looked on in shock as she began mixing the dough, holding the spoon and bowl without the aide of fingers. Stifling a laugh, Celestia had asked what was next on the tour, and the Abbess had reluctantly agreed to continue the tour. As they moved on, they had heard Pinkie asking what else she could do to help. The ponies and dragon knew that she'd be fine.

Soon they had reached the second floor and entered the library, where they met the Abbey Recorder, who journaled every day to chronicle the events that took place in the area. She was also in charge of the library, the bookshelves of which Twilight had already become distracted by. As she and the Recorder struck up a conversation, Celestia and the Abbess had looked at each other and laughed, and the rest of the group had continued on the tour.

So now the only visitors left on the tour were Celestia, Luna, Fluttershy, and Rarity. Oh, and Spike the dragon, because of course; he was always looking for an opportunity to impress Rarity. Or to even be noticed by her.

Fluttershy returned her attention to the Abbess, who was saying something about the dormitories being used as a hospital long ago when a plague had ravaged the Abbey. The yellow pony shuddered. She hoped that they wouldn't have to worry about anything like that during their stay here!

Suddenly, one of the doors leading off the hall opened, and a huge female badger stepped out to join them, ducking her head under the top of the doorjamb because she was so tall. Fluttershy felt her excitement falter even more. The badger looked down at her, intimidating, towering, and definitely not smiling.

Fluttershy shrunk back against Princess Luna, who immediately understood and put a comforting wing around the timid Pegasus.