023. Devious



For some reason, she keeps the pink-handled scissors - the ones Harper used to cut out Kimberly from the group cheer photo and Amanda stabbed maliciously into the wall.

To calm herself after her parents shout and yank her around and lecture her, Kimberly would lock her bedroom door and sit on her pillows, looking blankly at the ceiling, gently sliding the edges to the large, pink scissors on her exposed wrist.

She wanted to press harder, to feel her troubles escape out, and then remembered her friends.


The girl who came out to them spontaneously during their campfire, who practically acted like hotshit just to cover up her fear of rejection, who physically ripped Kimberly's locker-door off its hinges because she hated the graffiti on it.

She hated how it had hurt Kimberly's feelings.

"You're not a quitter, okay? You're a badass bitch. So don't even think about it, Kim."

With a slow, muted noise, Kimberly closes the pink scissors, tossing them onto her cushioned, rose-patterned rug and turns off her lamp.

To hell with it.

She decides to message Trini in the late afternoon, catching up at the Krispy Kreme down the road, snort-laughing in her latte when a bright-eyed Trini confesses to her newest prank on her siblings, whooping and throwing up her hands.

It's better to spend her life anyway.



Saben's Power Rangers isn't mine. Kind of a downer fic today but I used to self-harm as a kid and teenager so this kinda is a vent fic and exploration of my feelings.