I darted towards my mother before being stopped by two of Oak's aides. I kicked and flailed trying to get them to let go of me.

"That's my mom! Let me go!" I yanked and pulled but they weren't letting go of me. "Please! I just want.."

A mask was put over my face and everything started getting blurry. The last thing I saw before passing out was my mother's blood that dripped on the floor underneath her.

Upon waking up I was laid out on a stone bed with a sheet and makeshift pillow made of random papers and a shirt. Athena was standing next to the bed almost like a guard at her post. I looked around while sitting up. It was dark in the large room I was in. A few candles were lit but the brightest light in the room was Athena's tail by far. There were a lot of stone beds aside from the one I was in. Only a few were taken by other people. I slowly got to my feet, still groggy, and headed to the only door that was available.

Entering the hallway there seemed to be small wooden signs marked above each door. There was a medical room, a research room, a meeting hall, bathing areas and a mess hall. There were other rooms but I couldn't identify them before I was approached by the Professor.

"Blue! Glad to see you're awake." Oak walked up and patted me on the shoulder turning me to walk with him. "Your mother is okay. She suffered plenty of blood loss but nothing that was fatal. When she did go into shock we were quick to react, one of my aides quickly brought her here while I distracted the two Gym Leaders."

"Gym Leaders?" I pondered as to who could have done this.

"It's best for now that you get stronger before you start thinking of exacting any revenge. Currently, the newest official leading a gym is Brock in Pewter city. Here," Oak pulled out 5 small pokeballs from his lab coat and handed them to me. "Take these pokeballs. Athena is at a disadvantage when fighting against pokemon that Brock uses, but, should you find any pokemon to fight a rock or ground type try and capture them in one of those. Just remember, if you enter an area, the first pokemon that appears is your only option. The use of pokeballs in government ran areas is limited. Attempting to catch any pokemon aside from the first one that is seen is going to cause due suspicion and you will be swarmed by the arcanines of the Police Force."

"I understand. About my mother though, is she going to be safe?"

"Of course. Currently, she is in and out of consciousness. For now, just leave her to us. You go on ahead. Pine went ahead without you."

I bid my farewells and took my leave with Athena. We had to catch up to Pine. On my way back to Viridian City, I managed to meet a pidgey who stumbled in front of me. Already weak I decided to give the pokeballs a try. I threw the pokeball and a brilliant red light spewed from the ball and evaporated the pidgey before the pokeball closed. You could hear the creaking of the pokeball from the pidgey attempting to escape as well as a few caws screeching from inside. No one really knew how the pokeballs worked but it always sounded like the pokemon were tortured inside of them when first being caught. It didn't help that after being caught, it was like being bound to a leash when released from their prisons. The furthest away that a pokemon could reach from their respective pokeball was 40 meters. When the pokeball ceased to move I took the ball in my hand and released the pokemon inside of it.

"Your name is now Icarus," I spoke to him directly on one knee. "Please allow me to be your master. I promise to protect you with my life, as a trainer who wishes to end the pain of all pokemon, I will fight to ensure the eventual freedom of the curse that binds you. And if I fail I will leave a mark so other trainers will do so in the future."

I didn't want the frail-looking bird to be intimidated by me. I heard some flapping as Icarus perched my shoulder. Not like he had much anywhere else to go but at least he trusted me enough to be that close. Nonetheless, I ventured towards Viridian to the pokecenter. I never used Pine's name directly but instead described him and asking if anyone had seen him. There was one man who saw Pine heading west training for the Pokemon League. When I headed over there, I was attacked by a rattata who quickly tackled Athena to the ground before Athena burned its tail with a small flame that left her mouth. Before any more damage could be done I threw a pokeball at the rattata making her mine. I provided my capture speech to the newly named Karni Mata, who allowed me to walk with her.

When I finally found Pine training his squirtle against a pidgey, he was ruthlessly beating it into submission before carelessly tossing the pokeball at it. When he noticed me, he ran up and asked how I was doing. I explained everything that happened from my perspective before he sat down on a nearby boulder. Pine let me know that he didn't get to catch much of what happened as it happened so fast, but a male and female trainer had attacked my mother. He didn't recognize them though or the pokemon that they used. When the dust settled Oak had snuck him out through the tunnel which led to the entrance of the Pokemon League. He was barred from entry of course for not having the proper clearance from the gym leaders. He assumed that if he were able to get all eight badges he could enter the pokemon league and challenge the rule of the Elite Council.

It was then that myself and Pine made a pact that we would rise to challenge their rule and abolish them from the Kanto region so that we could live in peace no matter the costs. I let Pine know that I was going to start training for Brock. He then headed off ahead of me and said he would be me to it.

I reached the mouth of Viridian Forest taking a long deep breath. I tried to take a step forward before a wily caterpie spat silk in front of me causing me to trip. I grabbed it by its tail before calling out to Athena to throw the ball that fell out of my pocket. Obviously, there was a misunderstanding and I explained my speech to Psykhe the Caterpie as well. After that was cleared up I took my first step into Viridian Forest.

I approached the pokemon infested areas with caution trying to avoid battle for the time being. In school, we learned about what species of pokemon reside where and how common a sighting of them were. Recalling that memory, I knew that pikachu reside in this forest and I wished to avoid being stuck with a weedle instead considering that I already had a caterpie.

I was approached by a few sentries who hadn't caught on that I was a trainer. I let them know that I was just passing through just hoping to avoid pokemon along the way to avoid being attacked. They advised me of the safest passages to take along the way to avoid as many pokemon as possible. It wasn't until the last sentry that I was discovered following behind Psykhe, who had been leading me through the thickets of grass and forestation avoiding interaction with the weedle of the forest. The sentry sent out a weedle of his own and quickly blocked my path.

"Identify yourself!" The sentry barked loudly so as to draw any attention from nearby sentries to alert of danger.

"I'm just passing by! I don't want any trouble." I held my hands up as to show that I was surrendering. "I'm just trying to visit Pewter city because I wanted to see a different gym than Viridian's."

"Weedle, attack the caterpie!" At that moment, Psykhe flinched and looked back to me clearing all doubts of us working together. I took position behind him when he contested the weedle's silk spitting with his own to cancel each other out. I quickly called out Icarus who flew down from above as Psykhe retreated behind me. To Icarus' surprise though, the weedle leaped directly into Icarus, jabbing its poison barb into Icarus' abdomen. Icarus lost a little height at first before rapidly flapping its wings creating a small gust of wind that caught the weedle while it was still in the air. As the wind whipped up, the weedle no longer had control over its own movement and flew into a tree. I took this time to charge the sentry full force, knocking him down. Psykhe was quick to follow up with a bit of silk spinning around his feet before we took off outside the forest.

When the forest cleared I went to hide in the grass, just in case any sentries were to follow me. Running into the grass I tripped over a weedle who proceeded to jab me in the ankle with its poison barb. I winced at first but Psykhe tackled the weedle who I proceeded to throw a pokeball at. Not so much to capture the pokemon but to avoid continued conflicts while there might be sentries looking for me. I was not too familiar with the terrain around me and I needed every advantage I could get to avoid being recognized. I leaned against the rock cliff outside the forest clearing and noticed my heavy breathing. I was poisoned.

Poison from a weedle is slow moving unlike bite from a snake pokemon or the gas from a koffing or weezing. I sent Icarus to watch over the forest clearing and to return if it sees any sentries heading this way. Taking a water bottle from my bag I cleaned the sting area the best that I could in preparation to cut the wound open. I released Athena from her pokeball and pulled out my pocket knife. She turned to me and I heated the blade over her tail fire to sterilize it. Putting the collar of my shirt in my mouth to bite down onto and lacerated the infected area. I groaned loudly in pain before my vision started getting blurry. I poured more water on the wound and bandaged it the best I could before passing out from the pain.