024. Isolation



Sieglinde has never met a girl as stunning as Lizzy before. So full of kindness and light and life.

To be honest, she has never met another girl.

Lizzy moves with an elegant, nobleborn grace and Sieglinde clumsy tries to mimic it, her feet aching and wobbling around, her arms gawkish, lifting above her head and smacking into herself.

She eats with delicate, practiced motions. Sieglinde finds herself with almond-orange cake crumbs on her lips, even after several weeks of lessons.

"You're adorable, Miss Suli," Lizzy giggles, pressing her dainty, little fingers to her own mouth to hide her broad, sunny smile, canting her head.

Her lemon-golden curls illuminate in the taperlight.

Sieglinde flushes, ashamed by her own behavior, but giggles loudly, staring back in adoration.

In the background, Mister Sebastian watches them with mild, undisguised hilarity, lips thinning and shaking his head, checking his pocket-watch.



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