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It's a peaceful night for Big the Cat as the full moon reflects in the river. He's leaning against a tree by a lake, holding onto his fishing rod with the line already cast out into the lake. His head is leaning forward as he sleeps, his best friend and pet Froggy near him. The most unique thing about Froggy was is that he has a tadpole tail, while any other frogs do not. Big's giant purple ears suddenly go up as he hears a siren go off during the night. Opening his eyes, he turns his head to the tower that has lights turning on everywhere on a base.

Sonic the Hedgehog, the fastest animal and hedgehog ever known on his world, is running through the forest. Several base defense turrets and robots roll forward from the base. They prepare to fire at the incoming hedgehog. He dodges the incoming fire with a smirk, running in another direction. He starts to avoid getting shot by the robots. The robots fire missiles, which fly into the air and come back around. They go right toward Sonic, but he dodges them with little effort, never changing his speed. Smoke starts to appear around the robots and Sonic's smirk never falters as he comes out of the smoke for the robots to see him. He jumps onto the small robots that were shooting at him, and then another before going over the gate and into the base. They continue to fire, but he continues running, dodging each and every one.

An alarm goes off, activating big robots to wake to try and 'destroy' him. Sonic runs up to a wall and skids to a stop when he sees the two robots come up before taking off in another direction. He starts running up a slanted part of the base when a robot comes up from behind a wall behind him.

The robot chases after the hedgehog on the outside part of the base.

(Sonic X theme song plays)

He runs into an opening he saw in the base, and keeps on running while keeping a short notice on the robot chasing after him that came inside. He sees a robot crash through the wall in front of them and runs through a small hole that appears on Sonic's left. He comes back outside, accidentally activating a trap that has a face on it when one of the robots smashes through the wall. The trap springs Sonic in the air which makes him yell in surprise. One of the robots swings its arm back, swinging the arm forward and hitting Sonic. This makes him fly even further from the base.

"Sonic!" Tails, the two-tailed fox and Sonic's best friend, yells as he drives a plane. Amy Rose, a pink hedgehog, is in the passenger's seat. She always proclaimed that Sonic is her hero or that she's his girlfriend, to Sonic's dismay. Tails drives the plane through the base a little low while the robots start to shoot at the plane. He flies through the base and tries to dodge the lasers being shot at the Tornado. Unfortunately, the plane gets hit three times and it starts to catch on fire. Amy looks down at the side of the plane.

"Tails, the plane is on fire! What are we gonna do?"

He turns to her, no fear whatsoever on his face. "We're gonna save Sonic!" He pulls the lever, moving the plane closer to Sonic's location. He fires a rocket to his best friend and it breaks apart, showing a power ring. He could only see a flash of light before there's a flash of blue light. Sonic flies at sonic speed while spinning around with a smirk on his face. Sonic, now in his Super Spin mode, goes through every robot on the scene, running right into one of the big robots. The giant robot menace slides into the other one behind it. Sonic breaks through the armor and keeps on going. A robot thinks its stopped him when its hand lands right on him, but he spins right through the hand a second later, running up to the top of the tower of the base, breaking one of the lights on his way in.

The plane comes into landing, only to be coming against a rock.

"Hang on, Amy!" Tails tells the pink hedgehog as her eyes are shut. She opens them, seeing the rock with a gasp.

"We're gonna crash!"

"I know!" Tails says right back, fear on his face. All of a sudden, a knuckle with horns on it destroys the rock. Tails and Amy land safely. The two-tailed fox turns around, gasping in surprise. "Knuckles!" He had kept their eyes on them to see if they were alright.

"Hm," Knuckles the Echidna turns his gaze to the base.

"What's the matter with him?" Amy asks, a little upset.

Knuckles watches as explosions happen after another. "Overkill, just like always."

Meanwhile, the base is locking every single door, seemingly. A yellow robot is looking over the map. "Dr. Eggman, the facility is in 100% lockdown," Decoe, the taller yellow robot, reports to a man with a brown mustache and a plump belly.

"Why does that cursed Sonic always get in my way?" Dr. Eggman, Sonic's archenemy, asks.

"He doesn't get in your way, Dr. Eggman," he turns to a yellow rabbit, a girl, and a blue creature that is a Chaos (because it's the only thing they can say), inside a glass ball. The girl has long wavy pink hair to her knees, blue eyes, a pink and white dress with a pink belt and buttons, transparent back garments with pink edges, white and pink arm warmers, pink gloves, gold ring bracelets (which almost look like Sonic's power rings), and a pink hairband with golden metal circle ends. Their names are Cream, Sophia, and Cheese respectively. Cheese is Cream's best friend while Sophia? She's the ever formal and proper princess of their world. "Sonic just tries to stop you from doing all the bad things you like to do."

"Chao-chao!" Cheese says affirmatively.

"And because you and your henchman are filth on my kingdom, Dr. Eggman," Sophia opens her eyes, narrowing them.

"Ooh, is that so?" He holds up a red emerald. "Well, he's too late to stop me this time! Once I insert the last Chaos Emerald, my energy amplifier will be invincible!"

"But you can't do that!" Cream protests.

"Chao chao chao!" Cheese agrees.

"The Chaos Emeralds were never yours to begin with!" Sophia argues. "They do not belong with you!"

"That's right; Sonic won't let you get away with this!" Cream tells Eggman as Rouge the Bat, a bat who loves pretty things, watches in amusement.

Eggman starts laughing. "You're wrong Creamy-dreamy, and Your Royal Highness!" He laughs some more. "They can't stop-heh!" An explosion with the door happens right behind him, making him turn to see Sonic with his trademark smirk on his face.

"Sonic!" Cream and Sophia yell happily to see him.

"Sonic..." Eggman starts in shock before it turns into a smirk. "Too late." He installs the red Chaos Emerald into the machine and presses a few buttons. He pulls out a button that was meant to be pressed while being held in his hand. "You'll never stop me now, Sonic. Ho ho ho! All I have to do now is push this little button."

"Yeah, if you can push it before I grab it," Sonic says back, making Eggman's evil smile a worried frown. It becomes an evil smile when he sees one of his robots, an E-13 Guardbot, appearing behind him.

"Why don't you give it a try?" Sonic takes off with the smirk still on his face while the robot starts shooting repeatedly at him. He runs across the wall of the room with the robot still shooting. "Don't let him get away!"

Rouge gets behind a small part of the wall near the window to avoid getting hit by the lasers. "Stop him, no matter what!"

Sonic lands right in front of Eggman with a smirk on his face, making Eggman panic. "AH, no, hold your fire!" He yells at the robot, ducking while Sonic jumps out of the way. The robot fires some lasers which hit the glass on the machine Eggman was going to start up. Eggman gets back up after the firing, pressing the button. "Ha! Here we go!" He turns around to see sparks flying from it. "Huh? What have you done?!"

Everyone in the room watches in shock as the core starts to brighten up the room. The white void covers the entire base.

" that?" Amy asks curiously while watching from the destroyed rock.

Knuckles watches with his arms crossed, keeping quiet for a few seconds. "It used to be Chaos Control."

They watch as the light comes towards them, covering them in it. Big the Cat turns back when the light envelopes him just a couple seconds later. The light covers up most of the area and those near the base, transporting everyone closest to Eggman's base to another world.

Sonic and Sophia, with their eyes closed, lie in the middle of a seemingly pitch-black background. Sonic groans, waking up unaware of his surroundings. He sits up and looks around. He then sees the outline of the princess next to him. "Princess Sophia! Wake up."

Sophia opens her eyes and slowly sits up. "Are you okay, princess?"

"Yes, I'm quite alright..." She nods.

"Man, we must've passed out or something," Sonic rubs his head.

"Or perhaps the shock did it," Sophia looks around. Sonic looks around at their surroundings when they hear a strange noise. Sonic turns his head in the direction of the noise when he sees lights coming towards them. He screams, grabs hold of Sophia, and runs out of the way. "Oh!" She shouts in surprise. They look back at the spot they were just sitting in a few seconds ago when they hear the same noise and see the same lights coming towards them. Sonic once again moves out of the way as he holds Sophia. She has to cover their eyes before screaming at the upcoming light. It suddenly stops and makes a different noise to before, with also skidding. Sonic and Sophia look in shock before taking a better look at their surroundings. They see strange things they had never seen before, except for the eyes that were staring at them.

"Where are we?" Sonic asks, putting down Sophia safely.

"I do believe that we're in a place that is unfamiliar to both of us, Sonic," Sophia murmurs as she looks around.

"What are they all staring at?" Sonic questions quietly.

"Perhaps we are uncommon to their world, as they would be to ours," Sophia whispers. More eyes just keep staring at them and Sonic stands ready to protect Sophia if needed.

"What is this, Halloween?" The truck driver asks, a few police officers rushing to the scene.

"So they can talk..." Sonic murmurs as he stares at the people.

"I have never seen such strange clothing before," Sophia comments.

"What are they?" Another voice asks.

"Looks like a big hedgehog and a princess," one of the police officers standing in front of them says.

"A blue hedgehog and a princess?" The other one asks.

"Well, whatever they are, we better get 'em out of here," Officer 1 says. They get down on one knee so they could be face-to-face with them.

"Hey guys, do you want a ride with us down to the station?"

"Station?" Sophia asks in confusion.

"Should I call for back-up?" Officer 2 asks.

"I have three kitty cats at home, I think I can handle these little guys." He makes a funny noise that makes Sonic cross his arms, looking at him with an attitude. Sophia narrows her eyes and slips off her glove, smacking him with it.

"How dare you!" She hisses as she places it back on.

"See that? They've got attitudes. Bad ones," Officer 2 comments.

"Yeah? Well they won't get away from me!" He goes to grab them, but Sonic takes Sophia's hand, quickly moving out of the way. "Huh?"

"Why you little-" Before he could finish, another officer comes over and places his hand on his shoulder.

"Take it easy. I think we can handle this without getting rough."

"Yeah, but s-"

"Get behind them."

"Right Sarge!" They do so.

"Okay, so when I say the word, we're all gonna jump on them at once. All right then, is everybody ready? Let's do it!" And all at once, like said, they all jump on Sonic and Sophia who don't move.

"Okay Sarge, I think I got one of their legs!"

"I got one round the neck!"

"Alright, let's pull them out at the count of three. One, two, three!" And once they pull out of the way, they see that they all have a hand on each other and not Sonic or Sophia. They collapse and see that Sonic and Sophia are sitting on top of a car. The two look at them in confusion, Sonic shrugging at their attempt, before a net is suddenly thrown over both him and Sophia.

"No worry, Sarge, I've got 'em!" Sonic and Sophia quickly run, dragging the officers along with them! Everyone looks in shock, as they've never seen a human run that fast before, let alone a hedgehog. The other men try to stop them, but end up getting dragged along as well. Sonic and Sophia get free from the men and net, jumping over an approaching police car. The car skids to a stop and the other officers get trapped in the police car along with the two other officers that are inside.

"Attention all units! Attention all units! A blue hedgehog and a little girl are headed north on Central Street. Shut down all thoroughfares that lead into and out of Station Square and set up a roadblock just before the ramp to 101!" The sergeant orders into his walkie talkie as the two run away.

A police car drives through a quiet highway. "I've never seen a blue hedgehog, have you?" The officer asks his partner.

The other one chuckles. "It must be one of those fancy sports cars from overseas. Hey, if we catch them, maybe the captain will let us drive it."

"I bet it has one of those cute little hood ornaments that looks like a hedgehog." The two officers look in surprise as Sonic and Sophia are suddenly on the hood of their car. The two look around.

"I don't know how we got here, but we gotta find a way to get out!" Sonic says, holding Sophia bridal style, and jumps. He runs away from the police car where the two shocked police men stare at their leaving forms.

"Hey, did you see...what I just saw?"

"I think I did but I wish I didn't."

A helicopter arrives flying above the highway. "They were in hot pursuit and they got away?" The helicopter asks in shock. "Can't those guys even catch a hedgehog and a little girl?"

The other cop next to the pilot sees the two on the road. "There they are."

The light of the helicopter lands on Sophia and Sonic, making Sophia looking up, her eyes squinting. "Sonic, I seem to notice that we're being chased by some sort of flying machine..."

"Good to know, princess. And they've made it fun by blocking our way."

"Visual contact. Subjects are headed north on the Central Street extension. About a mile and a half from the entrance to 101."

Another path of the highway is encased with a massive roadblock full of SSPD cruisers, heavy conduction vehicles, and barricades. "Roger, Delta 1. Unit 3, subjects are headed your way. Repeat, subjects are headed your way.

"Don't you worry. They can't get under us, around us, or through us. We'll stop them!"

Sonic and Sophia approach the roadblock, miraculously jumping far and high over it. He lands on the other side and takes off with Sophia.

"That was most impressive, Sonic!" Sophia comments with a smile.

"Thanks, your majesty."

"Well, they didn't get under us, around us, and through us," the officer chuckles nervously, the helicopter passing over the roadblock.

"Ah, they're gonna love this down at headquarters. Ah, Delta 1 to base. I'm afraid that roadblock didn't work."

"No! Don't tell me they got through."


"Ugh, bad news," the intel policeman turns to a man in red and white, who chuckles.

"Don't worry. I think we've got what it takes to round up our little friends. Speed Team, get ready to roll!" Him, along with other members of the Speed Team, walking along a long highway leading to their cars that are undergoing minor maintenance. "What's the temperature of the road surface tonight?"

Roger, a mechanic working on the Formula-One Cruiser, turns around. "It's about 70 degrees and dry as a bone."

"Like breeze from the west?"

"Almost nothing."

"Road, pitted or smooth?"

"Nice and smooth."

"Then, let's see...give me the 5 groove medium-soft," he puts a cap over his face. A mechanic rolls a wheel over to him.

"Here you go." The mechanic drills the wheels into the car, which is now ready for Sam, the driver, to use. He puts his helmet on and steps into the car. They strap him in and places in the steering wheel.

"I programmed gears 5 and 6 to freeway speed," Jason, another mechanic reports.


"Oh, and I built that secret fuel tank on your car just like you asked me to."

"Good work," Sam congratulates and they get his car ready for driving.

"Chief, they last spotted the subjects in mile 79 on 101 north."

"Roger. Alright team, let's move out!" The Speed Team make their exit from the garage slowly before going out fast speeds onto the highway, sirens blaring.

After running for a couple more minutes, they finally came to a stop by the road. Sonic and Sophia look at the city. "Wow..." Sophia murmurs. "The sights on this planet are very confusing, and yet so intriguing..."

"But the sky looks the same, princess. So do the stars and the moon." They have a flashback of what happened on Eggman's base, which engulfed seemingly everything in its path. "I guess Chaos Control sent us here. We travelled through space. Did we travel through time too? Are we the only ones here?" Are all the others...gone?

"Oh, I am sure that they're out there somewhere, Sonic..." Sophia places a hand on his shoulder, noticing his sadness. "We could not be possibly be the only ones here. Perhaps Chaos Control affected all of our friends too."

Sonic smiles at her before standing up. "Thank you, princess. I'll guess we'll find out soon enough!" He grabs her bridal style and jumps off the lamp post. There's a noise and they see five squad cars coming towards them. Sonic stands protectively in front of Sophia.

Sam gets out of his car, waving his hand at them. "Hi there. You're a hard duo to keep up with." They start to turn away. "Hey, hold on!" He takes off his helmet and face mask. "We don't get such fast company very often. In fact, I'm glad you two showed up. This place is way too peaceful. Over the last 12 months, I've only made one arrest. Some joker got it into his head that he was a hot-shot driver. Had his own Formula-One car and everything. I guess he thought he'd give me a run for my money." Sonic and Sophia turn back slightly in curiosity. "But it was all over in a minute. It took me longer than that to suit up!"

Sophia and Sonic turn, completely facing Sam. Sonic smirks in amusement with his hands on his hips. Sam chuckles at their reactions. "He never had a chance. Of course it's our own fault, this town's dull mainly because of us. You see, we're the high-speed pursuit unit, the S-Team. And I'm the leader of the team. They call me the 'Highway Star.' So even if you think you're the fastest things around, he narrows his eyes at them. "Think again!"

The two gasp in surprise, making Sonic take off with Sophia, the four cars following after them. Sam just stands up. Run fast, guys. I wanna be the one to catch you!

Sonic runs down the highway with Sophia in his arms. "Ha! The S-Team, huh? The S must stand for slow motion." He jokes, Sophia giggling. "If you liked that, princess, you're gonna love this!" He picks up more speed with his eyes back in front of him.

"It's accelerating!" Aaron, a member of the team, exclaims. "Boost your rear wing angle to 20 degrees!"

"Roger," An S-Team member says. The driver presses a button, allowing the other S-Team members to catch up to Sonic and Sophia.

"Well, well, well! It's starting to look like the rush hour," Sonic says confidently. The four cars slowly pull up and surround them.

"Oh no! How will we ever escape this plight?" Sophia giggles. Sonic chuckles at her joke before disappearing.

"Where are they?" The front guy, Simon, asks while looking to his left. "Did I run them over? Oh no! How am I gonna explain that I ran over a little girl?"

Sonic taps the window on the right side which makes the driver turn his head to the duo. They wink at the man, two little hearts coming from Sophia's eye. They take off again. He looks through the front window only for Sonic and Sophia to look down at the man from the top of the car. "Hey you two, this is dangerous. It's irresponsible. What happens if kids start trying this?"

Sonic looks up. "Kids, don't use Formula-One race cars to chase hedgehogs!"

"Let us have some fun with these brutes, Sonic," Sophia giggles.

"Princess, your wish is my command! Hold on, okay?" Sonic jumps off the car and takes off at a faster speed with the princess.

"You're not gonna treat the S-Team like chumps! We'll teach you a lesson! Boost all wings .5 degrees and let's get them!" Hector narrows his eyes, pressing some buttons.

"Roger." The wing frames of Hector's car adjust themselves accordingly, allowing each member to move faster.

"Full throttle! Huh?!"

Sonic is running backwards with a smirk on his face, Sophia laughing. "What the? How can-? They're playing with us!"

"Where did they come from? I've never seen a girl wearing that with pink hair!"

"Chief, you gotta do something!"

"Playtime is now officially over!" Sam declares. "Attention all units, open the center line!" Hector and the other split to clear a path between them for Sam to pass. "I didn't think I'd have to do this, but I have no choice. I will not have anybody, faster than me, on my highway!" Sam activates his Super Nitro, rocketing past the other S-Team officers and accelerating his car to well over 400 mph. Sonic and Sophia look at him in shock, Sonic quickly moving out of the way.

Sam laughs to himself in victory. "The only way they can beat me now is if he goes super sonic!" He smirks under his mask in victory, then turns to his left where Sonic catches up to him, Sophia holding onto him. "A sonic boom! They're moving faster than the speed of sound!"

"Chief, you're running out of road!"

Sam deploys three parachutes on his car and steps on the brake pedal hard, Sonic realizing that the road ahead of him is about to end. Sonic zooms right past the edge while passing by several wind turbines that accelerate with his speed. The city lights glow brighter as a result, the two flying over it. Sophia gasps in amazement.

"This city has so many wonderful sights..."

"This place doesn't seem so bad. At least I know someone who I can have fun with! Well, besides you, princess!"

Sam stands outside his car, staring out towards their direction. Meanwhile, Sonic sees that they're landing close to a ground...and where there's a pool.

"A-A pool?!" Sonic chuckles nervously as he glances at Sophia. "Uh...oh..." He attempts to run to redirect his route, but it was no use. "See ya!"

Sophia pulls out her parasol and opens it, making her fly away from the pool. Sonic isn't so lucky, making a big splash.

"Sonic!" Sophia cries out.

A 12-year-old boy named Chris Thorndyke hears the splash and wakes up from his sleep. Sonic falls to the bottom of the pool. He attempts to jump out but fails as he sinks to the bottom. He looks around and sees a ladder. He tries to run there, but the water drag has completely nullified his speed. Chris looks outside at the pool, seeing a worried Sophia looking over the pool. She starts running towards the house. He runs out of his room to go help and Sophia opens the front door. They see each other, gasping at each other's presence. Chris because he didn't expect someone to come through his door, and Sophia because she didn't realize he was that close to the door.

Sonic tries to run to the ladder on the other side, then gives up as he hasn't moved at all. He sits with his arms crossed and just when things seem over for him, another splash happens in the pool. Sonic looks up, surprised to see Chris and not Sophia. Chris reaches his hand and grabs hold of him, starting to pull him up to the surface. The two get back on the surface, Sonic starting to cough up water. Sophia rushes over, both her and Chris watching him get his breathing back to normal.

"That was close. Are you okay?" Chris asks in concern.

"Uh, yeah," Sonic answers with his eyes closed. He opens them a bit. "Thanks a lot, you two."

Chris looks at Sonic in surprise. "I didn't know you could talk."

"We can do a lot of things," Sophia smiles.

"Wow, that's awesome. That you can talk, I mean. My name's Christopher. Do you guys have names?"

Sonic smirks at him. "Yeah, we do. My name is Sonic the Hedgehog, and this here is Princess Sophia."

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