Crazycartoons5488: Princess Tikal knew Queen Valentina and King Elliot, Sophia's parents. Princess Sophia is friends with Princess Tikal.

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Sophia: They would come bearing gifts for me to signify their alliance with my parents. I do know Tikal and I do consider her a friend.

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Last time on Sophia X, Sonic, Sophia, and Tails discovered another emerald, but it was soon devoured by Dr. Eggman's Chaos creature. A fierce battle followed, and the X Tornado and Sophia went down in flames. But thanks to Tails' expert piloting skills, our battered heroes survived a fight on. Unfortunately, Eggman wasn't finished making mischief as he seized Amy and her new friend Lily. For once, Sonic and Sophia arrived too late. Now their speed isn't enough. This time they'll have to think fast if they're going to catch up with Eggman.

Knuckles is staring at a waterfall in Angel Island, frowning. I was supposed to guard the Master Emerald, but now I only have one piece of it. What's the use of going on? It's over...I failed.

He has another vision of the shrine he saw. The shrine was in flames, a worried Tikal looking on. She gasped in horror.

Knuckles gasps and snaps out of it. He looks at the shard he got. The echidna had to stop, it wasn't going to solve anything. Sophia would say to continue on, to do something about it. "Standing around feeling sorry for myself won't make things right. I couldn't stop from the Master Emerald from being destroyed, but I can gather what's left. I wasted enough time moping, I'd better get on with the search." He runs forward, climbing up a rock with his fists. Maybe then Sophia wouldn't see him as a failure. Of course, if she ever heard of that, she would deny it, but he knew better.

The palm trees separate as the X Tornado is prepared. "Readdy for takeoff, guys?"

"Ready!" Sonic tells him, Sophia nodding. The plane takes off into the air, opening up the wings.

"I only hope they'll be able to find Amy," Chuck says in worry. "With Eggman and those crazy robots of his, who knows what could happen to her?"

"I'm sure that Sonic and Sophia won't give up until they bring her back here safe and sound," Mr. Tanaka tries to assure him.

"Sure," Chuck closes his eyes.

"Do you think she's okay?" Cream asks in concern.

"Don't you worry, Cream," Ella looks down at her. "I'm sure she's just fine."

Rose looks out the window in worry for Amy and Sophia. No matter what, she wouldn't move from that spot. This was normal, though. Whenever Sophia's at school, she'd find Rose greeting her first...that is if she wasn't asleep.

"You shouldn't be trying to take on Eggman so soon," Sonic eyes Tails' injury.

"I feel fine, I can handle 'im, Sonic," Tails winks at him.

"Sonic, if anything should happen, we are there," Sophia explains to assure him.

"You're a great pilot, Tails, but I better do this alone," Sonic goes to open the window. It was his fault that he didn't get there in time to save Amy. He had to make it right.

"Wait, Sonic. We're a team. We have to figure out where Eggman took Amy. It'll be easier with three of us looking. Amy's probably in danger and there's no time to lose. Let's all look, Sonic. I know we can find her."

"I guess we do have a better chance working together," Sonic agrees.

"It is better to have allies with you than to stand alone," Sophia smiles, as she could understand Sonic's hesitation. After all, she'd eventually have to rule her world all alone whenever her parents gave her the throne...or when she had an heir, which wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

"Right! We're a team. But if you're staying on the plane, how come you're outside?" Tails looks out the window, where Sonic is indeed outside. Sophia looks confused as she didn't even see him open the window.

"It's more fun to ride the X Tornado outside in the open air!" Sonic answers, Sophia laughing.

"Okay, you better hold on tight," Tails tells him.

"Yeah," Sonic winks with a thumbs up. The X Tornado speeds up. "Hold on, Amy. We'll find ya."

"I shall try my hearing abilities to locate the Egg Carrier," Sophia closes her eyes as her ears act like a satellite.

Big and Chris are still out looking for Froggy at a lake. Big throws his fishing line into the water. "Can't you go fishing later, Big?" Chris wonders, "We have to find Froggy fast, before Dr. Eggman figures out he swallowed a Chaos emerald."

"It may not seem like it, Chris, but I know just what I'm doing," Big states confidently, "Trust me."

"Okay," Chris answers hesitantly. He hears something and looks up at the X Tornado passing by them. "The X Tornado! I hope Tails is okay." He had heard about Tails' injuries.

Big and Chris wait while somewhere underwater, the Egg Carrier is sitting at the bottom of the lake. Amy is locked in a dungeon with Lily.

"Hey! Eggman!" She calls out, "Let me outta here!" Nothing happens and she sinks to the ground. "Oh, what's the use?" Lily chirps and she sighs. "I was all set to make Sonic a gourmet meal, but Eggman had to spoil it. I spent weeks practicing all the recipes Ella gave me."

Sonic looks happily at all the food. "I could've made my way into his heart by going right through his stomach." Amy is smiling as she has her apron on.

"When Sonic and I start getting close, something always seems to keep us apart. But Sonic always does manage to come through."

She then remembers a time when Sonic was running and she was trying to catch up to him. Sonic sped on a mountain on one of his runs, Amy running after him. "Hey, Sonic, wait for me!" A Behemoth suddenly came in and landed in front of her. She screamed until Sonic sped through the robot. He landed in front of her and swept her into his arms, jumping into the air as the robot was destroyed behind them. Amy looked up at him in awe.

Amy puts a hand to her heart at the memory. "Sonic's never let me down before and I know he won't let me down now." Lily chirps and she flies into Amy's hands. "Just wait and see, Lily. Sonic'll find us here and come to our rescue." She hugs Lily close. "Sonic, if you can, please hurry."

"Give it here!" Bocoe shouts. Him and Decoe are arguing with each other on who gets to test the microphone. These were new robots, so one of them had to assure their authority.

"No, you give it!"

"I want to test the microphone!"

"I got here first!"

"Let go!"

"You will have to wait your turn!"

"Give it!"

"Testing one, two. Testing, hello, hello," Decoe speaks into the mic.

"Can you hear the sound of my voice?"


"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Eggman shouts at them. "Now, E Series robots, please listen carefully to the following instructions. If you will turn your attention to the screen behind me, you will see a rather unusual froggy. You will notice our little amphibian friend is sporting of all things a tail. That is what makes him so special. Your mission is to get the jump on this froggy and bring it back here to the Egg Carrier. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Doctor."

"Yes, Doctor."

"Yes, Doctor."

"Yes, Doctor."

"My plans to end on catching that froggy. Go now and don't fail me!" He declares, pointing at them. The robots all leave the room without question to complete their mission.

Knuckles swoops in and enters a temple. At first there's nothing there until he sees a column with more shards of the Master Emerald. He jumps up and lands at the top, looking at the center shard. He reaches out and takes it. As soon as he does, he's sent back into the past again.

"Where am I?" He looks around and gasps, seeing the same shrine that was on fire. "What's that?" He runs up to it. Tikal is there, with a group of Chao. He gasps as he recognizes her.

"I'm very frightened, Chaos," Tikal voiced her worries. "Help us, the invaders are coming, we must leave!" It's silence for a minute. "Yes, I understand. We may leave, but you must stay here." The Chao looked at each other in concern before surrounding her. "Don't worry, I promise everything is going to be fine."

They cheered happily, looking at each other before chanting. Tikal smiled at them as the water rippled slightly. One of them took her hand, leading her up the steps. She giggled down at her friends, looking at all of the Chaos Emeralds. "The Chaos emeralds..." She made it to the top, to the glowing Master Emerald.

"Now I know who brought me here, it's you!" She exclaimed in realization. "There's something important that you want to tell me." There is more silence. "I understand. The servers are the seven Chaos. The controller...serves to unify the Chaos. The controller serves to unify the Chaos..." She suddenly gasped. "It is you. You control the seven Chaos emeralds!" She blinked slowly in awe as Knuckles watched the whole thing.

Now he understood the whole phrase and why he kept hearing it. He's sent back to the present, in front of the same shrine.

"I see..." He murmurs, "This is where they led her, to the altar, where the Master Emerald was. But why? Why? Who is she, anyway? she trying to tell me something?" Perhaps she was still alive and trying to communicate with him since he's an echidna and he watched over the Master Emerald. "Yes, it must have something to do with the Master Emerald. If I could only figure out what it means." He runs up all the way to the top, where the shards lay. He also wonders what this has to do with Sophia. Did she know the echidna girl? Is that the real reason why she asked him to look over the Master Emerald? If she does know her, then why did she never tell him? She's lived long enough to know the echidna clan, after all, likewise with her parents. Tikal's father mentioned them and if he did the math, Sophia was already alive and more than likely knew about her. Maybe she could give him an explanation as to what happened.

Knuckles holds all the shards he got back and lifts them up in the air. They all join together and form into a cluster. There's a flash and the Master Emerald is almost complete. But there's one huge chunk that's still missing.

"It's almost restored. One piece left. I'll just have to keep looking." He gasps as he sees something and looks closer. The Master Emerald is showing him an image of the Egg Carrier. "That's Eggman's ship! Why would the Master Emerald show me this? Maybe it's a warning. Eggman must be up to something dangerous." He growls, narrowing his eyes.

Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon are still searching for Froggy. "Must find Froggy."

"Froggy here somewhere."

"Must bring Froggy home."

"Froggy not easy to find."

"Must keep looking."

"Find Froggy," Gamma stands up. "Make Doctor happy." He then just happens to see Big and Chris as they're in the area. A dark green frog hops up and Epsilon grabs it, obviously not looking at it first.

"I found Froggy!"

Delta holds up a dark green one with an orange star on it. "No, I found Froggy."

Beta holds a light green one that has a dark green circle on its back. "No, I found Froggy." Gamma looks nervous as he doesn't have a frog yet. The robot couldn't go back without a frog. He checks around the grass for any frogs, but nothing.

Big blinks as he waits for Froggy to take the bait. Soon after, Gamma hears, "I found Froggy! There he is! Look, Chris!" Big holds up the frog, and Gamma turns around. The cat knows its him because Froggy has the tail. "I found Froggy!"

"Hey that's great Big," Chris smiles at their success. Gamma snatches him away and they turn to see him getting away.

"I found the real Froggy."

A red blip for Gamma turns on, meaning that all four robots have found a frog. "Look, Gamma has found a frog as well, doctor," Bocoe reports.

"That makes a total of four Froggys."

"Bring them all back here immediately," Eggman demands and the four robots run off. Big and Chris chase after them.

"Come back!"


Eggman's ship surfaces from the water, making the two friends stop in their tracks. The robots wait for the door to lower before they walk on the path. Chris turns to Big.

"Let's follow 'em! Hurry!" They run onto the pathway as it goes up, but they manage to sneak in.

The robots are arguing about which frog is the real one since Eggman would probably reward that robot by keeping it alive. After all, most of his robots were either destroyed by Sophia and Sonic, or he'd take them apart himself if they manage to come back. "Mine is the real Froggy."

"No, mine is."

"No, mine is the real one."

"The doctor will be so proud."

"The doctor is approaching," Decoe tells them, hands on his hips.

"So settle down, you freaky frog nappers!" Bocoe scolds, since by production wise, they were way older. Eggman approaches the E series robots as they stand in a line. He looks at the first one, cringing at the normal ones.

"What's this? You dare bring back these crummy croakers!" He growls as none of them even looked close to Froggy. "No, no, no!" He screams, placing his hands on his head. "You clunky cods! This isn't the Froggy I wanted! Do you see a tail anywhere?! You're lucky I don't have you flattened to scrap metal!"

"Sorry," Beta tells him, Eggman gritting his teeth in anger. The only one he hasn't looked at yet was Gamma's frog.

Big and Chris peek around the corner for security, but they couldn't figure where they were going if they tried. As soon as they got inside, they had lost the robots. "It's like a maze in here, they could be anywhere!"

"Yeah, but we can't stop now," Big looks sad, "They got Froggy!"

"Come on, let's go this way!" Chris runs to his right, Big following after him.

"Alright, you nickel-plated ninnies, listen here!" Eggman clenches his fists. "I am NOT looking for your average everyday amphibian. I am seeking a very special Froggy with a tail that's long and pointy!" He looks down at Gamma's frog and looks in surprise. "Wh-Wh-Wha? This is it! My little Chaos Froggy! Yes," He picks up Froggy, "There's my baby! I just knew you would do me proud, Gamma!"

"Yes doctor," Gamma nods and Eggman laughs in triumph. He glares at the robots, who all sweat nervously. Obviously, he wouldn't let this go unpunished.

"You're useless! Get out of my sight!" He exclaims, pointing, "Bocoe, destroy them all except Gamma!" Bocoe and Decoe look in dismay.

"Yes, doctor." He presses a button, closing his eyes. The three robots are caught in a blue beam, Gamma looking on in sadness. They start to disappear before they're gone, destroyed.

"If you have to go, I guess that is the best way," Decoe comments sadly.

"No thanks," Bocoe crosses his arms, should he ever go that way. "I want to rust away."

"Gamma," The robot turns around to Eggman. "I'd like to talk to my little birdie friend. Bring her to me."

"Yes doctor," He walks away slowly, thinking about what just happened. He wanted to obey Eggman because he wants to live, but at the cost of his brothers...?

Big and Chris are still walking around the ship. "Maybe the robots hid Froggy somewhere down here, Big," He suggests, but Gamma is heading right towards them from around the corner. Chris shouts in surprise at the robot, but he just walks past by them. He didn't even stop to investigate the noise or anything. The two stare at him in confusion that he didn't do anything before shrugging. Gamma thinks about his new mission, coming to a stop in front of the doors.

He couldn't do this...could he? The doors open and he sees Beta being modified."Beta!" Something hits his foot and he looks down to see Beta's parts. He thinks about the bird and what could happen to her. After all, Beta was already being modified. He looks at a doorway, looking back at his brother before the doors close behind him.

Amy is still holding Lily and a shadow looms over her. She opens her eyes and looks up to see Gamma standing behind the cell doors.

"Give me the little bird," He tells her.

"No way!" She hugs Lily protectively. "I won't let you take her, you hear me?!"

"You must. The doctor commands it," He explains.

"Well, he can't have her!" She says stubbornly. She doesn't know why Eggman wants her, but she wasn't going to let her new friend get hurt.

"Hand it over."

"Now you listen to me!" Amy starts off, "I'm not afraid of you and I'm not afraid of him either!"

"You are not afraid?" Gamma asks, as he definitely was. He's the last E series robot still alive. If he disobeyed the doctor, he'd get modified like Beta...

"No way!" Amy denies, "And even if I was, I still wouldn't let him hurt an innocent bird! I know you have a job to do, but I'd be extremely grateful if you could please let Lily and me out of here."

"No," Gamma denies, as Eggman would be REALLY angry. So angry that he'd get demolished. "Not possible," He backs away from them. "Against regulations. Must obey doctor. Must obey doctor."

"But why?" Amy wonders. "Just because he taught you to be mean doesn't mean you have to be." She felt that this robot didn't want to be bad compared to the rest. Lily flies out of her hands. "Lily!" She flies in front of Gamma's eyes and Gamma stares at her. She was silently pleading for him to let them go.

"Overload..." Gamma holds his head, "Overload."

"What's wrong?" Amy asks in concern. He simply looks up.

"Go. Go!" She looks at him in confusion before he shoots at the bars, freeing Amy. "Go now! Leave here."

She looks at him in shock at his actions. "No time. Must go, now." Lily chirps at him gratefully. "Go now! Hurry!" Lily flies to Amy.

"You're really not like all those other robots, are you?" Amy notices and smiles, holding out a finger. Lily lands on it. "Most robots are mean, but he's not like that, is he, Lily? Thank you, we'll never forget you." Gamma moves back away in surprise at her kindness. No one ever thanked him before...not even Dr. Eggman.

"Bye!" Amy runs off.


The Egg Carrier flies over the mountains, where Knuckles happens to be. "That was Eggman! I've got to stop him!"

"Yo, Knuckles!" The X Tornado descends down to him and he turns around to see Sonic and Sophia. "Going my way?" He winks and Knuckles smiles, Sophia offering a hand to him. He takes it as the plane speeds by him and she pulls him up.

"Your highness, I need to ask you something important," He tells her seriously.

"Knuckles, I am afraid that this is an inappropriate time," She enhances her hearing. "The Egg Carrier is close by, Tails!"

Knuckles grunts in frustration. He needed to find the right time when things have calmed down.

Back on Eggman's ship, he laughs at his success. "Things are really hopping now that I found my little Froggy!" Bocoe gets a notification on his screen.

"Dr. Eggman, the X Tornado!"

"What?!" Knuckles, Sonic, and Sophia are standing on the wings as Tails approaches the ship. "Well don't just sit there! Blow that tiresome tornado to Timbuktu!" Eggman orders, the ship immediately firing missiles at the plane. Tails manages to destroy all of them, sweating nervously as he flies above. Sophia flings her hand, firing a few Chaos spheres. Tails grits his teeth, the others trying to hang on tight.

"Alright, let's show our foxy friend some fireworks!"

"Yes, doctor."

"Yes, doctor."

Bocoe and Decoe both press a button.

"Sonic! Sophia!" Tails turns around to the two. "You okay?"

"Yeah, just fine!" Sonic calls out, Sophia nodding. "Hey Tails, check it out!" Sonic notices that the Egg Carrier is moving around. Tails turns the plane around so they can get a good look.

"Okay," The wing of the X Tornado got blasted off, falling. "Go on and give me your best shot! This time I'm ready for ya!" Tails declares, as he wasn't going to let Eggman defeat him again. The front starts to power up. "Time for a little transformation! Hang on real tight, you guys! This could get a little tricky!"

"What?" Sonic asks in confusion.

"What did he say?" Knuckles turns to Sophia.

"I believe he said to hang on tight," Sophia tells them, since she could hear him perfectly through the engines.

"X-Tornado, transform! Battle Armor!" Tails shouts as the plane starts to glow. The Egg Carrier fires, but it doesn't hit the plane at all.

"What?!" Eggman exclaims as it missed, because it managed to hit the plane the first time. The plane floats up into the air and then reveals itself in Battle Mode. The plane actually has its own arms. "What's this?! How dare they? Transform the Egg Carrier!"

"Yes, doctor."

"I'll show those feather brained flyboys not to mess with me!" Eggman yells, pressing a button from his station. The Egg Carrier transforms into its own Battle Mode, Tails gasping in surprise. The others scream as they're hanging on. The Egg Carrier looks larger than it did before, if that was even possible.

"I have to wait for exactly the right moment," Tails says as the Egg Carrier fires at them from everywhere. "Well, here goes." Tails moves the plane out of the way, a protective shield forming. When a missile hits one, it doesn't affect the plane at all. The arm lifts up to reveal a sword, which slices the missiles incoming in half, destroying them in mid-air.

"He's blowing our missiles to smithereens!"

"Gotcha! How do you like me now, Eggman? Come on tough guy, bring it on!"

Sonic taps the window next to him. "Cool it, Tails. Let's not make things worse, okay?"

"Eggman is capable of extreme measures when provoked," Sophia explains before smiling, "Though you are doing an excellent job." He rubs his neck sheepishly at his sudden attitude and at her praise.

"Okay, sorry. And thank you!"

"They're coming in for a landing," Eggman notices as Tails has gotten close enough, "Let's give them a warm welcome, shall we?"

"Yes sir!"

"Yes sir!"

Fireworks appear in the sky and confetti goes off, with some robot cheerleaders cheering their arrival. "Yay, yay, hip hip, hooray! Yay, yay, hip hip, hooray!"

Sophia stares down at the welcome party in confusion, as Eggman would never do that for anyone, let alone them.

"Who could ask for a warmer welcome than that, ey, doctor?" Decoe asks, Bocoe facepalming.

"You fool!" Eggman shouts at him, "I was being sarcastic! Now switch into Battle Mode immediately!"

"Hang on," Tails warns as the engines go faster, "Almost there." He gets to the platform, "We made it!"

"Let's bring it in for a nice, smooth landing, Tails," Sonic tells him and Tails' eyes widen as he yelps, remembering something.

"Oh no!"

"What is the matter?" Sophia asks in concern.

"You'll have to settle for nice and bumpy! We don't have any wheels!" He forgot to put in the wheels for Battle Mode, and it was too late to switch back.

"WHAT?!" The other three exclaim nervously as they look at each other. The plane crash lands on the Egg Carrier, with smoke coming from it...