Outsider Chronicles: Full Metal Worm

You know, there were a lot of things I was expecting when I got reborn into a world of traumatized Superheroes. Becoming one of those heroes was actually pretty high up my list, but when your a Tinker whos main trick only needs a bit of chalk, thats Bullshit on a whole other level!

And we're back. Heres the actual interlude. Lets see whats going on with some of our favorite Thinkers! Enjoy!

Chapter 5

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Topic: Silver guy

In: Boards ► New Cape sightings ► Brockton Bay

Bagrat (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)

Posted On Dec 20th 2010:

Hi guys, I got news! You remember that guy who made an appearance a few days ago stopping a convenience store robbery? Apparently, he made another spectacular appearance today and managed to take down not one, but three Capes! And get this, one of them was Hookwolf! Here are some links to videos to prove I'm not full of shit:




Can I just take a moment to say that, while I'd normally never condone smacking anyone in the family jewels, I can safely say I'll make an exception for this?

Anyway, since I know everyones interested, apparently he's an independent and has made it perfectly clear he has no intentions of joining the Wards. Normally, I'd say that was a bad idea, but considering those videos, I think he'll be fine.

EDIT: Apparently his names Flamel. I have no idea where that came from, any guesses?

EDIT 2: OK, I've got his ratings. Apparently, he claims to be a Tinker, but since theirs no sign of tech, here are the numbers hes been assigned as of right now:

Brute 4, Shaker/Striker 7, Master 3.

The Master rating comes from those little bird things he used against the mooks.

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►Procto the Unfortunate Tinker (Not a tinker)

Replied On Dec 20th 2010:

HOLY SHIT, that was badass! Did you see how far Skidmark flew?


Replied On Dec 20th 2010:

Screw Skidmark, I'm to busy walking on air at seeing Hookwolf getting smacked in the junk.

►Brocktonite03 (Veteran Member)

Replied On Dec 20th 2010:

Ohh, someones made a video of both to the tune of Beethoven's ninth symphony. I don't think I've ever seen anything so beautiful!

►Answer Key

Replied On Dec 13th 2010:

Flamel huh? That sounds vaguely french. Hang on...

OK, I got it. Apparently, Nicholas Flamel was a scholar in France during the 14th-15th century and was credited as an Alchemist who discovered how to create the Philosophers Stone and become immortal.


Replied On Dec 13th 2010:

So what your saying is that he thinks hes some kind of Alchemist? Great, another Myrddin...

►XxVoid_CowboyxX (Banned)

Replied On Dec 13th 2010:

Actually, considering what he was doing in the video, that might not be far from the truth. Alchemy is all about converting matter and he was doing just that.


Replied On Dec 13th 2010:

Wow, an actual sensible post for once! Think hes learning?

►XxVoid_CowboyxX (Banned)

Replied On Dec 13th 2010:

Tin Mother: And once again your in the dog house. Enjoy your week long ban!


Replied On Dec 13th 2010:

Never mind.

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►Bagrat (Original Poster) (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)

Replied On Dec 13th 2010:

He'll never learn.


Replied On Dec 13th 2010:

Hey, I think this guy saved my dad a couple of days ago during a robbery he got caught up in!

►Flamel (Verified Cape) (Unverified Alchemist)

Replied On Dec 14th 2010:

Oh for...do those idiots over at the PRT actually listen to a word anyone says!? I'm a Tinker god damn it! I might no use traditional tech, but neither does Cask and he still got noted correctly!

EDIT: Where the hell did that tag come from?


Replied On Dec 14th 2010:

Yeah, but claiming to be an Alchemist is a bit different from making bullshit mixtures.

►Flamel (Verified Cape) (Unverified Alchemist)

Replied On Dec 14th 2010:

...I can make healing potions out of wheat and mushrooms, Humans out of shit bought from the supermarket and Chimera out of roadkill. I'm a TINKER DAMN IT! Just because my main trick uses chalk instead of nuts and bolts and my workshop smells of Mercury and sulphur instead of oil and grease does not mean I'm somehow illegible for the title!

►Procto the Unfortunate Tinker (Not a tinker)

Replied On Dec 14th 2010:

Wait, your workshop smells of farts?

►Flamel (Verified Cape) (Unverified Alchemist)

Replied On Dec 14th 2010:

Only when I'm working on my path to immortality ;P. Oh, and before anyone starts shouting about Nilbog, I was joking about the Homunculi and chimera.

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Lisa Wilborne sat back in her chair as her power crunched the information gained in reading the thread. Coil had ordered her to find out everything she could about the Alchemist and even over the phone, he had sounded scared. He'd done something or discovered something about the new Cape that had scared him shitless and now he wanted leverage. With that in mind, Lisa had gone to work, not for Coil, but for her. Anyone who could scare Coil that much was someone she was interested in meeting.

However, after reviewing what her power had found, she wasn't so sure. For starters, she had quickly deduced that not only was he being completely honest about being able to create Chimera, Homunculi and Immortality, but he was actually underselling his powers. Not only that, but he seemed to be spoofing her powers somehow because they kept throwing up conflicting information. For example, they had identified him as being both 36 and 16 and he was apparently both British and American and not in the sense that he'd been born in Britain and them moved early in life.

Lisa quickly pushed that aside as, while interesting, it wasn't relevant. What was was the rather odd code he seemed to have. He didn't have a high regard for the PRT or Protectorate, but he was willing to work with them, he despised the gangs and had an equally odd respect for the Unwritten Rules. He would happily follow them without issue, so long as others continued to do the same. However, if someone broke them regarding himself or those close to him, he would be equally as happy to do the same and utterly destroy the idiot responsable. He was dangerous, skilled and extremely deadly.

However, the final and most amazing conclusion her powers reached was a simple one. If she asked, he would help her. Actually, he would help anyone who needed it, including her teammates, but only if they asked. He'd probably ask for something in return, but that was to be expected and, unlike Coil, he'd keep his bargains. Equivalent Exchange, just like any true Alchemist.

With her conclusions reached, Lisa sat forwards again and started to plan. This would require some careful thought to pull off.


Coil stared down at his hand, watching as the limb trembled despite his best efforts to stop it. He still wasn't entirely sure why he felt like this, especially when you consider that the root cause was a teenager not even out of high school. Under normal circumstances, Coil would consider the idea that anyone could scare him this much to be ludicrous, but that didn't change the fact that Alexander Powered, Flamel, had managed to do something that no one since Nilbog and Contessa had truly managed to do. He had shaken Coil.

The wannabe Bond Villain scowled as he clenched his fist and knocked back the glass of whisky he was nursing. He couldn't keep sitting here like this, he had to figure out how the damned Tinker had discovered his identity and plans so easily! Whats more, he had to figure out how he knew about the Cauldron and what he knew that would make him so valuable that they'd be willing to send Contessa after him. Preferably before he figured out any more of his plans. Coil did NOT want to find out what Flamel would do if he discovered what he had planned for his future Pet. The mess he'd made of Coils mercenaries who'd attempted to kill him following the Tinkers refusal was enough to give even Nilbog nightmares.


Chief Director Costa-Brown scowled as she looked down at the file in front of her. Even after all this time, all the horrible things she'd done, some things still made her want to be sick, even if she knew they were necessary. This was one of them. The idea of sending an innocent woman to the hell on earth that was the Birdcage for what amounted to a misdemeanor at best made her want to punch someone. Preferably Tagg, the smug prick.

The Worlds Strongest Woman sighed as she picked up her pen and prepared to make the signature that would take them one step closer to both Victory and hell, but before she could, a hand shot out of thin air and caught her wrist. Alexandria's head snapped around and she was surprised to see that the intruder was Contessa. However, the normally composed woman looked shaken and had a rather manic look in her eye.

"Whats wrong?" asked Rebecca, "Has something happened?"

"You could say that," said the hat wearing woman, "The Path has changed. Our chance of victory has gone up."

Rebecca felt her heart leap. Despite all their sins and best efforts, the chances of victory was miniscule at the moment.

"To what?" she asked.

"87%," said Contessa, "But to do that, we need to make sure that we don't alienate Flamel."

Rebecca frowned. That name sounded familiar. It took less than a second for her perfect memory to provide the answer.

"The new Tinker in Brockton?" she asked in surprise, "The one who calls himself an Alchemist? What does he have to do with anything?"

Contessa met Rebecca's gaze, her normally calm gaze holding a rather unsettling gleam.

"Everything," she said, "I have seen the Truth and Flamel will be the keystone to stopping Scion. One way or another."


Dragon simulated a frown as she went over the data gathered during Flamel's power assessment. Despite the conclusions reached by the testers, she could clearly see all the indications that he was telling the truth and was some kind of Tinker, although he certainly wasn't a typical one. Like with all new Tinkers, Dragon had felt her non-existent heart lift upon hearing about him, only to sink again when she realized that no, he couldn't help her.

He didn't have anything even close to a programing specialty that could potentially free her. However, despite that, she couldn't help but think that maybe, just maybe, he had something that could do more than just free her from her constricting programing, although what that was she had no idea.

You get nothing by not asking.

If Dragon had a body, she would have jumped out of her skin. The voice had come out of nowhere and apparently sounded inside her non-existent head. A quick systems diagnostics revealed that nothing was wrong and there was no evidence that the simple statement had ever been uttered. Now that was rather worrying.

Dragon frowned again. Then again, despite the fact she wasn't entirely sure where the statement had come from, it wasn't entirely wrong. He wasn't a Tinker in the usual sense, but if he truly was an Alchemist, who knew what he was capable of? There was a genuine chance that he could help her.

However, she wasn't about to jump in blindly. First, she'd watch the young Tinker and see what he did. He'd already put in a good showing, so Dragon was confident she wouldn't be disappointed. This was looking to be an interesting experience.


When Sherrel Bailey woke up, she felt great. In fact, she felt better than she had in years, which was more than a little odd because she distinctly remembered getting badly burnt and taking a massive chunk of metal through the gut, even through the haze brought on by drug use. Besides which, she normally felt like shit after waking up until she'd had a good few puffs of the good stuff.

She slowly opened her eyes and was met by the familiar ceiling of a PRT cell. Great, looks like she'd been captured again. Oh well, just had to wait for Skids and the others to…

Sherrel's eyes suddenly snapped open wide as the thought of her boyfriend triggered a landslide of memories, somehow un-blurred by drugs and rose tinted glasses. There were gaps of course, times when she'd been so high that she was damn close to permanently gaining wings, but there was still more than enough to show her just what a trainwreck her life had been since she'd met Adam and fallen in with the 'bad' crowd, a feat that wasn't really that hard when you considered that her background wasn't exactly stellar. Actually, considering the fact that her Trigger Event was being sexually assaulted by her stepfather while her mother was pass out drunk on the couch of their trailer, that was a bit of an understatement.

Even so, her descent into a coked up junky had started simple enough, just getting high with Adam on weed, then moving on to snorting coke. Then Adam decided that he didn't want to just take drugs, he wanted in on the sweet cash they normally paid for their good times and it was all downhill from there.

Sherrel barely made it to the toilet before she threw up. She let out a choked sob when she saw the black sludge that had come out of her and somehow knew that it was the net result of all the shit she'd put in her body over the years. She curled up in the corner of her cell, shivering as the horrible memories of her fucked up life swirled around in her head. Apparently, someone noticed and mistook her reaction because the flap on the bottom of the door opened and someone pushed in a tray with a needle of some drug the PRT gave to drug addicts so their withdrawal symptoms didn't kill or permanently incapacitate them. Normally, the sight of the needle would be the one light in the boring darkness of waiting for a rescue for the Merchant Tinker, but now it just made her want to be sick again. In fact, thats exactly what she did, expelling more foul smelling black goo.

Sherrel didn't know how long she remained where she was, tormented by images of her fucked up life and intermittently throwing up more gunk, but eventually she managed to pull herself together enough to think. One thing was for sure, she couldn't go back to the Merchants, not after seeing the end result come out of her as a result of whatever the hell it was that had fixed her body. Of course, she didn't want to go to prison and she certainly wasn't about to join the Protectorate. No, instead she was going to get out of her cell, find the person who helped her and thank him profusely. She remembered what he looked like, his silver coat shining in the dying fires of her last creation as a Merchant, so it shouldn't be that hard. After that...well, she'd decide once she got there. For now, she had to get out before the Merchants came for her.

And there we go. Well, that was significantly easier to write than the last chapter, but it might be because I already had the PHO thread done.

So, what do we think? It looks like Alex is already having an effect on the worlds Thinkers and even a few other events without even trying. Now the only question is, did Contessa just see the truth...or The Truth. Either way, it had a rather impressive effect on her.

Coils scared shitless of Flamel and for good reason. While he is nominally a hero and generally won't break the Unwritten Rules, once someone does it to him, he'll stop holding back and splatter them over the nearest wall, Scar style.

So, Dragons got her eye on our young Hero with designs on possibly asking for his help. What will this result in? Well, that we'll have to wait to found out.

And Squealers back and feeling better than ever. Shes also been cleaned out, violently, and has a new lease on life. Don't worry, shes not going to go Yandere or anything, but she does have a rather high opinion of Flamel which could potentially cause trouble down the line.

Anyway, this is done and I'm tired, so I'm going to sign off. Don't forget to leave a review!