Nikki's pov

I group hugged my BFFs as today was a special day. Brandon threw his bag into the car. "We're ready to go" he said. "At least MacKenzie won't be carpooling with us" Zoey giggled, "she would rather die." "Yeah I can't believe the Morgan's have the room and the time to house us." "Too bad we have have to go to high school in Whitechapel because the town flooded" I said. "Come on" Brandon called from the car. I piled in with Brandon and my BFFs as we started the four hour drive to Whitechapel.

Abby's pov

I opened the door to see three girls and a guy standing on the porch. "Um hi" I said. "Who are you" "We're your new housemates from Westchester" a chipper girl said to me. "Yeah I don't live here" I said. "But sometimes it seems like I am." I turned towards the stairs. "Ethan people are here come down so you can touch them!" The dude on the porch stared at me. "I mean greet them politely with a handshake" I yelled. "So can we come in now" a little girl asked my. "Please excuse my sister" said a girl in braids. "She has no manners." Ethan came down to the door. "And please excuse my cat, I mean friend she has no social skills"

Ethan's pov

We made introductions as Abby scanned my eyes for visions. I met Nikki, Chloe, Zoey, Brianna and Brandon. I shook their hands and saw nothing. I noticed a cute puppy at Nikki's feet. Abby did too. I could tell she really wanted to hiss. "Come in" I told them. They stepped in as Jane walked out of the kitchen. "Are you having a party or something?" "No" I told her. "Go make friends with Brianna." Jane looked at me. "Can I show her Debbie Dazzle I promise she won't kill her" I looked at the confused bunch in my living room. "She's joking of course" Brianna and Jane rushed up the stairs talking about their dolls. Benny came down. "Hey Ethan, buddy you'll never believe what Rory-" Something out the window caught his eye. "Who left their hottie out in the rain?"

MacKenzie's pov

I was so glad when one of those idiots finally let me inside. I peered around. "Um is this my house?" "No" a guy told me "you're with Benny." "At least I'm not with Nikki" I groaned. "I believe we agree the feeling is mutual" Zoey said. "Just shut up" I told her. "I have to get ready to become the most popular girl at my new school." "Good luck" a girl behind me sneered

I stood face to face with her. She was blond and tall and kind of hot but not as hot as me. "I'm feeling hungry" she said. "Looks like there's something I like to call fresh blood." "Don't bite her Erica" a black haired girl said. I wrinkled my nose. "Bite me?" "Um it's Whitechapel slang it means to attack someone's reputation" she said. "Benny take her home before Erica you know"