Faithlynn had felt rather embarrassed about transferring to another academy a week after school started, but sadly she had no choice. Her father had made the last minute decision for her to attend the same school as her intended husband and there was pretty much nothing she could do about it It was strange for someone of her breeding to be locked in an arranged marriage, but that seemed to be the norm for Japan's elite aristocrats. Since moving to Japan when she was in Junior High her father had really embraced the culture. Apparently her unique breeding had made her a rather sought after potential bride. Her long pale blonde hair and large midnight blue eyes made her exotic looking to the young Japanese males. The academy she would be attending was very different from the academy she was suppose to attend, St Lobelia Girl's Academy.

Suddenly she came across a large closed door. It wasn't the door that intrigued her, but rather the strange noises coming from the other side. With curiosity always getting the better of her, Faithlynn went to open the door. On the other side she was shocked to see a room filled with tropical plants, birds and a decent portion of the academy's female student body.

"Looks like we have a new guest," a male's voice said from off to the side. Faithlynn turned to see a handsome young man with blonde hair and enchanting blue/purple eyes wearing strange island tribal clothing. His basic looks reminded her of her very distant cousins that lived in Japan. "Were you looking for any of the hosts in particular or did our newest princess just happen to stumble her way here?"

"Wow, you really know how to turn on the princely charm don't you?" Faithlynn commented in mild amusement.

"For you princess I would gladly be your prince." Faithlynn couldn't hold her composure any longer and began giggling which caused the young blonde man to falter slightly.

"I'm sorry," Faithlynn apologized once she was able to gain control of herself. "I guess I'm just not use to Japanese men yet. My name is Arcari, Faithlynn."

"She's a foreigner!" a short blonde boy shouted happily from a table that had two other girls sitting along him with another young man that she could only see from the back. The young boy quickly left his seat and ran to her while holding what looked like a cute stuffed pink bunny. "Faith-chan where are you from?" Faithlynn wore a confused look on her face as she stared down at the young boy.

"Forgive me, but aren't you a little young to be here sweetheart?"

"That is Honey-sempai," a familiar voice said from behind her. Faithlynn's back went stiff before turning to see who was behind her.

"Kyouya," Faithlynn gasped in slight shock.

"Honey-sempai is a prodigy and martial arts master," Kyouya continued explaining. "Don't worry about her Tamaki, she is not a guest. Faithlynn, come with me please." Faithlynn followed Kyouya into another room, leaving Tamaki and Honey to stare after the two in confusion.

"Hey boss, who was that?" Kaoru asked peaked curiously with Hikaru next to him.

"I don't know," Tamaki answered. "Kyouya sure seems to know her though and she's not Japanese."

"She sure was pretty though," Honey commented contently before returning to Takashi and their guests. Once the club's last guest had left Haruhi suddenly realized that she hadn't seen Kyouya since she sat down to her first guests.

"Hey has anyone seen Kyouya-sempai?" she asked with slight concern when she realized that all of them were sitting at a table starting at a closed door.

"He's been in that room this whole time with a pretty girl named Faithlynn," Honey answered before chomping down on a piece of cake.

"Faithlynn?" Haruhi questioned the name. "That sounds like a foreign name."

"It's a western name," Takashi informed.

"I wonder why he's been in there with her so long?" Hikaru inquired to the group.

"Who knows?" Tamaki replied. Suddenly the door opened revealing both Kyouya and Faithlynn. "So Kyouya are you going to introduce this lovely lady to everyone?"

"Of course," Kyouya answered casually. "Everyone this is Miss Arcari, Faithlynn. Faithlynn, you met Honey-sempai and Tamaki. These are also Mori-sempai, the Hitachiin twins Hikaru and Kaoru, and our newest member Haruhi. Faithlynn is going to be our club's manager and assistant to me."

"Kyouya-sempei, how do you know each other?" Haruhi questioned innocently. Faithlynn's gaze fell in an attempt to hide her blush. While in the room Kyouya had explained to her what was going on, the purpose of the club, and how she was not to divulge the fact that she was his intended fiancé.

"Faithlynn's older sister is married to my oldest brother," Kyouya explained easily. While Faithlynn had agreed to keep their families' arrangement a secret for now, a part of her felt kind of hurt that Kyouya was not proud to have her as a fiancé and let everyone know. She had to admit she didn't know Kyouya very well and the only reason she agreed to the match was because of how happy his brother had made her sister. Surely if his father made his mother happy and his brother had made her sister happy then he would make her happy too right?

"Well that explains how you two are familiar with each other," Kaoru stated, content with his sempai's explanation.

"So you're our new member," Tamaki stated happily before extending his hand to her. "Welcome to the Host Club." Faithlynn smiled warmly and shook his hand.

"It is a pleasure to be part of the club." The two shook hands in friendship for a moment before Faithlynn's eyes suddenly became glued on Haruhi. "Haruhi, do you mind if I ask you a question?"

"Of course not," Haruhi answered warmly. "What is it?"

"Why are you cross dressing in man's clothing?" The air instantly became thick and the entire group became silent. Honey had even stopped half way from putting another piece of cake in his mouth. The entire group was shocked silent, save from the always-composed Kyouya.

"Interesting how quickly you realized that Haruhi is actually female," Kyouya commented casually. "It is for good reason that I will explain later. Right now we need to address an issue that has been brought to my attention with one of our guests and Haruhi."

"How did you know about Haruhi and Kanako?" Hikaru inquired.

"While in the other room with Faithlynn I was periodically checking on everyone through the surveillance cameras."

"We have surveillance cameras in here?" Haruhi exclaimed while looking around.

"Of course," Kyouya answered naturally as he took a seat at the table and began typing away at his laptop. "Have to insure all the club's items that are kept here are protected." Suddenly everyone realized that Tamaki was no longer with them, but rather sitting off by himself eating noodles.

"Looks like he just remembered about Haruhi and Kanako," Kaoru stated.

"Come on boss, quit eating that commoner ramen and help us with the party planning for next week," Hikaru called out.

"Does it really bother you that Princess Kanako has taken a liking to Haruhi?" Kaoru inquired.

"Do any of the girls who come here know that Haruhi is a girl?" Faithlynn inquired cautiously.

"No, and don't worry I'll explain everything in the car," Kyouya answered. "As for Tamaki, he really shouldn't be surprised. She's had the illness for a while now."

"What illness?" Haruhi questioned.

"The host hopping disease," Hikaru answered.

"Also known as never the same guy disease," Kaoru added.

"Usually our customers choose a favorite host and stick with them, however though Princess Kanako likes to change her host on a regular basis," Kyouya provided as he continued to type.

"Yeah before Haruhi, she was with Tamaki," Honey informed.

"You seriously can't be jealous of Haruhi," Faithlynn stated boldly as she tried to suppress a giggle from the sheer ridiculousness of the potential situation.

"I couldn't care less!" Tamaki defended hotly. "Haruhi needs to start acting like a girl! I don't understand how she can be so popular with the ladies when she herself is a lady! No one even in the entire school knows that she's a girl besides us and now you, Faithlynn!"

"Yeah she was even able to opt-out of taking gym classes," Hikaru stated.

"And no one in our attendance class has realized it either though it is amazing how Faithlynn figured it out so quickly," Kaoru added along side Hikaru.

"Oh class!" Faithlynn all of sudden exclaimed. "Are any of you first years? Tomorrow is going to be my first day here and I would like to know if I might be the same year as any of you."

"Haru-chan, Hika-chan, and Kao-chan are the first years," Honey answered happily. "Kyou-chan and Tama-chan are second years and Takashi and I are third years."

"Do you have your class list?" Haruhi asked, trying her best to ignore Tamaki's tangent about how she should be more like a girl. Faithlynn reached in her bag for her class list, occasionally glancing at Tamaki several times in mild amazement.

"Is he going to keep that up for long?" she asked as she handed Haruhi the list.

"He'll stop soon enough," Haruhi informed before looking at the list with the twins looking over her shoulders.

"She has the same classes as us," Kaoru commented amazingly.

"What are the odds?" Hikaru added in equal amazement.

"Oh good I'll know someone then," Faithlynn sighed happily before taking her list back form Haruhi. "So what's this about a party next week?"

"That reminds me," Hikaru suddenly said, "Haruhi do you have any dancing experience? You're going to need it for the party."

"What?" Haruhi exclaimed in shock. "I'm not interested in going to events if its doesn't lower my quota so can I be excused?" Suddenly Tamaki recovered from his tangent and began gleaming at Haruhi.

"Absolutely not! Every gentleman must master the art of dancing, Haruhi, you have one week to learn how to waltz or I reveal to the entire school that you're really a girl and knock you back down to our errand boy."

"What?" Haruhi gasped.

"Don't worry Haruhi, I'll help teach you after the club closes everyday until then," Faithlynn said with a smile. "I am versed in just about all ballroom dances."

"Thanks," Haruhi breathed thankfully.

Well Haruhi did practice with Faithlynn after club hours, but during Kanako managed to be her teacher as well. During the first two days Haruhi was a complete mess and managed to fall on both Kanako and Faithlynn, which naturally caused Tamaki to sulk off to the side each time.

It wasn't till one day the club members observed Kanako's peculiar reaction to their new tea sets and when the heir to the Suzushima Trading Company, Tohru Suzushima, came to drop off the rest of their tea sets that Tamaki instantly recognized something between Kanako and Tohru. Honey confirmed this when he announced that Kanako was in fact Tohru's fiancé. Upon hearing this Faithlynn knew Tamaki was going to think of some way to get the club involved. Though she had only been with the club for the lesser part of a week, Faithlynn was getting to know the members very quickly.

"All right everyone we'll have to work on our strategy," Tamaki announced with a determined voice. "Men it is our job as members of the elite Ouran Host Club to make every girl happy!" And just like that Faithlynn found herself in the first of many Host Club adventures.

The next few days before the party Haruhi continued working on the waltz with Kanako during club hours and Faithlynn after while the rest of the club schemed on how to get Kanako happy with Tohru. Finally the night arrived. Faithlynn, wearing a lovely dark blue ball gown, arrived with Haruhi in her younger cousin's best suit. It was plain to Faithlynn that Haruhi didn't come from money, which was confirmed on Faithlynn's first day of school when she offered to take Haruhi home in her town car. Over the past week the two girls had become fast friends. When given the word both the girls took their spots in welcoming all the young ladies to the party while Tamaki approached the microphone.

"It is so very good to see you all tonight my little lambs. The Ouran Host Club would like to bid you, welcome." At Tamaki's signal the lights rose to reveal a beautifully decorated ballroom. The orchestra began playing and all the ladies began applauding happily.

"As always ladies the Host Club is here for your entertainment," Kyouya announced joyously. "So we invite you to dance to your heart's content. Based on her dancing skills one lucky lady will be chosen as queen. The queen's reward will be a passionate kiss on the cheek from our king."

"Good luck to you, my darlings," Tamaki stated with so much charm a portion of the girls fainted. Faithlynn couldn't help the smile that crept on her face. Tamaki was so amusing to her. It amazed her that he and Kyouya were best friends. Faithlynn though was a little surprised to see that next to her, Haruhi, wasn't finding everything as amusing as she was.

"Come on Haruhi, show some enthusiasm," the twins said in unison from behind her. That was another quirk Faithlynn had to quickly adjust to. Apparently the twins were so close they often said things in unison.

"Excuse me guys I'm sorry, but I'm not use to this sort of thing," Haruhi irritably explained. "I only ever gone to festivals held in my neighborhood park."

"I don't know if that's considered a party or not," Kyouya stated as he wrote something down on his clipboard. "Well since you're here you might as well get yourself something to eat. We've got quite a spread."

"Maybe there's some of that fancy tuna you like?" Faithlynn offered warmly, but it was quickly over shadowed by the entire club sudden shocked followed by Haruhi suddenly being nuzzled by the twins with Tamaki demanding that Kyouya order some fancy tune be brought to the party. Faithlynn couldn't help the embarrassing blush that appeared on her face when Haruhi began glaring at her. "I'm so sorry."

When Haruhi was finally able to get away she and Faithlynn made their way over to the food tables and sure enough there was Haruhi's fancy tuna. After having some the two began making rounds talking to the guest and seeing if they needed anything. A few times one of the ladies they would talk to would ask if Faithlynn and Haruhi were a couple, but the two always managed to explain their closeness as mere platonic friendship and nothing more.

"Haruhi you haven't danced with anyone yet," Faithlynn stated casually. "Would you like to dance with me first to warm up?"

"Yeah," Haruhi agreed and the two walked to the center of the dance floor, not noticing the two girls behind them depressed that they didn't get to dance with Haruhi yet. "To be honest I'm a little shocked that your first dance isn't with Kyouya-sempai."

"Why would you say that?" Faithlynn asked blushing slightly.

"Just that you two are together frequently at the club so I figured you two were close." Faithlynn's blush deepened.

"No we are not close," Faithlynn stated with a hint of sadness. Haruhi was about to comment back to her when suddenly in a blur Haruhi was swept away by the twins and replaced with Kaoru. "Oh my," Faithlynn gasped in surprise. "What happened to Haruhi?"

"The plan is being put into action," Kaoru answered smoothly.

"I'm surpsied you're not with Hikaru getting Haruhi ready. I've noticed that you two are pretty much glued to the hip." Kaoru chuckled at her remark.

"We're not together 24/7. We at least part to go to the bathroom." Faithlynn instantly began laughing. Her fun with Kaoru was short liven though when Tamaki approached the two.

"We are going to need your help," he said sweetly before guiding her away from Kaoru.

"What is it sempai?"

"Bring Kanako to the adjacent room," Tamaki said as he led her to where Kanako was standing. "Follow my lead from there." Faithlynn knew this must be the scheme they had all been planning and without protest went to fetch Kanako as Tamaki asked.

"Ms. Kasugazaki," Faithlynn stated to get her attention.


"Would you please follow me?" Kanako tentatively followed Faithlynn to the adjacent room, but stopped as soon as she spotted Tamaki inside.

"What's going on Tamaki?"

"You know you're not very good at manipulating others," Tamaki began.

"What do you mean by that?"

"We have you figured out Kanako. We know you're switching from host to host to get his attention." Realization suddenly hit Faithlynn and she instantly knew where Tamaki was going with this.

"And you always look happy gazing into a tea cup," Faithlynn chimed in.

"He's been waiting in the other room," Tamaki continued on. "He's in there waiting for you."

"Maybe you should go to him?" Faithlynn offered which apparently had sealed the deal because Kanako shyly agreed and began her way to the other room. It wouldn't be an understatement that Faithlynn was shocked to see Kanako shortly after opening the doors, go running down the hall with Tohru not far behind. Upon entering with Tamaki she saw Haruhi in a wig and quickly put the pieces together.

"It looks like we made matters worse," Haruhi commented a little exasperated.

"But he did go running after her," Faithlynn commented back warmly. "That alone says much." Looking at her, Faithlynn knew Haruhi understood the importance of it.

"It is our responsibility to make every girl happy," Haruhi stated before the three went back to the party. Sadly, though, there wasn't much time for fun because Haruhi had to quickly get dressed into her suit and then they all had to head to the main balcony that led to the gardens. When they did spot lights suddenly turned on to reveal Kanako and Tohru. Faithlyyn wondered in the back of her mind where the spot lights came from, but it was quickly forgotten when Tamaki prepared to announce the queen.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is now our time to begin the final dance of this evenings festivities. The last waltz of the night has been chosen by the Host Club for this couple." Faithlynn watched lovingly next to Honey as Tohru offered his hand to dance with Kanako. With happy tears in her eyes, Faithlynn watched the couple dance.

"So what do you think of your first party with the Host club Faith-chan?" Honey inquired gleefully.

"It was amazing and I think I'm going to love being part of the Host Club." If it were possible Honey's face lit up more.

"Well we are all very happy to have you with us," Honey stated as he wrapped his arms around her waist which Faithlynn instinctively wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "Aren't we Takashi?" Feeling another presence behind her, Faithlynn turned her head up to see Takashi standing next to her with a soft smile.

"Yes we are." Faithlynn couldn't help, but blush prettily.