Fandom: KHR

Pairing: Kozato Enma/OC

Summary: drabble series / he caught her curiosity and she snatched his attention

Disclaimer: Katekyo Hitman REBORN! and anything familiar do not belong to me - it belongs to the great Amano Akira. The product Pocky doesn't belong to me either.

But, Tachibana Maiko (OC) belongs to me.

AN: Hi, guys! Just something I wanted to write for a while, and Enma was randomly picked by a friend (I used their numbers hehe). This happened after the manga and I have some headcanons concerning the redhead! And the guardians are all in high school now so ages ranging from 16 (Enma, Tsuna, etc) to 18 (Kyoya, Ryohei etc.).

And with that, enjoy reading!


She didn't notice him from the corner of her eye until she heard a soft meow coming from the side of a convenient store which she had just exited on her right, clutching a plastic bag.

Turning to look, Maiko stopped and gave out a small smile from seeing the cute picture before a concerned look took over. Her eyes first looked at the crouched redhead's bandaged hand trying (and failing) to pet the small kitten before the chocolate-colored hues darted to his slightly shadowed face with band-aids on his nose and cheeks.

Without knowing why, she called out to him, ignoring the raised eyebrows and astonished faces from people passing by her.

"Hey! Guy with the red hair!"

Startled, the redhead (natural or dyed?) looked up, the kitten darting off to the side unnoticed.

He blinked.


Realizing he unconsciously uttered that, he became flustered. "No-! I mean-!"

As the boy started to further curl into himself, Maiko smiled. 'Cute,' she thought, prompting her to sit next to him, placing her small bag and the plastic bag on her other side. Freezing, he glanced to the side, eyes peeking through his hair.

"Thank you. You have awesome eyes, stranger-kun."

He fully turned to her at that, surprise and hints of embarrassment showing in his crimson compass-like eyes. She then became concerned, eying the band-aids. "But, are you okay?"

Nodding his head and relaxing minutely, the redhead muttered as he averted his gaze to the ground, "Yeah, this happens all the time."

Maiko frowned, worried about the small scratches she saw once she was next to him. "Well, be careful next time, yeah?"

A nod was her only answer.

As if struck, she straightened, gasping.

"What?" The redhead tensed, giving her his full attention.

"I forgot to introduce myself!" Maiko smiled, offering her hand to the boy. "My name is Tachibana Maiko. Nice to meet you!"

He stared at her with wide eyes before he reached out and shook her hand, a small smile pulling his lips. "Kozato Enma. Nice to meet you, Tachibana-san."

She shook her head, pouting, "Call me Maiko."


"And in return, I'll call you Enma-kun, okay?"

He was silent for a moment, looking dazed. "O…kay?"

Maiko grinned. "Great! Now," she reached for the plastic bag, "want some Pocky?"


"Enma-kun! Over here!" Maiko called out to her friend, waving.

The redhead waved back, heading towards her with a smile.

After their meeting and the small talk, they continued to bump into each other - him still bearing band-aids and her still toting along her favorite confectionery. They had exchanged numbers, texting whenever they felt like it, asking how each other's day was. Growing comfortable with the other (Enma more than Maiko), they sent little jokes and silly pictures they found funny.

(Enma has a sweet tooth like she did. Maiko was scared of horror movies, he surprisingly liked them. She attended Midori High School* while he attended Namimori High School. She loved dancing while he had two left feet.)

Now, they agreed to meet up and try out their favorite coffee shop which featured a new addition to their sales.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting, Maiko-chan," Enma muttered softly once he reached his friend.

Waving his apologies away, the light-haired girl grinned. "It's okay, Enma-kun. I just got here, too. And I see there isn't much bandages on you now."

Nodding, the redhead only smiled a tiny bit.

"Come on then," Maiko chirped, grabbing hold of Enma's hand (missing the blush adorning the redhead's cheeks and he was grateful for that). "That cake will be in our stomachs in a little while!"

Once they arrived and ordered the delicious-looking cake, they talked about what had happened while they weren't on their phones, pausing when the waitress put down the marble cake ("We can share the cake, Enma-kun!") and drinks ("One Green Tea Frappe for the lady and one Wintermelon Milk Tea for the gentleman. Enjoy!").

Maiko stopped from telling him how her best friend tripped and fell into a fountain when she heard something that made her furrow her eyebrows.

"Hey, isn't that Loser Enma?"

"Yeah, it is! Who's the girl?"

"There's not a chance that loser has a girlfriend! I mean, he's too pathetic to get one!"

Irked, chocolate-eyed girl turned her attention away from a resigned Enma to the three idiots snickering by the open shop doors. She narrowed her eyes as she noticed the two girls and one boy had malicious smirks on their faces.

Eyes brightening with an idea, Maiko put on her best smile and whispered, "Play along, okay?"

After receiving a confused and bewildered nod from the redhead across from her, she held out a small slice of the cake as she exclaimed, "Enma-kun, this cake is delicious! Here, try some!"

Enma blinked, blushed, then let her place the portion in his mouth.

Satisfied (and blushing lightly herself), the light-haired girl peeked over her shoulder. She chuckled when she saw the slack-jawed expression on the idiots' faces. They quickly fled, pouting and looking flustered.

Chuckling once more, Maiko gave her full attention to the still flushed redhead.


"Maiko-chan, would you-Imean-wouldyoupleasebemygirlfriend!" came out of him, his hand immediately covering his mouth.

It took her a while to decipher what he said before she blushed, feeling warmth settle on her chest (glad her crush on the redhead was reciprocated).

Maiko smiled. "I would love to be your girlfriend, Enma-kun."



Tsuna noticed Enma smiling down at his phone. Intrigued, the brunet cocked his head.


The redhead jumped then, blushing, pocketed his phone. "Hai, Tsuna-kun?"

"Who were you texting? And why are you blushing?"

At that, the slight blush on Enma's cheeks grew and their respective guardians perked up (well, those who were in the park with them).

"Dame-Tsuna, didn't you know he has a girlfriend."






"Way to go, Enma!"

"Hey, hey, if you need tips, I could happily give them to you."


Unnoticed by everyone, Reborn smirked in satisfaction and proceeded to watch the chaos.


Midori High School - imaginary sister-school of Midori Middle School, okay?

Tachibana - means "orange"

Maiko - means "dancing child"

Thank you for reading!