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Person A: B, what in the hell are you doing?

Person B: * feeling A's hair while mumbling * What the fuck this is so soft and smooth.

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This happened a few months after them being a couple and a few weeks after of warmth.


Kozato Enma took a deep breath, held it, then released it silently. Today, he decided, he was going to tell her today.

Looking under his bangs, he gazed at the caramel-haired girl across the low study table. Currently, they were studying at Enma's place (the redhead thanked Kami that his guardians and famiglia listened to him for once despite a few loud protests and curious archings of a brow).

Once again, he breathed in and blew it out.

"Mai-chan, I - there's something yo - what are you doing?"

Pat pat, ruffle.

"Your hair is so soft and smooth, Enma, what hair products do you use?" Maiko asked, moving to the spot beside him and resuming her inspection of his hair. She jokingly pouted, a playful smile tugging on her lips. She carded her fingers carefully through his strands, occasionally patting his head.

No answer.

Maiko, noticing the redheaded boy's silence, halted her petting and turned to look at Enma's face.

Her eyes softened. Aww, man, this is so cute.

What greeted her was Enma in a dazed state, his orbs half-lidded as he nudged his head towards her hands. She didn't notice but he stopped functioning and lost his train of thought when she softly stroked his hair with the occasional gentle scratch on his scalp.

Enma dreamily sighed, turning to her and silently pleaded for her to continue the relaxing ministrations, blinking languidly.

Grinning, she obliged.

Soon, Enma laid his head on Maiko's lap and loosely wrapped his arms around her waist, softly dozing off. The caramelette huffed, amused. She continued playing with the red strands, calm surrounding the both of them.

Making sure he was sound asleep, she whispered those three words and promptly blushed. They hadn't exchanged the words but both knew how one felt for the other. Too shy to say it, as their friends slyly tease.

For now, their precious moments together were enough.

(Enma forgot what he was supposed to tell her and Maiko was too focused on his hair to actually pay attention other than her desire of hair-petting).


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