FAGE 10: Reborn

Title: Wisps of Hope

Written for: ForeverRobsessed

Written By: TwiAddictAnne

Rating: M

Beta Reader: Ashmerlin

Banner Maker: TwiAddictAnne

Summary/Prompt used:

1. Describe a wedding from 3 different points of views

2. "I'm not the kind of girl boys fall in love with."

3. Dialogue Prompt: "Seven billion people in the world and you're overreacting because we killed one man." "But-" "Seven. Billion. People. Now quit the complaining and drink your smoothie."

Disclaimer: Twilight Saga isn't mine, but this story and characters are sole property of Anne Publishing House.

A/N: To my dear friend ForeverRobsessed: Kayla! Surprise! I was ecstatic that I got to write for you. I loved the prompts. Although I tweaked the last one just a bit, but I hope you'll like it anyway. Enjoy!

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Chapter-1: Prologue


As I pull the curtains aside and throw open my windows, bright beams of sunlight greets me, as if embracing me on my happiest day.

It is the happiest I ever remember feeling, albeit with a pang of disappointment. A voice at the back of my mind tells me that I am about to claim what doesn't belong to me. But I shut it off because I know I deserve this … it … him.

I look away from the window and allow my gaze to fall on the photograph resting on my mantle. It shows a couple hugging, smiling, seemingly in love.

Lies, the voice in my head rears its ugly head again. He's never loved you, not really.

"Shut up! You don't know anything!" I yell at the voice.

"Angie?" My sister calls from the doorway. "Who are you talking to?"

"Nobody," I reply quickly, silently admonishing myself for losing my cool. "Good morning," I greet her brightly.

She offers me a smile that makes her eyes shine. She walks into my room and loops an arm through mine. "Good morning, sis. Are you ready to be the most beautiful bride?"

I smile up at her and give her hand a gentle squeeze. "Sure am."

She presses a kiss to my cheek and leads me off to get me prepared for my big day.

As I'm walking out of the room, I spare one more glance toward the photograph on my mantle. You may not love me, but you respect me, my heart says to the man in the photograph. For now that will have to be enough.

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