FAGE 10: Reborn

Title: Overcoming Influence

Written for: DeJean Smith

Written By: ceceprincess1217

Rating: M

Prompt used: Library, sport, writing/writer

Summary: With their past influenced by another, will Edward and Bella fight to have the future they deserve? FAGE 10

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**Here is my FAGE entry! I was given a prompt and then I had to create a story around it for DeJean Smith. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did writing it!

**It's a tad angsty for my taste!** LOL

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Chapter 1

May 2019

The Stanford Daily Newspaper office is bustling at the seams as students rush around to make the final deadline. With only days left before the graduation edition is due, the entire paper is on high alert.

Edward Cullen sits at his desk hunched over his laptop typing away, his green eyes are on the screen as his wild auburn hair flops around on his head.

"Cullen!" Tanya Denali, his editor, shouts as she walks over to him.

He doesn't look up at her as the blonde stands over him with her hands on her hips. "Crowley is out with food poisoning; I need you to take over the Bella Swan story."

Edward stops typing, his heart rate increasing more by the second. He can't write a story about Bella Swan, there is no way in hell.

Steadying his nerves, he glares up at Tanya. She's got to be fucking kidding him. "No. I don't do sports, besides you know I can't," he says with disgust in his voice.

She's such a nasty piece of work; he can't believe she's asking him to do the article.

The only way around doing the piece is to be his usual asshole self and refuse.

"I don't really care what excuse you're giving. You're not at the fucking Times yet! So while you're still writing for the school newspaper you'll take orders from me," she says as she folds her arms across her large breasts.

Edward is one of the final two candidates up for the position as a lifestyle reporter at The New York Times. Interning there has given him a tremendous boost. It also helps that a friend of his brother-in-law, Jacob, is a managing editor.

Graduation is in two weeks, and he can't wait to get away from everything. A fresh start in New York is just what is needed, for everyone.

He shakes his head, not believing his ears. She must still be upset he turned her down at that newspaper party last month. He doesn't shit where he eats, and even if he did, it wouldn't be with Tanya Denali.

His life is complicated enough without adding any undue drama.

"Find someone else. I'm not doing a fucking sports piece. I need to finish my article on the economy we're entering into as a graduating class," he says adamantly as he points to his computer.

"Cullen, the women's soccer team is the Division One National Champions, and Bella Swan is the star who overcame her own personal struggles to get our girls there. Now call fucking Tyler and get his notes and have the fucking story turned in by Friday, or you can kiss your recommendation from Banner goodbye," she says coldly.

He glares at her, taking a deep breath. He knows the only reason she's editor is because she's fucking their faculty head. Tanya is a good writer, he can't deny that, but she isn't better than he is, and they both were up for the job when the last editor graduated last year.

"I'll be glad when I never have to see you a-fucking-gain, Denali." He slams his computer down before standing and rushing out of the office.

The recommendation from Banner is the last thing he needs to complete his portfolio and his job application for The Times, but he knows one word from her will ruin everything. If he ever wants to get out from under his sister's claws he needs that endorsement to make his own way in the Journalist field.

Bob Banner was once a brilliant journalist that had reported from all over the world and was once up for a Pulitzer Prize. Edward once idolized the man when he first came to Stanford, but soon he realized that Banner was no longer led by journalism ethics ... but by his cock.

Edward angrily leaves The Daily office. Once he reaches and enters his black Nissan Maxima his hands slam against the steering wheel.

"Fuck!" he shouts.

Calming himself, he dials Tyler, putting him on the Bluetooth.

"Ugh, Cullen, sorry about this, man. Lauren is on a learning how to make sushi kick, and it's going to kill us all." Tyler's voice is loud over the radio system.

"Yeah, I hope you all feel better," Edward says with fake concern.

He could give two shits about Tyler and his scatterbrained fiancée that half of the campus has fucked.

"Thanks, man. Look, to be honest, I don't have much. I have a few ideas jotted down and some questions, but fucking Bella Swan insisted on reviewing my questions and dictating the focus of the story. I get she's private, but the bitch acts like she's the fucking president."

Edward grips the steering wheel, his face hard as he tries to control his temper at Tyler for calling Bella a bitch.

"Hey, watch it! Since you're the one bailing on your fucking article, I don't think you can call anyone a bitch," Edward spits out, wanting to tell him that he fucked Lauren freshmen year and she's constantly throwing herself at him whenever he sees her, even with Tyler's ring on her finger.

Bella Swan is many things, but a bitch isn't one of them. Well only when provoked.

"Ease up, man! I just meant the woman acts like she's the only one something like this has happened to. Anyway, I'll send you what I have, but it's really not much. You can put your own Cullen twist on it." You can hear the sarcasm in Tyler's voice.

"Yeah, yeah, just email me everything you have." Edward ends the call before Tyler can say another word.

Driving through campus, he tries to center his thoughts before he reaches his destination.

His heart is in his throat, his hands gripping the steering wheel so tightly that his knuckles are turning white.

All because he has to see Bella Swan, and he isn't supposed to, not today, anyway.


Adrenaline pumps through her veins as she stands stretching her body. Bella Swan's long ponytail touches the grass of the soccer field as players walk past her, shouting their goodbyes.

"Keep in touch, Bella!" a young girl calls out as she walks past.

"Sure thing, Bree. Enjoy your summer, and I expect to see you all in the championship again in December!" Bella stands to smile as a few other girls leave the field.

"I still can't believe this is it," her coach, Rose McCarty, says, walking over to her.

Bella smiles at the tall blonde woman who has been a rock to her for her entire college career.

"It's not like it's forever. You and Emmett are like family." Bella gives the woman a hug, standing on her tiptoes.

At five feet five inches, Bella is one of the shortest soccer forwards in the game, but her speed and agility make up for her size.

"I know, but I still see the little freshman that came here from Forks Washington four years ago and now you're a grown woman." Rose wipes away a tear.

"Don't cry!" Bella says, picking up her duffle bag from her feet.

"I can't help it. You girls are like my kids and whenever the time comes for one of you to leave I'm a mess." Rose smiles at her.

"I know, but this isn't goodbye. In fact, I'll see you when my mother gets here. You know I need you as a buffer between us," Bella says, running her hands through her hair.

"I know it's been a rough two-years, Bella, but you've come through it like a true champ." Rose squeezes her shoulder.

"I couldn't have done any of it without you." Bella bumps Rose's shoulder as they walk off the field and into the parking lot.

Stopping in front of her Audi Q3, she reaches into her duffle bag for her key fob.

"It's been a joy for me, you know that. Not being able to have my own kids, this year has been an honor, Bella. I just wish you would change your mind-"

"No, Coach. I don't want to talk about this again," she says, cutting Rose off mid-sentence. "The choice was made a long time ago and not by me," Bella says, getting upset. "I'm sorry, I have to go so Angela can get home."

"Okay, FaceTime me later at least!" Rose says, waving at her.

"We will, I promise." Bella gets into her car, taking deep breaths and willing the tears not to fall.

She won't mourn what could've been. She made her decision, and she's sticking to it.

The drive to her apartment is uneventful as she ticks off a million things she has to do once she gets there. The move to Seattle is going to be a huge undertaking, and it is a last-minute decision; one her mother insists upon.

Her mother insiststhey come home to Forks, but Bella can't bear the thought of living at home after being on her own for four years. She enjoys her freedom too much to give it up completely to her mother.

Her plan, up until a few months ago, was to go to New York, but now there's no point. She knows the right choice is to be closer to home and people that love them.

Pulling up to her townhouse, her eyes go wide at the sight of the black Maxima sitting in front of her building.

Rage fills her, and she throws her car into park before jumping out.

Edward gets out of his car, holding his hands up in surrender. "Baby, calm down-"

"Don't fucking call me baby! What the hell are you doing here?" She marches up to him, poking him in his shoulder.

"Jesus, Bella! Do we have to do this every fucking time?" he asks, following behind her as she walks to her door.

"Leave, you're only welcome here on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Today is Wednesday." She shoves the key into the lock, opening the door and then turning around to block his entry.

Edward sighs out in frustration, his eyes roaming over Bella's sweaty form. Her messy hair clinging to her beautiful face. Sadness fills him as he takes in the angry, hurt person in front of him.

She is still the most beautiful woman to him, but they can never go back to when things were great between them.

His weakness allowed others to come between them, and there is no coming back from that. Not for Bella.

"Bella, I have to run and cook Ben's dinner, or you know he'll order pizza when my back is turned." Angela Webber, a plump elderly woman with gray hair, opens the door wider to reveal a bouncing baby girl in her arms.

Twelve-month-old Elsie is the spitting image of her father with reddish auburn curls that sit messily on her cherub little face with the brightest green eyes, the exact match of Edward's.

The baby's eyes go from Bella to Edward, and then excitedly reaches out for Edward, babbling away.

"Da da da da da," she says happily, trying to get out of the older woman's arms.

"Hey, Princess, how's Daddy's big girl today? I missed you," Edward says, taking the baby from Angela's arms and kissing her downy hair.

"Oh, Edward, I didn't know you were out here." Angela looks from Edward to Bella. "I can stay if you want me to."

"No it's fine, you better get home before Ben orders wings too." Bella stands in the doorway and waits for Angela to leave.

Once the older woman is out of earshot, she holds her arms out, and Edward reluctantly hands over their daughter. Bella adjusts her hold on Elsie before turning around and placing the baby in her playpen.

Edward waits just inside the door, wanting nothing more but to come inside with his family.

Bella walks back over to the door, holding onto it for strength. It's been months since she's been able to be around Edward alone, without Alice, their court-appointed intermediary.

"Baby, can I come in? I need to talk to you, it's important," he pleads with her.

"No, and stop calling me baby. You know perfectly well that you aren't supposed to be here without Alice." Her voice comes out shakily.

"God damn it, Bella! Will you please stop this bullshit. I don't need a court-appointed intermediary to see my fucking daughter. Once we get to New York we really need to stop all this shit," he says, getting upset.

Bella bites her lip nervously. She'll mention it when Alice is between them, there's no point in arguing with him now, she thinks to herself.

"You need to go. I don't want you here, Edward." She begins closing the door.

"Wait, fuck. Tyler has food poisoning, and Tanya assigned me the article he's supposed to write on you." Edward shifts nervously.

"That's great, you've been assigned the article. I'm sure you can write how poor Bella Swan fell in love with Edward Cullen and he fucked her over and broke her heart, all because of his family." She wipes angrily at the tears that are now falling freely.

He reaches out, taking her in his arms, pressing his lips against her forehead. "Baby," he whispers.

"Stop it! I'm not your baby." She pushes him away forcefully. "Now say goodbye to Elsie and come back at your court-appointed time." She steps aside to allow him entrance to her apartment.

Edward walks over to his daughter, picking her up and kissing her cheeks. "Daddy will see you tomorrow, Princess. I love you." He sits Elsie back down in the playpen before walking back to the door.

"Bella, if I don't do this article, Tanya is going to make sure Banner doesn't do my recommendation letter, and I need that letter for my portfolio." He stands in front of her, pleading.

"I can't do this right now," she says angrily.

"Fine, I'll send you the questions. I'll write the same story he was going to write." He takes her by the hand, looking into her eyes. "I know you hate me and that's on me. I'll spend the rest of my fucking life trying to make it up to you if you let me, Bella."

Taking her hand away, she shakes her head back and forth. "Just leave, Edward. None of it matters anymore."

Edward runs his hands through her hair. "I'm sorry, baby, for everything."

He leaves the house and Bella closes the door behind him as the tears fall and her heart breaks all over again.

"Da da da da," Elsie says from her playpen, reaching out to the now vacant space where her father stood moments ago.

A/N: Anybody still with me? I know I'm not angsty at all! It's a little bit of a ride, but come on if you know me you know that I have to have an HEA! Come on man! We're going back in time to see how these kids got to this point! FYI, FAGE means: Fic Awesome Gift Exchange! (who knew!)