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Chapter 1 - A Happy Reunion?

Asha stared up at Terminal City, the place that was now serving as a home to all the transgenics who had escaped from Manticore. She hadn't seen Logan for a few weeks now; ever since the world had discovered about transgenics. It wasn't that Asha didn't want to see Logan; she wanted to see him very much. She had missed him like crazy and, hell, even if she wouldn't admit it out loud she missed seeing Max and even Alec, but her father had forbidden her to fraternise with any of the transgenics and that meant Asha had to stay away from Logan. Why is father stopping me from seeing my friends? Asha wondered to herself curiously feeling a little resentful, I could be helping them right now. Asha pulled her knee length black coat tighter around her frail body then turned on her heel walking away from Terminal City trying not to think of her friends who were housed inside. If her father found out she had disobeyed him and that she had gotten this close to the transgenics he would be very mad with her. Asha's thoughts were so focused on how angry her father was going to be that she didn't see the car careening around the corner heading straight for her and before she could react the car slammed into her sending her flying into the wire fence that surrounded the Terminal City.

Joshua had volunteered to be on sentry duty but he was finding it a bit of a bore. He couldn't remember why he had volunteered for sentry duty but he seemed to recall Alec telling him it was fun and it would give Logan and Max a chance to 'get busy'. Joshua had the peculiar feeling that he had been conned once again by the sneaky transgenic. Joshua kicked at a piece of wood impatiently when he spotted a girl watching Terminal City from outside the fence and he cocked his head to the side wanting to observe her. She had short wind blown blonde hair, sad blue eyes and an oval shaped face that portrayed her feelings of pity. The raw emotion that Joshua saw in her clear blue eyes made Joshua want to paint her badly, it was as though her eyes enticed him to want to paint her feelings. Joshua watched her more closely as she turned on her heel and began walking away and then he heard the car and watched helplessly as the girl was thrown back into the fence. He watched her for a few moments hoping she would get up, but she was lying deathly still.

"Pretty girl, oh no," he muttered to himself as he hurried forward watching as the car sped away. He reached the gate and looked down at the girl who was unconscious. Her eyes were closed and her body was bruised and battered and Joshua could see a trickle of blood running from her mouth and other various cuts and scrapes on her face. The rest of her body was covered. Her black jacket covered her arms and her jeans and shirt covered her legs and chest but Joshua knew that some wounds weren't always on the outside, like a broken heart. Joshua knew about broken hearts first hand as he thought fleetingly of Annie, the blind women who, knowing who and what he was, had treated him, not as a freak but as a human being.

"What should Joshua do?" he muttered again to himself looking left then right seeing no one was around to help him. Joshua looked down at the girl and wondered what Max would do if she was in this situation.

"Ahh.Max, take pretty girl to Max," Joshua decided as he clawed through the fence making a hole in the wire and he unceremoniously dragged the girl onto the Terminal City property. She moaned softly her head lolling from side to side and Joshua nodded his head firmly as he picked her up in his arms carrying her effortlessly like her was a baby.

"Lie still pretty girl, Joshua take you to Max," Joshua told her sweetly but the girl didn't reply. She moaned again as Joshua began hurrying inside the City. Joshua payed no attention to the other transgenics milling about, even if they called to him, he kept his mind focused on Max.

The transgenics were all engaged in different activities, just enjoying themselves as they tried to forget that the world outside the Terminal City walls wanted them dead. Some were children, innocent and scared, unsure of what the world held for them; some were teenagers who had had their childhoods taken from them by Manticore; others were pregnant women or women holding babies, results from the Manticore breeding program; and then there were also transgenics like Joshua, half animal and half human. They all lived together as a unified team knowing that the only people they could depend upon were each other. They had all lost half their lives because of Manticore and they weren't going to go down without a fight. They had been trained to be the perfect soldiers and soldiers never gave up, not even when the situation seemed as hopeless as it did now. Joshua began running towards the room that Max and Logan used for an office and he passed Alec who cocked his head to the side wondering what on Earth Joshua had dug up not being able to see what Joshua held so tenderly in his arms.

After Logan's apartment had been blown up Max and Logan had taken what they could salvage from the wreck and set it up in an office in Terminal City that had been deserted, which made it easier to be near the other trangenics and get some work done. It was also safer for Logan to be where he could be protected by Max. Joshua kicked down the door and ran into the room looking about eagerly for Max and Logan. Max and Logan both had their backs to him, as they were busy scanning a computer for information on the whereabouts of Sandeman. They had found a lead and were checking it out, both trying not to let the hope seep into them, neither wanted to be disappointed. They didn't even react as the door clunked hard on the concrete floor though the girl moaned again, softly.

"Little fella," Joshua called out desperately looking down at the girl worriedly but Max ignored him, as did Logan.

"Max," Joshua said again this time a little louder looking from the girl to Max then back at the girl but still Max and Logan ignored him.

"Max!" Joshua finally yelled and Max turned around frustrated not wanting to deal with Joshua at that moment in time. She was so annoyed that her and Logan's attempts at finding Sandeman were all coming to dead ends. There were no files, nothing on Sandeman and Max felt like she was ready to explode. Logan's feelings were pretty much the same as Max's only far more intense. He and Max had taken to wearing gloves all the time because they still could not touch each other but he so wanted to be able to touch her and hold her like he had before.

"What do you want Joshua?" Max demanded rudely and, ignoring her tone of voice, Joshua dumped the girl he was holding onto the table a little more roughly than he had intended because he was frustrated that Max wasn't listening to him. The girl lay there very still and her head rolled to from one side to the other so that her face was looking straight at Max. Her eyes were closed and a bruise was appearing on her cheek but Max knew exactly who the girl was.

"Pretty girl," Joshua said gesturing to the girl and Max gasped in disbelief as she saw the blood coming from the girl's mouth.

"Logan, it's Asha," Max said and Logan turned around slowly and stared for a few moments at the girl not comprehending what Max was talking about. His face turned pale as he realised that the girl was Asha and he rushed to her side and began looking for a pulse while Max reached for the phone calling Dr. Carr telling him to get his butt over to Terminal City immediately because there was an emergency.

Logan was wracked with guilt as he sat beside Asha holding her small hand in his. He hadn't wanted anything bad to happen to Asha. She had been a good friend to him in the time when Max had been taken by Manticore, and Logan had even begun to think of Asha as a little sister, she didn't deserve this, not when she had been busy risking her life to give this world a free voice. She had risked so much, and Logan felt guilty knowing that she had risked it all because of him and the friendship they shared.

"What happened to her?" Logan demanded of Joshua who looked over at Max, never having seen Logan so upset. Max nodded her head indicating that Joshua should tell Logan what happened and Joshua looked back at Logan and gulped.

"Car come.hit.pretty girl fly into fence.Joshua take her to Max," Joshua explained quickly and quite inarticulately but Logan understood the basics of what was being said. Logan looked back at Asha and took her hand shaking his head. He couldn't believe that this was happening. If Asha was dying this wasn't how she should have died, she should have died a hero, not as a helpless girl in a hit and run accident.

"Asha," he breathed feeling guilty. He guessed that the only reasons she had been near Terminal City were because of him. She had probably come looking for him. They hadn't spoken since Logan's place was blown up and Logan, knowing the way Asha thought, knew she had probably been really worried about him and wanted to see if he was okay. It was his fault she had been hit by a car, if he hadn't involved her in his business then she wouldn't have been anywhere near Terminal City. Why didn't I think to call her and just let her know I was okay? Logan asked himself angrily, I'm such a selfish bastard, I was so happy to be with Max I forgot all about Asha. Angry with himself Logan slammed the table with a clenched fist and a mug crashed to the floor. Joshua bent down and began picking up the broken pieces silently, knowing that he shouldn't speak.

"Dr. Carr will be right over," Max said hanging up the phone and Logan bowed his head on the table and rested his forehead on Asha's hand. Max looked over at him and could practically feel the guilt coming from him. She couldn't help but feel that little stab of jealousy because of Asha and Logan's closeness but she pushed it out of her mind, Asha' health was more important than a little rivalry. Max walked over and placed a gloved hand on Logan's shoulder to comfort him and there was silence in the room. Joshua, having put the broken mug in the bin, came around the other side of the table and pushed the hair from Asha's face tenderly.

"Pretty girl still alive?" Joshua asked Logan innocently not knowing that what he said was affecting Logan so deeply and Logan lifted his head from the table and gave Joshua a forced smile.

"Yes.barely; Joshua you did very well," Logan complimented Joshua who puffed his chest out with pride. He looked back down at the girl and patted her head affectionately like she was a pesky child in need of attention.

"Pretty girl still pretty," he said to Logan who bowed his head back on the table and Max squeezed his shoulder knowing there was nothing she could say that could help Logan through his guilt.
A few moments later Alec appeared in the doorway and observed the silent trio frowning, not seeing Asha lying on the table.

"Dr. Carr's here, for some reason," he announced and Logan looked up quickly but didn't trust himself to speak.

"Bring him in here Alec," Max called out and Alec gestured for Dr. Carr to come in and Dr. Carr entered the room apprehensively looking around wondering what he was about to deal with. Alec conceitedly strutted into the room then looked down at the table and realised it was Asha who was lying so still, barely breathing. He hadn't seen her for quite a long time, before the world had discovered that transgenics even existed. He had even missed her whole, 'don't even think about touching me' attitude. At first he had found it amusing but then later he even began to think of it as attractive, although he never told anyone. But then this had happened and he had put her out of his mind in order to concentrate on the fight at hand between the world and the transgenics. He looked down at her and felt something strange run through him, suddenly he was very worried about her.

"What happened to Asha?" Alec demanded and Max looked down at Logan before replying to Alec's question.

"She was hit by a car," Max said softly and Dr. Carr heard the quaver in her voice and put down his medical bag. He then proceeded to look Asha over, checking pulses, feeling for anything broken. The whole time Asha was moaning incoherently and when Dr. Carr touched a sore spot her moans became louder. Alec watched Dr. Carr attentively and suddenly felt very inadequate. I could never save someone's life, he thought to himself sadly, for all that Manticore has taught us I know only how to kill, not save. Logan was watching Asha's face as he still held her hand in his and Max was watching Logan wanting to take away the pain he felt but she knew she couldn't. I can defeat the bad guys but I can't even comfort the man I love because I can't touch him, she thought sourly her thoughts dripping with self pity.

After a few moments Dr. Carr stepped back from Asha and his face was very optimistic. Alec ran a hand through his sandy blonde hair and his blue- green eyes flicked about the room, from Joshua, to Logan then to Max who returned his apprehensive gaze with a frown. Logan still could keep his eyes only on Asha and Joshua was still completely fascinated by her.

"Is she.?" Dr. Carr asked letting the unfinished question fade.

"No, Asha's a normal person," Max said quickly and Dr. Carr smiled looking more than a little impressed.

"She doesn't look the worse for wear, just heavy bruising and a few broken ribs, she's a lucky girl," Dr. Carr said firmly and Logan looked up hope showing in his eyes.

"She's okay?" Logan asked and Dr. Carr nodded. Alec let out a sigh of relief as did Logan and Max.

"Perfectly fine, or she will be when she wakes up," Dr. Carr added taking some bandages out of his little black medical bag.

"When will she wake up?" Logan asked eagerly and Dr. Carr paused what he was doing and frowned thoughtfully.

"Hard to tell, she's in a coma right now and they can last from a few days to a few years," Dr. Carr told them and Logan's eyes widened as he shared a glance with Max. A few years? Asha didn't deserve to loose years of her life because she cared.

"Father," Asha moaned and Logan looked hopefully at her but she didn't open her eyes. Alec and Max looked at each other worriedly and seeing their worried looks Dr. Carr smiled.

"Asha's young and strong, I'm sure she'll be awake in a few days," Dr. Carr informed them, giving them the lifeline they sought for and Logan was on his feet pumping Dr. Carr's hand up and down enthusiastically.

"Thank you so much," he said and Dr. Carr nodded his head at Logan respectfully.

"No problem, I'll just take a sample of her blood to check over and make sure everything is still running smoothly," Dr. Carr said fixing up the needle. He quickly rolled up Asha's sleeve and took a tube of blood then pulled out the needle while Asha remained silent. Dr. Carr wiped away the excess blood then he pulled down Asha's jacket sleeve again.

"Just keep her in bed, have someone watch over her," Dr. Carr instructed then he pointed to the door.

"If all the men could step out of the room, I need to bandage her chest and I'm pretty sure the young lady wouldn't appreciate you all staring," Dr. Carr said and Logan blushed a little then began moving towards the door, Alec however folded his arms across his chest and smirked mischievously.

"She might," he suggested and Max glared at him. This wasn't the time to be making jokes but then Alec never did understand what times were the right times and what were the wrong times. That's what Max found so annoying about him but she knew that she wouldn't know how to get along without him, he was her brother, whether she liked to acknowledge it or not. Truth be told, now that she had found him, Max knew she wouldn't be able to survive without Alec beside her.

"Alec," Logan said threateningly although he knew against a transgenic there wasn't really much he could do.

"All right, I'm going," he said holding his hands up in surrender as he followed Logan out of the room. Max looked over at Dr. Carr who was cutting the bandage.

"You want me to stay?" she asked curiously watching what he was doing and Dr. Carr smiled at her.

"I need you to help me out," he said referring to taking off Asha's clothes and Max nodded her head understanding as she began to remove Asha's jacket when she noticed there was still another occupant in the room.

"Joshua, you're a man too," Max snapped at him exasperatedly and Joshua shook his head.

"Joshua dog, Joshua stay," he said stubbornly and Max looked over at him and he hid his eyes from hers.

"Joshua," Max said warningly and Joshua looked over reluctantly at Asha not wanting to leave her then he skulked out of the room picking up the door and putting it back on the hinges giving Max and Dr. Carr the privacy to remove Asha's top and bandage her chest.
When Dr. Carr had finally left Logan, Alec, Max and Joshua all stood in the room that was to be Asha's looking down at her. Max had dressed her in a flowing nightdress and tucked her into the bed and Asha laid there calmly, her chest heaving up and down, wheezing heavily as she was finding it hard to breath with her ribs broken. Alec stared down at her in wonder, having seen only one other young women look like such a lost child when she was sleeping. Rachel. Alec turned away from Asha as he thought of Rachel's name. He had only been imagining that Asha reminded him of Rachel. He would never love someone the way he did Rachel, he had sworn it to himself the day she was buried. That was why he drank a lot and had all those one-night stands. There were no complications, both parties understood what was going on, no feelings were involved, just sex. Alec crossed his arms over his chest and took a seat on the only available chair in the room, which was right beside Asha's bed, while he looked anywhere but at Asha.

Logan was staring down at Asha like he had never seen her before in his life. He looked like a father watching over his little girl and Max stood by his side like a dutiful mother looking over her child. She was relieved Asha was going to be better and she took Logan's gloved hand in her own and squeezed it tightly and Logan looked over at her smiling and squeezed her hand back. Alec watched this exchange and rolled his eyes. Could they be any more lame? He thought to himself snidely feeling a little jealous of the closeness they shared. Joshua was the only one who didn't seem interested in anyone else but Asha. He sat on the floor by her bed devotedly like a dog and watched her as she slept, mesmerized by the way she breathed, and the way she looked.

"I'll watch over her," Logan offered but Max looked at him worriedly. His blue eyes were already red and his face was fraught with worry and even as she watched Logan reached up to rub his forehead tiredly. If anyone needed watching over it was Logan.

"Logan, you need to rest," Max said firmly and Alec looked over at Logan and saw what Max saw and nodded his blonde head taking in Logan's weary face and deflated look.

"Max is right Logan, you look like you could use some rest, I'll look after Asha tonight," Alec offered before he even realised what he had said and Logan raised an eyebrow tiredly at Alec who looked up at him innocently from where he sat.

"Are you sure Alec?" Logan asked and Alec smirked at him.

"Yeah, it's cool, Joshua will keep me company won't you big guy?" Alec asked Joshua patting him on the back and Joshua forced himself to drag his eyes away from Asha in order to respond to Alec's question.

"Joshua stay with pretty girl," he said gruffly before turning his attention back to Asha.

"There you see," Alec, said smiling satisfied and Logan walked glove-in- glove with Max to the door where he turned to look back at Asha then to Alec who was leaning back on his chair so that it leant against the wall balancing on the two rear legs.

"If she wakes up you come and get me immediately," Logan said firmly to Alec who rolled his eyes.

"Will do," he said giving Logan a gay little salute that at any other time would have had Logan laughing but Logan could only manage a weak smile as he began walking to the door.

"And Alec," he said turning around again his eyes playful for a moment.

"What?" Alec asked impatiently and Logan pointed at his chair.

"Don't lean on the chair, it could break," Logan warned him and Alec let out an amused laugh finding it inconceivable that such a thing could happen to him, he was the perfect solder, chairs did not break underneath him.

"Whatever, night you two," Alec said shooing them both away and Max tugged on Logan's hand.

"Night," Max called out to him turning around to poke her tongue out at him playfully. Alec waved them off dismissively and they closed the door behind them leaving Alec and Joshua to watch over Asha. Alec leaned back on the two back legs of the chair feeling very relaxed and suddenly he heard the sound of wood snapping. His mind went back to what Logan had said just as the chair collapsed and he fell to the ground. He looked around at the pieces of broken wood around him, a little shocked then he groaned rubbing his head.

"I hate it when he's right," he muttered to Joshua who payed no attention to him.

"Mmmm.you and me both," Asha murmured from her bed. Alec was on his feet and by Asha's bedside in a second, staring down at her as she smiled up at him dazedly.

"You're awake, I gotta go get Logan," Alec told Asha and her smile faded momentarily.

"Don't.I was awake before, I just didn't want to cause more trouble," she said and Alec wasn't quite convinced. The last thing he needed was to get on Logan's bad side; it took long enough for him to convince Logan that there was nothing going on with him and Max. They had both finally come to understand each other and Alec didn't want to do anything to ruin the frail friendship that they had started.

"He'll be mad at me if I don't and Max will kick my butt, you don't want that on your conscience do you?" Alec said trying to make Asha see how painful life would be for him if he didn't go get Logan right away but Asha shook her head adamantly.

"You can blame it on me," she said sweetly and Alec let out a harsh laugh.

"Right, and get an even bigger ass-kicking for blaming you? I don't think so," he said inching towards the door ready to leave.

"I can't win with you can I?" Asha asked resignedly and Alec grinned seductively leaning against the doorjamb in his suave position ready for a little flirting. A few minutes spent with Asha couldn't hurt.

"Maybe, maybe not, life's a game of chance," he said huskily and Asha let out a small gurgle of laughter before she frowned, her blue eyes staring straight up at the ceiling.

"Alec can you do me a favour?" Asha asked and Alec nodded his head hesitantly.

"Sure, you want a drink or something?" he offered but Asha shook her head.

"No, can you just turn on the lights?" Asha asked him and Alec looked up at the light bulb that was shining brightly.

"Asha the lights are on," he said confused looking from the light back to Asha who looked like all the blood had drained from her face as she turned to him her eyes looking blank.

"Then why can't I see a thing?"