Epilogue - It's Not The End

Ames white was standing in his office when his second officer, Otto, came in holding large yellow envelope. The young man looked at White nervously holding out that envelope that White snatched from his hand and inspected with disdain.

"This came for you sir," Otto gulped and White turned cold eyes on him. Otto had noticed that lately his boss had been in a foul mood, ever since that transgenic-human marriage that had cooled the publics hatred towards them. Otto didn't blame his boss for being peeved but there seemed to be something behind his anger, something Otto couldn't guess.

"Thank you and get out," White snapped and Otto backed towards the door.

"Yes sir," he said leaving the room as fast as he could closing the door behind him.

"Spineless, all of them are," White muttered to himself ripping open the envelope then shaking it so the contents fell onto his table. There was a photo of what White imagined was a transgenic baby. Its hair was a golden blonde colour and there was a pink ribbon in, what Ames assumed was, her hair. The eyes were a brilliant green colour and sparkled with mischief and White felt drawn to the baby without knowing why. She looked so familiar to him. The features of the baby looked distinctly cat-like and White could recall only one person he knew that could look like a cat. He picked up the letter that had accompanied the photo and opened it slowly knowing it was his sister's words that he read.

Dearest Ames,

Well as you are aware, 452 and Eyes Only (or Max and Logan as they are called) finally tied the knot. It took them long enough that's for sure especially with that damn virus that had kept them apart for so long. Remember the one that you tried to stop father giving them the antidote for? They beat you in the end didn't they? What you probably didn't know was that I also got married. To 494 (my sweet Alec) and we are living very happily together in Terminal City but soon we will be able to move out into a world that accepts the both of us. Isn't it great that it only took our marriages to encourage the public not to fear the transgenics so much? You should have seen the wedding, it was so beautiful. Normal people and transgenics sat together, they danced together and they ate together. It was quite the occasion, I'm sorry you missed it, but father missed it as well. I would of liked to have him walk me down the aisle but. that couldn't have been. I also hear that there are many more transgenic/human marriages about to occur. Max and Logan are busy promoting friendship between transgenic and human alike; that should keep you and your cult friends busy. Alec and I have been quite busy ourselves helping out with the transgenic cause and such but with my pregnancy I wasn't able to do as much as I hoped. I just thought you would like to look at your niece. The first half transgenic and half familiar to be born. As you can see her transgenic side won out but Alec and I love her all the more for it. We called her Bastet, named after the Egyptian Goddess of Joy, Music and Dancing, not really surprising Bastet was always shown in the form of a cat, I guess you can see the resemblance to my daughter. I'm sorry you couldn't be happy with who you are Ames because I am happy with the people I love. Remember you told me that we didn't fit in anywhere because we were special? Well I found out where I fit in, are you sure you fit in with the Familiars? There is a better life for you somewhere, with your son who, Max assures me, is alive and well living a normal life or his own. Someday I will avenge father's death, but until then I bid you farewell brother. I will always love the man you were.



Ames stared at the picture of his baby niece grinning up at the camera cutely and he ran his fingers lightly across her face a strange smile of affection gracing his face. Suddenly he pulled away his hand like he had touched fire and dropped the photo into the nearest wastepaper bin as he walked to the door of his office. At the door Ames turned back and retrieved the photo then placed it in his breast pocket with a strange smile on his face as he thought of his sister and niece. He would bring them to him soon, very soon then he would kill 452, 494 and every other transgenic on Earth.