Chapter 7 - For You Only

"Alec where are you going?" Gem demanded standing in front of him her hands on her hips and Alec gazed on her angrily.

"I'm leaving, there's nothing for me here,' he said dismissively and Gem gaped at him.

"What about Joshua, and Dix and all the other transgenics who have come to look up to you as their leader and brother, what about Ruby? What about me?" her voice choked with emotion as she said this and she walked towards him to stop directly in front of him looking up into his eyes as she asked him softly, "what about your son?"

"My son?" Alec looked at her blankly then he remembered the prophecy and bowed his head in understanding, "Max."

"Correct, I just saw him, he's beautiful, he has your eyes," Gem said looking down at the ground and when Alec didn't say anything Gem looked up into his eyes that had lost all hope and fire.

"Who are we kidding, he's not my son, he's Max's and Logan's they don't want me around," Alec said recklessly getting ready to walk away again and Gem grabbed a handful of his shoulder and forced him to spin around and face her.

"Don't you understand what I am saying Alec, we need you here, the transgenics won't follow Max, they don't know who she is anymore, you're our C.O. Alec you can't just leave us, you can't leave me!" Gem said as tears began running down her face and Alec felt guilty as he watched the tears fall.

"Gem you don't understand," Alec begged her taking both her small hands in his and he wondered why he had never noticed before how small her hands actually were.

"No you don't understand, coward, grow up Alec, life sucks, get used to it, I am," Gem said defiantly sticking her chin out stubbornly her tears subsiding for a few moments.

"Gemmy," Alec said in little more than a whisper. She looked so beautiful when she was angry. There was a fire in her blue eyes that struck Alec as beautiful. The way her mouth crinkled at the corners when she scowled at him, the way she jutted her chin out when she didn't agree with something. Was it possible to adore everything about a person? Because Alec knew for certain he loved everything about Gem, was that real love, Alec wondered a little put out to know that he hadn't a clue.

"No, don't Gemmy me, I want you around, I need you Alec," Gem confessed letting out the feelings that she had been holding back these past years and just when she thought she didn't have the courage to confess any more she added softly, "I love you."

"You love me?" Alec said this as though it shocked him.

"I have loved you all this time," Gem told him surely not looking at him and Alec looked at her in wonder.

"All this time." Alec repeated softly reaching over to force her chin up with his hand and Gem's eyes flicked onto him.

"Every minute, every second, I loved you," she said with such honesty that Alec felt everything that he was become brand new. Someone loved him. She had no one else, there was nothing to stop them, not this time.

"Gemmy," Alec wanted to tell her everything he was feeling but Gem looked away from him again embarrassed.

"I know you could never love me as you did Max but couldn't you try, Ruby loves you, I love you and your son will love you," Gem told him with certainty and in his heart Alec knew her words to be the truth and ever so shyly Gem looked up at him with her questioning blue eyes to ask, "could you love me Alec?"

"I already do, in my heart you have always been there, no one knows me like you do Gem, not even Max, with Max I was living in the moment, but here, with you, I am living in our future," Alec said and Gem broke into a huge smile as Alec bent his head and pressed his lips to hers gently in the long awaited kiss that both had been secretly longing for.
From inside the building of Terminal City strolled Max and Logan, Max holding a little bundle in her arms and Alec guessed it to be his son.

"Do you think she knew this whole time?" Gem asked because Max didn't seem at all surprised to have found Alec and Gem together. In fact she looked as though she had been expecting it.

"Probably and how like her to just let everything go as it was planned without even telling me," Alec said and Gem cuddled up to him and poked him hard in the chest warningly.

"Alec, play nice with the other children," Gem scolded him half serious and Alec gave her en exasperated look and they parted as Max and Logan reached them.

"Alec meet your son, " Max said showing him the precious bundle she held so lovingly in her arms. Motherhood had made her even more beautiful, but Alec had eyes only for Gem.

Alec stared down at the small baby wrapped in a blue blanket, the baby's soulful green eyes staring up at Alec in wonder. Max wordlessly handed the baby to Alec and Alec held him awkwardly but did not even think about giving him back. The urge to kiss his son's small forehead proved too great so Alec did just that feeling a strange warm sensation run through him. Tears came to Gem's eyes as she watched him with his son. He looked like any other proud father and Gem couldn't wait until he was the father of her baby. Overwhelmed by the sight of Alec finally holding his son Max reached over to search for Logan's hand and she held onto it so tightly that he looked over at her and was alarmed by the way she was looking on Alec. She still loved the guy, Logan knew that. And just when Logan was doubting that she loved him Max turned wide brow eyes to him and he smiled. You have my heart, always, he heard Max's soft voice in his head and Logan pulled her to his chest.

"What did you call him?" Alec asked and Max smiled.

"It took me ages to decide, but then I decided to name him Benjamin Biggs, after the two people who have left this world but whom we hold dear to us," Max informed him and Alec grinned looking down at his son who smiled up at him innocently.

"Ben," Alec whispered and little Ben waved his arms around giggling and gurgling and Alec couldn't help but laugh.

"He knows his name," Gem commented as she reached over and offered a finger to Ben who took her finger and immediately started sucking it.

"Just think, five or six more until our family is big enough for me," Alec grinned mischievously at Gem who had a look of mock fear on her face while inside she was beaming. He said our, Gem screamed to herself gazing upon Alec's handsome face and she knew she was the happiest she had ever been.

"Please, my poor heart, it can't take anymore!" Gem exclaimed holding a hand to her head dramatically and Max and Logan laughed appreciatively.

"Dear Gem, your standards in men have really dropped," Max said cheekily winking at Gem who blushed and rolled her eyes.

"Thus disproving that age-old saying that quality is better than quantity," Alec interjected quickly and he received a thump on each shoulder from Gem and Max for his attempt at humour.

"I've got to feed him now but you can spend some time with him later tonight and whenever you like, Ben is your son too Alec.except at feeding time," Max said with obvious reluctance and Gem, Alec and Logan laughed at her grimace of distaste.

Alec handed back his son as he and Max shared a smile knowing all was forgiven. With that Max and Logan headed back towards the building and as they neared the doors opened as though by an invisible force and Max turned around to wink at Gem and Alec before her and Logan entered and the doors shut behind them all by themselves. Gem gaped at the closed door then turned to Alec her mouth wide open with shock.

"Did you see that? The doors moved all by themselves, they usually need at least two people to open" she asked not even believing it herself and Alec laughed and pulled her to him kissing her forehead.

"My eyes are for you only," Alec assured her and Gem melted into his embrace sliding her arms around his neck to play with the hair that settled at the nape of his neck.

"," Gem teased him provocatively and Alec smiled down at her.

"I swear I will love you my whole life," Alec promised out of the blue looking dead serious and Gem held his head in her small hands staring at him in wonder.

There was no reply Gem could give and so she just smiled and brought his lips to hers. When they finally released one another they were both grinning widely.

"May I escort you inside ma'am?" Alec said offering her his arm in a southern gentleman manner very Rhett Butler style and Gem took it with a flutter of her eyelashes.

"But of course suh," Gem drawled in a thick southern accent and as they neared the doors Alec turned to wink at her then frowned concentrating on the doors. To Gem's surprise they flung open and Gem turned to him excitedly while Alec tried not to look surprised that it had worked. Gem tugged on his arm and at her questioning glance Alec shrugged smiling charmingly.

"Max wasn't the only one who was chosen," he said simply appearing mighty proud of himself and Gem nudged him.

"I love you Alec," Gem said and the smile on Alec's face said it all as he swung her across his body for a movie star kiss that left Gem weak at the knees. They were suddenly aware of the cheering and clapping and when Alec set Gem upright they saw all the transgenics gathered around admiring the new couple appreciatively, some of the admirers of Alec were looking a little upset. Dix was the first to approach them smirking as Joshua followed them holding Ruby in his arms who giggled and clapped her hands at the sight of her mother and father-to-be together and Dix couldn't refrain from commenting slyly,

"It took you guys long enough."