025. Starve



Rey never wants to touch rations or nutrient paste ever again. Not after discovering what the universe has to hold about all the kinds of food. Like a fool, she didn't understand the possibilities.

Gruffle with its strong, sour aftertaste, and elbina pepper, and honey melon, and bantha butter that turns green when introduced to oxygen…

Ithorian saffron, dindra used as a cooking ingredient to heat the fire stew, quark frosting…

Bubblezap and candied ice wine tingling and rosy against her lips, as Poe throws an arm around Rey's shoulders and passes her another full glass, hiccuping into her ear and blabbing noisily about Finn's successful mission to an Outer Planet…


Delicious melty cheese on a gigantic, dark meaty rib, engulfing her taste-buds right to the nearest celestial of stars. Rey bites into a mouthful, letting out a happy, soft moan, as her girlfriend smirks.

"Should I get you another plate now or later?" Rose teases her, nudging their hips on the bench.

Rey gestures wildly and muffles out something, using her clean hand to grab onto Rose's uniform. Her dark brown eyes going dramatically huge.


"I'll take that as a more please," Rose says, full of laughter, when Rey drops her head onto her shoulder gratefully.



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