Naruto: The Mega Gamer
Prologue: An Unthought Installation

Hey there, the name's Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Truth be told, I never knew of my third name and lineage because of certain secrets which was hidden from me since the day of my birth out of concern, but I guess they didn't have enough faith in me…maybe they would have if I wasn't so impulsive at times plus I was younger back then. Any who I'm about to tell you guys of my adventures in another world.

Really, I'm not kidding about that at all! I did go to another world and kicked some major butt over there and met some people who gave me something I worked hard for in my village…friendship and even love which is a lot coming from a dense guy like me and I kinda blame my dad and upbringing for that. Sorry I'm getting sidetracked again and I can tell you want me to get on with the story already, so let me take you all back to when I was nothing more than a greenhorn before becoming a legend who was proudly in recorded in the chronicles of both worlds. So all I can say is sit back and relax with your soda and chips nearby for an awesome ride.

In the Elemental Nations, there are five great villages which serve as the majority origin of anything and everything related to ninjas. One of the villages rich in history both good and bad is Konoha or alternately the Hidden Leaf village where we go through the great gates, along the busy streets though crossroads and junctions until arriving at a building which serves as an academy to train young aspirants into becoming potentially powerful ninjas to represent and protect the village. Inside one of the classes, we find a group of boys and girls seated in a classroom with a teacher standing at the blackboard giving them a lecture.

"…and that's how the Hidden Leaf village attained victory in the Third Great Ninja war. Any questions?" the teacher turned around only for his left eye to twitch in annoyance upon seeing a select group of students not paying attention in the least bit.

A boy whose head is laying on top of the with his eyes closed and has pineapple shaped hair is Nara Shikamaru, heir to the Nara clan, he always emits the aura of laziness and also seems to think that everything is troublesome and lacks a serious amount of motivation, next to him while snacking on a bag of potato chips is Akimichi Choji heir to the Akimichi clan, he is never seen without his bag of snacks but is very friendly to everyone but he is sensitive about his weight so if anyone is to call him fat, he will go on a rampage. Another is a boy who has a puppy sitting on his head is Inuzuka Kiba with his dog Akamaru, the heir to the Inuzuka clan and self-proclaimed wild child of the class. Last but not least is a spiky blonde boy who goes by the name Naruto Uzumaki, Konoha's pariah and prankster king from hell who has never been caught by even the ANBU with the exception of Iruka Umino who is the class's teacher.

Iruka weaved through a set of handsigns before suddenly enlarging his head to comical size and screaming out loud "HEY! NARUTO! SHIKAMARU! CHOUJI! KIBA! PAY ATTENTION RIGHT NOW!

Said boys immediately sat upright from the sudden yelling as most of the class were laughing at them. Shikamaru rubbed his eyes and muttered 'troublesome' at having being woken up like that, Chouji picked up the bag of chips which he had dropped and resumed his munching, Kiba simply looked away with Akamaru wagging his tail, and Naruto simply crossed his arms and rolled his eyes since he was all too used to his teacher's ranting moments.

"We were paying attention…about halfway through your lecture until your droning knocked us out of the loop," said Naruto.

"He has a point there sensei, your voice was pretty much bland from start to just now. Maybe being more emotional would have maintained our attention,"

*Munch**Munch* *Munch**Munch* Chouji has nothing to say as he's still eating his bag of potato chips.

"*Yawn* how troublesome," Shikamaru muttered.

A tick mark appeared on Iruka's head "I don't care how 'troublesome' you find my lectures, they're what will help you in the future when you become a ninja of the village. And there's no way that I'm going to let dunces graduate from this academy, double goes for you Naruto!"

Naruto rolled his eyes over at that statement "Gee thanks a lot sensei, good to know how much faith you have in me,"

"Well if you were studying harder, Iruka-sensei wouldn't need to worry himself over you Naruto-baka!" the pinkette Sakura Haruno screamed at him.

Naruto flinched at her statement, he's used to the villagers always scorning him but hearing that from his crush pretty much stings his heart.

"That's enough Sakura, I won't tolerate you looking down on your classmate!" Iruka spoke angrily, causing Sakura to fall silent but won't stop glaring at Naruto "Alright everyone, it's time for recess so you can leave until it's over,"

Everyone began to leave the classrooms excluding a few as Naruto and the other guys gathered round to have a small discussion.

"Okay guys, we only have 30 minutes until we're called back into class. You all came prepped up?" asked Shikamaru, actually looking serious for once.

"I'm set up for it," said Naruto.

"Packed and ready," said Chouji.

"No way I was going to miss out on this," said Kiba excitedly.

"Arf arf!" Akamaru barked in agreement.

Shikamaru nodded in affirmation "Okay then, we'll head over to the usual place and get ourselves ready,"

The group nodded in agreement before leaving the classroom with Iruka watching them leave with a smile of amusement. They made their way out of the building and into the field where they settled themselves down under the shade of a big tree. They reached into their pouches and took out what appears to be an electronic handheld device…a video game to be exact (PSP model) with Naruto's being orange, Kiba's is grey, Shikamaru's being green, and red for Chouji's.

They all inserted a cartridge into their handhelds and booted the game up before scrolling to the settings menu to activate their link-up mode before truly starting up the game which is of a JRPG genre.

"Troublesome King is logged in," said Shikamaru.

"Orange Hokage is in," said Naruto.

"Wild Dog is up," said Kiba and received a bark of complaint "…and K-9 too,"

"Big-Boned Chef has just logged in," said Chouji.

"Alright guys, let's meet up at the cave and get ready for the dungeon raid," said Shikamaru.

"Roger!" the rest replied.

Onscreen, their avatars designed to resemble grown up versions of themselves spawned in the virtual version of the Hidden Leaf village. The group made their way out of it and were jumping through the trees. Chouji wanted them to use the 'Fast Travel' feature but the rest rejected it with Shikamaru pointing out that they need to have their avatars rack up on experience in order to reach a decent level in preparation for their forthcoming dungeon raid with Naruto and Kiba nodding in agreement. The party passed through Tanzaku town where Naruto was suddenly given an offer for a free draw from a raffle nearby, Kiba egged him on to go for it and the next thing they was that he won a voucher with a 50% discount to purchase or upgrade weapons in the Hunter's shop nearby.

"Say what now?! How were you able to do that?!" Kiba demanded.

"I just don't know Kiba, it always ends up that way," Naruto replied.

"Kiba, surely you haven't forgotten that Naruto tends to win lots of games which relies mostly on luck," Shikamaru spoke up in a deadpanned expression, he wasn't wrong in the least. In another RPG game based on monster battles, Naruto tends to capture extremely rare monsters without trying too hard but would transfer some of them to the others, especially a giddy Kiba.

"Oh right, I forgot about that," Kiba spoke sheepishly.

"Enough about that guys, let's go to the shop and get ourselves some upgrades," said Chouji.

"Good point there, Chouji," said Naruto.

The party headed over to the Hunter's shop and Naruto used his voucher to reduce the prices before they began their purchases with Shikamaru telling them what to buy and which gear they should upgrade. Shikamaru upgraded his medium armor and purchased a set of gearwheel shuriken for long range support and a shadowed chain sickle. Kiba upgraded his light armor too and had the shop customize his double blade claw into a blood sand claw, and then purchased armor for Akamaru's pet avatar. Chouji purchased a heavy body armor with emphasis on defense and vitality, and then upgraded his battle axe. Finally, Naruto bought a dual wind katana and upgraded his current light armor.

"Now that the convenient sidetrack is over, let's make for our original destination," said Shikamaru with the others nodding in affirmation.

They all left the town with Kiba taking the lead since he trained his avatar to attain the wanderlust trait to be able to scout the area much more accurately than the rest of the party until eventually they finally arrived at the dungeon entrance.

"Well, here we are," said Kiba proudly.

"Great, now let's get this show on the road already!" said Naruto excitedly.

"Hold on, we need to create some strategies before proceeding into the dungeon," Shikamaru interrupted.

"Won't we be using the regular plan like we usually do?" asked Chouji.

"We will for the first ten floors but afterwards, we change things up until arriving at the boss's room,"

"Okay then, I'll be the scout to check the areas ahead for enemies and traps," said Kiba.

"I'll be the vanguard and occupy the enemy," Naruto spoke up next.

"I'll serve as the tank of the party, as well as supply potions to the rest," Chouji followed up.

"That's right, while I serve as the strategist and support. We best be careful, we don't know what lies waiting inside the dungeon," said Shikamaru.

"Right!" the others replied.

The party went inside and began to battle the many monsters within the dungeon, things were going rather smoothly for them. But then then battles began to be longer and tougher once they got past the tenth floor, Shikamaru had Naruto and Kiba serve as Chouji to prevent him from being taken out as he is their supplier and he himself switched to close range weapons for further assistance. Soon enough, they were soon standing in front of a large and rather intimidating gate which they knew leads to the midboss of the dungeon.

"Okay guys, we'll use plan eagle eye from the beginning before using feral or plan Kame," said Shikamaru.

"Ok Shika, you can leave it to Naruto and me," said Kiba.

They went inside and were face-to-face with a giant bear covered in battle scars, and they saw the nametag hovered above it, written 'Blood Raged Bear, Lv 65'. Naruto and Kiba quickly took to the offense whilst Chouji hung back and prepared to administer potions to either of them should they be critically whilst Shikamaru carefully observed the midboss. The group managed to beat the beast down to half of its total health when it roared out loud and began to rampage all around the battlefield.

"Chouji, use speed and defense boosters on them now, it should help them last against the rampage until it wears off but be ready in case it does so again!" said Shikamaru before controlling his avatar to fling more shuriken.

"Got it!" Chouji did as he was told along with using several high grade potions to heal them.

"Thanks man, now to make a coat out of this bear!" said Naruto.

"Not without us!" Kiba spoke up with Akamaru barking in agreement.

About five minutes later, they were finally able to defeat the midboss with Naruto landing the killing blow as they all leveled up a few times. The beast disappeared and left behind some material which Shikamaru took to craft into something useful for the party later on.

"I'll set up a rest area here for us to use and rest our characters before continuing further down the dungeon. Till then, we've reached the required level to learn new techniques so let's get them before resuming next week," said Shikamaru.

"Plus recess is almost over," said Chouji.

Naruto sighed in disappointment "Bummer, well at least we made it this far,"

"Yeah, me too," Kiba and Akamaru nodded in agreement.

The boys saved their game before turning off the handhelds as they made their way back to the classroom where they at least attempted an effort to pay attention to the lecture only to fail miserably much to Iruka's annoyance. A couple hours later as the sun was slowly descending to mark to end of the day, classes was finally over and everyone began to leave for home. Naruto was about to follow suit when he heard Iruka call out to him.

"Hey Naruto, could you stay behind for a bit? I have something to talk to you about," said Iruka.

"Hey, what do you think he wants to talk about?" Kiba whispered to the blonde.

"Don't really know myself," Naruto replied.

"Well, guess I'll see you around tomorrow,"

"Yeah, laters," Naruto walked towards Iruka and stood towards him "So what is it you want to talk about Iruka-sensei?"

"Listen, it's about this morning…,"

Naruto turned away from him "I know already, you don't want a dunce like me to graduate from the academy,"

Iruka flinched from what the blonde just said but replied regardless "I didn't mean like that and I'm sorry if I made it look that way. The truth is that I'm worried about you,"

Feeling curious, Naruto looked back at him "Worried? What do you mean by that?"

"I've seen how hard you try throughout your time here in the academy, how you work much harder than anyone else I've ever seen despite the difficulties you faced. Many would have given up after failing the graduation test for the second, but you still remained determined to fulfill your dream," Iruka recalled Naruto actually putting an effort into the tasks laid before him and would eventually emerge successful with rare smiles to display his pride of achievements which few people like himself would be allowed to bear witness.

"Of course, there's nothing that will stop me from fulfilling my dream of becoming hokage," Naruto retorted with Iruka chuckling in agreement.

"I know all too well, which is why I'm rooting for you to pass this exam and become the ninja you're meant be. And I believe some of your classmates would want you to graduate with them too,"

"Sensei…" Naruto was touched from witnessing how much faith the man has in him, aside from the people from Ichiraku and the third hokage. Not to mention some of his friends wanting him to graduate with them too "Thank you…,"

"You're welcome…and another thing..."

"What is it?" Naruto quirked an eyebrow in confusion.

Iruka reached into his ninja pouch and took out a handheld video game much to Naruto's surprise "I just started out in this 'Ninja World' and I was hoping to get some pointers from you,"

"…hahahahaha!" Naruto started laughing for a moment before smiling happily at Iruka, then he took out his own handheld "Sure, we could go out on missions together…in the game at least," Iruka smiled back and they went to sit together on one of the desk to play the game together, to Naruto he wondered if this was how it feels to play games with a father or an older brother.

A couple hours later, Naruto helped Iruka create his own avatar and helped out with gaining a few levels in the beginner's field for some time before they over to have some ramen from Ichiraku's. Naruto walked down the street, all the while ignoring the looks of hatred from the villagers. Up till now he still doesn't know why they hate him, if he did anything then he would have done everything to redeem himself then, but no one…not even the third hokage could tell him why. So he made it a side objective to find out the reason of their hatred of him, but so far all he knows is that it happened on the day of his birth and they tend to relate him to a demon fox which was strangely relating to the history when Konoha was attacked by a giant nine tailed fox and the fourth hokage sacrificed his life to destroy, aside from that he hasn't gotten a new clues.

He finally arrived at his apartment and climbed up to the top floor and took out a key from his pocket to go inside. He flipped on the switch and went to take bath before putting on his pajamas. Naruto went to lie down on his bed and took out his handheld to check for any new messages on his profile page. So far he got some from Kiba, Chouji and Shikamaru, all which were asking about what happened when they left him with Iruka to which he replied about getting some advice. there were also requests concerning party invites and trading from other gamers which was nothing new, but then…

"Hmmm? What's this?" Naruto sat up upon seeing a message which had an attachment with it, and it seemed to have been sent by an anonymous gamer "Is it a spam mail or something? Let's have a look see," he opened up the message and began to read.

If you're reading this message, then you've been chosen amongst the millions of gamers all over the Elemental Nations. The Game Masters had been observing your skills and actions throughout the many which you have played and decided to select you as you possess what very few others have…the heart of a true gamer. We observed many who simply played the games just for the sake of playing but you play yours and enjoy it to the fullest whilst instilling the feeling into those around you, hence find you to be the best candidate for what we have planned. Attached to this message is an attachment containing an installation package which will install the game into your handheld, be warned that it will take about 24hrs to installation but don't worry about it…the game will definitely be worth the wait. But there is one thing you must know…this game will definitely change your life and that of others.

Yours sincerely,
I.C of Gamindustri

Naruto's eyes were wide in shock at what he just read, someone or rather ones had chosen to him to play a game which no one has ever gotten to play! It meant that they were watching him this whole time and actually liked his ideal of playing video games, though he could help but feel joyful that they like him instead of that stuck up jerk Sasuke but couldn't help but wonder why Shikamaru wasn't chosen only to chuckle at the thought of the lazy guy viewing it as troublesome anyways.

"After reading something like this, there's no way I'm not going to install this game and play it to impress them a lot more," said Naruto excitedly, he scrolled down and opened the attachment and opened up the software before proceeding through the steps of installation then finally initiated the final process as a countdown timer appeared on the screen.

"I can't wait to see what kind of game they sent to me is like!" Naruto plugged in the handheld to charge before going to bed to turn in for the rest of the night. If he was attentive enough, he would have noticed that the screen suddenly flicker several times to reveal a symbol depicting a linepartially within a broken circle which was glowing for a couple of seconds before reverting to the countdown.

This is Hussbek online with the first chapter of a new crossover story, I had been planning this story with some friends for a while now but had been procrastinating on it and publishing others, so I decided to set it up and put it out there for all to read and review. Naruto will soon venture into the game world where he'll encounter both friends and enemies along the way, as of now he's at an academy level before graduation but will be applying both current skills as gamer and ninja-to-be in his adventures. He'll also acquire a means of transformation similar to the other CPUs but different in another way as you'll soon find out in later chapters. There will be a harem too (Like in most others) and here's the list:

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