A Sexy Jutsu

By Mukumuku


"Don't open your eyes. Don't speak. Don't try to move. If you move, you try to get up, you'll automatically die."

Naruto lay on Gaara's bed with his eyes closed, his whole body felt numb. He didn't know what was going on and felt like a corpse, unable to move. Was he still dreaming? His eyes were closed and he couldn't will them open.

The voice was too feminine to be that of the nine tails fox's.

"I'm going to pull several needles out so you can see and speak. If you get up, you will still die," the voice was getting louder and louder. "If you scream for help, I'll kill you."

Naruto slowly regained control of his ability to speak and blinked his eyes to see Yuri, pointing a kunai at his throat. Her sweet expression was replaced with a mask as cold as any other killer.

"Who are you? Where is Gaara? Natsume Aya?" She asked, slowly and calmly.

"Yuri, it's me, Natsume Aya." He had never seen Yuri like this. He looked at his bare chest at the needles sticking out from in his skin. It would have sent a chill down his spine if he could feel it.

Yuri held her position, not believing Naruto's words. "How do I know for sure."

"Let me have control of my body again."

"No," she replied, the Kunai let out a trickle of blood.

Naruto looked up, if he broke eye contact she'd kill him for sure.

"Ask Gaara, he's in the living room on the floor."

She stood up and unlocked the door.

"If you're lying, at least Gaara will tell me." Yuri opened the door and moved it slowly; "if he says you're lying I'll kill you."

Naruto listened to her descend down the stairs, loudly. He seemed to want her presence known ever though she had just tried to kill her own teacher.

"Gaa~aaaAARRRR~Ra! -Ra! -Ra!"



"You have a man in your bed."




"He says his name is Naruto and~ Natsume at the same time."

"Shhh. Shhhh. You'll wake the Hokage up!"


[Sounds of glass shattering]

"Yuri! Control yourself!"

"No! Answer the question!"


[Sounds of sand sliding]

Naruto looked at the ceiling and waited for Gaara and Yuri to rescue him.


If the Yuri he knew remembered he was there.


"Sorry, Natsume-sensei," Yuri wore the sand graveyard like a sleeping bag which made it easier for both Naruto and Gaara to take turns carrying her to the outskirts of town.

"It's all right," "Yuri. Where did you learn that."

"My mother." Yuri said, eyes sparkling.

"Ah." Naruto remembered that Yuri worshipped her mother and wished to be like her. However the absence of her mother figure often caused them both grief.

Yuri wobbled in her cocoon if sand as if she were a caterpillar, "can you let me go now?"

"No." Gaara looked like he was having trouble trying to carry her but he still had a smirk on his face. He held her in his arms like a baby, but it still didn't

"Sensei." She turned her head to an unsympathetic Natsume, forced to pick up his jutsu and his lack of sleep added to all the events of the night not to mention his horrible nightmare..."

"Don't sensei me. It wouldn't be like that if only you would cooperate and be a good little Yuri." This caused Yuri to flop out of Gaara's arms onto the floor. Gaara tried to catch the girl without having to call back the sand into his gourd, but to no avail.

Yuri crawled out his reach.

Natsume rubbed her temple annoyed over the giggles of Yuri and angry shouts of Gaara. "I'm taking you home to your father."

Yuri curled up into a ball and wailed. "Noooooo-no-no-no no!"

Gaara took this chance to lift her off the ground. He looked at the heavens, his eyes thankful that they had chosen to leave the village. "No! I ran away from home. I won't go back!"

Natsume's eye twitched, "what was that?" Naruto thought of all the problems it would cause.

"I'm not getting married. I'm going to run away." Yuri beamed and opened her mouth expecting a treat. When she realized that there would be none, she closed her mouth and continued speaking. "Natsume-sensei. Will you help me?"

"Run away?" Natsume looked at the girl. Had she finally gone over the hill? "You haven't thought this through at all, have you?" He waited for her answer. Gaara looked at the girl in his arms with amusement.

"I have somewhere in mind." Natsume and Gaara watched and waited for her reply. "I. I like to eat fish." Yuri said with a nod.

"You're joking." Naruto felt bad for the girl and sometimes he didn't know what he would do, but his students were like his kids. Especially Yuri.

And Yuri hardly changed her mind.

He gave Gaara the look of, 'you know what I have to do.'

Gaara dropped his head. 'Damn.' He had to love-luck, survival luck. But no luck with his love life.

A bead of sweat rolled down Gaara's face, he wiped it away when another bead of sweat ran down the side of his face. Gaara continued to wipe beads of sweats of his head when he realized he wasn't sweating at all.

"It's raining." Gaara mouthed to the sky. He placed the girl onto the ground as he called the sand back into his gourd. He moved closer to Naruto who could only look back at him in shock.

Yuri who faced impending rain, blinked. "Natsume sensei, is this rain?"

"For the first time in a long time." Gaara replied.

"What the.." The celebration came to a sudden halt, "everyone, inside!" Some people in rain inside, others in shock just stood there as the rain came down. Sleepy villagers looked out their windows and stared at the miracle. Most of the younger children had never seen it, ran out to play. Droplets dancing as they hit the ground.

The rain started slowly and then after twenty minutes it came down hard.

Rain coming down in a place that never thought it would ever see rain.

"What should we do?" Asked a confused citizen.

"What's going on."

"Gaara." Yuri looked at her Kazekage and tugged at his shirt. But Gaara could only smile and pat her head. "It's just like. Back then." Natsume smiled back warmly, as the rain came down on top of them. "Go for it," Gaara nudged the girl forward, "and take Aya with you."

Yuri stood in the rain for a second absorbing what she was hearing. "Say what?"

Natsume stepped closer to Gaara until he was pressing her ear to his chest. She had to hear him better and again. "What she said."

"Only this time." Gaara wrapped his arms around his girl/boyfriend, Naruto understood what Gaara was feeling now. And how they both felt about the rain. "Come back. to me."

"Gaara!!" Natsume shouted at him, "what if something happens and I can't come back?"

Gaara watched the features on Natsume's face, "Nats-Naruto. Fine then. In order to give me more security." Gaara fumbled his hand in his pocket for the ring. He found nothing. Usually in his culture he'd have to go into the desert and find a desert flower but he could never work it into his schedule. Plus it was too suspicious. More than he would have liked.

Gaara cleared his throat and looked at Natsume with all seriousness in his face.

"Marry me when you come back." He slid the ring onto Natsume's ring finger and watched her reaction, "from this point on you are my fiancee and no one can lay a finger on you without invoking my wrath."

Naruto felt like he had gone into shock again. "I'll." He raised his finger, wagging it at her. "Get back to you."

Gaara almost gaped at her response, but Natsume's lips continued to move. "Most likely." Naruto nudged his lover back to the real world, "yes."

"I will."

". Shit! It's nearly morning." Yuri began to run away ahead to their destination, "Natsume-sensei. We have to hurry to the border." Even though she was trying not to be suspicious, the road she walked on would always include screaming.

Gaara attempted to confess under the blinding rain and screaming girl, "Naruto. I love you."

"Gaara." Natsume glomped Gaara causing him to sink into the already wet mud.


Naruto twitched, "I'm coming!" He kissed Gaara quickly on the lips for a goodbye. "I'll be back as soon as I can." Their hands broke apart as they parted. "I love you."

Naruto turned his back on Gaara. Both reminiscing about all the times they had gotten to know each other. "Something good will come of this." Gaara muttered. He was slight sad, but the rain always made him happy. Because of the rain he met Naruto.

"Achoo!" Gaara rubbed his nose. "Damn. I'm going to get a cold."


Author's Note

I'd write faster. But my dad's complaining about computer use. (That's why updates are so slow.) I'll try to be faster.

This is sooo short. I wanted to write more. Gwah. Thinking of doing a fic of when Gaara and Naruto met.

La~ I sleep on it.


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