Hi! I'm Kuku and this is my first story. What if Eva had a nightmare a million times worse than they usually are? How can they cope- when both are too traumatized to see what's happening?

Disclaimer: Everything but my twisted imagination belongs to the phenomenal Sylvia


Mama? Where was mama?

I can't find her.Why would she leave me alone with Nathan?

I look down at my wrists. They are bound by ropes, harshly cutting into my skin. Nathan gives me a blood-freezing smile. It's more than enough to make me scream. But nobody listens. Nobody ever, ever listens.

Rationality slowly returns to me. Nathan is not here. He is not real. Gideon- Gideon can save me. He always does. He is my saviour.

I look up. Nathan is on top of me. I can't breathe. My head pounds. He crushes my ribs with a hard shove, but I barely feel it. I turn my head and scream again. Nathan shoves into me. This is it. This pain is the only one I can't bear. Nathan shoves his hand on my mouth to keep me silent.My lip bleeds onto the sand.


I see him. The shame I feel on letting him see me like this does not weigh down my relief. He stares at me from afar. He's so sad . And he looks disappointed as he observes my degradation.I try to push Nathan off me, but he's too strong.

I whimper, but Gideon stares at me like he doesn't understand. I bury my nails into the soil in frustration and pain.

However, all that fades away when he begins to move towards me. The image shifts and he's far away from me again. Tears stream down my face as I try to scratch Nathan's face. Gideon finally comes close and blankly stares at me. I feel frustration boiling inside me again. Why won't he stop Nathan?

He gets up and begins to walk away. Nathan gropes at my tender flesh. I try to shout, but nothing escapes my mouth. Gideon disappears into the sunset. Grains of sand dig into my back.

I turn to see Nathan's eyes, but they are wild, lust-hazed black holes. My elbows are cut from my struggles. I scream, and this time I can. Gideon is too far away to hear now. Nathan collapses on top of me, panting hard. I am sobbing and screaming hysterically now.

A knife. I see a knife in my arm's reach. I take it.

I stab him. Again and again and again. His blood is warm as it washes over my body. He goes limp. I push him off me. Tears escape me silently. I can't feel anything.No humiliation, no remorse. But god knows, this is better than pain.

I stare into the sunset as I curl into fetal position. The sky is tinted pink and orange. It's beautiful. So beautiful- with such horrendous crimes and memories.

"EVA!" Who's screaming? I'm too far gone to care. "EVA, WAKE UP!"

I feel pressure on my arms...no, not again. I will die this time.

I open my eyes and scream, push at a rock solid chest and fall off the bed. I remember the dream. I remember what he did. Gideon had walked away. And now I feel nothing at all. This encompassing numbness was comforting.

I plan to write a chapter from Gideon's point of view as well. Ideas on any topic are welcome, as is constructive criticism.

P.S- Does anyone have the book Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow in online format?