The beginning of a new adventure! I'm very excited to get write this series as I'm fan of all three and I've always wanted a fan fiction like this, but nobody ever came out with one, so I've taken it upon myself to do so! The title for this series was originally a WIP title, but it grew on me, so I'm gonna keep it. Without any further distractions, I present, Dragon Tail Shippuden!

Dragon Tail Shippuden Episode 0 "Prologue"

"Ah man, I can't wait to see everyone!" Naruto shouts happily as jumps up with excitement while Jiraiya watches on amused.

"What are you gonna do once we there?" Jiraiya asks Naruto curiously when he suddenly grows silent and still.

"I need to see how Sakura is doing," Naruto replies not surprising Jiraiya, but he then smiles widely. "Then I'm gonna go eat tons of ramen!"

"It's been 5 years and that's still all you can think about," Jiraiya retorts scoffing at Naruto and his love for ramen.

"Well yeah, ramen is the best!" Naruto declares as he starts to see the walls of Konoha, the village hidden in the leaf. "Heck yeah! Race ya their pervy sage!"

"Naruto, wait!" Jiraiya calls out as Naruto leaps into the air when suddenly a golden aura starts to float around him.

"What the heck?" Naruto calls out as the golden aura starts to burn even brighter and with a puff of smoke he suddenly disappears.

"Naruto!" Jiraiya shouts completely bewildered as it seems Naruto has just completely vanished.

Meanwhile in the middle of Konoha Sakura is heading inside the Hokage's chambers to discuss something with Tsunade. Sakura knocks on the doors of Tsunade's office.

"Come in," Tsunade states with a very bored tone.

"It's me Lady Tsunade," Sakura remarks timidly as she sees Tsunade quickly whip around her chair.

"Whew, I thought it was one of those council nut jobs again. They've been really getting on my nerves as of late." Tsunade retorts letting out a massive sigh as she slumps into her chair. Just as Sakura is about to talk, Tsunade puts up her finger. "If this is about sending you out to find Sasuke again, then the answer is still no."

"But Lady Tsunade, it's been 5 years!" Sakura shouts before she covers her mouth with her hands. "I just… 5 years is too long for him to be okay."

"Sakura. Okay, I'll let you go, but first you might wanna check the gates. I heard someone might be coming home today." Tsunade remarks as Sakura's eyes light up.

"Naruto?" She asks as Tsunade nods. Sakura starts running out of the office when suddenly a golden light starts to surround her and she disappears.


"Do you get it now Fairy Tail brat? Fire can never beat wind!" Erigor shouts confidently while Natsu puts his arms up to block the incoming rush of wind.

"Damn it, it's almost like a typhoon." Natsu retorts feeling the force of the wind smacking up against his body.

"Your flames can no longer touch me! Eat this! Storm Shred!" Erigor shouts creating a magic circle and shooting out blasts of wind from it while Natsu dodges helplessly.

"Damn… you!" Natsu shouts as he emits fire from his feet to propel him into the air to strike at Erigor. However, Erigor easily uses the wind to smack him into the ground. "It's not just my flames that can't get to him, my fists can't either!"

"What's the matter punk, that all you got? I thought you'd be a bit tougher! No matter. I'll end this. This is Flying Phoenix magic that will tear you to pieces!" Erigor gloats increasing the power of his wind against Natsu. "Emera Baram!"

A magical circle appears in front of Erigor as balls of concentrated wind energy start to float around him.

"Emera Baram, he said? If you get hit with that, you'll be torn apart!" Happy shouts while hugging the floor as to not be flown away from the fight and Natsu.

"Scatter into the wind you hotheaded brat!" Erigor states firing off a tornado like straight into Natsu and Happy. Natsu takes the brunt of the attack and goes flying into the railroad tracks.

"Natsu get up!" Happy shouts nudging Natsu with his paws.

"His body is still in one piece? I'm impressed. Not bad for a young wizard!" Erigor gloats while Happy continues to shout at Natsu trying to get him to wake up. "Worry not. The old geezers'll be following him shortly. From the sweet sound of the lullaby…"

Suddenly, Natsu's fist collides with the ground and fire begins to erupt around him.

"Lullaby this, lullaby that. If you want the old man's head, then fight him fair and square!" Natsu shouts as his fire starts to burn brighter and hotter than ever before.

"That's my Natsu!" Happy call outs as he starts backing up.

"Impossible! He's still standing?" Erigor retorts taking a step back.

"If you don't have the will to fight him, then lay off!" Natsu shouts igniting his hands-on fire and going in to punch Erigor.

"Stubborn brat!" Erigor retorts blasting him back yet again. Natsu angrily grabs a hold of the rail road track igniting a fire aura around him again which starts to grow again.

"Damn it! Why can't I get close to him?!" Natsu shouts at the top of his lungs as the pupils in his eyes completely white out. "I can't stand it!"

The fire starts to expand and balls of it starts to manifest around Natsu.

"This is some eerie magic. It's like his emotions are manifesting themselves as flames." Erigor states as suddenly the wind starts to be slowly pulled away from the barrier around Erigor which Happy notices.

"This is… Erigor's wind seems to be flowing in a weird direction." Happy remarks as Natsu's anger explodes into more power and flames. The wind continues to be pulled towards Natsu and Happy realizes what is going on. "Natsu! Just give up, let Gray handle this one."

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" Natsu shouts as the anger starts to boil and the fire begins to explode around him and expand.

"The super-heated air around Natsu moves upward extremely fast, creating an area of low pressure. And wind blows towards areas with low pressure!" Happy thinks to himself as the entire barrier surrounding Erigor completely disappears.

"I will be the one to defeat you! Sword Edge of the Eternal Dragon!" Natsu suddenly jumps forward with all the speed and fire around him punching Erigor with all of his might in the stomach causing him to collapse into unconsciousness.

"That's my Natsu!" Happy shouts happily jumping up and down.

"That's not what you said a second ago," Natsu retorts.

"Cat's have very weak short-term memory." Happy states looking up at Natsu with cute eyes.

"You said I couldn't beat him, so Erza should do it!" Natsu shouts angrily.

"His memory is even worse then a cat's. Not Erza… Gray!" Happy remarks with Natsu taking a step away from Happy. "But anyway, you won Natsu!"

"Yup, so we're good!" Natsu remarks happily.

A car slowly drives up with Lucy carrying Erza out and Gray jumping out to inspect the charred and unconscious Erigor.

"You actually had a problem with this guy?" Gray asks taunting Natsu.

"Shut up!" Natsu shouts at Gray.

"And besides, you're gonna attract weirdos with that bare chested muffler look." Gray retorts as Natsu starts to get fired up.

"I don't wanna hear that from you." Natsu retorts motioning to Gray's bare chest. "Lucy, give me your clothes."

"Why me?!" Lucy shouts at Natsu with Erza giggling.

"Anyways, splendid work Natsu. We managed to protect the Guild Masters." Erza states as suddenly a gold aura starts to envelop the five of them and in the blink of an eye they disappear.


"Oh, mighty Shenron, please grant me this wish. I wish that heroes from different times would be brought to this universe. A great and mighty evil is rising, but they need to be ready, so send them to Earth right before Raditz arrived. Time and history is changing and it's for the worst. This universe needs heroes to help combat this. This is my wish, Shenron!"