027. Winter



Flakes of powdery, white snow lands on the top of Kala's head, on her nose and lips. The air of Ukraine full of sour, stenching fumes and ice.

Another place Will must hide away from Them.

Riley stands in front of her, already materialized in her bleach-stained, skinny black jeans and an oversized, fuzz-ivory sweater, grinning with all her teeth. "We are here with you, always," she tells Kala, with every inch of warmth, grasping their hands. Riley leans in to kiss her with an enthusiastic groan, reaching up to hold Kala's face.

Their mouths open — Sun's fingers bunch Riley's hair, pulling pleasure-pain through her — tongues crawling slowly together — Nomi's glasses skewing when Kala presses in more closely, murmuring, nudging their foreheads.

She reaches within — all four of them jerking their heads back, gasping at the same time — and Kala exhales, dragging her fingertips over her breast.

It's her bedroom, in this giant, seaside manor, and she can be naked in it for as long as she wants to.

The snow returns. Riley's fingers replaced hers, carefully touching and tracing over the shape of her nipples. She lowers her empty hand to part Kala's slim, brown thighs, rubbing onto her labia with that same teasing, adoring grin.

More fingers search her, treat her gently and reassuringly — Sun nuzzling her throat, Nomi petting her back, Riley whispering in Kala's ear —

"Always… when you need us."



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