~AUTHOR'S NOTE~ This is my newest fic! I'm not sure how I got the idea, but one day I realized this odd connection I could make. The story starts with The Wizard of Oz and ends with a different film, but I don't want to let you in on what just yet. Since characters from the two movies don't technically interact, I'm not really calling this a crossover. But it might be…who knows? This is my second Wizard of Oz story, the first of which can be read on FictionPress.net.

~DISCLAIMER~ I don't own The Wizard of Oz. End of story!


Screams echoed through the white austere hallway. A doctor in a white lab coat met a young nurse outside the nearest hospital room. She handed him a file.

"Patient: Dorothy Gale," he read. "Twenty eight years old. Children, one son: Joseph." He turned to the nurse. "Husband?"

"No Doctor."

"I see," he murmured. He pushed open the door to Dorothy's room.

A very frightened woman lay trembling in the hospital bed. She had stopped screaming and her dark hair clung damply to the side of her face. She looked furtively at the doctor. "Will you keep her away?"

The doctor smiled warmly. "Hello Dorothy."

"She's dead," Dorothy muttered. "I killed her and she's dead. But she's not really dead! She's coming back…she's coming back and she's after me! She's mad because I killed her!" Her eyes started darting back and forth around the room and she tightened the blanket around her.

"Now Dorothy," the doctor soothed. He walked over to sit on the bed. "No one's going to hurt you."

She glanced at him. "You won't let them?"

He smiled and took her hand. "Of course not."

Dorothy nodded nervously. "The Wizard will be here soon." She smiled. "He'll know what to do."

The doctor nodded to the nurse, who quietly left the room. "Now Dorothy," he said gently. "You didn't really kill anyone. No one wants to harm you."

Dorothy's eyes locked onto the doctor. "But I did! I did kill her! It was an accident, but my fault all the same. She melted away. But the Wizard, he was proud of me! 'Bring me the broomstick of the Witch of the West!' he said. And I did! Now she's back. He'll help me." Dorothy sank back into her pillow. "He'll help me," she muttered.

The doctor sighed. She was far beyond his help. Getting up from the bed, he joined the nurse in the hall. "They've been called, doctor."

"Very good."

They came within the hour. A white van pulled up to the hospital. The doctor showed the men to Dorothy's room.

"Dorothy?" She looked up at the sound of the doctor's voice. "I have some people I'd like you to meet."

"Who are they?"

Three men in green scrubs entered the room. "Good afternoon, Miss Gale," one said.

Dorothy's face glowed with relief. "You've come to take me back to the Emerald City! The Wizard's finally come to help!"

The three men exchanged looks. "Yes Dorothy," one finally answered. "You can come with us back to the city."

Dorothy placidly allowed the nurse to help her dress and collect her things. She grinned as the men in green led her through the halls of the hospital.


She stopped to look at a small boy, no more than four, looking at her from the arms of a hospital volunteer.

"The Wizard needs me," was all she said. Then, turning to the doctor, she said in an eerie calm, "Protect him. The Witch already got Toto, don't let her get my son, too!"

The doctor and four-year-old Joseph Gale both watched with tear-filled eyes as Dorothy Gale complacently boarded the van. It was the last either ever saw of her as the vehicle drove off, the words Kansas City Asylum barely a blur on the side.