Attack On Titan FanFic Chapter 6

Levi POV:

Honestly, Eren does not deserve to go to jail, he never really did anything to the FBI's records or the Presidents computer. Was he only doing this for shits and giggles? Most likely. Damn brat, shitty kid. I tched as our plane landed and I was ordered to take Eren to one of the holding cells for now. I watched as Eren was asleep, his mouth was slightly open, his nose would turn up or crinkle every once in a while. His brown hair sticking to his forehead from either sweating after the game or a cold sweat. I felt kind of bad for having to wake him up. I gently shook his shoulder and slowly opened his eyes and I could see the faintness of the gold specks in his green eyes. Dammit, why was this man so beautiful? He couldn't have got these looks from Grisha, his mother then. Most likely; I thought as I pulled him to his feet. "We're at the FBI HQ, you are being placed in a holding cell for now", I said to him. He just simply nodded and let me guide him off the plane, followed my Hange, Erwin, and Petra.

She hasn't said a word to me or even Eren, but that's how she works. Silent by deadly. When I walked into HQ Farlan and Isabell walked up to me, "Finally caught the hacker and it's the capain of the Wings of Freedom. Our favorite team and your crush". Farlan said, my eyes widened at his words. He was the only one I told that I was in love with Eren. Farlan realized what he said and started to back away slowly. "You… Like me?" I heard Eren say, but I was frozen in place; I really didn't know what to do. "No, he loves you", I heard Erwin say. Wait! How the hell does he know that? "You love me? But you barely know me", Eren said bringing me out of my frozen state. I didn't answer nor reply to the others so, I just growled at everyone in the room then pushed Eren to start walking again. "No, Levi wait, answer me please", he said but I growled at him and pushed him again.

I got Eren put in his cell then went to yell at Farlan and Erwin. I walked into Erwin's office, knowing Farlan would be there. "Farlan Church", I growled out; he was standing behind Erwin. Erwin was sitting in his chair as if nothing was going on. "Yes Levi", Farlan said but I heard the waver in his voice. "Why would you say that? And, in front of him as well?" I growled at him, my voice going an octave higher. "I'm sorry Levi, it slipped", he said. "Shitty brat", I said, then turned to Erwin and said, "How the fuck did you know that I'm in love with him? And for how fucking long eyebrows!?" "I pieced it together myself through investigation. That's all you need to know Agent Levi", he said calmly as if Farlan didn't basically just sprout to almost everyone in HQ who I love.

I knew I wasn't getting anything out of him other than that so I tched annoyingly and decided to drop it there. "Any way, we still need to question Eren", I said after a small pause. "You do it Agent Levi", Erwin said with no emotion on his face as usual. "That's your job eyebrows, why would I do it"? I asked sitting on a chair in front of his desk. "That is my own reasoning. Just take a note pad down and the recorder and interrogate. You've seen me do it and have joined me on some interrogations", He replied flatly with a small wave of his hand. I nodded, a little begrudgingly and grabbed his notepad and recorder; I walked to an interrogation room after telling someone to bring me Eren.

Eren POV:

I should have immediately called for my lawyer when I was put in the interrogation room, but I did want to talk to Levi about what Erwin had said. They sat me down on a chair in front of a rectangular table, opposite of Levi. I watched Levi turned a recorder on sitting on a tripod next to him. "What's the camera for?" I asked simply. "Recording your answers and my questions, it's law." He replied quickly and matter-of-factly. "Let's start off with why did you hack in the FBI HQ?" He said, Levi had no emotion showing on his face. "What was Erwin talking about when he said you loved me?" I countered, I wanted him to answer me. How can someone love someone if they barely know them?

"Answer the shitty question Eren Yeager", he growled out. "I did it for shits and giggles Levi", I said after sighing loudly. "I didn't look or peek at the FBI's Records, or files". I continued, licking my lips, noticing their a little dry. I need some chap-stick soon. "You hacked our systems four times Yeager; do you think I'm gonna believe that?" He asked annoyingly. I almost yelled at him then I remembered that would make him even more suspicious of me. So, I'll just play nice for now. "Agent Levi, I am telling the truth, you can go to your computers and look through files and all that. I did not do anything to them", I answered kindly back. "What about the president's computer? Why did you hack into his?" Levi said writing everything I said on a notepad.

"Same reason sir, shits and giggles. I like exciting things to do", I replied simply with a small wave of my hand. "Then why do you hack if you aren't going to do anything to anyone's computer"? He asked, confusion written all over his face. "Honestly sir, I really don't know. It's just fun to do", I answered thoughtfully my finger on my chin to indicate that I was thinking. He was about to speak but I interrupted him and said quickly, "I want my lawyer". He tched angrily and turned the recorder off; getting up to go out of the room. "Levi, answer my question. I answered your questions, it's only fair", I said to him before he walked out of the door. He grits his teeth and said, "What shitty question?" "What was Erwin talking about earlier when he said that you loved me?" I replied a little annoyingly. There was a long pause until his angry expression softly switched over to that of a shy man who built many, many walls, but those walls were crumbling down, albeit slowly, but they were coming down.

Special Agent Levi Ackerman looked like a broken man right now and all I wanted to do was hold him. Levi sat down looking at the table between us and said in the softest voice, I almost couldn't hear him. "It might sound weird, but I fell in love with you a couple years ago when I saw you and your team win the NBA. Y-You were so beautiful, your bright green eyes on full display. Your big smile as you and your team did a group hug", He stopped as he bit his bottom lip. More walls are coming down and now he looked afraid. Afraid of what? "Levi…" I began but he stopped me and said, "Just shut it and never speak of this again".

He stood up, grabbed the camera and his notepad and pen and promptly left me here. He looked so broken, I didn't know what to do or say. But, I do know one thing for sure, I didnt like seeing him that. When I was in the coffee shop in Germany I searched and investigated Levi Ackerman. When he was 6 years of age his mother was murdered, there is no known reason why she was killed or who killed her. Levi was taken in by his only family left, his Uncle Kenny. His father was never in the picture. Kenny was abusive, Levi was either taken or he went to the hospital his self for broken ribs, a broken arm, fractured knee joint and elbow; he also had gone for severe burns all over his chest and stomach area. He was rescued by a Farlan Church and by Erwin Smith as the age of 16.

Levi was treated at Sina Care Center for malnutrition, insomnia, an eating disorder, and night terrors. He was admitted into the hospital until he was 17 years old Erwin took him in and finished raising him. Levi moved out at the age of 20. That's all I was able to read other than the fact that only a year later he joined the FBI at the suggestion from Farlan Church and Erwin Smith. Levi has been treated like crap since he was a kid, he didn't deserve anymore horrible treatment. Standing up quickly I wanted to yell for Levi, I wanted to put him in my lap and just hold him, tell him he'll be fine, that I'm here. That I will not hurt him. "Levi Ackerman, I know you've been hurt all your life. I know you've built many walls to keep people out, but I saw your face just now, you were broken, your walls are crumbling down", I whispered to myself. "But, for me, please don't hide or run away. I won't hurt you, I could never hurt you". I finished, clenching my fists tightly, creating small crescent moon shapes in the palm of my hand with my nails.