Attack On Titan FanFic Chapter 7

Erwin POV:

I watched Eren Yeager through the one-way glass as he basically confessed his love for Levi. But he, him self didn't even know that he was in love with Levi. Levi should know but, he should hear it for himself from Eren himself. I walked off to my office after telling another Agent to take him to his cell as we got a hold of his lawyer. As I sat in my chair Levi barged in with three other people. A tall man with brown hair, a tall woman with jet black hair and red scarf around your neck, and a short blonde male. "Erwin these are friends and family of Eren Yeager", Levi said closing the door after everyone was inside my office. "His father Grisha Yeager, his best friends Armin and Mikasa", Levi said pointing to the brown haired man first then the blonde and black-haired man and woman.

"I wanna see and talk to my son", Grisha said angrily. "Is he okay", Said Armin frantically while Mikasa just glared at both Levi and I. She didn't seem the talkative type at all. Sighing, I pinched the bridge of my nose and said, "Levi, bring Eren up here. I really am getting a head ache and all this damn drama is making it worse". "Yes sir", He said and walked out of my office to fetch Eren. "Please at least tell us how he's doing." Armin said talking a tentative step forward. "He is alright", I replied annoyed at all this drama. Armin nodded with a small smile, Mikasa just kept glaring at me. "Mikasa, right?" I said to her. "What's it to ya'" She said angrily at me. "I just want to reassure you that Eren is fine, but he was doing something highly illegal", I said to her softly. She tched, much like Levi does when he's pissed or annoyed at something.

There was a soft knock on my door then Levi walked in pushing Eren Yeager in softly. Mikasa was instantly at his side asking if he was alright and because he couldn't push her away from the hand cuffs, he had to endure it. "Mikasa, please, I'm okay Please give me room to breathe", Eren said annoyingly toward her. On the other hand, Mikasa has the same last night as Levi, 'Ackerman'. Are they somehow reated? I'll investigate that later. Armin has successfully pulled Mikasa away from Eren as Grisha hugged him then smacked him in the back of the head, lightly before saying, "Are you an idiot? You're gonna ruin your career, and will most likely be sent back to Germany".

"Honestly dad, that would be fine, I'll be closer to mom", Eren said, but he said it in German. I didn't understand him but I Knew Levi did and his friends. Grisha switched into German as well.

Eren POV:

My dad sighed and replied back, switching to our native tongue as well, "I miss her too son, but basketball is your life. You know this, Mikasa, Armin, even the whole team knows this. Don't throw it away." I looked down biting my lip, thinking of my mother. But my dad was right, I shouldn't throw my dreams away. "But I said I wanted a layer I'm sure I'll be back at practice soon", I said in German. He rolled his eyes at me. I looked over to see Erwin with a confused face, does he not know German? I knew Mikasa and Armin were still doing their best to learn. But I remembered Levi was basically fluent in German. I turned to see Levi with a look of what is it? Sympathy? Concern? I'm not entirely sure, but I know I don't deserve it I'm sure. "'Please do not hide your conversation with us Mr. Yeager and Eren. We are FBI", Erwin said as politely as he could.

My dad nodded at Erwin while saying a quick sorry; but I sighed then remembered something. "Sir, I want out of these handcuffs. There is nothing physically I can do to you or Agent Levi here, you both are way stronger than I, and I barely know how to fight." Erwin seemed to think for a minute and motioned for Levi to unlock the cuffs around my wrist. Rubbing my wrists softly I looked toward Levi who had the faintest of pink on his cheeks. Honestly, he looked kind of cute? Adorable? Beautiful, is the right word, "Beautiful". I hadn't realized I said it out loud until I saw Levi's cheeks turn a brighter shade of pink, his eyes widening, as well as my fathers and Mikasa's and Armin's.

"Shitty brat", he grits out between his teeth, "Don't sat shitty things like that". "But Levi, it's not shitty", I said softly just as someone knocked on Erwin's door. He seemed a bit my annoyed at who ever was behind the door, Erwin sighed and said a quick come in; and my lawyer walked in. Damn, that fast to, she's always ready and quick to get to work. She saw me and grabbed my arm pulling me to a corner to talk to me. I explained to her quickly what was going on while she nodded and immediately began thinking. After talking we walked back over to everyone. "Hello, Agent Ackerman and Lieutenant Smith, I'm Yuki Cobb, Eren Yeager's lawyer, "She shook both their hands. My dad, Mikasa, and Armin had to leave us alone while we talked about things. I was getting bored every minute spent here in this office.

Levi POV:

The shitty brat called me beautiful, he must be blind if he thinks that. Then his lawyer came in she had blonde shoulder length hair; dark blue eyes. She had on a simple black pencil skirt with a blouse and jacket and dark gray pumps. She didn't seem to favor make up. Her skin was a pale olive color, she also had the faint look of light gray eyeshadow then some eyeliner and mascara, as well as some lip gloss. If I wasn't gay I'd say she was beautiful. She introduced her self as Yuki Cobb. I noticed she had a diamond on her ring finger, engaged? Probably, I thought after shaking her hand. Her skin was soft as well, probably uses lotion daily.

"Eren pleads guilty to hacking but he did nothing to alter any computer data nor alter records and important files, so I propose he be let off with probation", She said. Wow, that fast and quick after a 5-minute conversation she already thought of something. "What are you crazy? Probation? He hacked into federal systems and the presidential systems." I replied angrily before Erwin could give me a look that told me to be quiet. I sighed tching annoyingly and looked off to the side. "What reasoning do you have behind this?" Erwin said to her and she sighed softly sitting down on a chair in front of the office desk. Eren sat in another next to her as she continued speaking. "I'm having my forensics team dive into his laptop and his phone for any evidence of tampering with any data logs in your systems and the presidents. I'm also having my computer analysis teams for any evidence of deleted data that could be important to the federal systems and the presidents. It'll take a few weeks to be done, so at the moment, you have no proof that he had actually had done tampering to your systems", She paused in her statements to lick her lips then continued, "So, after 72 hours, you are forced to let him go, or just save him the time and let him go now and wait for the team to finish there analysis'". She finished smiling her eyes crinkling lightly at the corners.

I looked to Erwin and realized he was contemplating what she was saying, is he crazy, it may not show him tampering with anything, but this kid knows how to keep his IP address and his computer name form the records and logs of the systems except the one time he seemed to be in a hurry. "I see your point Ms. Cobb.." She paused him politely and said, "Mrs." He nodded and continued, "Sorry, Mrs. Cobb, But he still did hack in Federal Systems, it's just a federal offence on its own. I can't just let him go". Good, he actually has some sense in his head. "I understand that Lieutenant Smith, but in reality all hacking is a federal offence but most hackers are let go on 2 years probation and in some case sentenced to jail for a little over a year. You're only trying to do this differently because it's your own personal systems", She replied to him as she shifted her small purse to lay on her lap instead of on her side. Her ring shining in the soft glow of the lights over head. She did have a point, I had to admit that, and honestly I see where's she's coming from now. There really inst any evidence stating that Eren really did tamper with records and data logs from both the federal systems and the presidents.

"Erwin, I kind of see her point", I entered the conversation looking toward him and he said, "You're words are irrelevant sense you have a romantic feeling towards him and the fact that you are a huge fan of his team and him self". I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, like I let any feelings disturb my work. I didn't care when we found my uncle that time nor did I do anything when we finally found out who murdered my mother." I crossed my arms over my chest and he sighed nodding and said, "I guess I can understand, but if I let him go, the people, the citizens, of this country might think that I'm letting him off because of his high ranking celebrity status". "I'll just tell the reporters that, thats not it. The investigation is going underway", Eren finally spoke beside his lawyer. That's true, with him be this high ranking basketball player, they'll take his words to be heart, as well at his lawyer's words. Erwin sighed and nodded, "But only on one condition, when you're team is done with his computer and phone we'd like to analyze them ourselves with our teams".

"Of course, that seems fair enough. She stood up and reached her hand out again, "Pleasure doing business with you and speaking with you Lieutenant Smith and Special Agent Ackerman". We both shook her hand and after Erwin signed a release form for Eren, they both were off.

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