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Castle on a Cloud
By Duckie4rmabove

Chapter 33 - Second Writing

"No!" The tall brown hair servant leaped towards his master.

This provided no help as Kairi fell to the ground grasping her bandage wound, where the bleeding as started again and due to the fire the wound was once again reopened.

"You fool! You dare go against me!" Seth screamed.

"You said you wouldn't hurt her" The servant forward himself towards him.

"I lied now......." Seth barely finished his sentence when a sudden sharp pain entered his chest.

"I'll kill you if it's the last thing I do!" The servant tripped him and lifted his foot up high about to pounce, but Seth had his own reaction as he grabbed it and twisted it.

The servant fell down in deep pain as he looked from the Kairi and seeing to everything gathering by her side, he kept to his promise.

"Now I'll kill you too" Seth standing over him. The servant moved his unbroken leg and Seth fell straight to the ground as he shot the air.

With only one good leg he struggled as he stood up, he was a good fighter, but he as never been handicap. Seth quickly lifted himself up and took a punch at his once loyal servant.

The servant intercepted his force and jabbed Seth's elbow upward. He screamed at the immense pain as he staggered backwards breathing heavily.

The servant charged at his master like an ego-manic, Seth prepare for the collision with the gun still in his bad arm he tried to trigger it, but his arm was too weak.

It was now a fight of strength, of who could withstand the most force. The servant pressed with all his strength hoping that Seth will soon fall, with Seth thinking the same. Seth soon became weak and to the point where he could bear it no longer, but he could not lose. With the last of his strength, the gun in his weak limp arm he tried to trigger it once more.

The servant took his last breath as he fell to the cold ground that was litter with his DNA by now.

"That's what you get for disobeying me" Seth smiled as he turned to the group trying to wake Kairi. He aimed his gun once again.

"Stop!" A hard voice came behind him.

Seth turned his head to see a man and a woman standing in front of a whole army of police men suited up for the worst.

"Where is Kairi? What have you done with her?" The woman shouted.

"Dropped your gun and get on the ground!" A louder voice shouted from behind the couple.

Seth seeing that he was outnumbered did as he was told.

"Mr. Shiratori" Sandra ran to them and pointed to the unconscious Kairi.


A vision of blur surrounded Kairi, her eye flicker in the darkness, all movement cause pain to shoot down her body. Having no clue where she was, she panic as to she didn't not know to be scared or to feel safe from Seth.

"Don't move so much or you'll hurt yourself again" A female voice commanded.

"Where am I?" Kairi asked.

"Domino Hospital" The nurse answered.

"What time is it?" Kairi asked another question.

"It's about time you woke up" The nurse laughed. "Get some rest.... You'll feel better in the morning...... I promise"

Kairi nodded as he closed her eyes, vision of Seto, Sandra, Mokuba, Mr. and Mrs. Shiratori filled her mind. Memories of Mr. and Mrs. Shiratori paraded around in her thoughts as she smiled in her heart.

"Kairi" She heard someone whisper to her. She dreamed that it was Sandra begging her to play with her again or to take her to Mokuba.

"Kairi" This time she felt nudging on her shoulder. Her slowly pricked open her eyes to see the sun shining and a group of smiling faces above hers except for one serious face.

"Mr. Shiratori! Mrs. Shiratori! Sandra! Mokuba! Seto" She smiled as the nurse was correct. She did feel a lot better when the sun was shining.

"I'm glad to see that your okay daughter" Mr. Shiratori smiled. "Your program sent out a distress signal to mines, you should be glad I decided to bring it along"

"Your program fixed all the government files so everything is back to normal" Seto said as nothing as ever happened.

"What happened?" Kairi finally asked.

"Mr. and Mrs. Shiratori came with a whole army!" Sandra leaped.

"What about that servant? Is he hurt too?" Kairi asked as she needed to thank him.

All eyes shot down to the floor. Kairi immediately knew what that meant.

"Hello, may I please ask you all to leave for a moment the doctor would like to check Kairi" A nurse interrupted her silence. Everyone nodded as left leaving Kairi.

"Hello Kairi" A female voice beamed with brightness.

"Hello" Kairi almost chocked on air.

"Let's see how your doing" The doctor smiled as she checked her pressure points. After about five minutes of asking question about each direct point the doctor smiled.

"You're healing great, at this rate you can leave by next week" The doctor said as she wrote in her charts.


A Week Later........

"So how are you feeling?" A nurse poked her head in Kairi's room.

"Great!" Kairi answered with excitement as it was her day to be released.

"That's excellent, your parents are here to pick you up" The nurse smiled.

"Daughter!" Mr. Shiratori greeted her as he walked in.

Kairi smiled as she threw her arms up inviting a hug.

"I'm glad to see you doing well" Mr. Shiratori gladly accepted the invitation.

"If it were for you I'll be gone, Thank you.........Father" Kairi hugged him tighter.

Mr. Shiratori eyes widen as a tear fell from his eyes, not a tear of sadness, but a tear of joy. "My daughter"

"Father........ May I visit a friend before I arrive home?" Kairi asked.

"Why of course" Mr. Shiratori took her things in hand. "Just tell the driver where too"

"Thank you" Kairi took the fresh bound flowers the nurse had gotten for her.


Kairi walked up slowly to a gravestone, a tear fell from her face.

"I don't exactly know what happen......but something tells me you here because of me...... It's a shame I didn't even get your name......." Kairi sighed as she laid the flowers gently beside the stone.

"The nurse was nice enough to give me your information........ Well I came here to say Thank You for what you did for me" Kairi smiled. "Even your tombstone doesn't have your name....... How ironic"

"You will always be a mystery....... Maybe that's how you wanted to live your life....... Well at least you're in a better place...... Thank you" Kairi smiled and stood up and say one last prayer.

Kairi turned around and gasped. "Seto don't scare me like that"

"I came to see how you were doing at the hospital and I saw your limousine leave so I followed" Seto said.

Kairi kept quiet.

Seto kept quiet.

'It was useless for both of them to be quiet' Kairi thought. "So where are we?"

"That is not mine to decide" Seto answered.

"Why is it not?" Kairi asked.

"A lot of things have happened to us both" Seto started explaining.

Kairi smiled widely then stuck out her hand. "Hi My name is Kairi Shiratori"

Seto was confused by this. "Kairi Shiratori?"

"Yes, Kairi Shiratori, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shiratori who are the founders and CEO of Shira Inc." Kairi kept her hand out.

Seto only stared at Kairi like she was insane.

"Nice to meet you Seto Kaiba who is the president and CEO if Kaiba Corps" Kairi continued as she let her hand fall back to her side.

"My father is in my limousine waiting for me, how about we meet later and get to know each other more" Kairi started to feel she was talking to herself.

"Your father?" Seto shocked to hear those words from her lips.

"Yes" Kairi pointed in the direction they should be heading.

Seto turned around and started walking. Kairi gave another of her smiles and leaped a little to catch up with Seto. Kairi glanced at his face to see the serious man that seems to be always there when nothing dramatic is happening.

Kairi removed Seto's hand from his side and slide her fingers into his. The two walked back to their limousines. Hand in Hand

The End

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