This takes place after the Hellmouth is closed the second time. Spike has gone for a walkabout, Tara is not dead (sorry, I like her and Willow) and Buffy is still being a super hero. SG-1 is still together and I am the not owner of Buffy, or SG-1 Stargate. This is my wish for a happy romantic universe. Major Mary Sue-but hey, what do you want with a war going on..

            Sunnydale Gazette-during excavation of the new swimming pool for Sunnydale Park, an unknown relic resembling a golden coffin with Egyptian like symbols was uncovered. Local archeologist, Max Brenner, who was mysteriously killed on Friday, was quoted as saying, "Obviously a fake. Someone's idea of a practical joke. The only way the relic could have been brought here was by aliens!"

            Daniel was really trying to ignore the phone. It had interrupted his contemplation of the leftover pizza on his coffee table. He was on vacation for crying out loud. Who was he kidding? He was bored out of his mind!

            Finally, with a sigh he heaved himself up and answered the phone. "Daniel Jackson."

            "Dr. Daniel Jackson?" a proper British voice asked. "Uh, Yeah. Can I ask who this is?" Daniel asked impatiently.

"This is Rupert Giles, I met you in London about 6 years ago. It was at the same time that you were, um; dismissed for your views…" he trailed off. "When everyone said I was insane when I said that aliens had built the pyramids of Egypt." Daniel said wryly. "Yes, well," Giles said carefully, "I think I have something that may interest you. I now reside in Sunnydale, California. There was a gold sarcophagus uncovered during a local building project that I think applies to your hypothesis. I was wondering if you could fly out here and consult with me? " Giles stood with his back to the person at the table.

Daniel had been listening, bent over looking at a piece pizza that had escaped its box, when he jerked straight up banging his head on the corner of the cabinet door. "Ow, Ow, Ow,  Damn it!" He was seeing stars. "Dr. Jackson, are you alright?" Giles asked in concern.

"Yes, for a damn fool who cannot remember to close a cabinet door. "A gold sarcophagus? Can you tell me if there was writing on it?" He asked looking for a pen to write with now. "Yes, they are Egyptian." Daniel stopped thinking about his throbbing head. "I am very interested in flying out there to see what you have. I'll be there tomorrow." He started mentally arranging the details of the trip.

"Excellent, we will see you tomorrow Dr. Jackson. I am at the shop called the Magic Box, in Sunnydale" He hung up the phone and turned around to the red headed witch at the table.

"He is the best hope that we have Willow." Giles reverted to his nervous habit of taking off his glasses to clean them, indication of how concerned he was.

"Well, Okey Dokey then. I will gather all the pictures of the relic, and the books and stuff on Kek, so we can impress him. " With that she began to gather up the masses of books and papers on the table. One of the papers was from Giles collection, a paper written by Dr. Jackson.

The door to the Magic Box bounced open, the bell jingling, and Buffy walked in.

"What's up? Hi Will." she grabbed Giles cup of coffee on the counter, stealing a drink. "Ewwwww, how long has that been sitting there?" She sputtered in disgust. Giles smiled at her, "Are you patrolling tonight?" He moved over to help Willow organize the mess.

"Yep, the new big bad has been quiet for a couple of days, but there always vamps for me to stake." She said matter of factly, moving to one of the chairs at the table and sitting down. Willow came over to sit beside her. "Hey Buff, lets get takeout tonight, and Giles and I will help Dawnie with her homework while you patrol. Right Giles?" she glanced over at him, he was cleaning his glasses again. "Giles?"

He jerked, "What? Oh, yes, we'll make sure everything goes smoothly, and I'll do some more research. You ladies go ahead."

Buffy looked at Willow, who shook her head and they left, the door jingling.

            Daniel called Jack but got his machine. He then called Sam and Teal'c answered. "Major Carter's residence."

            "Hey Teal'c, is Sam around?" Daniel asked. "Indeed, and how are you Daniel Jackson?" Daniel winced, "Great, just great Teal'c." Teal'c set the phone down, and in a minute or so he could hear Sam's muffled voice. He was trying to pack and not drop the phone at the same time, with a spectacular lack of success.

            "Daniel, are you going to be here tomorrow? Sam asked.

 "No Sam, listen. I have to go to California tomorrow on a research project." He looked around for another shoe to match the one in his hand.

            "California? Why?" Sam asked. "Um, a friend has found something interesting on Egyptian culture relating to the research I am doing." He said carefully.

"Understood. Call if you need us, and have a great time in California." She hung up the phone, turning to Jack and Teal'c. "We may have shorter vacation than we hope." "Aww crap." Jack said.

Daniel finally found his other shoe, throwing it into the open suitcase. He dialed another number on the phone in his hand and started making transportation arrangements.