Belle looks outside her window while her hands are on her swollen stomach. She sighs as she hears her husband walk into the room.

"You're thinking about the Queen's threat," He states as Belle turns around and nods.

"Yes," she says. "Rumple, we can't let her take our baby!"

Rumple grabs her shoulders and looks into her eyes.

"Belle, relax," said Rumple. "She can't do anything right now. It was just a threat to scare us."

"You're the dark one," Belle says quietly in tears. "I'm making an exception this once, do something!"

"Even with all my magical abilities, it's not that simple," Rumple starts lying to Belle that he was the one who created the curse and he could stop it if he wanted to, but he didn't want to. "All magic comes with a price and if the queen is planning something, like a curse, then I can't stop it. Curses are designed to be broken in certain ways. She probably has some way of making sure that my magic doesn't work."

"What is she trying to accomplish out of this?" asked an emotional Belle. "She hates Snow and James, not us… I mean you… but not me.."

"She hates everyone who has a happy ending," He says admitting some of the truth. But he knows why Regina hates Belle. He didn't want to tell her the truth about that either or else it'll risk their relationship that they worked hard to have.

"Yeah, but mostly them," said Belle. "Rumple, I can't help but think she hates me. I can't explain it, but it's the way she looks at me. So much hatred."

"Belle, you're getting yourself all worked up," said Rumple trying to ease her mind trying to get her to stop talking about it. "The queen can't hurt us right now. Is there any way I can put your mind at rest?"

Belle sighs and then looks at Rumple.

"I know you can see the future," said Belle. "I can't guarantee our baby's safety. But you can." Belle grips her husband's hands. "Can you promise me our baby's safety? Can you guarantee it? Because I can't."

"Oh Belle.." said Rumple. He knew everything but Belle doesn't know that he knows anything to due with the curse or that he had any contact with Regina about it. "Seeing the future is difficult. It's like a puzzle. With different pieces of the story that need to be solved."

"I need you to do this," said Belle emotionally. "Please. I can't rest until I know that our child will be safe from the queen. Just try. I need to know about this threat and our baby."

Rumple nods and closes his eyes tightly knowing he had to just to convince Belle that he nothing to do with it even though he does. It's his curse.

"The queen is creating a powerful curse," Rumple started as he moved his hands around in a circular motion. "And it's coming. We'll be trapped, just like I was, but only worse. For all our prisons will be time. No more happy endings…."

Rumple started to wise and his voice started cracking up badly.

"Our child; will save us," Rumple continued. "On its 28th birthday. Get our child to safety…"

Rumple dropped to his knees and started gasping for air. Belle fallen to her knees and held her husband.

"Rumple, are you ok?" asked Belle concerned.

"I think so…" he managed to say.

"I pushed you too hard," Belle said upset.

"Nononono," Rumple reassured still lying to Belle. He knew that the child was going to save them. All this was just an act to cover the truth. "You didn't. We needed to know about the Queen's threat and our baby. Even if it meant hurting me in the process."

Belle nodded and started sobbing.

"How are we going to protect our baby?" asked Belle emotionally.

"I don't know," Rumple said lying. "We'll find a way."

"So it's true…" asked Emma in such a shock that her words were crackled and her mind was going through so many thoughts. Snow turned around and smiled at her so-called daughter. She puts her hands on Emma's cheeks and pulled her into a hug.

"You found us," said Snow happily crying.

"Um," Emma could only say. Charming approached them and hugged Emma, cradling her head.

Rumplestiltskin was standing in the distance watching the reunion. He felt so many emotions that he didn't know how to react. All he could do is turn around and walk away.

"Grandpa?" asked Henry eagerly. Snow laughs as Charming looks at him and pulls him into a hug.

"Yeah kid, I suppose so," said Charming with one arm around Henry, and his wrapped around him. Emma smiled at the reunion.

Rumplestiltskin turned around and looked at Henry in shock.

Belle stormed at an incredibly fast pace out of the Nursery in such anger and pain that she wasn't thinking clearly. Rumplestiltskin was following behind.

"Belle, can we please talk about this?" asked Rumplestiltskin grabbing a hold of Belle and stopped her. He didn't want Belle to do this and discover that he was the one behind this curse. He couldn't do that to their family. He didn't want to lose Belle again.

"What is there to talk about?" Belle snapped. "Our baby is in danger every minute! I can't stand around and do nothing, we need to find a way to save our baby!"

"Belle, honey, you're letting your anger guide your thinking," said Rumple soothingly trying to convince Belle to stay so she doesn't figure out the truth. "You are certainly in no condition to be running off to who knows where! You aren't thinking rationally right now, and it won't help you or the baby. All this tension you have isn't getting us anywhere!"

Belle starts to get emotional and nods.

"I know.." Belle admits which calms Rumple down knowing she won't find out the truth by Regina or someone else. "But what can we do? We don't have a plan, or anything to fight back.. maybe good doesn't always win. Maybe this isn't a battle we're going to win.."

Rumplestiltskin started to get emotional at Belle's words and gripped onto her hands.

"I refuse to believe that," he said knowing that there was a way to break the curse he also didn't want Belle to turn against him or their child. He must figure out a way to make sure the curse doesn't break. "Giving up isn't an option."

"How do you know that for sure?" asked Belle in between sobs.

"I have hope," he said partially telling the truth to Belle about his hope to break the curse. "And I need you to have hope too. That our child will find us. Can you do that for me?"

Belle sighs and wipes the tears off her cheeks and smiles.

"Yes, of course," said Belle.

"That's right," said the Blue fairy floating down to them as they turned to face her. "Your child will find us. All of us. There is a way to save it."

Belle looks at Rumplestiltskin and let's out a happy laugh.

"There's a wardrobe being built by Gepetto and his boy," the Blue Fairy begins. "When the curse enacts, get the child to the wardrobe. It'll save the baby."

Belle faces Rumplestiltskin and laughs.

"We're going to be ok," said Belle happily. Rumple tried to smile, but he couldn't, because it will mean losing Belle and their child who will turn against him when they find out the truth. He already lost Bae and he can't risk losing his second child.

"But," the Blue Fairy says which made the two soon to be parents turn to her concerned. "There's the wardrobe is indeed powerful and all magic has it's limits.."

"No.." Rumple said. Belle turns to him scared.

"What's wrong?" asked Belle holding his arms.

"The wardrobe, it only takes one," said Rumple finishing her sentence. They aren't going to be together and knowing he ruined his second chance of fatherhood. To be a better father than he was with Bae.

The Blue fairy nods.

"Yes, I'm afraid your husband is right," said the Blue Fairy as they turned to face her again. "You can save your child, but I'm afraid you two can't go with the baby."

"But, that's not fair!" Belle snapped rudely. "We had plans! We were supposed to be with it, this isn't what we wanted!"

Rumplestiltskin grabbed her and settled her down.

"Belle, I know this isn't exactly how we planned our life," said Rumple, knowing this isn't what he wanted either but if the curse doesn't break, it'll cover the truth. About their child finding out that her father is the dark one. He didn't like lying to Belle, but he didn't want the truth to be exposed."But life isn't perfect, it's full of twists and turns, and this curse, it's just a turn. Our baby will find us. We have hope."

"Your husband is right dear," said the Blue Fairy as Belle turned to face her. "Hope is exactly what you need right now."

Belle sighs and nods again.

"I have hope," said Belle before she clenched onto her swollen stomach and shrieked as Rumplestiltskin grabbed her concerned. A liquid started dripping on the floor.

"Belle, are you ok?" asked Rumple concerned as he steadied her balance.

"Rumple," said Belle facing him. "The baby, it's coming!"

The entire crowd walks down the street, and Emma is clearly annoyed.

"Emma, wait, don't you want to talk, I mean, about your life, everything?" Snow said walking beside Emma. You must have questions!"

"The only questions I have is for Gold," Emma said not interested in the slightest to connect. "Why did he double cross me and what was that purple haze he brought!"

"Look I know this is a lot to take in but we-" Charming started but Emma interrupted him.

"Yes! I've been dreaming and waiting for this moment for so long, my head filled with pondering questions and concerns since I was a child constantly moving from one home to the next! But realizing that my parents are fairytale characters isn't exactly what I had in mind!" Emma snapped at Snow and Charming. She took a deep breath and sighed realizing she may have crossed the line. "I.. I need time.. that.. that's all."

Emma turned around and walked away as everyone was following her. Soon they saw Archie running down the street to them.

"Oh thank goodness I found you! I need your help, Dr. Whale whipped everyone into a frenzy and they are going over to Regina's house! They are going to kill her!" Archie said panting and trying to catch his breath.

"Great, let's watch," Grumpy said.

"No! No matter what she's done, killing her is wrong!" Archie exclaimed.

"He's right, Regina is still my Mom," Henry said as Emma looked down at her son. "We can't let them kill her! We gotta stop them!"

"Don't worry Henry, I won't let them kill her," Emma said before running down the street along with the others.

Belle was in their bed screaming in pain and agony. Sweat was dripping down her forehead and she was crying so hard. She was labored breathing. She gripped onto Rumplestiltskin's hand so hard that he wasn't getting any blood circulation in his hand.

"Get it out!" Belle screamed in so much pain crying as sweat dripped down her forehead. "You did this to me!"

"The next contraction is going to be in 20 seconds, and this time I need you to start pushing," the doctor said sitting in front of Belle getting ready to deliver the baby. Then Belle looked outside her window in heavy laboured breathing and saw the purple haze coming their direction.

"Oh no, the curse," Belle said in between harsh breaths and sobbing. "I can't have this baby now!"

"10 seconds," the doctor said. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6.."

"54321!" Belle screamed. "Oh!"

"Push!" the doctor shouted. Belle screamed and cried in so much pain as she pushed, holding onto Rumple's hand.

"Stop!" the doctor said looking at the position of the baby. "The baby is at a difficult position, so you will have to push even harder."

"I can't!" Belle screamed and cried. "I can't push any harder!"

"Belle, yes you can, I promise you, just push," Rumple said soothingly. Belle tried again.

"Nothing is happening Belle, you have to push harder," the Doctor demanded.

Belle nodded and gripped Rumplestiltskin's hand harder and screamed at the top of her lungs as tears poured down her cheeks and pushed as hard as her body would allow her. Before she knew it, both of them heard a baby cry. Belle relaxed and leaned her back against her pillows. Her hair was damp, and she let out a few tears because she was still in pain that was starting to descend. The Doctor went to wrap up the baby before giving the baby to Belle.

"She's so tiny," Belle said quietly in between sobs of joy. "So perfect.. Hi Emma.. I know you.."

"Rumple, the curse, it's coming," Belle realized before looking at her husband. "You have to take her to the wardrobe."

"Belle, you aren't thinking, I can't lose you or our child," Rumple said. He didn't want to be separated from them again, he can't.

"I am thinking Rumple! You won't lose us, we'll be together again," Belle said in between sobs. "I promise."

"Belle, I have to tell you something… I created-" Rumple said knowing Belle should know the truth about everything after knowing that he'll lose Belle and Emma anyways.

"This isn't up for a discussion!" Belle snapped interrupting Rumple. "Take her, we have to give Emma her best chance. Please."

Rumple nodded and carefully took the baby from Belle's arms.

"Goodbye Emma," Belle said and kissed her forehead.

Rumple walked out of the room as Belle cried. Regina appeared in a puff of smoke in front of the wardrobe.

"Aww, isn't this a pretty sight, the dark one has a daughter," Regina said with a laugh. "What is her name, hmm?"

"Not telling," Rumple said rudely holding a sleeping newborn Emma. "Get out of my way or else you will suffer a painful death."

"Oh someone is a bit feisty," Regina said with a evil smile. "Did Belle abandon you because she found out the truth about the curse you created for me?"

"Go away dearie, please," Rumple said angrily.

"Your pleases get a less affect on me," Regina said. "But I will. Take care, dark one."

Regina disappeared in a puff of smoke, as Rumple leaned down and kissed Emma on the forehead and placed her in the wardrobe, within an instant Emma disappeared including the wardrobe. Belle walks in the room in pain and fell to her knees beside Rumple.

"Thank you," Belle said and kissed his cheek. "We did the right thing."

Rumple smiled small as the roof of the dark castle blew off and Belle clinged to Rumple and buried her head in his shoulder.

"I love you," Belle managed to say in between harsh sobs.

Rumple looked up at the curse and sighed as the curse sent them away.

Emma pushed passed the crowd and shouted,

"Stop! This is wrong, despite everything she's done!"

Emma got to the front of the crowd and pushed Dr. Whale away from Regina.

"Stay away from her, Whale," Emma snapped. "I swear to god if you touch her again I'll throw you're damn butt into jail and you won't see daylight for-"

"Is that a threat?" Dr. Whale asked with a chuckle. "You, the mighty saviour is threatening me. And why in the name of hell should I listen to you?"

"Because I'm still the sheriff," Emma snapped ignoring the fact that she was the savior.

"Because she saved you!" Charming added in. "All of you! Look, I know you all are angry and confused but it doesn't mean we have to react in physical violence!"

"We are just as confused as the rest of you, but we have to remain calm!" Snow said holding Henry up against her. "We will sort this out. But for now, instead of killing Regina, we will take her away and lock her up."

"Oh you think locking her up is going to help? I say she needs to pay for what she's done!" Dr. Whale shouted before heading towards Regina but Charming cuts him off and shoves him away.

"Back off Whale!" Charming warned.

"You aren't my prince," Dr. Whale snapped.

"Who are you, Whale?" Charming asked confused.

"That's my business," He said.

Emma closes the cell door on Regina. She grabs the cell bars.

"I'm a prisoner now?" Regina asked.

"The curse is broken, why didn't we go back?" Charming asked sternly

"Because there's nothing to go back to, that land is gone," Regina said with a small smile.

"That smirk isn't going to last forever, Regina!" Emma almost shouted before grabbing her arm and yanking it towards her. "Listen to me good. If you even try and break out of here… and let's just say hypothetically you do, I will hunt you down and destroy you, if it's the last thing I do."

Charming and Snow look at each other shocked of Emma's nasty new behavior. Emma yanks her hand away as Regina laughs.

"Oh you are so cute when you get angry, Miss. Swan," Regina said with a laugh. "Believe me, I don't need to worry about you." She gets more serious. "You have no idea what I am capable of. So you are the one that should be worried."

"That's it!" Emma shouted but Charming held her back.

"Emma, it's not worth it," Charming said sternly. Emma breaks free from Charming. Henry looks at the group scared but Snow held his hand. Emma groans and marches out of the room.

"I wonder where she gets that rage of anger from," Snow whispered to Charming.

"That's strange," Charming whispered back.

"Let's go find Gold, so I can give that lousy jerk a piece of my mind," Emma said walking back in before walking back out followed by the others.

Mr. Gold walks into the police station. Regina stands up and looks at him.

"Magic different now, dearie," Mr. Gold states. Regina rolls her eyes and scoffs.

"So I've noticed," Regina said. "I assume this is all you're doing."

"I have a question for you, dearie, where did hide Belle?" Mr. Gold asks standing in front of Regina behind bars.

"I don't know where that brunette bookworm is," Regina snaps. "I assumed you've reunited with her."

"No," Mr. Gold sighs worried, then turns into anger. "I know you kidnapped her, and you better tell me where!"

"I've already told you Gold, I don't know where your precious Belle is," Regina said irritated. "Have it ever dawned on you that she found out the truth?"

Mr. Gold remains silent for a moment refusing to believe that Belle found out the truth about everything. Then something hit him, she couldn't have, the curse just broke and everyone isn't worried about the curse anymore. They are concerned about returning to the Enchanted Forest.

"Don't you try and cover up, your Majesty, I know you have Belle," Mr. Gold snaps again on a rage of anger. "You better tell me where she is… if you don't, I have ways to make you talk."

"OK fine!" Regina said giving up. "I don't know where she is per-se, but I may know where she might be headed."

"Go on."

Emma barged into the pawn shop full of anger and emotion.

"Gold!" Emma shouted. No answer. Emma walked around the room. "Gold, I know you are here! Get your ass out here!"

Still no answer. Emma groaned and walked into the backroom and still no sign of him.

"Emma, he's obviously not here," Snow said concerned that Emma still has this side to her. "Let's try somewhere else."

"I don't care, this is his shop and he will come back," Emma said leaning against the glass desk. "I'll be waiting for him."

"You mean to tell us that you are going to wait in this, slightly creepy, hell hole for god knows how long until Gold comes back?" Charming asked shocked and annoyed. "That's crazy, Emma. It'll be faster to find him on foot."

"We won't find him standing around here," Snow said.

"I didn't ask for you two to stay with me," Emma snapped crossing her arms over her chest. "I'm capable to take care of myself. Let me know if you do happen to find him though."

Charming sighed and took a step towards Emma.

"Hon, what's going on with you? You've been rude and snapping ever since we reunited. Is something wrong?"

"Well finding out that my parents are Snow White and Prince Charming isn't exactly what I had in mind," Emma admitted. Snow and Charming shared a glance before she continued. "I, I just need time, a-and space. That's- that's all."

"Emma…" Snow started but Charming interrupted herm

"OK, if time and space is what you need, then we'll give it to you," Charming said. "Come on, Mary Margaret."

Emma sighed as Snow and Charming left and shut the door which made the bell jingle. Emma looked around and picked up some items on the glass counter. She sighs and places them back down. Emma walks into the back room and sees a spinner, a small desk and books. She walks around until she sees an open envelope with a letter inside. Emma looks around to make sure that no one was inside the store before sitting down and opens the letter to read it. As she read, her eye sockets grew large, her mouth drops open and she boils with rage as she grips onto the letter harder and then she rips it into shreds. Emma smacks her hands on the desk and knocks everything off it. How could this possibly be true? Mr. Gold can't be her father, it's impossible. Charming is her father. Then she thought of something, they could've lied to her. Regina might've purposely screwed up her memories.

"They lied to me," Emma said quietly. "And Regina messed up my memories… but who would be my parents?"

Emma looked at a piece of ripped paper that said "Rumplestiltskin". She picked it up and looked at it and sighs. She knows now that the only way to get this mess sorted out if she asked Mr. Gold alone, her questions, and go to Regina to see if her theory is true.

Mr. Gold walked down deep into the forest and found Belle at the well, that Regina suspected she would be headed to.

"B-Belle?" He asked, voice choked up. She turned around and stood there without saying a word. Her face as unidentifiable; expressionless. Mr. Gold remains silent for a moment and walked over to her. He tried to place a hand on her shoulder but Belle took a step back.

"Oh Belle…" Mr. Gold tried. Belle shook her head and let out some tears.

"You lied to me," Belle started as if she was crying for some time. She looked up at him. "When I thought you've changed.."

"Belle if you just let me explain…"

"What is there to say Rumple?" Belle said in between sobs. "You created the curse, and didn't tell me, knowing full well that we wouldn't be together. You forced Emma to grow up alone. Without us. You went behind my back and continued to.. hurt people, kill them. You supported Regina. I, I can't forgive you, Rumple. It's too painful."

"Belle I…"

"You don't get to speak," Belle said in tears. "When I thought I saw the man behind the beast… now there's only a beast."

"Belle please, I-I don't want to lose you," Mr. Gold said in tears.

"You already have," Belle said crying. "Stay away from me and Emma. She doesn't deserve to know what kind of person you really are."

Belle starts to walk away but Mr. Gold calls out to her, "Have you met her, Emma?"

"No," Belle said quietly facing away from him. "I will. But we don't deserve you after what you did to us. You tore this family apart, Rumple. You pushed me away from you after we worked so hard to make our relationship possible. For good."

"Belle, you know I wouldn't hurt you or Emma," Mr. Gold said in tears.

"You already did," Belle said backing away when he tried to touch her shoulder. "You really are a beast."

Belle walked away leaving Mr. Gold in tears.


Emma walks into the police station full of rage and anger. She walks up to Regina snarls at her.

"I want the truth!" Emma yelled.

Regina chuckled.

"How nice to see you Miss. Swan," Regina said with a smirk.

"Cut with the crap," Emma shouted. "I want the truth, the whole truth about who I am and who the hell are my parents!"

"I'm not quite sure what you're referring to, Miss. Swan," Regina said in denial holding the bars of the cell.

"Oh I think you do," Emma said strictly. "And if you don't start talking Madam Mayor, I will ask Gold for the truth."

"And you think that bastard will provide you any answers?" Regina asked. "The only way that'll happen is if you-"

"Make a deal, I'm willing to do what it takes," Emma said strictly. "Are you going to tell me the truth, or is Gold going to rat out your little secret?"

"Oh you are a smart woman, Miss. Swan, figure it out," Regina said sternly. Emma groans and starts to walk away but Regina calls out to her, "Sometimes our answers are looking at us right in the eye, and we don't even know it until you begin to look in the right places… And Miss. Swan, I think you have. You know who you're birth parents are, at least one of them."

Emma sighs and crosses her arms. She hates to admit this, but Regina is right. She does know who her father is, even if she doesn't like the answer.

"But the only question is, are you willing to admit it, instead of avoiding the obvious?" Regina finishes.

Emma sighs and walks out of the station.

She walks down the main street of Storybrooke, not looking where she was going, she bumped into a brunette woman. Emma snaps out of her train of thoughts and looks at the woman.

"I-I'm so sorry," the woman said feeling embarrassed. Emma sighs and smiles small. "I wasn't looking, are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Emma said reassuringly. "It was my fault, I wasn't looking either."

"What's your name?" She asked Emma.

"Emma, Emma Swan," Emma said introducing herself which made the woman look at her surprised. There was a moment of silence until she spoke up,


"Um, do I know you?" Emma asked very uncomfortable.

The woman smiled and wiped the tears off her cheeks and pulled her into a hug. Emma was shocked and didn't receive the hug.

"I'm your mother," she said quietly hugging her tighter. "Belle."

She released the hug and put her hands on Emma's cheeks and kissed her forehead.

"Oh Emma, you are so beautiful," Belle said with a smile. She brought Emma into one more hug. "You found me."

"Um…" Emma managed to say at a loss for words as Belle broke the hug. "I- um.. Uh.. Who's my um.."

"Father?" Belle finished for her. Emma nodded. Belle took a deep breath and knew that she had a right to know. "Rumplestiltskin. As you probably already know him as, Mr. Gold."

"Are you serious?" Emma said trying to comprehend all this in her head. Belle nodded.

"Yes, Rumplestiltskin is your father," Belle repeated trying to hold back her tears. "I know you must have questions.. So maybe we can go to.. Granny's and I can answer them."

Emma nodded as they walked off.

Belle and Emma are sitting at a booth at Granny's near the window.

"How did he end up, like this?" Emma asked sipping her hot cocoa with cinnamon. Belle sighed and took a deep breath.

"Your father, well, he wasn't always a beast," Belle started. "A long time ago, he had a son named Baelfire. Your brother. Every kid was sent to the Ogres wars at age 14, and Baelfire was almost 14. So they ran away from home, to find somewhere else to live. Anyways, long story short… You're father was convinced that turning into the Dark One would help him gain confidence to protect Baelfire."

"I-I have a brother?" Emma stammered in shock. Belle nodded. "What happened to him?"

"Baelfire wanted to find a place without magic so they could live out a happy ending," Belle continued. "He found a bean that can transport between realms. When the portal opened, Baelfire went through, but not your father. They were separated ever since."

"A place without magic?" Emma asked. "Here? This world? Baelfire is here?"

"I'm not sure, probably," Belle said.

"Is he your-"

"Oh Nononono," Belle interrupted. "He's not my son. Your father was married before me. To a woman named Milah, who's Baelfire's mother. Let's just say things didn't work out between them, and she died…. I guess you want to know how I met your father."

"Well.." Emma said feeling uncomfortable and trying to process all this information. She didn't want to be rude, but before she could finish, Belle interrupted her.

"It was a long time ago. I was to be married to Gaston. It was an arranged marriage by my father, your grandfather," Belle started. "There was a huge war, and your grandfather was going to give up on hope, but your father said he could stop the war, in exchange for me. So I went to stay with him, to save our family. At first I didn't really like him, but after a while I saw the man behind the beast… and let's just say I found out later I was pregnant with you. Your father wasn't so thrilled.." Belle shivers and rubs her arms thinking of when she told him she was expecting a baby. It wasn't pleasant. "He got used to the idea. Then I thought he changed. .. for good. Because after he found out, he wasn't harsh, rude.. he was different. A good different. But, I found out he lied. He didn't change at all. He went behind my back and created the curse knowing full well what would happen… we were separated… and forced you to grow up without us..."

Belle broke into tears and put her face into her hands. Emma just sat there, trying to process this information. She didn't know how to react or feel because finding out her parents are beauty and the beast isn't exactly what she had in mind. She sat there, as her mother cried, feeling uneasy. She played with her fingers and sighed, waiting for her to stop crying.

Belle sighed, and took her hands away from her face.

"I'm sorry Emma, I, um, shouldn't have done that," said Belle quietly. "Your father, well, he's a complicated man. He broke my heart, too many times."

"I know," Emma managed to say, feeling better that Belle stopped crying, and felt some sympathy for her. "I know what it's like to be heartbroken… I was too… but we can't let them change who we are, sometimes we have to punch back and say 'screw them, this is who I am.' and move on."

Belle smiled slightly and wiped some tears off her cheeks. Then they felt the ground shake and sirens went off. Emma looked outside, gripping onto the table, and saw wind gusting around, streetlights fell to the ground and shattered. Then she saw a black ghost type thing flying around.

"What the hell was that?!" Emma nearly shouted.

"I don't know," Belle said just as frightened. "But I have a clear idea who might be behind it."

Emma took notice and knew exactly who Belle was referring to.

Emma was walking down the street as a horrible storm hit Storybrooke with Belle. She ran into Henry, Snow and Charming. Emma ignored Charming and Snow. She looked down at Henry and pulled him into a hug.

"Hey kid," Emma said.

"W-who's this kid?" Belle asked.

"My son," Emma said.

"Your son?" Belle asked confused and shocked.

"Yeah, that's a story for another time," Emma said. "Henry, you are coming with me."

"What's happening, Emma?" Henry asked scared.

"I don't know kid, I really don't," Emma said before holding Henry's hand. "I'll find out."

Before they ran off, Snow stopped Emma.


"You aren't my mother," Emma said sternly. "Regina messed with our minds. Whatever you have memories of, don't believe it. It's all a lie!"

Emma turned around and ran down the street with Henry and Belle, leaving Snow and Charming confused.

They all ran inside Mr. Gold's shop. Emma was so furious as she let goed of Henry's hand and Belle brought him to her, holding his hand instead.

"Gold!" Emma shouted. "Get your damn ass out here!"

"Emma.. calm down.." Belle said.

Mr. Gold appears from the back room and sees Henry, Emma, and Belle.


"Oh shut up!" Emma snapped. Mr. Gold stopped talking and remained silent as Henry felt very frightened.

"Emma!" Belle said surprised.

"All you can do is tell us what you did," Emma said furiously.

"I'm sorry, you will have to be more specific," Mr. Gold said standing behind the glass counter.

"You know what we're talking about Rumple," Belle said holding Henry against her. "You did who knows what to this town!"

"You double crossed me," Emma snapped. "And worst of all you risked your grandson's life! What the hell was that damn purple haze you brought?!"

"You know… Magic," Mr. Gold said.

"Why?" Belle asked.

"Not telling," Mr. Gold replied.

"Maybe I don't need answers, maybe I just need to punch you in the face!" Emma shouted as Mr. Gold chuckled.

"Emma, that's your father!" Belle said shocked of Emma's language. Emma rolled her eyes and sighed. She didn't care in the least about her father at this point, she didn't even want to comprehend the fact that he was even her father. She didn't want to think about it, talk about it or anything. It was all too painful and too much to handle.

Mr. Gold chuckled and sighed. He looks at Belle and gives her a reassuring look.

"It's ok, Belle, I got this," Mr. Gold said before turning to a pissed off Emma. Belle takes a deep breath and holds onto Henry's hand tighter. Henry sighs and grips his hand harder too.

"Do you?" Emma said sternly. "I don't think you do at all."

"You are quite the charmer, aren't you Emma?" Mr. Gold said chuckling into his sentence which made Emma annoyed. "Look, Emma, I just want you to realize that I do understand how you see me. How your mother truly sees me." Looks at Belle who was holding back her tears. This was very hard to listen to. She felt like just turning around and leaving without turning back about second thoughts. This was very hard for her, especially when she needed time to heal her delicate heart that her husband as broken down. Hearing this, and seeing him isn't making this any easier on her. It probably was the same for him too, not easy to deal with this now.

"What I want you to believe that I do love you," Mr. Gold said quietly holding back tears. So was Belle. Emma rolls her eyes again and scoffs rudely. She doesn't care at all right now about what he has to tell her. But for some very strange reason, she couldn't stop him from talking about this. So she listened, but not caring. "I truly do. I messed up my first chance at fatherhood, and I vowed that the second time around I'd do better. Even if I wasn't there for you growing up. I guess what I'm trying to say is… I'm sorry, Emma. I really am."

Emma remained silent, but surprised that Mr. Gold had said that to her. That wasn't what she was expecting him to say. She didn't know how to process that at all, but at the same time she was truly pissed off at him for turning into the Dark one and doing rotten things beyond anything she could think of, and not being there for her, even though he wasn't the world's best father. But she couldn't deal with this now, she can't. This is all too much for her to figure out right now. Especially when there is other things that need to be done before she even considers thinking about it for the slightest second.

Belle looks at Rumplestiltskin and sighs, red eyed and feeling all sorts of emotions. She was still very angry at him for everything he did to her up until this point, but after hearing that being said from Rumplestiltskin, she felt a part of her heart wanting to forgive him, but the rest of her heart didn't want to go back and forgive him. Not yet at least. She needs to figure things out about herself as a Person, who she is, who is Belle, who she is as a mother to Emma, creating a special connection and bond, and her relationship with Rumplestiltskin. There is a lot to figure out and she can't deal with her relationship until she figures out the rest. Belle sheds some tears and puts her hand cross Henry's shoulders.

"I don't care for apologies, Gold," Emma finally said sternly after moments of silence. "I don't care about any of this. This is ridiculous. This isn't time for family bonding, this is time for answers and you better damn well deliver Gold. Now start talking!"

Mr. Gold chuckled, knowing that Emma would react that way to him. But he had to say that, even if he knew that Emma wouldn't care.

"What makes you think I would tell you?" Mr. Gold asked.

"Well, given because you put me, Henry, Belle and the rest of this goddamn town in danger, would conclude that our lives are at risk," Emma said sternly. "But whether or not you tell me isn't the issue. I think you know what will happen if you don't."

Mr. Gold stayed silent as he looked at Belle, then Henry, then back at Emma. She got tired of waiting around so she rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"Right. Don't tell us, why did I even bother?" Emma asked walking towards the door. Belle and Henry attempted to follow but Mr. Gold calls out,

"That thing… is going to take care of Regina."

Belle turned around furious and walked angry to him as Emma took Henry and held his hand.

"Of course you did. Getting revenge," Belle said angrily. "Regina had no part of this! Yeah, she casted the curse… but you created it. Why? Why would you do this?"

Mr. Gold finally spoke after a moment,

"You. I punished her for putting you in an asylum for 28 years, I don't want her hurting you or Emma," Mr. Gold explained. "I love you both."

"This is not going to make me love you again, Rumple," Belle said in between anger and sobs. "I know you care about Emma and I, but if you want to earn Emma's love, show her that you can be a father, and not a beast. If you want her love, don't risk it… cherish it."

"But.. what if I fail again?" He asked in tears.

"And that goes to show you that you are a coward," Belle said upset. "You aren't doing this for me. You doing this for yourself. You are trying to make up for your mistakes by punishing other people. Because you are sick and tired of looking at the man people see you as. I'm done Rumple. Stay away from Emma, and Henry. I'm willing to do what it takes to insure that my family is safe. Not the other way around."

Mr. Gold stood there, holding back his watery eyes and stood strong, as who people see him as. She turned around and walked outside with Emma and Henry who were shocked of what Belle has said to Mr. Gold.

Belle, Emma, and Henry stormed into the police station full of concern for Regina and saw the wrath sucking Regina's soul.

"Hey!" Emma shouted as she grabbed a chair and threw it at the wrath. The wrath shrieked and backed away from Regina for a moment. Then it went back to sucking Regina's soul. Emma turned to face Belle and Henry.

"That isn't going to work on this thing!" Emma shouted.

"Take Henry," Belle said as she ran off grabbed a fire thing and shouted, "Over here!"

The wrath turned around and Belle immediately sprayed fire at it. The wrath shrieked and tried to dodge it, but Belle sprayed it again and it shrieked one final time before it broke through the glass window and flew off. Belle panted as Emma ran over and helped Regina to her feet as she was gasping and coughing for air.

"What the hell was that thing?!" Emma asked completely shocked and nervous.

"A soul sucker," Regina said in between harsh breaths.

"Did we kill it?" asked Belle catching her breath.

"No, it's regenerating, it doesn't stop until it devours it's prey.. me," Regina explained.

"Emma turned to Regina, "How do we kill it?"

"You can't," Regina explained. "You can't kill something that's already dead."

"Then we have a problem," Belle said holding Henry against her. Henry sighs really scared.

"No kidding," Emma agrees. "What do we do?"

"We can't kill it, but we could send it to a world where it can't hurt anyone," Regina said finally gaining her breath. Emma, Belle and Henry looks at her confused.

"How?" Emma asked.

"Through Jefferson's hat," Regina replied. "We just need to lure it there."

Emma dropped Henry off with Ruby while her, Belle and Regina headed towards the town hall to try and lure the wrath into the hat. They spent time getting the room ready so when the wrath decides to come back, they will be ready for it.

"I didn't know you still had the hat," Emma stated as Regina set it down on the floor.

"I had it for a while," said Regina as Belle came in with brooms and gave one to Emma.

"We'll be ready when it comes back," said Belle firmly. She put liquid down the fence and then set it on fire. She put the liquid on their brooms and set them on fire.

"When will it be here?" Emma asked.

"Any time now," said Regina looking out the window as black clouds began to form. The ground began to shake, as they all steadied their balances. Emma looked at Belle and nodded.

"Ok, Regina when it comes in here, we'll distract it while you get that hat to open the portal," Emma explained as Regina nodded as bent over ready to make the hat open. The doors began to rattle as Belle and Emma got ready to fight it. The wrath shrieked and flew in as Emma shouted,


Emma and Belle kept the wrath far enough from Regina as she tried to make it open.

"Regina!" Emma shouted as she was waving her broom at the wrath. "Any time now!"

"I'm trying!" Regina snapped rudely trying to open the portal. Emma nodded at Belle as she bent over and tried to help. She touched Regina's arm as the portal glowed and opened. The hat started spinning as the woman looked at each other shocked. Emma and Regina stood up and backed away as Emma shouted,

"Belle! Let it in!"

Belle turned around and nodded. The wrath headed towards Regina but it got sucked into the hat and it immediately closed.

"Oh man," Emma said catching her breath. "That was close…"

"Emma, you never told me you had magic," Regina said surprised catching her breath.

"I.. well.. um.." Emma stammered just as surprised as she was. Belle took a step towards Emma and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you ok, Emma?" Belle asked concerned.

"I'm fine," Emma said as Henry and Ruby ran in.

"Emma, are you ok?" asked Henry.

"Yeah kid, I'm fine," Emma said with a smile. Henry looked over at Regina and walked over to her.

"I'm glad the wrath didn't kill you," Henry said with a smile. Regina smiled and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm glad too," she responded.

Ruby looked at them apologetically.

"I'm sorry, but he insisted," Ruby said feeling guilty.

"It's alright, Ruby," Belle said with a smile. She smiled back.

Later on, Belle was walking home as she saw the pawn shop. She thought about going in, and she did. She heard the bell jingle, and Mr. Gold appeared out of the back room.

"Belle.." he managed to say but Belle interrupted him.

"That thing.. the wrath.. could've killed Regina," Belle started. "You wanted that, didn't you?"

"Belle.. she had to pay for what she did," Mr. Gold said. Belle shook her head as she took a step closer to him.

"And killing her would've solved everything?" Belle asked him. Mr. Gold sat silently. "It wouldn't have made me forgive you. In fact, the only thing it did is push me away from you even more. Did you not know that you put our lives in danger? Did you even think about what would've happened if Emma died by the wrath? That you could've lost your daughter? How would you feel if you were the cause of her death…. all because you wanted revenge?"

"Oh Belle.. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself," Mr. Gold said in tears. "You and Emma mean the world to me. I-I just wanted to protect you."

"We don't need your protection!" Belle snapped because she was still angry at him. "Not at the cost of destroying innocent lives in the process. We are more than capable to take care of ourselves. I'm done falling back into these games with you, Rumple."

Rumple was about to walk away from her but he turned around instantly and walked back furious.

"You may not think you need me anymore, but Emma will," Mr. Gold said standing in front of her as Belle sneered at him. "She has inherited magic from me. She won't be able to control it on her own. She needs me. And once she realizes that... dearie, she'll come back to me."

"No she won't," Belle said sternly. "She needs love. She needs to have faith in herself. Embrace who she is. You won't give that to her. You'll train her into the darkness, exactly like you did with Regina all those years ago."

Belle stormed out of the pawn shop and slammed the door behind her.

The end of part 1