Chapter 1-1

Waking up in the Light

Screams of power, of rage and defiance echoed across unholy ground as a tall man in armor, stalwart and incorruptible burned twisted mockeries of human form with holy light, radiantly shining from a scroll. A woman of battle called upon the pure light, and monsters were burned to ash and blood. An old soldier bellowed defiantly as he fell upon his horrible enemies, rallying the others to his side.

And there then was the raider with the bloodstained past, who hacked with his dagger, and let loose with a furious blast of fire and metal into the ranks of horrors.

But it was upon them, as they beat the darkness back. A twisted amalgamation of human torso upon a multi-legged mass not unlike a scorpion. There was little left indeed that could be called human anymore.

As the terrible, twisted thing reared back, and it threw forth its massive, jagged appendage aimed at the Sister of Light, he did not think, only moved.

And then all he knew was agony, beyond everything.

The screams and unholy sounds faded away as darkness consumed his vision.

It seemed like his eternal limbo was to be the darkness, filled with the un-ending pain and agonizing silence.

But, all of it was broken by the sound of a bell, not a church bell, but something smaller and more innocent.

As some of the pain faded, the raider mercifully passed out, unaware of the one who had saved him calling out to her companions.

To the pokemon of that frozen world, a human was a sign of their salvation.

A bolt of lighting pierced the air as a young Pikachu was curled up tighter in the hidden cave of Sharpedo Bluff. He covered his head with a large leaf as the storm truly began to rage outside, unlike any other that had happened before.

Unknown to everyone, a tragedy was occurring between the folds of space and time.


"Woah! Are…Are you OK?!"

A flash of light, as things began to destabilize.

"No!" A cry of desperation from a young voice. "Don't let go!"

An increase of the darkness.

"Just a little longer…Come on! Hang on!"

A new voice, older and rougher responds, "I can't…hold on…dammit!"

An explosion of light and screams of surprise.

And for one human, a short fall to a beach, in a new form, with many memories, both beautiful and horrifying, disappearing. But some can never be permanently erased.

Only muddled.

"Urrgh…" Briefly, the human turned pokemon gained partial consciousness.

"Where… Where am I?" He gripped the sand, trying to rise but…

"...I can't…drifting off…" He mercifully blacked out again.

Luke stood in front of the Explorer's Guild, more specifically, the gate used to identify pokemon. He was pacing, heart filled with fear and doubt about stepping on the grate that looked rather spooky to him. Not only was there an impenetrable darkness in there, but a pair of loud voices.

"No. I refused to be paralyzed by this any longer!" Luke grabbed onto the little resolve he had. "This is it. I have to steel my courage today."

And with that, he stepped onto the grate.

However, all that resolve slipped away almost as soon as he heard a voice call out, followed by a second almost immediately.

"Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!"

"Whose footprint? Whose footprint?"

"The footprint is Pikachu's! The footprint is Pikachu's!"

"Waah!" Luke backed off quickly, his chest pounding. "That was too shocking!"

He exhaled, starting to calm down but his mind started to work again, mentally berating himself. He thought about what his mom would have done but the obvious answer was clear.

"Mom would be so ashamed of me…I can't work up the courage to go in after all..."

Luke took out the Relic Fragment he got when his dad took him along as a Pichu on a trip to a ruin back home. "I thought it would inspire me…" He put it away with a downtrodden sigh. "I just can't do it. I'm just a coward."

As he walked off, heading for the beach, he thought of Uncle Swampert."Kid, if you are ever feeling down, just go get with your friends. As long as you have a bond with someone, nothing is impossible."

"Easy for you to say. At least you didn't have to move away from all your friends." Luke muttered, kicking a rock.

But when he stepped onto the beach, everything negative just faded away when he saw it. One of the first sights he saw when he arrived a few years ago.

Bubbles, floating along in the air, like floating prisms in the sunset. The rainbows danced along as the gentle waves provided a soft background melody. It was the most soothing thing he had ever seen.

Luke sat down at the edge of the flowing and ebbing waves, just enjoying the view. That was interrupted when he heard a groan in the distance.

He looked down the beach, seeing an orange blob. Luke started to walk closer when he realized it was a Charmander. One that was in strange armor but passed out on the beach with its tail dangerously close to the water.

"Waaah!" Luke charged over, quickly picking up its tail.

"What happened?! Are you okay?" He asked, using one paw to hold up the tail while he used his free one to try and shake the weird pokemon awake.

The Charmander groaned louder, his eyes opening up under the hood. He stood up shakily, his tail slipping from the Pikachu's grip.

"Oh good, you don't seem to be hurt." Luke said, voice filled with relief. "You weren't moving and your tail almost got wet! You could have died."

The Charmander tilted his head and looked back at said tail, his surprise going unnoticed by Luke.

"Do you remember how you ended up unconscious out here? It's very hazardous for Charmanders." Luke frowned slightly when the fire type shook his head. "I'm Luke, it's nice to meet you. And who are you? I haven't seen anyone like you around here."

The Charmander put gloved hand to his head as one small fact clunked out. "I'm not from around here. I'm a human."

Luke looked shocked, his mind briefly thinking of his mom's stories before he responds. "But, you look like a normal Charmander… mostly…"

'I'm wondering how it happened to me myself.' Thought the Charmander, his face darkening as he tried to recall anything other than his name and the face that he was human before.

"Anyways, can you tell me your name?" Luke asked, not really thinking it was a joke.

"Ah. My name is Konstantin." The Charmander responded, at least happy that he could remember that.

"Kon-stan-tin?" Luke shuddered, having a hard time saying it quickly. "Do you mind if I just call you Kon?"

"I do not mind." As long as the nickname was not Stanley. He did not know why, but that nickname enraged him.

"Well, at least you're not a bad pokemon or a corrupted one." Luke looked down. "Sorry I doubted you…"

Kon was about to respond when he noticed something glinting in the sand. He knelt down, much to the confusion of Luke, both not noticing the two hooligans approaching.

The human turned Charmander grabbed the shiny object, just as Luke was shoved into him with a yelp, their combined weight pulling the object free. It was a blunderbuss, Kon vaguely recognized before Luke turned around.

"Hey! What was that for?!" He asked, Kon looking up to see… a purple bat and a purple floating pile of puss.

"Heh-heh-heh! Can't figure it out?" The bat chuckled before somehow grabbing the Relic Fragment off the ground, which Kon only saw as a simple rock. "This is your's, isn't it? Well, we'll keep it!"

Luke gritted his teeth.

"Whoa-ho-ho! Not gonna make a move to get that back?" The floating purple sphere just smirked. "I didn't expect the kid of some big Rescue Team to be such a big coward!"

The sphere looked back to the bat. "Let's get outta here, Zubat."

"Yeah." The Zubat started flying into a nearby cave. "See you around, Poke Coward. Heh-heh-heh."

Kon just watch them leave, his grip tightening on the Blunderbuss. "That was my personal treasure… It's-it mean everything to me." Luke muttered, downtrodden. "If I lose it.."

"Then let's go." Kon simply said, his resolve firm.

Luke started, surprised that a complete stranger would help him. "I-Really? You'll really help me?!" Luke smiled, thinking he might actually have a friend now. "Thank you!"

Both of them rushed into the cave, but Kon hesitated for just a moment to rub his eyes. For just a moment, he thought he saw the shadows moving, like something indescribable was in them. That was enough to unnerve him as he followed the Pikachu into the dark cave.

A/N: So, I felt like this crossover needed to happen. Unfortunately, I am more familiar with PMD than Darkest Dungeon.

Thankfully, I have a friend helping me who is intimately familiar with Darkest Dungeon and provided his character as the main character. And trust me, more will be revealed about Kon in time. (And yes, is his the Charmander on the cover and I had that image commissioned for Zaravan from Spoodlebug on Pokefarm.)

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