Wistful Recollections

Luke practically collapsed, having use pretty much all his energy in the Mystery Dungeon they had gone through.

"Well, that's a mountainous Mystery Dungeon right here." Rita floated over, Baldwin walking beside her as they looked at a map. "Will take us right to the lake but it's gonna have lots of ground and rock type that could easily wipe us out if even one of them knows how to whip up a sandstorm."

"I may serve as cover for the rest of you. I am incredibly difficult to move out of formation." Baldwin suggests. "With the right composition and tactics, we may win the day."

"Still, I think it's time to set up for the day since Luke did use a lot of his energy back there." Rita closed the map, quietly levitating the pikachu up to cradle him. "Besides… my story is a touch long…"

"That is alright." The former king said with a nod, drawing out a bundle of firewood, not unlike that used during Expeditions back at the estate. "We can set up camp and rest, then. I made certain to pack more than enough rations for this trip."

"Thanks. I'll start setting up our tents~!" With a wave of a free paw, the tent parts started to float up and arrange themselves.

Baldwin, meanwhile, busied himself with lighting the campfire and taking stock of their supplies, setting aside a portion of the rations to be eaten for this camp.

They had more than enough to eat their fill, tonight.

Luke, blissfully just slept.

Luke felt himself knee deep in something absolutely disgusting. As he looked about, he saw nothing but filthy halls and vomit-inducing sights. Piles of bones, carts of rotting human corpses...


He jumped at the sudden noise, and turned to see four figures in combat with horrid creatures. They looked like tepig, but ugly, dirty and twisted. Some looked like they had their limbs replaced with painful metal implements, while others were horrifically malformed.

Already, one fell as a familiar raider fired his blunderbuss, and began hacking at another with his knife, his apparent comrades fighting at his side.

Then, a larger one of the piggish creatures lashed out with a serrated chopping blade, and tore the stomach of a masked human open, with them giving a feminine cry of anguish.

Konstantin, turning, let out a cry of despair as the female human bled to death in the filthy muck...

Luke. Food's done.

Luke snapped awake, shuddering, Baldwin's paw on his shoulder.

Though the mask obscured much of Baldwin's features, his concern was obvious.

"Another nightmare, little one?" He asks.

"Y-yeah. I'll be fine." Luke got up. "Thank you."

"If you're certain." He relents. "There's plenty of rations, go ahead and eat your fill, and we can get some rest tonight. You've earned it."

Luke nodded, sitting up as Baldwin stepped away. The pikachu tried to steel his features, approaching the campfire.

Dinner was a quiet affair, Baldwin and Rita mostly just exchanging information about the human world the two come from, what snippets Rita could remember.

"I know for certain that though we are here now, that we originate from different worlds." Baldwin said to Rita as he contemplated his thoughts whilst staring in the reflection of his broken blade.

"There were no Pokemon where I am from, of that I know. There must indeed be many worlds out there."

"Yeah. It's kinda odd to imagine a world without pokemon." Rita chuckled, taking a sip of water. "But, well, anything's possible~!"

Then she gave off a spark. "That reminds me, I need to tell you about my first years here."

"Huh?" Luke looked up. Luke had asked so many times in the past to hear the full story… and she had kept denying him, preferring to only give him snippets.

"Your first years?" Baldwin slowly repeats, as he begins carefully replacing sections of his bandages. He'd laid down a bowl of water with flower petals mixed in, and began painstakingly unwrapping certain parts of his sickly body to clean and replace with clean bandaging. "Of your rise to fame as a Team Leader?"

What could be seen of his skin underneath was... Best left not described.

Luke kindly just looked away.

"Yeah, from day one on this Earth, I was a modest but amnesiac hero who was a brilliant rescuer from the instant I began!"


"Rita, we're only in the first room." Mudkip muttered, as he knocked the sunkern away.

The pikachu paused… before taking on a strange pose. "I knew that, I was just testing you!"

"The world was my cloyster and I had a blank page to write with the cloyster juice… So, I went with Mudkip, AKA Swampert now, and we formed Rescue Team Excalibur! The world was in the midst of many disasters and I was the unknowing hero who would save everyone! I had no doubt that I would make a story that would echo for generations!"

Rita was just curled up next to Mudkip in bed, unable to sleep. 'I can't believe this. I can't be on a rescue team. I don't even know the first thing about being an actual pikachu.'

She shuddered. 'I'm going to die!'

"Of course, our first missions as a fledgling rescue team went smoothly… until we got a mission from a Dugtrio to rescue his son, having been kidnapped by a skarmory and left a ransom note! We fought through an army of ground and steel type pokemon to reach the top of Mt. Steel, where things… were off."

"Ah, over there!" Mupkip pointed across the chasm to a diglett shivering.

"Hey, don't worry, little guy!" Rita called out, adjusting her goggles. "We'll figure out a way over there! Just don't move!"

The wouldn't get a chance to cross, however, as a birdlike-figure landed in front of them! It was Skarmory! As it glared at them, and let out a terrible screech, it could be seen, something that covered most of it's eye!

These crystals... Just looking at them was unsettling, for they seemed to constantly shift and pulse and drip as if they were alive! The ethereal light the shards embedded in it's face gave off was unnameable! There was literally no name for the unspeakable color it pulsed with!

"Gyah!" Mudkip yelped, Rita shuddering herself as she felt her eyes avoiding that … insane eye.

"Who ͡ar҉e͟ y̛ou̢?̡ You̷ ̸a̧re̕n't Du͞t͜g̶riơ!"͘ Skarmory screeched, it's voice having an odd warble effect to it.

"W-we're Rescue Team Excalibur! We're here to save Diglett!" Mudkip spoke up, trying to sound brave. Rita was not so brave, having no personal faith in her fighting abilities. She has just been able to make a few sparks coming up and that was it! No huge bolts of lightning like she remembered seeing a pikachu do before.

Skarmory gave off a loud, screech like laugh. "T̡h̷os̡e ̴f̕ools͠ h͝a͘ve ́no͞t ͠pai͟d mȩ for̛ ke̢ep͝i͡ńg m̸e ̨u̴p͠ a̢t̨ ͢n͟ìght ͡wįth th͡e ear̴t̀h͟qu̵ak̶e̷s̷ th̕ey ̴mak͢e̛ findi̵n҉g͢ ̧p̀recio͝us͞ ͡m̴e̛t͝al͟s ͟a̛nd gems!̶ T̡h̨ose the͡y ẃąk̛e ̛up҉ d̢o͘i͘n҉g ҉t̵hat̸ ̵des͝er͝ve ͘com͘p̷e̴n̴sátio͠n!́"

Rita gave a double glance at Skarmory's reason for kidnapping Diglett. "That…" Rita carefully palmed a gravelrock. "That is the pettiest and backwards reason I've ever heard for kidnapping someone!"

A distorted screech of rage came from Skarmory. "I͏ ̢will̕ ͏pl̸u͢c̢k͜ ̵y̨o̡uŕ eỳe͏s͡ o͢ut̴ b͢ef̕or͏e tąk̷i̢n̨g͠ t̴hose̸ ͠Dugt͡rio's͝ éy̡es̀ f̴òr hi̛s ĺa͠ck ͠of fa̷įt҉h͡!" Then, Skarmory charged as Rita chucked the gravelrock right at the crystals that-

"Crystals?" Baldwin interrupts. He suddenly seems tense. "Did they glow, and pulse as if they were alive?"

Luke blinked, noticing the sickly lucario's body language and slight shaking of his paws.

"Yup. Pretty freaky, right?" Rita rubbed the back of her head. "Konstantin almost had a heart attack right there and then when I told him the story."

"He would be right to be worried." Baldwin rasps, looking back at Rita. "What you speak of is the influence, the infection of The Sleeper. One of the most terrible foes any of us fighting at the Estate have ever faced. Time and Space itself fractured and twisted in on itself wherever it's influence was strongest."

He stared off into the distance, looking haunted.

"Again and again, we dived into that Blasted Heath, fighting endless hordes beyond the reach of reality..."

"Well, you don't have to worry about it here at least. It's deader than dead~!" Rita chirped up. "I'll explain how at the end of my story~"

Baldwin just gave a humorless, rueful chuckle in return.

"Yes, deader than dead. Of course you'd think that." The sickly king replies, suddenly unusually cynical, like he was humoring an overly naive child.

"Hush you. Basically, we kinda accidentally killed Skarmory. No one missed him."

Rita approached the rough grave she had made for the steel type at the base of Mt. Steel. She set down the bouquet of flowers. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"After that was a minor kerfluffle with a gengar, who was the leader of a rescue team named Meanies. They really did not have good naming sense. It was the beginning of an epic rivalry!"

"Your face stinks just like your team name." Rita bluntly responded to the Gengar, Ekans, and Medicham stealing Job offers from her mailbox.

Rita proceeded to get punched in the face by Gengar.

"After a while and beating up Team Meanies, we eventually got a mission to see if another Rescue Team leader, Shiftry, was still alive at the bottom of Silent Chasm. He had been sent there on a simple mission to rescue a jumpluff and somehow woke up and enraged Zapdos."

"Z-Zapdos!" Luke jumped, having heard of the legendary birds before and how Zapdos' electricity was unparalleled.

"Yeah, we had to go and rescue him and beat up Zapdos, which we did. Of course, before Zapdos left, they said something peculiar when it was brought up that I was human."

"I see. You are that human." Zapdos spread their wings. "Perhaps this world isn't going to be consumed after all…"

"But before they said anything else, Rescue Team ACT popped up and Zapdos left pretty quickly after that. But it turns out their leader figured out I was a human already and sent us to someone who would have known why I had turned into a pokemon. Our next destination was the Hill of the Ancients, to meet Xatu."

"Isn't he that weird pokemon that claims to be a renowned locksmith? The one that headbutts boxes?" Luke had to ask.

"No, they're brothers." Rita explained quickly. "Anyways, we took a few days to prepare before we headed for Xatu. We did meet him but… well, he's one of those types that doesn't have a complete view of time. So his answers were vague and caused a heck of a lot of trouble later on."

"...The calamities and corruption of nature. There have been many in recent times. They occur because the world's balance is upset." Xatu turned to Rita. "And your becoming a Pokémon... They are tied together. Inseparably so."

"Wha?" Rita was taken aback.

Mudkip gulped. "Are you saying that those crystal things, all the natural disasters, and Tina becoming a pikachu are… related?"

"What do I have to do with that stuff!? I'm just a normal human!"

"SILENCE!" Xatu turned away. "There are bigger concerns... I am afraid... The world's balance and purity... It must be restored. Or the unthinkable shall befall our world."

Rita was scared to ask. "Do you mean-?"

"The destruction of our world in all aspects."

"Yeah… you might notice the little flaw. There were two ways one could interpret his words. That I was a chosen one, destined to save the world… or in the case of Gengar, his interpretation was that I was the chosen one, destined to destroy the world." Rita huffed. "Anyways…"

"The next day, we found out about a legend about a human who foolishly grabbed a Ninetale's tails. The Ninetales tried to blast the human with thousand year curse but the human's partner, Gardevoir, took the curse for the human. The human ran away before Ninetales could say a word."

"But she had made a prediction. 'That human will one day be reborn as a human and when that happens, the world's balance and purity will be put at risk.'"

"We heard the story for ourselves but Mudkip didn't doubt me for a second."

"Rita. I'm sure that story isn't about you! I mean, the natural disasters started months before you showed up!" Mudkip nodded. "And you aren't the type of person to abandon anyone!"

Rita scooped up Mudkip in a hug, though a thread of doubt still lingered in Rita's mind.

"That night… I got a little mental visit from Gardevoir, who couldn't say much thanks to that stupid crystal thing. Still, the words that got through made me think that I was the human from the story."

"The next morning, we headed into town to see Gengar riling up the town, declaring that we needed to eliminate the human turned pokemon… before revealing me as a human turned pokemon."

"Thanks to my doubts at the time, I could even vocally or physically defend myself. It was really only thanks to the first pokemon I had ever saved that we got away. He got between me and the crowd, allowing me and Mudkip to run away."

"Team ACT caught up with us later… and told us we had 12 hours to run before bounty hunters and rescue teams would come for our heads."

"That-that's not fair!" Luke stood up. "You did so much good before that! There was no reason to ever-"

"Luke, they were scared and worried!" Rita snapped, stopping Luke's sentence. "The natural disasters were increasing, more pokemon were popping up with the crystals on them, and we were talking about the end of the world. Fear leads to irrationality."

Rita sighed, before continuing. "So, in the middle of the night, Mudkip and I grabbed whatever we could and fled. It was like a week before we got our first big roadblock… in of the form of Mt. Blaze."

Rita chuckled. "Good news was that is was so hot in there that Grass, Ice, and Steel types had to give up. The bad news… well, there was a certain fire type legendary at the top… and Moltres was not letting us by until we defeated him."

Luke gave off a sigh of relief. "Thank the legendaries. I thought it was going to be Ho-oh."

At the quirk of Baldwin's head, Rita quickly explained. "Ho-oh is the legendary pokemon in charge of reincarnation and deciding if someone deserves it. And don't worry, I went and fought Ho-oh after I saved the world!"

"Mom! Why?!" Luke had thoughts of his mom's soul getting tossed into purgatory for fighting Legendaries like Ho-oh.

"Because I was bored."

"Anyways, we beat up Moltres, ran through a place full of blue rocks, a week passed and we had gotten to Frosty Forest. And following the pattern, Articuno popped up this time to fight us… and we almost lost."

Luke looked on in shock, never hearing those words from his mom's mouth.

"Yeah, we were still a pair of hungry kids, feral and crystal infected pokemon were still attacking us when we were moving through the caves and forest, and we were low on energy.

"How exactly did you make it?" Baldwin asked her. "Did you summon up all your courage for one final push to do so?"

"No, an absol helped us but… she was doing it for her own reasons for it." Rita was being very nervous about what it was. "She… was somehow still mostly sane after getting infected with those crystals."

"Still... Sane? How?" The Leper asked Rita.

"Apparently a combination of the species ability to sense danger combined with…"


"... Determination…Yeah, let's go with that."

"So we got past Articuno and Regina the absol officially joined our team. Regina acted as a guide, leading us to an even colder mountain where the ninetales form the legend lived. With barely any energy and strength, Mudkip, Regina, and I almost reached the peak. Almost."

"What stopped you, when you were almost there?" Baldwin asked with a quirk of his head.

"Team ACT caught up with us."

"Did you fight them?" He asks. "With how strong you are, I assumed you gave them quite a thrashing."

"No. I almost died to Alakazam's hands. I mean, I was still a kid, a pikachu, and basically running at 10%." Rita looked down grimly. "I… I told them to let Mudkip and Regina go free if I died because.." She rubbed her arms. "Because I seriously thought I was going to die… It was terrifying."

Rita exhaled, obviously uncomfortable. "If it wasn't for Ninetales… we wouldn't be talking right now and this world…" Rita was tearing up.


Rita shook her head. "I'm fine."

"That was a very brave thing of you to do." Baldwin softly praises. "Not many would have been so fearless for the sake of their comrades."

Rita just gave a soft grin in Baldwin's direction before she started to continue.

"Ninetales took a heavy blow for me before revealing that I was not the human from the legends and that he was elsewhere in the world."

"Of course, before anyone could really question why I was in the pokemon world, everything started shaking and Ninetales revealed that due to the calamities, Groudon would soon wake up."

Luke perked up.

"And Team ACT refused to let us go since we were all basically… almost dead."

"...Did you ever find out who the other former human was?" Baldwin asked.

"It could have been anyone." Luke muttered.

"Oh, it was totally Gengar." Rita explained, nonchalantly.

Luke stared at his mom. "The-there's no way. You let him baby sit me all the time! He's not some cowardly jerk!"

"Well, he's changed quite a bit. After all, Pokemon can't be evil. It's always an outside source influencing them to do evil things."

"If only that could be true for those not Pokemon..." Baldwin muses.

"Anyone can change." Rita remarked, looking up. "It just takes the right catalyst. One good day can set the most hardened criminal down the path of redemption, just as one bad day can send a good person spiraling downwards."

Baldwin gave a peel of soft laughter at that. "If only I had your optimism, Rita." He praises her. "So, what happened next?"

"Well, Team ACT gave us some food and a used their badges to send us home with Regina. After eating, we walked right back into town and told everyone we were innocent, with everyone else believing us now… and a little help from Pelipper spreading the news of what Ninetales said. Gengar and his goon got chased off for the moment."

"And we basically took a week off to just rest before we got back to work and got help to make our base bigger. Regina was getting checked out and everything was fine… until everyone noticed that Team ACT was not back yet."

"The leaders of some pretty big teams teamed up before we could volunteer to go down to help."

"Two weeks passed and… the team back, defeated. They were unable to even get to Groudon."

Rita puffed up. "Then Gengar popped up, trying to get us to 'accept our fate'. Playing the doomsayer. Of course…"


Rita charged through the crowd and pushed Gengar down before turning to everyone else. "Why are you guys just accepting what he says? He's a lier and a thief!" She shouted out. "And you know what! Even if the world is doomed, we shouldn't just give up! I didn't when I was on the run due to his lies!"

Several of the pokemon shifted guiltily before Mudkip stepped forward. "Yeah!"

"We'll go down and fight Groudon and save Team ACT! Because we're a Rescue Team!" RIta pointed a finger to the sky. "No matter where you are in danger, in the depths of the earth or beyond the sky, we'll be there! Because that's what we do! Never giving up on ourselves or the pokemon we are rescuing!"

"Keh, you're an idiot." Gengar spat out as he got up. "It's impossible for a Pikachu like you could ever damage a legendary like Groudon."

Rita spun around and punched Gengar in the face. "And yet, I can do the impossible and punch you no problem with a fighting type move!"

Rita turned back to everyone, the team's determination rebuilding. "Yeah!"

"What were we even thinking!?"

"Let's do this! Everyone! We can't just let Mudkip's team take all the glory!"

Rita's heart swelled as everyone roared. 'Now if only I had a cape.'

"Well, after that, everyone started getting ready to Magma Cavern, including my team. That night, I had another dream with Gardevoir, who told me that she'd tell me my reason for being in the pokemon world… after Groudon was defeated."

"The next day, Mudkip, Regina, and I left for Magma Cavern with quite a few other teams. It.. was blazing hot, enough that Mudkip's own water attacks were evaporating quickly. We also met Mudkip's future husband down there. He was on another Rescue Team and was pushing hard to help. It was like love at first sight."

"But of course, my group was the one to get ahead of everyone else."

"And… we found Groudon… and somehow Alakazam had been fighting him this entire time. He was a stubborn old psychic type."

"We got the team out of the way as it became our turn to fight Groudon…"

"It was really hard. Mudkip's water attacks were evaporating before they could hit and his ground type attacks were barely touching him. I didn't want to try punching him too hard and my electric attacks were doing nothing. Regina's attacks couldn't get through his thick skin."

"I don't recall exactly how I beat him…"

"Regina! Throw me at his head! If he eats me, I can shock him from the inside!" Rita snapped out, sounding slightly delirious from the heat.

The absol just stared at Rita. "Are you nuts?!"

"Just do it!"

Regina just growled, grabbing Rita by the scruff and starting to spin in place before launching the Pikachu missile at Groudon.

Unfortunately for the ill-defined plan, Groudon was roaring upwards at the moment. Fortunately, he had not moved from the wall.

So Rita's skull smacked right into Groudon's chin, slamming his head into the wall behind him, knocking out one of his teeth and knocking both pokemon right out.

Mudkip and Regina just stared at the impossible thing that had just happened… before coming to a silent agreement that no should ever know about this.

They were gonna keep the tooth though.

"Yeah, apparently whatever plan I had made knocked out Groudon and knocked out his tooth so we kept it as a trophy." Luke was disappointed. He really wanted to know what his mom had did.

Rita looked down. "The next day, we found out what was causing the crystal corruption in pokemon and causing all these disasters from Xatu. Konstantin gave me it's name already."

"The Sleeper." The name send familiar shudders through Baldwin's body. "It was planning on crashing into the Earth and corrupt those who survived it's crash."

"Our only hope we could get to quickly was Rayquaza. And that night, I had a terrible nightmare. It was the Sleeper itself trying to corrupt me from within. The worst part is, it might have even worked if not for one road bump."

She gave a cheeky grin. "Gengar had come in that night to try kill me via eating all my dreams. And it stopped the dream with the Sleeper right then and there. Apparently it had a weird enough taste that he stopped trying to kill me and watched my dreams instead… when Gardevoir showed up talking about what kind of partner he was and why she loved him so."

"He ran off crying after that."

"But Gardevoir… she had something else to tell me… After the Sleeper was stopped, I was going to be sent home, to the human world."

"I didn't tell Mudkip the next day, and after talking with Xatu and Alakazam, we received the Teleport Gem that they powered up, with Gengar's help. And we went up up up… to Sky Tower, beyond the wings of normal flying pokemon."

"It was rather easy… but we made it to the top. And Rayquaza…"

"Rayquaza was covered in the Sleeper's Crystals."

"And because the Sleeper was so close, Mudkip and I started getting infected… Those thought… I almost succumbed to madness. But Mudkip's voice…"

"RITA!" It was like a light piercing the darkness. "Rita! I can't see anything but I know you're still there! Please! Don't give up! Don't give in to these voices or the colors! We need to-"

"-save everyone…" Rita muttered out. "Save… Everyone…"

She took a step forward, despite the pain and the shaking of the clouds below her feet.

"Save..Everyone… I need to…" Sparks started to travel over her body as something just clicked in her body. As she remembered the pained look on Skarmory's face. The crystals started to crack.

"I need…" Her body started to glow with electricity, her eyes snapping to Rayquaza. Unseen, Mudkip's body was glowing too, the crystals breaking off him.

"To save.." Rita jumped up, higher and higher as more power than she ever felt before was surging through her body.


She let it all out with one scream, a rainbow of electricity blasting Rayquaza, vaporizing the crystals infecting him.

Rita collapsed to the ground, looking up at the sky. She could see it, coming closer every second.

Rayquaza hissed in pain before looking to Rita and Mudkip. "I AM SORRY…" Then the lord of the skys looked up to the thing that had puppeted him for so long.


A shell surrounded Rayquaza before he burst out into a more majestic form. And then, he let loose his most powerful Hyper Beam, engulfing the top of the tower in light.

Rita was quiet, staring up at the stars. "I don't remember how we survived the fall. Only that Gengar was somehow involved. But, the Sleeper's physical form was destroyed and the world was saved. And… it was time for me to go back to the human world."

The alolan raichu was started to cry. "No one wanted me to leave and I didn't want to go back. I didn't care what kind of life I had, I loved this one, with all the insanity, craziness, and kind pokemon. I couldn't just leave Mudkip. I just couldn't."

"And then I met… HIM for the first time."

Baldwin tilted his head. "Who?"

"Arceus. The creator of the pokemon world." Luke just puffed up intensely at this.

"He… was wonderful. He told me I could stay if I wished it hard enough. And I saw Him use His Judgement on the Sleeper. No idea how much His Judgment damaged it. It's form in that between place was… basically ugly and indescribable." Rita gave a shrug. "But he did tell me there was no way for it to come back here so essentially, it's dead here."

"But, before He sent me back, He told me that I would meet Him again in the future… And I did…"

"Oh, when?" Baldwin had to ask.

Rita looked sheepish before she replied.

"It was after Luke had been rescued from his kidnapping… I just… didn't feel strong enough, even after evolving. And so, I climbed a tower here that no one else could reach the top of. Destiny Tower."

"There, I talked to Arceus one more time, where He told me of a future threat like the Sleeper… and He gave me something to give to Luke today."

"WHAT?!" Luke jumped in surprise. Arceus… had actually mentioned him and was gifting him something!

Rita closed her eyes. "It's also the secret to why my attacks have been so strong. For I contain-" There was a bright glow from her chest, blinding Baldwin and Luke for a few seconds. When is died down, Rita was holding a strange golden wheel with a black orb in the middle, a bright light in the orb, like a trapped star. "-The Space Globe."

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