This is the end dear readers-Merry Sue ending, but I am the glass is half full kind of gal.

About one year later, Colorado Springs

            Jonathon Daniel Jackson, or JD as he was called, was learning at an incredible speed. He had reached all of his baby mile marks early. At the moment he was in his playpen, reluctantly, having already climbed out 3 times, but Mommy asked him to stay in. He was standing, watching the birds flying back and forth to the birdfeeder. "Mama?" Buffy was typing on her laptop at the table. "Hmm J.D?" she said, glancing at her dark haired son. "Out please." He smiled his sweetest smile. "Nice try kid." She said dryly. He had unloaded the shelf with cd's earlier, taking them all out of their jewel cases and spinning them on the floor. J.D. pouted for a moment then decided to look at his book about Egypt in his playpen. Buffy smiled and returned to her typing, she was compiling her experiences for Giles to make into a book for future slayers.

            There was a knock at the door, "Daniel, can you get that?" called Buffy as she busily continued typing. J. D. looked up in interest.

            "Sure Honey," and Daniel came down the stairs in a ratty t-shirt and cutoffs, opening the door to reveal Jack and Sam.

            "Hey, come on in." Daniel invited, waving his hand for them to enter. "Samma and Jack!!" J.D. smiled holding up his arms. He knew that Jack would get him out of the playpen. Sam walked in first, then Jack. While Sam went to hug Buffy and Jack made a beeline to the playpen. "Hey Jack Daniel!" he said, picking up the smiling toddler. J.D. was thrilled beyond belief, because Jack always smuggled candy and now he popped one in J.D.'s open mouth. Buffy rolled her eyes at Sam, and then went to smack Jack on the head. " His name is J.D. J.D! You moron." Buffy took J.D. away ( who was chewing frantically on his little m&m) and gave him to Sam, causing Jack to pout at J.D. "I am so hurt." J.D. smiled and blew a chocolaty kiss at him. "Okay now?" he asked. Sam frowned at Jack, having noticed the chocolate breath. "You bet kid!" Jack grinned innocently.

            Daniel smiled at Jack as the women talked and played with the baby. "So, what's new?" Daniel asked. "Not a thing, Sam wanted to see J.D. " Jack said, hands in his pockets. He leaned over to Daniel, "So what's the wonder kid done lately?" he asked.

            Daniel's eyes lit up, "He said he wanted to go to see the sandy place. I had no idea what he meant, thinking maybe the beach again? Until he picked up his book and pointed to the pyramids!" As if he heard, J.D. looked around Sam's arm, saw Daniel and said "Da, go to sandy place now?!"

            "You see!" Daniel said excitedly. Jack laughed, was about to make a remark to Sam, when suddenly there was a light, and Jack was gone.

            Sam handed J.D. to Buffy and raced for the phone, "General Hammond, sound red alert. The Asgard just took Colonel O'Neill again." Daniel was already racing upstairs to get changed. J.D., his eyes round, said. "Jack whoosh…."and he pointed up. "Oh yeah." Buffy said.

            She shook her head. Have a dull life? Not possible.