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Hello everyone! I promised you guys something special on the 28th and I will do almost everything in my power to keep my promises! Maybe. Today is the beginning of my version of the Tournament Of Power! This is essential making the other universes aside from six, seven, and eleven actually mean something. Though if you have read my previous stories, that should be pretty obvious. Originally, I wanted to wait until after the recruitment story to get started on this. Buuuuuuuuuuttttt, that story takes up much more time than I thought it would when I started. So, I decided to start this story as a bit of a birthday gift from me to you guys. (That's how gifts work, right?) I can understand some people being disappointed that this is the special story I promised and not a Death Battle story or any of the other projects I said I was working on on my author's page. (BTW, got a poll. Please vote.)

First, I'm kinda considering on putting my Death Battle stories on a hiatus. I just lost the energy for writing Death Battle. (I don't want to say that Batman VS Black Panther did that for me, but it has sorta drained my excitement. Seriously, you guys used Batman three times. The character is not even that good.)

Secondly and this may sound harsh, but my Dragon Ball stories are just more important. I have more fun writing them and they have a significantly larger audience. Seriously, giving Death Battle a plot is not reader/review worthy, but garbage react stories and fan versus matches get the readers and reviews(Not to sound harsh, but why do people read them? They're all the same thing.)... Suddenly, I'm starting to understand this website's garbage reputation and why so many critics hate on fanfiction.

Enough of my rage venting, through. I actually wanted to make my own version of the Tournament Of Power since I started writing on this site. I saw that most people on this site that make stories around the Tournament, usually, only make it around a certain point. And before anyone says I'm bashing, I do want to say that I do like most of these stories. Stories that were meant to be a changed TOP have always remained un updated. I think that this is the first story where the writer plans to start from the beginning of the TOP all the way to the end. That will get updated, anyway. I'm not gonna promise that I can finish a chapter on a weekly basis, because this chapter took a week and a half to make,(Not including this arthur's note.) but I will try to work on getting new chapters out whenever I can.

With all of this talking and not giving you what you want clicking on this story done, let's get started with this chapter!

On the TOP arena, U7 were standing on the edge of the arena. Son Goku was sporting a huge grin with all the fighters around, "So many fighters! I hope they're all strong!"

17 walked next to him, "Don't get your hopes too high. We can't expect them all to be formidable."

Goku's smile died down, "Didn't even think about that."

On the benches, Beerus was watching with a look of worry, "I swear if that idiot causes us to be erased, I'll destroy him."

Whis just him an off-glance, "Don't you think you're being a little harsh, milord? We wouldn't be in this tournament if our Mortal Level was higher than seven."

Shin was sweating mildly, "I have faith in them."

Old Kai was giving Shin a look of disbelief, "Sure, you do."

Shin was about to retort, but stopped when he saw something, "Look, over there."

The three deities looked over to see Sidra and Quitela arguing, though it looked more like Quitela just yelling at Sidra. Beerus narrowed his eyes, "Those two bastards are joining together?"

Whis kept his straight face, "Perhaps it would be wise to form an alliance with U6, Milord."

Beerus grew an annoyed expression, "Forget it. We'll deal with them when we get to them."

Back on the arena, Tien was standing with his eyes shut, 'Those two energies I sensed keep popping up and going away.'

Roshi was meditating next to him, "Still trying to find those two energies?"

Tien opened his eyes, "Yes, I have been trying to find them."

Roshi stood up, "Don't worry about it. We'll deal with them when they pop up."

Tien just gave him an off-glance, "You're being way too calm about this situation."

Roshi just sighed, "You're stressin' too much."

Krillin, Frieza, and 18 were just standing there….exciting. The Grand Priest descended, "Welcome all, to the Tournament Of Power! Before we begin, Lord Zeno will say some words. "

The Zenos appeared out of the golden house, "Hello everyone!"

Present Zeno danced around, "Thank you all for coming!"

Future Zeno followed Present Zeno's steps, "We hope you make this fun!"

The Zenos sat down on their thrones and the Grand Priest ascended, "Thank you for those generous words! Before I announce the teams, I will first announce the reward!"

An image of several giant, golden spheres with stars on them d behind him, "The Super Dragon Balls can grant one, completely rule-free wish to whoever gets them. The warrior from the winning universe with the greatest performance will be selected to grant any desire of their choosing."

The teams were not talking amongst themselves.

Goku was scratching the back of his head, "I don't really care about the wish."

Vegeta looked at U6 and back to the SBDs, 'I WILL win this tournament.'

Frieza was looking at the spheres with intense desire and a sinister smirk, 'The chance to live again for all eternity and be immune to every form of harm or supreme rule over the Gods? Decisions, decisions, decisions.'

"Now, I will announce the teams!"

He flew over U2, "The Gentle Universe, Universe Two!"

Goku noticed a certain fighter, "Is that a Yardrat?"

Vegeta looked at them, "You mean the ones with Instant Transmission?"

"Yeah, we better watch out."

Jimeze, who was listening to them, smirked, "It would seem that Yardrats exist in U7."

Rabanra just had a pleasantly surprised look, "You don't say."

Jimeze just shrugged, "It matters not. I was merely making an observation."

Brianne was talking with Su, Vikal, and Sanka, "We will wait until a truly tiring point of the tournament, then we will blow away the enemy teams with the overwhelming power of U2's love!"

Sanka just grinned, "They better watch out, because once I transform the tournament will merely be a lovely hunting ground."

Vikal just gave Sanka an off smile, "Don't you think you're being a little egotastic there Sanka?"

"Maybe a little. By the way, what are guys going to wish for on the Super Dragon Balls?"

Brianne turned to Helles and was silent for a moment, however Sanka started snapping her fingers, "Brianne!"

Brianne 'oh'ed and turned back to Sanka, "I'll use them to turn myself into a goddess of love. Loved by all being throughout the universes!"

Su was just glancing around, "Maybe I'll just help you guys get what you want. I don't really have a wish to make."

Sanka's jaw just dropped, "Seriously, Su?! You could have anything you've ever wanted and you're choosing not to take it? You could finally get a lover or just wish for all the newest issues of Star-Men or whatever it's called?"

"Star-Masters and I don't think wishing myself a lover will really be worthwhile."

Away from the argument, Zirloin and Zarubuto were watching Harirama and Prum. Zirloin, specifically, was staring them with intensity, "Don't even think about taking the Dragon Balls for yourselves. If you even think about betraying us, I will not hesitate to destroy the both of you."

Harirama just rolled his eyes, "Heard ya. Now get out of our faces."

On the benches, Helles and Prum were watching they're fighters, "This will be the most intense battle in our history."

Helles nodded in agreement, "Indeed, but there exist no doubt in my mind that the love of U2 will prevail in the face of this tournament!"

The Grand Priest flew over U3, "The Spiritual Universe, Universe Three!"

17 was eyeing Maji Kayo with a cautious gaze, "That man made of water. We should be on alert against him."

Gohan nodded, "Yeah, let's see how he fights then attack."

Paparoni was checking over the strategy for his sub-team, however Nigrisshi interrupted, "Professor, the tournament is about to start."

Paparoni sighed, "I am aware of that Nigrisshi, but we need to be certain of victory."

Preecho was talking with Viara, "I'm telling you Vi. When I get my hands on those Super Dragon Balls, I'll be even more famous than before."

"Why would you want more fame? You already have a massive resort with statues of you in it."

Preecho put his arm around Viara, "My old friend, you can never have too much fame. I'll be the main source of entertainment throughout the multiverse. If you win the tournament, and that's a pretty big 'if', what do you think you'll wish for?"

Viara put his hand on his chin, "I don't know. Perhaps, I could get enough Zeni to retire early and just spend the rest of my life traveling and meeting new fighters."

Preecho just laughed, "That's it? You aim way too small."

Katopesla was stretching, when Maji Kayo interrupted, "Tell me, Officer. What do you plan to do if you win the Dragon Balls?"

Katopesla laughed, "Wish for my personal flee! It would stretch across the multiverse, bringing justice to them all!"

Maji just chuckled, "That is certainly a desire expected of you."

On the benches, Mosco and Ea were trying to figure out something of importance, "I noticed that U4 has only eight fighters."

Mosco lite up, "BEEP!"

"Lord Mosco says 'If we were able to notice it, then Paparoni has no doubt noticed it as well.'"

Ea nodded, "There is not much else we can do from here, but simply observe."

The Grand Priest flew over U4, "The Conspiracy Universe, Universe Four!"

Gohan looked at U4 with a concerned look, "Those guys aren't going to be anything but trouble."

Piccolo nodded in agreement, "Remain alert to their hidden fighters."

"Also, their poses are just awful."

Piccolo looked at Gohan with a dumbfounded expression, "Is that seriously one of your top priorities right now?"

Monna was pounding her fist together with a look of anticipation of what is about to come, "I'll knock down every fighter and get my hands on those Super Dragon!"

Shosa just looked at her curiously, "Interesting, what is your desire?"

There was silence, then, "I dunno."

Shosa did an anime style fall, "Are you serious?!"

Shantza was floating above them, "With those orbs, I could finally have my greatest desire!"

-Shosa's Mind-

Shantza was flying high in the sky with a pair of sunglasses.


Shantza was smirking largely, though Nink interrupted him, "Your focus is on the wrong place. Remember, that we are here to win a tournament and that we will all be erased if we lose."

Shantza just rubbed the back of his head. Meanwhile, Caway and Majora were just standing there , "So what do you think you'll wish for?"

Majora just shrugged, "I guess having my sight back would be nice."

"Oh, no kidding?"

"Yeah. Guess I just miss having the ability to see my mate."

"I never would have guessed."

"As surprising as it is, yes I had sight."

"No, that you have a girlfriend."

Majora just groaned. Ganos looked at the spheres and then to Quitela.

The Grand Priest flew over to U6, "The Challengers Universe, Universe Six!"

Goku and Vegeta were looking at Hit, Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale with anticipation, while Frieza was giving them all a glare, 'So many filthy monkeys!"

Frost was looking at the Super Dragon Balls, 'The chance to have my empire back, stronger than it ever was before. No one could stop me.'

The Grand Priest flew over to U7, "The Perseverance Universe, Universe Seven!"

Beerus just raised his eyebrow, "Perseverance?"

Whis smiled, "Considering the situations we have seen, I find it rather fitting."

Frieza looked around and noticed that more than a few warriors were staring at them, 'Oh ho ho ho. Quite the animosity towards us.'

Tien walked over to Gohan, "Most of the universes will be targeting us."

"Just stick to the plan."

The Grand Priest flew over to U9, "The Improvised Universe, Universe Nine!"

Goku stared at Bergamo, who just returned it with a malicious edge. Oregano walked up to their leader, "Do you really think that you will win with muscle alone?"

"Our best chance to win against U7 is to overpower them."

"No, my good sir! We need to use traps, plans, and tricks galore!"

Sorrel hopped next to them, "Yeah, Oregano's right."

Basil and Lavender got between them and Bergamo, Lavender especially angry, "You doubtin Big Bro?!"

Bergamo growled, "That's enough Lavender! They're right, we'll need to wait for the right moment to pounce."

Oregano smirked, "Precisely, my dear Bergamo! Here's my plan, when one of U7's fighter are vulnerable, me and Hyssop here will knock 'em off the ring! Meanwhile, the rest of ya's does whatever you want! Great plan or what?"

Sidra was clearly skeptical about this, "U9, win this tournament!"

Roh was just gritting his teeth and shaking, "Don't you dare lose!"

Things got silent, while the Grand Priest flew over to U10, "The Macho Universe, Universe Ten!"

The fighters of U10 started to flex and pose, while Frieza was just giving them all the scariest glance he could, 'Chances are they'll be the first to fall.'

Murichim felt a chill down his spine, but decided to just ignore it, "Our bodies are refreshed, our minds are clear on victory, and our strength is aimed! Henceforth, victory is ours!"

Rumsshi was just smirking tremendously, "With the power of the flesh, this tournament is already ours."

Lastly, The Grand Priest flew over to U11, "The Justice Universe, Universe Eleven!"

U11 posed as a multicolored explosion took place behind them. Beerus just sighed, "Justice Universe? Figures."

Every one of teams were on alert with U11. Goku grew a face of excitement, "I can't wait to fight them!"

Vegeta grew an annoyed look, "Don't think about it Kakarot! I'll be the one to fight them!"

Toppo watched Goku and Vegeta arguing, "Such arrogance."

Kahersal was watching the exchange as well, "Indeed, perhaps we can use this against them."

Belmond was just sitting there with the biggest grin on his face, "With Jiren, our victory is assured."

Khai was keeping his professional smile, "Our warriors posses the most power, henceforth our survival is guaranteed."

The Grand Priest rose high above the arena, "Now that the teams have been announced,"

He rose his right hand high into the air. There was a feeling of tension throughout the arena, every fighter waited for him to say.."Begin!"

It was from there, that the battle began. Numerous explosions took place on the battlefield, causing the Zenos to look with amazement, "Woah!"

Now we begin with the first battle of the tournament, Toppo was punching Magetta repeatedly, "Face Justice!"

Magetta landed a punch on Toppo and ran away. Before Toppo could pursue him, Murichim tackled into him, "Fight me!"

Katopesla was landing a flurry of punches on Hop, then threw an uppercut which sent her flying away, "Taste Justice!"

Dyspo, who was fighting Cabba, just shot a dead stare, "Poser."

Amongst the series of explosions, Narirama emerged and started to spin faster. It pushed Cabba and Dyspo away. Khai was surprised by the machine, "A fascinating machine. Clearly made for the tournament."

Narirama went for the Maiden Squadron and push them all away, causing Helles to stare in shock, "It is not beautiful to attack before the Maidens transform!"

Ea was watching with confidence, "This is the power of our survival tactic-"

Before Ea could finish his sentence, Hit crushed Narirama's right arm by stomping on it. Champa sported a big smile, "Hit, nice hit!"

Basil landed on Narirama's left arm, much to Roh's delight, "Nice work Basil!"

Both Hit and Basil jumped away and Basil was attacked by Lilibeu, but dodged her attacks with little difficulty, "Curses! You hyper mutt!"

Basil snarled at the insult, "Don't get cocky, because you can fly!"

Basil raised his right leg and a red energy ball formed, "Shining Blaster!"

The ball hit Lilibeu, who was trying to push it back, and Basil formed another one, "And here's one more!"

He kicked the ball and Lilibeu was knocked clean off the arena. Rumsshi and Gowasu gasped and everyone watched as Lilibeu fell off the arena, then were shocked when they all saw her appear on the benches next to Rumsshi. The Grand Priest descended, "Lilibeu of U10 has been eliminated!"

Silver Tablets appeared in both Zeno's hands. Present Zeno tapped on U10's symbol and pressed on Lilibeu's picture, "Tap!"

Future Zeno was disappointed, "Hey! I want the next one!"

Lilibeu sighed, "I'm a disgrace."

Rumsshi pointed at her, "Right you are! You have wings for a reason!"

Lilibeu shot back at him, "I panicked!"

Gowasu just sighed, "There is no point crying over spilt milk."

Rumsshi just sat down, "Fine, but you better cheer them on!"

Lilibeu didn't need to be told twice, "Go U10!"

Ea adjusted his glasses, "I see. Fighters that are knocked off are teleported to the benches instead of automatic erasure."

Belmond had a relieved look, "It would have been truly shameful if the fighters who win would have had to deal with the lost of comrades."

Helles shared the relief, "It would have been truly terrible if any of our lovely fighters would have been erased."

Cognic turned to Quitela, "It would seem that our warriors will not be erased if they are knocked off."

Quitela just rolled his eyes, "Who cares? If they lose, we'll be erased anyway!"

Elsewhere, 18 and Coccete were in a stand still. Both of them trying to get a clear hit on the other. 18 fired a barrage of fast, white blast, "Infinity Bullets!"

Coccote summoned a barrier around herself to protect her from the blast, then dropped it and tried to land a kick. However, 18 grabbed Coccote's leg and fired a blast to Coccote's chest that pushed her away, "I really expected more from U11."

On the other side of the arena, 17 was using his barrier to simply block energy blast directed at him. He dropped it, but then Nink jumped towards him, "You fool. Don't let your guard down so easily."

"I had no reason to raise it against you." 17 said, before summoning a barrier around Nink while he was still in midair.

"What?! But barriers shouldn't be able to do this!"

17 kicked the barrier off the arena and Nink teleported next to Quitela, "Plan failed."

Quitela started kicking Nink, while the Grand Priest watched, "Nink of U4 has been eliminated!"

Meanwhile, Ganos was evading attacks from Jimeze. Everytime Ganos tried to land a hit, Jimeze would simply Instant Transmission away from him, "You will regret insulting Lord Peru!"

Ganos charged lighting from his hands, "If you love the guy so much, why don't you just marry him?!"

The lightning hit Jimeze and he was sent flying, but used I.T. to teleport away from the edge. Ganos gritted his teeth, "Damnit!"

Near the center of the arena, Gohan, Piccolo, Roshi, and Tien were all surrounded by Dakori, Botamo, Lavender, Comfrey, and Shosa. Lavender, specifically, looked eagered, "This time I'll beat you down Saiyan!"

They all rushed at them, but U7 jumped up. Tien held his hands to the side of his face, "Solar Flare!"

A bright light came from him, blinding the fighters below. Krillin formed a disc of energy from his right hand, "Destructo Disc!"

Piccolo charged energy into his finger and shot a straight beam, "Special Beam Cannon!"

Roshi grew muscular and charged a blue beam, "Kamehameha!"

Gohan charged a yellow beam, "Masenko!"

The attacks hit the group and the team landed on their feet. Gohan just kept a stern look, "Let's keep it up!"

Lavender jumped out of the smoke at Gohan. Lavender breather a purple mist onto his hands and formed a fist, "Taste my poison!"

Gohan formed a white aura around him and took the punch to the face and did a roundhouse kick that pushed Lavender back, "What?!"

Gohan started to punch Lavender, who raised his arms up to defend himself, rapidly, "My father and I thought of this special barrier before the tournament started. Your poison is useless."

Lavender just grew a crazed look and started to punch Gohan back, "Fall Saiyan!"

Tien was staring down Dakori, "If it's fight you want, you got it!"

Dakori just chuckled, "I have no interest in going to physical combat."

She started to sink into the ground, "But don't worry, U7, you'll see me again."

Comfrey started to walk out of the smoke cloud, but Botamo punched him away, "Time to take care of someone."

Botamo just smirked and looked around for a fighter to knock off. His wants came in the form of Bergamo punching him across the face to no effect, "Since when do bears have such such soft faces?"

Botamo just laughed, "Since you think that I'm squishy, why don't you try hitting me a little hard? Or maybe you're just too wimpy to do that."

Botamo started firing green energy blast, which Bergamo was able to dodge. Bergamo ran up to Botamo and landed a punch clean to his stomach. To Bergamo's surprise, it didn't work, "How did you-"

Botamo landed a punch to Bergamo's torso and smirked, "It ain't no use. My body can take everything you can throw at it and more!"

Botamo started jumping and going higher as he did. Bergamo just gritted his teeth, "Ya think that I'm just going to let you go?!"

Bergamo's fist started to glow red and waited. Botamo dropped down to attack, but Bergamo jumped up and landed a punch again. Like before, there was no effect and Botamo smirked, "Not even that can hurt me!"

Botamo crashed with Bergamo beneath him and bounce back up. However, Bergamo was still holding on and grew slightly larger, "Fine! If that doesn't work, then throwing you off will!"

Bergamo spun around with extreme speed and let go of Botamo. Botamo was sent hurling towards the edge and, despite trying to stop himself, fell clean off it. Botamo was teleported next to Champa, who was more than a little pissed that he was there, "Why didn't you guard against that mutts ability?!"

Botamo started shedding tears, "I didn't know that he could do that."

Vados interjected, "In his defense, Milord, you didn't think to inform anyone of the other warriors abilities."

Champa just grew a look of realization, "Damnit!"

The Grand Priest descended, "Botamo of U6 has been eliminated!"

Frieza was dodging Napapa's attack with a look of glee on his face, "Oh ho ho ho ho!"

Frieza jumped up and shot a red beam clean through Napapa's shoulder, then jumped up and did a hard stomp on it while he was in pain. Katopesla ran up to Frieza, but only got an energy blast to the face, "Come now. Surely one of you could entertain me."

Toppo and Murichim were currently at a stand still. Murichim pressed his palms together as they started to glow red, "Behold, my ancient technique! Muscle Palmed Barrage!"

He thrusted his palms out repeatedly and launched multiple energy palms at Toppo. Toppo held his arms up to block the attack and waited patiently for an opening. Toppo saw an opening and broke out of it, "Justice Flash!"

Toppo fired a series of red blast from his fingertips, each one hitting Murichim directly and sending him flying. Toppo dabbed, "Justice!"

Above the arena, Koitsukai was chasing after Jium with intense ferocity and was locking on to him, "Target acquired, Kai!"

Koitsukai fired an energy blast from his eye towards Jium, who tried to stop it by breathing fire, "I'm not going to be knocked off!"

Fire versus laser beam…..Guess how that goes. Koitsukai's blast shot clean through the fire and hit Jium directly, pushing him far from the arena. Jium was teleported next to Lilibeu. The Grand Priest descended, "Jium of U10 has been eliminated!"

Paparoni spoke into his staff, "Excellent, continue to control the air."

Rumsshi started to hit Jium with his trunk, "How could you let yourself be eliminated so easily?! Seriously, Gowasu would have lasted longer!"

Gowasu was just staring at the arena, "Perhaps it is our fate to be erased here."

Rumsshi just gave him a crazed look, "Are you joking? We still have eight fighters."

Gowasu pointed to the arena. Rumsshi looked and was shocked by what he was seeing. Frieza was firing Death Beams at Napapa with a look of glee, "Squirm for me worm! Squirm!"

Elsewhere on the ring, Saonel and Pirina were searching around the chaos, "Blast it! Where are those hidden signatures?"

Pirina closed his eyes to concentrate, "Tracking their energy through all this chaos is difficult enough, but whenever we get close they move rapidly. Almost as though they can teleport."

Saonel just gritted his teeth, "Forget it then. Let's just focus on winning this."

After saying that, they saw Magetta pushed back near them, "Choo-po!"

Saonel was confused, "What did you say?"

"I believe that your teammate was referring to me." They all looked and saw Nigrisshi and Naririama walking towards them. Saonel summoned a Ki blade, "These two giving you trouble?"

Nigrisshi looked over Saonel and Pirina, "Namekians, interesting. It does seem logical, considering U6 and U7 are twins."

Pirina just got into a combat stance, "Are we here to talk or fight?"

Nigrisshi just remained silent, "Very well. Narirama, attack!"

Narirama's eye light up, "Narirama!"

Narirama started to use it's spin attack again, but Magetta got in front of the U6 Namekians and took the attack. Saonel and Pirina jumped over the two giants and in front of Nigrisshi, "We're taking you down."

Nigrisshi simply charged pink energy into his hands, "I will deal with you both personally."

Saonel charged to Nigrisshi with his Ki Blade, but Nigrisshi was able to dodge the attack with ease and jumped back. Pirina jumped into the air and shot a beam of energy out of his mouth. Nigrisshi was able to dodge the blast, but the explosion sent him flying away. Saonel grew a smirk, "Let's finish him off!"

"Energy Blitz!" Suddenly, a barrage of pink energy blast stormed on them and Nigrisshi dashed through the smoke cloud, "If that is all the power you possess, then I drastically overestimated your species combat capabilities!"

Vikal was chasing after Roselle near the ground of the arena, "There is no beauty in fleeing in such a haste from battle!"

Roselle just 'tch'ed, "Better to be ugly than dead!"

Roselle's hands glowed a pitch black, as he began to smirk, "But you ain't gonna be looking pretty when this is over."

Roselle turned to face Vikal, "Shadow Crusher!"

Roselle fired black, bat-shaped blast that were spriling at Vikal with a smirk. However, that smirk immediately died when Vikal twirled through the opening of the attack and punched him clean across the face. Vikal started punching Roselle rapidly and landed a kick to the torso, sending him crashing near the edge of the arena, "You don't have much training in mixing martial arts and flight, do you?"

Sidra was terrified by this, "How could anyone with winged flight control themselves like this?!"

Helles just watched the battle, "Vikal has always been an exceptional flyer, capable of dodging even the hardest attacks. Though she lacks durability, her speed, agility, and power more than make up for it."

Roh just grew wide eyed from this, "Roselle! Don't you dare fall off!"

Roselle just looked to the edge of the arena and back to VIkal, "Please, don't continue!"

Vikal just rose her hand and charged a red Ki blast, "Forgive me, but you are now to be bested by love!"

Roselle just started screaming, "Get me out of here!"

Roselle ran over to the edge of the arena and jumped clean off it. Roselle sighed with relief, but Sidra was not so pleased, "Thank goodness."

"Why did you jump off?!"

Roselle looked at the Zenos, 'We were fighting for survi-' "OH, CRAP!"

Helles stretched her arm out, "Beautiful work, Vikal. Though you didn't actually knock him off, you intimated him with your beauty."

Vikal was just bewildered by what happened and flew back to the battlefield.

The Grand Priest descended, "Roselle of U9 has been eliminated!"

Jirasen was just walking around the arena with a smug look on his face, "Let's see who I should deal with first."

Preecho appeared out of nowhere in front of Jirasen, "Congratulations, warrior of U10, you have been handpicked by me, The Preecho, to give an entertaining battle to the Omni-Kings!"

Rumsshi turned to Ea and Mosco with an enraged look, "Are you trying to get rid of us, U3?!"

Ea just adjusted his glasses, "Our fighters are simply dealing with the easiest fighters they can deal with, Rumsshi, so I believe you should have thought about more than just muscle."

The Zenos watched with amusement, "Entertainment!"

Jirasen looked interested, "So, Preecho-"

Preecho grabbed Jensen's arm and gave him a stare of intense death, "THE Preecho. Only trusted friends can call me Preecho."

Jirasen broke free and just looked annoyed, "The Preecho, let's give Lord Zeno a show."

Preecho jumped back and stood perfectly still, "You get the first move."

Jirasen jumped and performed did an overdramatic kick, while Preecho just stood there. Jirasen kick hit Preecho and sent him flying near the edge, "What the heck!"

Viara appeared and caught Preecho, "This is why I specifically said don't pull your usual schtick."

Preecho laughed and looked at the Zenos, "The Zenos appeared to enjoy it."

Viara just groaned and dropped Preecho, "Whatever. Just don't get knocked off."

Rumsshi laughed with joy, "Good work, Jirasen! Keep it up!"

Ea just sighed and turned to Mosco, "Why did you get him for the tournament, again?"

Mosco just beeped loudly, "Lord Mosco says 'He was the best we could get on such short notice!'"

The Zenos were looking at their Godpads with interest, "Look, Goku's fighting now!"

Future Zeno was in agreement, "Yeah, more fun!"

Meanwhile, Goku was surrounded by Kahseral, Zoiray, Tupper, and Kettol. Zoiray was chuckling, while sporting a smug smirk, "Should've thought twice before taking on the Pride Troopers."

Kahseral maintained a stern look, "You will be the first of U7 to fall Son Goku."

Goku just kept his usual demeanor, "So, you're from Toppo's universe?"

Instead of answering, Zoiray spun into a tornado and made his way towards Goku. Before Goku could react, Tupper grabbed him and his head turned into a stone, mask like..face, "I will make sure that Zoiray's attacks hit!"

By being held down, Goku was defenseless against the tornado onslaught and was stuck in the middle of the vortex. Tupper released him and fell out of the tornado. Goku turned SS and was able to break the tornado with his aura. However, there were multiple black spheres surrounding him. Kettol was smirking, "Did you really think it would be so simple?"

The blast started to storm on Goku, who was able to dodge them. However, Kahseral charged a larged Ki Blast from his right hand, "Justice Bomber!"

He threw the blast at Goku, but Goku was able to raise his arms up to block the blast and was pushed back. Belmond was watching the display with interest, "Kahseral is a combat commander who's military prowess has led to the conquering of many planets."

Khai grew a slight smile, "We would appear to already have Son Goku defeated."

Beerus was gritting his teeth, "Damnit!"

Kahseral formed Ki Blades from his hands, "Son Goku, this is where it-"

Before anything else could be done, Hyssop was thrown at Kahseral. The other Pride Troopers and Goku saw that Vegeta threw the ice giant, "Honestly Kakarot. Did you think that I would let you have the enjoyment of fighting U11?"

Kahseral recovered from having an ice monster thrown at him and landed on his feet, "Blast it! Pride Troopers, retreat!"

Zoiray formed a tornado that consumed them all. When the tornado disappeared, they were gone, "Irritating bastards."

Goku powered down back to base, "I was hoping to see how strong they were."

Vegeta just smirked, "Don't think about it Kakarot, because I'll be the one to defeat the strongest here."

Then, ice started to form around the two saiyans. They looked to see Hyssop using his ice breath to freeze the ground around them, "Did you really think that I would let you throwing me slide?"

Vegeta jumped towards him, but his arm got snared in a thread of web. He saw Oregano using thread from his hand, "And did you think I would let a great chance to throw off U7's strongest slide?"

Goku frowned, "Who are you?"

Oregano closed his eyes and bowed, "Oregano is my name, putting traps to deal with you is my game! My associate, Hyssop, and I noticed that U7's strongest warrior, that would be you, and some other guy, who I sense is about as strong as you, were lost. In need of pushing in the proper direction, if you will."

Vegeta just gritted his teeth, "And what direction would that be?"

"Why the direction off the arena, of course!"

Goku just scratched the back of his head, "I didn't really follow all of that, but if you guys want to fight we'll give you one."

Oregano smirked, "That's the attitude. But it won't be a simple battle, but rather you falling off the arena."

With the Tournament Of Power now beginning, warriors of all universes begin to battle for their survival. Can Goku and Vegeta triumph over Oregano and Hyssop? What will become of the other fighters? Find out, next time!

Time Left: 43 Minutes.

Fighters Left: 75.

U2: Brianne, Sanka, Su, Zirloin, Rabanra, Zarubuto, Jimeze, Vikal(1), Prum, and Harirama.

U3: Maji Kayo, Viara, Preecho, Koitsukai(1), Bollerator, Panchia, Paparoni, Katopesla. Nigrisshi and Narirama.

U4: Ganos, Caway, Darkori, Gammarus, Damon, Shosha, Monna, Majora, Shosha.

Eliminated: Nink

U6: Hit, Cabba, Caulifla, Kale, Saonel, Pirinia, Magetta, Frost, and Rota.

Eliminated: Botamo

U7: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, 18, 17(1), Frieza, Roshi, and Tien

U9:Bergamo(1), Basil(1), Lavender, Hop, Sorrell, Chapil. , Oregano, Hyssop, and Comfrey.


U10: Obuni and Rubalt Murichim, , Jirasen, Mechiopu, Napapa, Nircor, , and Murisam.

Eliminated: Lilibeu and Jium

U11: Jiren, Toppo, Dyspo, Kahersal, Coccote, Kunshee, and Voun, Zoiray, Tupper, and Kettol

(Dragon Ball Super episode preview music)

Saonel constricts Nigrisshi with his arms, while Pirina charges up an energy blast.

Hello! My name is Sidra.

Vegeta, now SS, lands a punch on Hyssop that sends him sliding back.

My warriors, Oregano and Hyssop, have challenged Son Goku and Vegeta of U7. So, they have decided to use their Super Saiyan transformations.

Goku and Vegeta are jumping across the ice and are continuously being grabbed by Oregano's threads.

Next time on Dragon Ball UA: The Spider's Icey Web! Fight on Goku and Vegeta

Magetta is trading blows against Narirama

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