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Ignoring Ain't Bliss…Part 1

This was all so very, very wrong. Inuyasha twitched from his perch on Kagome's bed. Had she gone deaf? No, her foot was taping along with the horrid music blaring out of her desk radio. Her back was to him, maybe she had gone blind. But no, she was reading her textbook. So she couldn't be blind. He wrinkled his nose in frustration. "Oi, Kagome!" No response. "OI! Kagome!" Still nothing…only her head bopping to music, foot tapping, pencil scratching the paper and pages ruffling slightly. What in the nine hells was wrong with her.

The answer to that particular question was very simple. Not that Inuyasha would ever realize it on his own. She was ignoring him. Blatantly. Completely trying to shut him out. Studying had to take priority at the moment. Her mother had met her at the door last time she had returned with her nationalized test scores. There was a point that Kagome had to take notice that she was in danger of flunking out. Yet, when she tried to explain all this to Inuyasha, instead of being cooperative, he had taken a happy stance regarding that idea. No school, meant no textbooks, no studying and most importantly, no going home all the time. He had promptly scooped her up, tossing her over one shoulder and proclaimed, "Then there is no problem at all, just fail and stay here."

Stunned for a moment at the sheer inconceivability of his notion, Kagome's mouth only gaped. Just fail, he says. The heat rose in her cheeks, how dare he tell her to so something like that so nonchalantly. He couldn't understand something so simple. "Why you!" She grabbed one lock of his hair and tugged, spilling herself onto the ground as he yelped. "I CAN'T fail school. It's just not done."

He raised an eyebrow. "But you said that they don't make you go to High School. Why are you so worried about something you don't have to do?" Stupid girl, she didn't need to go to school all the time. What did she learn there? Nothing that would help her here that was for sure. Glaring at the girl, glaring back up at him, he assumed the "I am so not letting you have your way" stance.

"Whether or not I have to do something isn't the reason I'm doing it, I want to go to school. I want to have a normal life, normal friends, I want to be normal!" She yelled, each demand getting louder until his ears were plastered to the side of his head. Her eyes glowed with anger. It wasn't fair for him to be this selfish.

"You ARE normal here! It's only when you go back to your world that you aren't normal anymore!" Even in his little doggie mind, Inuyasha realized that that may have been a little over the top. Yet he stared back at her, daring her to disobey him again.

Kagome lowered her head. When she looked up again, unshed tears shone in her eyes.

Damn, she was crying again. He didn't mead to do that… His thoughts were abruptly silenced as Kagome's hand connected with the side of his face. "You really don't care about what I want, do you?" She hissed. "Fine, I'll show you how normal I am." She turned on her heel and stalked to the well. Returning to her own time, she pulled out her books, started to study and decided the only way to get her point across was to completely, totally and absolutely ignore the source of her 'un'normalness. Unfortunately, the said problem had given her exactly ten seconds before barging into her room from the window.

Sighing, Kagome fought the urge to glare at the hanyou as he started to pitch her stuffed animals at the back of her studious head. Tare Panda looked forlorn as he sailed through the air majestically before colliding with her silky hair. It was quickly followed by a half eaten box of Pocky, a tissue packet and a balled up pair of socks. She simply turned up her stereo. Must ignore him, she thought.

He had it! She had gone mute! That could be the only explanation for her silence. Usually she would at least argue with him. "Kagome, can you hear me?" He sat on the bed crossed legged and swayed side to side. If she was mute, then she couldn't say Sit, now could she? An evil grin crossed his face. "Oi, Ka-go-me!"

Flinching slightly at the tone in his voice, she again fought the urge to turn and smack him. Looking down at her math book, she was overpowered by the sense of impending doom when it came time for entrance exams. Maybe her mom would consider letting her go to a cram school or something. But she couldn't really ask her mother to do that when she couldn't even go to school all the time. Kagome sighed. The second most important thing at the moment was to ignore the hanyou, bouncing happily on her bed. Ignore, ignore, ignore…god, how could she be six chapters behind? This was just too much. Inuyasha was still bouncing. IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE! Lacking the proper concentration to study, worry and watch the dog demon, she didn't see it coming until he had snatched her book from beneath her hands and stuffed it in his mouth.

Ha! His mind cried triumphantly. Now she'll never want the book back and she could punish him, because she had gone mute for being so mean to him. Bawahahaha! Finally he had the upper hand. There was no way-

"SIT!" Kagome thundered.

Instantly hitting the ground, Inuyasha lay stunned. Wait, so she wasn't mute? The whole book in the mouth thing had seemed like a good idea at the time. But when he tried to spit the book out, he found that the sudden impact had driven his teeth into the text. Kagome's foot appeared and as she leaned over to wrench the book, now with a perfect matching set of canine teeth holes, halfway through on each side, out of his mouth. He growled at the process. But what bothered him was that she never looked him in the eyes. All she said was this. "I'm ignoring you, Inuyasha. Go away." Then, with her newly mangled book in hand, she returned to her desk, turned up the music again and continued her long neglected study time.

Inuyasha growled.

Inuyasha was mad.

Really, really mad.

Oh, bitch thought she could ignore him did she?! His ears flat on his silky hair, he lay still as the spell wore off. Well, he'd see to that. He'd make it IMPOSSIBLE for her to ignore HIM. Fire burning in amber eyes, he turned his head slowly to stare at the back of the doomed girl's head. He grinned. She was so gonna get it now.

To be continued.

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