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Ignoring Ain't Bliss Part 5

Kagome started as her mind started to whirl. Of all the things she didn't expect, this hadn't even been conceived of by the most omniscient being in all the universe. She gulped and stared down at the shadow of Inuyasha under her desk. Her heart beating triple time thundering out the music all but forgotten still blaring from her radio.

Well, so far so good, he thought, his ears pressed to his head in concentration. He had her off guard. That was something at least. The mother had not erred in her judgment of her daughter. Perhaps if he had started this way, things would have worked out differently. The clock on her bedside table clicked over to exactly midnight.

Heart still thrumming in her ears like an excited humming bird, Kagome was stone still as Inuyasha slipped her other sock off her foot, slowly pulling the cloth along the smooth silky skin of her calf. He never could get over how long modern day girls' socks were. It was as if they had to hide their legs beneath something that could bunch and conceal. It was always a shame for Kagome to hide her legs… Not that he'd ever tell her that, mind you.

Gritting teeth and biting lips, Kagome reached for her Japanese History book…it was the only subject she had any interest in anymore. It had become her haven, something familiar to her when she returned to her side of the well. Strange…of all the things to get her mind off of Inuyasha, what worked best was the mundane details of the life he lived in. How tremendously ironic. She held back a small gasp bravely as the sock finally was free of her toes.

The clock flipped to 12:01.

Silence filled the room as the radio hit dead air on the station. They both paused, still as the night air around them. Then Kagome braced herself for the next assault. It never came. Only warmth as her feet slid into something soft and welcoming. Her eyes widened…no way…

The clock ticked to 12:02...

What on earth?

Surely, this wasn't his last line of defense? Or was it is last attack. She shook her head, so wonderfully simple, yet so deviously effective. Only one person could have told him of her weakness…her own mother had ratted her out to the enemy.

Inuyasha peered up at her with golden eyes shining with hope and dulled with guilt. "Kagome…" He gulped back pride as he carefully maneuvered his body from under the desk. His white hair hid his eyes after that as he pillowed his head on her lap. His arms reached around her and he hugged her legs. If this didn't work, nothing would. And deep down he meant it more as a peace offering than a tactical maneuver. "I…uh…I brought you your slippers."

She tried, she tried really hard. But in the end it was impossible. Of all the crazy things… but it was so funny! Hiccupping back laughter, her emotions escaped her in the form of an amazingly unladylike snort. Inuyasha simply continued to hang onto her legs, his eyes and expression hidden. The snort was quickly followed by a giggle and then a full out laughter.

The clock hit 12:03...

"Oh, good grief, Inuyasha…" She gasped between breaths. "Say something, already."

Nothing…only the sound of Kagome catching her breath as her laughter subsided.


"Inuyasha?" He only held her closer, hugging her legs tighter to his cheek.


He was starting to scare her. "Hey, Inuyasha, come on already…it's okay!" Kagome gently reached down and stroked his hair. Her fingers slid through the silver tresses with ease.

"No…it's not okay." He whispered gruffly against the hem of her skirt.

"Huh?" Kagome's hands stopped.

He raised his eyes slowly to meet hers. "I said, it's not okay. You hurt my feelings…"

Taken aback by this admission, one she thought that she'd never hear from the mouth of the proud, stubborn hanyou, Kagome made the mistake of leaning away from him.


"No, don't." He reached up with his inhuman speed and grasped the young girl around the waist, pulling her to him. "Don't ignore me again!"

Kagome hesitated…his face was warm against her exposed middle. And if it wasn't her own body shaking, she could have sworn that Inuyasha's mouth was quivering against her bare skin. Still unsure of what to do, she found her hands slowly reaching for the boy's shoulders. And before she even was aware of it, she was holding him as tightly as he was her.

"I won't…I promise." She was stunned by Inuyasha's display of emotions.




He finally looked up at her as the clock turned to 12:10. His eyes were still sure of themselves, but shimmering like a mirage in the background was the shadow of worry. "This is really important to you, huh?"

She smiled softly. "Yeah."

"But it's not the most important thing, right?"


He smiled then. His normal self-assured smile, flashing his fangs unabashedly. "What's the most important thing then?"

Kagome only blushed and returned to her workbook, her feet snug and warm in her slippers. That dork had only been pretending!

"Oi! Kagome!" He poked her side and she wiggled. "Hey! Quit that, you promised." He poked her again. "C'mon! Tell me, what is the most important thing, huh?"

Kagome only turned up her radio and glared at the boy. It was going to be a long night. From outside the door Mrs. Higurashi smiled. Kagome was doing it right, too much of a good thing was never meant to last. Perhaps it was better if they fought a little bit. Anyways, it was a lot more interesting that way.

Inside the room, unbeknownst to the two arguing warriors, the clock flipped over to 12:11.

The End…

Okay, I know that may not have been what you all expected, but I hope you liked it. I will try to work on 13 ways soon and I have a very overdue R story for all the wonderful people who put me on their fav list. Love you all! DMM