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Chapter 1: Alive and Kicking

Tessa groaned rolling her eyes as she vamp sped behind the rather muscular tawny colored man in the beige leather jacket, quickly snapping his neck she tossed his body into the nearest dumpster and raced into the bar. Which was where she knew Elijah to be, Tessa was surprised to find the floor littered with a bunch of dead werewolves, the little witch she'd been tracking for some weeks now, and Elijah held against the bar by his father, Mikael. Tessa inwardly groaned not really wanting to go up against Mikael, but her life was on the line either way.

Tessa noted the last white oak stake was in Mikael's hand and beginning to pierce Elijah's chest, and she reacted, the controlled scream that ripped from her throat sent the elder man soaring into the wall beyond him, Tessa reacted quickly as she stood before Elijah, smack between him and the danger. The witch, Davina, scrambled to grab her lost bracelet as Mikael rebounded to his feet quickly moving to go through Tessa to kill the man behind her. Davina stood, unafraid of the Original vampire before her, the metallic bracelet held out in front of her like a talisman of some sort.

"Go back. Now." She told him. Mikael's eyes never left Tessa as his gaze burned her with hate before he huffed and left the bar. "Now. Who the hell are you?" Davina questioned turning on Tessa. Tessa, however, was more concerned about the white oak stake on the floor where it had been dropped. She sped over to it.

"Tessa." Elijah's voice quickly cut in before Tessa could even respond to the girl. Tess turned to face the man who sired her bloodline with a smirk.

"Hello, Elijah,"

"Wait, you two know each other?" Davina asked her voice full of sass.

"Yes, I recommend you leave. Now." Tessa responded quickly. Davina challenged her, taking a step in closer. Tessa made a move to react, but Elijah pushed the women apart. "I'm not leaving without that," Davina said pointedly staring at Tessa. Tessa smirked, she knew she meant the white oak stake.

"That; would not be wise," Elijah muttered to her before turning to face off with Tessa. Tessa huffed as she tucked the stake away safely in her jeans under her white t-shirt. "I do not wish to harm you, Davina, due to a promise I made to Marcel, but do not mistake my kindness for weakness. As far as I'm concerned we are at war. You've resurrected my murderous father, and we now hold the only weapon he can use to kill us. You can leave with your life, or you can stay and push your luck."

Davina glared up at Elijah and then moved her eyes to Tessa's direction, her glare only hardening as she began to walk out shaking her head. Elijah sighed as he turned back to Tessa holding his hand out.

"I suppose I should thank you, but I'm afraid I'm more concerned with your presence in this town. I thought you'd been long out of the vampire hunting game the moment you became a mother."

"Well, it's a bit hard to focus on motherhood when you no longer have your child," Tessa said with a sarcastic chuckle as she moved to pour herself a rather tall drink from the bar, she took notice of a man laid out on the floor behind it.

"I plan to use it myself, you know?" She continued on bringing the glass to her lips and finishing it before continuing, "The stake? On your brother." Elijah opened his mouth, but Tessa stopped him by moving away from the bar.

"I've been roped back into the 'hunting game' as you put it, because witches have taken my daughter from me, and apparently, the only way to get her back from them is to end your brother's life." Tessa sighed heavily as she finished her drink quickly.

"Tessa-," Elijah began but, she didn't want to talk to him. She needed to get the job done. She had to work with the witches if she ever anticipated in seeing her daughter again. It had only been three weeks, but it felt like an eternity to Tessa.

"Have your brother call me if he wants to talk further; I assume you'll tell him you've seen me?" She asked. Elijah didn't respond, he just stared unsure of what to say to a woman who'd seemed to have lost everything.

"I-I shall." He started to respond only to find Tessa gone, and the bar empty.

Tessa heard her phone's music cut off as she relaxed, and she groaned knowing that it was probably Ric calling, again. Things between them had been weird considering he'd literally risen from the dead a few months ago, and had shown up at her doorstep. Apparently, Mystic Falls was now a magic-free zone, which included the dark magic that had created vampires. Everyone was left scattered- aside from Damon, and Bonnie who apparently had passed on with the collapse of the other side. Tessa has been shocked, to say the least, and, while she was happy to have him back, she had grown unsure of having a relationship with him. Upon his return; Alaric remained an original vampire, and his control over his bloodlust was lacking. Everything had gone really well for the first couple days until Tessa had cut herself during their training, and the mere scent of her Faye blood sent him into a frenzy in which he attacked her. He'd apologized. Profusely, but it wasn't something he could just easily take back. She had been worried more for her fragile daughter's sake than her own.

She huffed wrapping her orange-red hair up in a messy bun atop her head as she relaxed deeper into the bubbly, sweet-scented water around her. She'd been hunting here for practice since she'd entered New Orleans weeks ago, but there was an unusually limited number of vampires within the quarter.

She'd had a vision of Elijah's impending death that morning, and what with him being her sire and all she was quick to come to his defense, more for her own well-being, of course. Tessa glanced over towards the open balcony through the bedroom doorway, conveniently placed at the opposite side of the adjoined living room. A figure in dark clothes stood on the balcony, just staring at her.

"Hello love." She froze looking over to see Klaus Mikaelson in all his glory before her. His black leather jacket gave off a look of trouble that suited Klaus well. Tessa gulped slightly at her exposed position as he moved into the cottage, swiftly walking across the living room into the bedroom doorway. It had been nearly 2 years since she'd seen him, and it was as if nothing had changed. His eyes sent her mind back in time when he'd had her in precarious positions, in his mansion, at the Inn in New York, then the surge of bad memories hit her. All the people she'd lost, all the fights, and threats, the control he had over her back then. He now stood a foot from the tub, his eyes moving over her form.

Tessa rolled her eyes at him before she cut the water off quickly, and stood. The appreciative look she'd received from him didn't go unnoticed as she stepped out of the relaxing tub quickly wrapping her foamy body in a fluffy towel.

"Klaus." She acknowledged as she passed by him, exiting the bathroom.

"So, my brother tells me you're here to end my life, and that you now have the means to do so. Is that true?" He said smirking as he followed her into the oversized bedroom she was currently renting at the Audubon Cottages.

"Ah, so you do know. Odd choice to come to me then, isn't it? Although, I am mildly curious as to how you found me."

"I'm the reigning king of New Orleans, love. I can find anyone within my city."

"Oh, your city, is it? Funny, because I've been here for weeks, and you're only just learning of my presence now, Your Majesty." She retorted to him as she snagged jeans and a tank top out of her suitcase. Klaus remained silent as he watched her slip her undergarments on under the towel before sliding her jeans up.

"What?" Tessa asked him a ghost of a smirk on her lips. She glanced over her shoulder only to be met with his staring. "Oh please. You had to have known any chances of something like 'us' ever happening was thrown out the window the minute you murdered my father."

"He came for my family and, I. I'm afraid I didn't have a choice," Klaus responded as he moved in closer. Tessa turned, still holding the towel tightly in her hand blocking her barely covered torso from his prying eyes.

"Then, I suppose you can understand my motives for being here?" She asked him softly taking a step closer to him accepting his challenging stare.

"You don't really think you can just waltz into my city, and plot to murder me, do you?" Klaus asked. She could see the ever familiar yet distant signs of his anger. The tightening jaw, his eyes hardening on her form in front of him. "We've been down this road before, Tessa." He pointed out.

A slow smirk spread across her lips as she slid a knife out from under her towel, before dropping it to the floor. "There's more at stake here, Klaus." She muttered before her instincts kicked in as she swung Robbie's old knife at him in a blind rage, he easily dodged her advance. Grabbing her arm brandishing the weapon and twisting it back behind her. She jerked her head back against his, and with a thud, he was shoved back by the force of it. Spinning around she kicked at his chest. Klaus flailed back across the mattress; Tessa reacted with reflexes of her vampire nature and shoved him to his back as she pounced on him with the vervain knife to his throat.

"Your reflexes have gotten slower, must've been all those months you've recently spent locked away in your cozy mansion," Tessa remarked as she pressed the knife against his skin. She heard him practically growl angrily from under her. She stood in her black lace brassiere and her jeans as she pinned him to the mattress, her legs on either side of his chest.

"Enough of this. Get off me." He seethed out through gritted teeth.

"No Klaus, this isn't enough," Tessa argued flashes of her days spent tied up in his mansion hit her. Klaus pulled her from the past as he tried to pull back from the knife undoubtedly it was itching the skin of his throat. "What's the matter? Your skin burning? Itching?" She asked her eyes taking on a gleam of danger in them.

He simply glared up at her in response.

"It felt similar to this when you strung me up in your mansion when you tortured the whereabouts of the stakes out of me." Tessa continued on at his silence. "Maybe, I can demonstrate, exactly… how it felt to you." She trailed off her eyes moving over him for any exposed skin.

Her legs moved to pin his arms down, as she pulled at the buttons on the neck of his shirt. They popped right off showing to her the skin she was aiming for. She could feel his arms working against the hold she had with her legs, but she maintained control for the moment. He hissed as the blade nicked his collarbone, and within a second she felt his hands on her thighs as he rolled them over.

"Enough!" She glared up at him, her eyes not betraying a single emotion. Klaus huffed as he felt blood seeping out of his skin from the cut that would take longer to heal than most. "I didn't come here to fight you."

"What're you gonna do Klaus?" Tessa asked him sarcastically as she struggled against him.

"I want to help you." He replied with a crooked grin at her stubbornness.

"Help me? Help me!? Why would you want to help me? Why would you care?"

"Call it an act of atonement." He shrugged nonchalantly.

"You have no reason-."

"It's my mother." He said cutting her off entirely. "My mother is controlling the witches."

She stilled her widening cobalt blue eyes looking up at him in surprise, "Wha-what?"

"My mother has returned. Again." He told her, she could see the emotions just under the surface of him. "I've just returned from a little chat over tea." He told her, his eyes flicking to the knife she held in her hand.

She groaned, annoyed as she tossed the knife away, it clattered to the floor noisily in the silence of the room. "You gonna get off of me?" She asked him, her tone biting.

Klaus smirked down at her, "You know, I'm rather enjoying this position."

"Get off me," Tessa growled. Klaus continued to simply smirk down at her, then without warning, Tessa screamed, her hands moved, pressing against Klaus's chest, and he was sent soaring into the wall behind him by an unseen force. He hit the hardwood with a hard thud.

"Well, your banshee powers have certainly grown." He said righting himself immediately.

She ignored him; standing up and moving to grab the tank top she'd previously dropped to the bed. "You can't honestly think I haven't gotten more comfortable with using my own powers, did you?"

Klaus stared at her more, his eyes moving over her body as she pulled the dark V-neck shirt down covering her midsection. "I think we could help each other, Tessa." He said his tone suddenly serious.

"Oh, yeah? How is that?" She asked crossing her arms over her chest, disbelievingly.

"You have as much reason to want the witches gone as I do, love." He told her as he came around to her side of the oversized bed. His hand trailed over the footboard as he rounded the corner slowly. "In order to help, I'll be needing that white oak stake back, love." He finished his voice low. Tessa stared at him, as her breathing changed. She watched him moving in closer, and closer to her. The air around the two became thick with tension.

"They have my daughter, Klaus." She cut him off. The tension vanished quickly. He stood inches from her when he stilled, his face clouded over with anger as he pulled away- Tessa wasn't sure if it was the mere mention of her child she'd had with Alaric or something else that had angered him, but she let it slide. "I'm not doing anything to piss them off, especially if your mother is involved. She already turned Alaric once. I won't-. I can't-. I'm not risking anything with my daughter involved which includes giving you the only leverage I have in this fight." Her heart hurt at the mere mention of her daughter- she hated bringing her up, she preferred to bury the pain deep down, but it was difficult to remain emotionless in this scenario.

"I understand," Klaus said softly after a silence passed between them. Tessa was at a loss; it surprised her for him to be so understanding. He'd changed- that much was obvious to her. Before he hadn't cared who got in his way, he'd maim or kill them to get what he wanted.

"I'm sorry? That's it?" Tessa asked confused as she moved to stand behind Klaus now standing in the doorway. "After everything-everyone that you took from me two years ago? I mention my daughter, and you what? Drop it? Just like that?" Tessa asked her anger seeping into her words.

"I know when the battle is a lost cause." He said to her not bothering to look over his shoulder towards her. Tessa moved quickly her hand on his shoulder as she spun him around slamming his back against the open door against the wall.

She stared at him taking in his somber expression, his silence, and lack of fight to sway her to his side. "What happened to you?" She asked him softly.

Klaus's eyes hardened as he pushed her gently away from him. "I recently lost a child, myself." He told her quietly before he moved at vampire speed towards the balcony. He paused standing on the balcony, he almost blended into the night sky beyond him. "I will help you get your child back, Tessa. I swear it." With that, Tessa watched him jump over the railing, and fall out of view. She was left standing in her bedroom in a tangled web of shock, and confusion.

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