028. Ignore



Kara Danvers is a proven terrible liar.

She stammers her way through an explanation, laughs a pitch too high, fiddles with the edge of her glasses or the handle of her designer purse, gets a wide-eyed look like someone just caught her with one hand in the proverbial cookie jar.

Except the jar holds a bright red cape, and not very well — as Kara is very clumsy with the lid.

Lena is thoroughly astonished that anyone in this office believes Kara's lies, even Mr. Olsen. He's a dear, but she thought he would be far quicker to the take. Eve must be understandably clueless.

Did Cat Grant know? Does Kara's own sister and the mother who adopted her know? Or that Schott boy? One or few have to know about this.

"That was fast," Lena says with a slight eyebrow quirk, coming around her L-Corp desk.

Kara's cheeks flush a pleasant, rosy pink, as she mouths out an uhhhh and wrinkles her nose, handing the manilla folder to her. "They were… really eager to talk about this, with me, with us," Kara babbles, smiling so hard her dimples pop. "With us, about the article. I just wanted to hurry."

"Thank you, Kara," Lena says now blandly, not bothering to spare her a glance and ducking her head. She can practically feel Kara's concern.

"… You okay, Lena?"

Unable to distract herself from the soft and sweet undercurrent of Kara's voice, Lena glances up. Her brow furrowed, her lips thinning together.

It's not really the lying that hurts — not as much Kara choosing not to share the truth.

Lena can't blame her. She's a Luthor after all.

"Fine," she murmurs, but approaches her with a studious, frowning glare, leaning in and touching the rims of Kara's glasses, easing them off.

"Wait—no, Lena—"

She can feel the pressure of Kara's fingers wrapping to her forearm.

Not even close to steel.

"They're all crooked," Lena murmurs again, forcing a tiny, amused smile, slipping them back over Kara's nose and watching her pale face redden. "How can you get around like that, Kara?"

"I, um…"

It doesn't matter. Kara will tell her — hopefully.

One day.



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