Delphox- male

Zoroark- female

Serperior- male

Alolan Ninetales- female

Noivern- male

Emolga- male

Mienshao- female

Leavanny- female

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Morning came to Martin slowly. Hours of battling through a maze, treating his team with what supplies he had, and getting the explanation of how working for the Guild would earn credit to get the guild to aid him. Between that and the tour of the mountain, the day had ended and landed hard on Martin's shoulders. Waking up with Delphox keeping him warm in the subterranean chill of the mountain made things more pleasant.

Preparing a light breakfast, he considered the logistics of his situation. Finite supplies of the high grade healing items, and an indefinite span ahead before he could hopefully find a Hoopa or Celebi or something to send him to a new world.

Leaving the breakfast out to his team, he wandered into the pantry, looking for Berries. Finding a decent stockpile, he checked the supplies closet.

Delphox woke to the sound of something crashing down as supplies were shifted around.

"Morning. Good or not depends on a reasonable explanation." Delphox twitched an ear as he watched his human drag himself out from under a box.

"We need sustainable supplies of food and medicine. I was checking to see if this place has any of those portable Berry Pots they use in Johto."

Delphox nodded at the reasonable explanation.

"And on the note of future planning, how are we going to deal with working for the Guild?"

Delphox grabbed some of the munchie mix set out, gesturing for Martin to continue.

"They said that a strange force keeps parties larger than four from entering the actual Mystery Dungeons, Right? Then that means we could do it as two teams of four, with one remaining behind, or we could try for other divisions."

Delphox closed his eyes, contemplating. "Recruiting some of the locals to help build long-term sustainability infrastructure would benefit all."

"Get a few Timburr to help build a terraced garden tower, perhaps?"

"Check the supplies wing for better building materials. Bribe a Conkeldurr with a chance to play with new building styles."

The quiet discussion continued as the rest of the team slowly awakened and ate breakfast.

Delphox, Serperior, and Mienshao headed to the Guild. The rest spread out to search for some likely helpers for their farming project.

As the trio reached the Guild, they saw a team of four leaving with half-stuffed bags. Delphox silently noted the team and decided that grabbing some supplies would be for the best. Walking inside, they were greeted by Ferrothorn's voice.

"Ah, Team Endling, for your first assignment? Don't worry, Beedrill won't send you to a really rough Dungeon just yet." Only a little attention turned their way as the younger explorers glanced at the team.

"What did you call us?" Serperior turned to stare at his fellow Grass Type.

Ferrothorn's vines waved in a grassy shrug. "Endling. You're all following orders from a creature that is the last of its kind. So, he is an endling."

"Accurate, if unpleasant," Delphox mused.

Serperior slinked over to a board covered in notices. A nearby Dugtrio began to explain the sections.

"From easiest to hardest, the missions are sorted Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, and Gold. There are sub-levels within each category, but that's the basics. Generally, we get four kinds of missions. Rescue, Exploration, Treasure, Escort, and Hunting. And combinations of those four."

"Rescue and Escort are similar. Both involve Pokémon that are not strong enough to handle the Dungeon needing help. Just, in the one case you are guiding them and in the other they got stuck and need you to get them out."

"Treasure jobs can be as small as being hired to gather some Oran Beries in Berry Woods, or seeking out some fabulous artifact in one of the bigger dungeons. They pair with Exploration jobs, which I understand is the primary goal of your team."

"Hunts are about tracking down some Pokémon, either a criminal, a Dungeon Feral that is blocking a pass, or just some prey and taking them down. Any questions?"

"Why did the ranking go from green to red? Why not follow the order of the rainbow?"

"I think the logic was that easy jobs can be done in the dark by a blind Rattata, while harder jobs practically mandate using Flash to get enough light to glimpse the environment. But that's just the story I heard. Who knows at this point?"

Serperior started looking at the job board. As he tried to interpret the pawprint script used and piece together how the written form of Pokémon language had evolved, a Blitzle sidled up to him.

"Out of curiosity, are any of you interested in joining a better Exploration Team?"

Serperior glanced at the Blitzle in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, everyone on a team should be pulling their own weight and my boss's team is full of strong Pokémon. Hitmonlee has High Jump Kick and learned Close Combat recently. Plus, we've got Clefable. She routinely sweeps entire Monster Houses. Between all fifteen of us, we are pulling in five dungeon dives an outing. Leave that scrawny human behind and get in on a real team."

Serperior's eyes narrowed. "Why would any of us want to leave our Master?"

"Because it was not contributing to the fight? Why follow a leader that refuses to help out?"

Blitzle had all of two seconds to watch as Serperior turned and glared. Moments later, a vine whip smacked him headfirst into a wall hard enough to imbed him there.

Serperior slithered away, a job tag from the green section of the board in his grip.

As Blitzle pulled his head out of the wall, he muttered "That's how you want to play? Team Stryke will play."

As the trio checked the Guild's map to find their destination, Martin and the others were busy.

"-and then there will be more food. So, you in?" Ninetales said. She looked at the Conkeldurr foremon who ruled the district of Machop, Timburr, and evolutions of the same.

"You said you had supplies?"

"Yeah. The facility in the Mountain has large storage chambers full of equipment."

Conkeldurr nodded, a thoughtful look on his face. "In exchange for letting us keep some of the supplies if we find them to our liking, we will build your garden tower."

Martin received the update on the building project persuasion and began opening up the storehouse looking for the construction equipment as the builders marched toward the facility.

As he and Ninetales guided the builders through the supplies hallway. Conkeldurr's voice echoed in the cold facility. Without tapping into the warlord connection, Martin had no idea what the foremon seemed enamored with, but architecture style seemed the most likely answer.

Finding the right door, Martin and Ninetales showed the construction team the room. Piles of wood, brick, cement mix, and steel girders lined the warehouse sized room to the ceiling. Even as Ninetales began to give a basic overview, Martin watched as a Gurdurr walked forward, entranced at the sight of the steel beam. Dropping the squared log it carried, it started to heft the girder. Tears flowed as Gurdurr danced for joy at finding such a desirable tool and weight to lift.

Ninetales started barking at the Conkeldurr. A rapid exchange followed, ending with the Conkeldurr uttering an order to his workers. Collectively shouting some acknowledgement, they rushed about, gathering supplies and transporting them to the entrance of the facility.

Watching the team of muscled builders start setting up a framework that would produce a terraced arch over the entrance to the facility, Martin knew that he had taken the first step toward surviving in this new world.

Miles away, and increasing the distance step by step, Delphox, Serperior, and Mienshao followed the simplistic map the guild had provided, leading them toward a Dungeon about a day's walk from the Mountain's foothills.

"So, I didn't catch it. What was our mission?" Mienshao asked as she watched the wind tease a tree's branches.

"Enter Dungeon. Retrieve commodity from Dungeon, bring to employer. Get a better grip on endurance over power." Delphox stared at the job description. "Dungeons have some practical use. Provide source of resources. Job needs two Warp Orbs. We are allowed to keep extra. No real idea what the Orbs do, but always loved new options in a fight."

The trio walked in silence for another five minutes before Mienshao started humming. Serperior, growling at the off key humming, grabbed her in a vine snare and carried the Fighting Type high enough above the ground to mute the noise.

"What letter were we on?" Serperior asked.

Delphox thought before answering "M."

"Okay then, Mankey target."

"Nosepass picker."

"Oranguru wanabe." Delphox's face twisted in horror at being compared to an Oranguru.

"Pansear's jump rope." Serperior growled at the insinuation of being weak enough for that.

The Unown game continued for hours, starting over several times. Finally, they reached the location of their dungeon.

Gazing at the twisted entry way, they began their preperations.

The exploration bag had been built on strange principles, behaving much line other equipped tools. Melding into the user's body, it opened a pocket space that the user could use to carry things.

The trio equipped their items. The Wide Lens caused Mienshao's eyes to shine. The Big Root Serperior wore interwove into his body, enhancing his capabilities. Delphox pulled out a large chunk of Charcoal.

Stepping past the entry of the dungeon, they felt a wave of confusion as the spatially-consistency-challenged location tugged at them. A first step in a real Mystery Dungeon.