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Our evening had started off relatively normal. We had just returned from an extended hunting trip to Canada that morning and the family was settling back into their normal routines.

Everyone except for Edward. He was off pouting in some desolate corner of the world, calling to check in sporadically.

While I wasn't exactly fond of Edward and his brooding mood swings, I was getting fed up with the constant melancholy that seemed to have attached itself to our family in his absence.

Esme was the most affected by Edward and his selfish decision to leave the family. While I understood her desire to have the family intact, I was baffled by the complete lack of attention we paid to the issue at hand.

That issue was Edward.

Edward was over a Hundred years old and fully capable of being held accountable for his own damn actions, if you asked me.

Of course nobody ever asked me my opinion on the matter. They were all too busy shuffling between feeling pity for Edward and mourning the loss of Bella.

It was as if some tragic accident had caused all of this, instead of my dimwitted brother and his juvenile actions.

Then again, I never really had an attachment to Bella the way my family did.

I didn't particularly like her, nor did I hate her.

Bella was always just... there. Following Edwards. Agreeing with Edward. Fawning over Edward.

She was far too willing to bend to Edward and his every whim, something that Edward was well accustomed to throughout his existence.

It really wasn't hard to see why he was gifted to read minds.

Why not? He already believed he knew everything anyways.

At first, I couldn't blame the poor human girl for taking the bait. It was in our nature to disorient our potential prey, leaving them entirely witless and slow. Why should this human be any different?

Then more time passed and as Bella became more comfortable with the idea of becoming one of us, I began to see that Bella was far from stupid.

She was just incredibly naïve in many aspects.

Edward could be charming when he wanted to be, but he could also be calculating and manipulative. It was a skill that most of our kind naturally possessed. He just happened to be far more skilled at it than most.

Bella, young and blinded by love, was more than willing to ignore Edward and his deficiencies.

Edward, narcissistic and controlling, thrived until he slowly began to lose some of that control.

It was comical to watch as the puppet slowly became the master.

The lamb became the lion.

Edward's behavior began to change dramatically. His actions became less calculated and planned out. Instead, he became sloppy and careless.

He invited her into our home and allowed her to know the truth about us. He made himself a person of interest to the chief of police, a spectacle of himself at school. He drew attention to not only himself, but the family as well. These were all things Edward had actively tried to avoid before Bella.

Edward had lost his shit.

In typical Edward fashion, he became unable to cope with his inability to control the direction of his relationship with Bella.

He spent hours analyzing and then reanalyzing even the most minute possibilities with Carlisle.

Carlisle always said the same thing.

"There is no logic when it comes to matters of the heart."

Edward just couldn't accept that answer.

"Wait Emmett, you skipped a video. We should be on number twelve." Jasper complained loudly from his spot on the loveseat next to me.

This was a regular occurrence in our house. Jasper preferred to properly watch videos in the order they are posted. Emmett, being more of a free spirit, preferred to jump from video to video. There was usually no rhyme or reason to his preference, usually whatever caught his eye.

"Relax dude, we can always go back and watch it next." Emmett shot Jasper an exasperated look.

"I wanted to see if they ever found that secret rock cliff with the heirogliphs!" Jasper complained.

"Fine! You take it then!" Emmett tossed the black Playstation controler towards Jaspers head.

Jasper caught the controler neatly, but he must have accidently pressed a button in the process, as the screen momentarily went black and then returned to the YouTube search menu.

"Don't be a dick Emmett! Why should we all suffer just because you lack the simple ability to count to twenty?" Jasper admonished.

"Suffer? I didn't hear anyone complaining except you." Emmett retorted.

"Someone just press play already!" I huffed in annoyance.

"Fine. But I'm going to the correct video this time." Jasper shot Emmett a pointed look as he began scrolling through videos with the joystick.

"Give me that!" I snatched the controler from his hands.

"Hey!" he whined.

"Alright, what were you watching again?" I ignored his protest.

"Video twelve!" Jasper repeated.

"Video twelve of what?" I motioned toward the screen.

"That one right there. The travel vlog." Emmett pointed to the video on the far right.

"You girl's are arguing over a travel vlog?" I said in disgust.

"Hey! This channel is awesome!" Jasper defended.

"It's about three guys who are travelling the world in a beat up bus." Emmett explained.

"Is it the magic school bus?" I deadpanned.

"You have to watch it to understand. They pick up all these other people who are traveling along the way..." Emmett began.

"...and they stop and explore all these cool sights and hidden beaches and stuff." Jasper finished.

"Wow, some of these videos are from over three years ago." I observed, while scrolling through the uploaded videos for the channel.

"Yeah, and they are still posting them up until today." Jasper pointed towards a video that had been posted only four hours previously.

"So these guys have been traveling all over the world for three years now?" Emmett questioned.

"Look's that way." I began scrolling left, towards the older videos for the channel.

I clicked on the channel description, trying to get a more detailed overview than what Emmett and Jasper had provided.

"Alright! Can somebody just go to the twelfth video already!" Jasper threw his head back in frustration.

"Alright, you big baby!" I hastily exited out of the description and highlighted the correct video using the joystick on the controller.

"Video twelve!" I pressed the "X" button on the controller hard enough to hear a slight crack from the cheap plastic.

"Thank you!" Jasper sniped.

We sat in front of the television for the next several hours, enthralled by the three Twenty-Something year old males who were traveling to different countries in their small bus. They met several different people, both locals and travelers alike. Jamie, Mark and Carlos all took turns filming the adventures, but Jamie was the main narrator for the channel. Sometimes the people they came across would stick around for several videos, catching a ride on the bus and pitching in for food and gas money in exchange. Sometimes they were just passing through. Some of the people they ran into also had travel blogs and websites of their own, and they would share bits and pieces of their own travels along the way. It was oddly fascinating to watch all of the different people come and go. They were also a very humorous bunch who had a very laid back attitude. Even when they were stuck in less than ideal situations, they still managed to remain lighthearted and fun. I was instantly sucked in.

"Man, look at that wave he just caught." Jasper whistled his appreciation.

We were watching video number Thirty-Seven. Jamie and the boys were currently surfing on a hidden beach in Southern California that the trio had hiked two days just to get to after their bus had broken down yet again. It gave me a whole new appriciation for being human.

The video ended with the trio sitting in their dilapidated bus, with Jaime facing into the camera.

"Alright guys, the beach was awesome and we caught some of the best waves we have ever seen. It was definitely worth the extra effort it took to get here. More importantly though, we also met these two gorgeous ladies who are also headed south..."

Jamie panned the camera around to face two girls who were sharing a small cooler as a chair. The girls waved into the camera lens with smiles on their faces.

They were only on camera for a few short seconds before Jamie panned the camera back around to face himself.

"Holy shit." I breathed out.

"Was that-?" Emmett trailed off.

"Bella?" I whispered.

There was a slight delay in our actions, due to being in shock.

Eventually we managed to regain our composure around the same time. All Three of us made a grab for the controller that had been laying abandoned on the coffee table in front of us.

"Rewind it back!" I shouted to nobody in particular, unable to focus on who had managed to get to the controller first.

"Alice!" Jasper was out of his seat and standing at the bottom of the stairs in a fraction of a second.

"Wait for Alice!" I reprimended Emmett, who had already began to rewind the video and was watching the Three second clip again.

"Alice! You have to come see this!" I joined Jasper in summoning her.

"What is going on?" Alice, who was not used to being taken by surprise, looked perplexed as she flew down the stairs.

"Sit down right here doll." Jasper directed her towards the sofa.

"Alright. Just watch. We rewound it back to the correct spot...just watch for a minute and you will see what we are talking about." Jasper explained.

"O...kay" she answered slowly.

"You ready?" Emmett asked.

"Press play!" the rest of us shouted.

"Geez." Emmett grumbled, but quickly pressed the button to resume playing the video.

We all watched as Jamie's face appeared on the screen again.

"...some of the best waves we have ever seen. It was definitely worth the extra effort it took to get here. More importantly though, we also met these Two gorgeous ladies who are also headed south..."..."

This time, we were prepaired for the sight of a slightly older and sun kissed Bella, smiling and waving at the camera.

"Pause it!"

"You see!" I turned to Alice expectantly.

She sat in shocked silence for what felt like forever, her eyes locked on the smiling brunette who looked so similar, yet so different from how we last saw her.

"Why didn't I see this?." Alice whispered.

"See what Alice?" I asked.

"What about Edward?" Emmett sat up swiftly.

"He... he must never find out." Alice also stood.

"Do you all understand what I am saying? Edward must never find out about this!" Alice was in full out panic.

"Alright Alice. Calm down." Jasper tried to reassure his mate.

"No. You don't understand. Edward doesn't even want me looking into her future anymore. Can you imagine if he finds out we are all stalking her via YouTube?" Alice cried out.

"Stalking her? Alice... it was a three second clip. I would hardly constitute that as stalking." I defended.

Alice looked away guiltily.

"What...what are you not telling us Alice? What have you seen..."

"There's more." Alice whispered.

"More what?" Emmett asked.

"That video was posted two years ago Emmett. This channel has over a million subscribers and over Four-Hundred videos!" I clarified, my brain running wild with this new realization.

"Are you saying..." Jasper trailed off.

There was a brief moment of silence before the room broke out into total mayhem.

"Give me that controller!" I could hear Jasper demand as I turned swiftly towards the kitchen.

"No!" Emmett made a run for the stairs as I hurridly made my way to the dining room table to find my iPad.

"Fine! But don't say I didn't warn you all!" Alice was already on her cell phone. I could see the familiar red and white logo of the YouTube application as she sprinted quickly up the stairs.

"Hypocrite!" I called after her.