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Eight Months Later:

"Do you think about marrying me?" She turned to me with the oddest expression on her face, a cross between confusion, fear, and curiosity. I had to hide the amusement I felt.

Part of me understood, because the question seemed to come out of nowhere. I'd woken from a dream twenty minutes ago - a dream of our wedding. I knew within weeks of meeting her that Bella was my forever. I couldn't pinpoint the exact moment or even if there was a specific instance that clenched it for me. She stole my heart, and I didn't even realize it at the time.

"Marriage." She turned onto her side to face me with her hand tucked under her head as she let the idea roll around in her mind. I admired the view of her still rumpled from sleep, her eyes still slightly cloudy. The contentment I felt of having her here with me settled over me. "I don't-" My stomach dropped. "I don't know, I think." Okay. That wasn't a flat-out refusal. "Are you-"

"No." I lifted my hand to cup her check. "I'm not asking you to marry me. Not yet." She seemed to relax as her shoulders fell slightly, and her brows smoothed from their slight furrow. "I just want to know if you think about it. Is it something you've considered?" She placed her hand over mine, threaded her fingers through my own, and pulled my hand down to rest against her chest.

"Honestly, I don't think so." Instead of getting offended or hurt, I waited. She's explain herself, and knowing my girl, it would be completely logical. At least it would be in her head. "Mom left us when I was very young. I don't remember much about her, just what Daddy has told me. Then it was just me and him for...forever. Then as I got older, I watched his men marry," she sighed, "and divorce. Military marriages aren't easy." A truer statement had never been said. "I guess I saw that and thought it wasn't what I wanted. Plus, I was pretty busy with school. I wasn't a normal girl, Edward." I couldn't keep the smile from blooming on my face. Unable to resist, I leaned forward and kissed the tip of her nose.

"You still aren't, Sweetheart. It's one of the things I love about you." A smile tugged at her lips and color filled her cheeks as her eyes looked at me tenderly. I hope she understood how much I loved her exactly the way she was.

"So, no, I guess I don't really think about marrying you." She scooted closer and tangled her leg between mine. I wrapped my arm around her enjoying having her close. "But I think about spending the rest of my life with you. At least, that's my plan." My heart hammered in my chest at her confession and my cock swelled. She was basically saying yes to a proposal, and that made me a very, very happy man.

"Yeah?" I asked to confirm. She smiled at me indulgently.

"Yeah." I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers. "Sound good?"

"Sounds great." I ran my hand up and down her spine, my hand drifting lower with each pass. Her breath sped up as my touch drifted over her backside and to her thigh. I groaned when I realized she had on no underwear, and she giggled. "Oh, Baby." I ran my hand under her t-shirt (my t-shirt) and up until I had a handful of her delectable derriere and squeezed. She thrust forward slightly rubbing against me. "Let me show you how happy you've made me."

Instead of answering me, she leaned forward and captured my lips with her own, kissing me possessively. I rolled to my back as she pressed my shoulder and moved to straddle me. Our lips never parted as she sat astride me. Her hands moved down my chest, and I grunted as she circled my nipples before moving her hands further down. She traced my six-pack, a feature I hadn't realized until recently affected her the way it did. I ran my fingers through her hair then pulled her away to taste her neck. She gasped for breath, braced one hand on the bed beside my head, and moved her lower half against me slowly. I grunted at the sensation and tried to maintain control over my libido.

"Edward, please." She tried pushing my boxers off with one hand but wasn't having much success. I moved my hands down her sides and grasped her hips.

"Lift up." She raised onto her knees, and I quickly removed the offending clothing before pulling her back down to rest higher on my torso. Once steady, she whipped off the shirt she was wearing and flung it somewhere in the room. I could see the intent in her eyes. Before she could follow through, I quickly sat up and turned her so she was on her back. She yelped in surprise but smiled when I moved above her. "I'm supposed to be showing you how happy you make me." She pouted adorably.

"Come back here." I braced myself above her so our bodies weren't touching and leaned down to kiss her slowly. She moaned and tried to pull me against her.

"Uh, uh, uh." When she frowned, I kissed her chastely. "Be a good girl." I winked. "I'll make it worth your while." Her eyes darkened, and she bit her lip which she knew drove me wild.

Once I saw the surrender in her eyes, I leaned down and gently placed my lips on hers. The kiss was slow and languid as I enjoyed the taste of her. I kept myself above her, because I knew the minute my body pressed against her, I'd be lost. Her fingers combed through my hair and scratched my scalp sending a jolt of desire through my body. Afraid I'd lose control before completing my mission, I moved to trail my lips down the column of her slender neck and over her heart - my heart. She sighed but quickly sucked in a sharp breath as I closed my lips over her rosy nipple. I swirled my tongue around her savoring the sound of her moan. Wanting to be an attentive lover, I moved to her other breast to pay the same respect.

"Yes." Her grip on my hair tightened as she held me closely to her. I chuckled as I felt her leg wrap around me trying to pull me against her. "Edward," she whined when I refused to comply.

"Don't worry, Sweetheart. I'm going to take care of you." She threw her head back with a huff, but her body couldn't lie. She was enjoying this. I tweaked her erect nipple pulling a squeak from her which was quickly followed by another moan. I placed my lips back on her body but moved south grazing over her cute little belly button. Just before I got to where she wanted me most, I detoured and moved my kisses to her hip then to her thigh.

"Edward, please." I felt her tug my hair but resisted. I was going to make her happy, but I was going to play a little bit first. As I moved further down her body, her hand fell to the bed as she panted. I pushed her leg to the side giving me better access. Her hands fisted the sheet when I nipped at the inside of her knee. "Shit. Edward, how do you do that?" Pride swelled along with my cock. She'd always been sensitive there. Unable to resist her any longer, especially when she talked like that, I moved up and placed a small kiss on her pussy. She jumped slightly at the contact before settling. "Fuck. Yes."

I kept my eyes on her face the entire time I loved her with my mouth. She tried to watch me, but eventually she lost the battle. Her lids slid shut as her head fell backwards, and her body arched. I guided her legs over my shoulders and wrapped my arms around her waist to hold her in place as I licked and sucked at her clit. When she tensed and her breathing sped up, I backed off and turned to place kisses on her thighs.

"No, no, no. Don't stop," she begged, but I didn't cave. Instead, I sucked on her inner thigh leaving a mark that only I could see. She grunted at my action.

"I told you I'd make it worth your while," I reminded her. "Trust me." She propped herself up on her elbows to level me with a pleading look.

"But I want you."

"You have me. You have me for the rest of your life." She smiled tenderly at my confession then her eyes turned predatory.

I moved back to taste her once more, and she stayed where she was watching me intently. I pulled back my hand and placed a finger at her entrance. She tensed, but it wasn't in fear. My hunger grew as I watched her eyes droop in anticipation. I teased her by running my finger outside of her entrance as my mouth continued at its task. Her mouth parted slightly as she raised her hips trying to push herself onto my finger. I pulled back to give her a stern look but couldn't hold back long as she started to chant please in a whisper. Finally, I pushed into her as I pulled her clit between my teeth.

"Yes!" she shouted as she fell back against her pillow. Her soft warmth enveloped my finger, and I wanted nothing more in that moment than to be inside her, but I wanted her to come first. Keeping my movements slow and deliberate, I moved my other hand up to pinch her nipple. Her hand covered mine and pulled. I groaned when she sucked my finger into her mouth and bit which caused her to moan around me. It wasn't long before I was rutting against the bed like a seventeen-year-old boy. "Edward, I-" She didn't need to finish her sentence. I could feel her starting to clench around my finger. Redoubling my efforts, I added a finger and moved faster all the while still working on her with my mouth. "Edward, oh! I'm gonna-" Her body bowed off the bed as she shattered in my arms. I worked her through her orgasm not releasing her until she'd started to breathe again, deep breaths that caused her chest to heave. I admired to sheen of sweat that glistened on her body. "Come...come...here." I moved up her body kissing her skin along the way.

"Hi there, Beautiful," I said softly once I was above her. I kissed the side of her mouth as she tried to catch her breath.

"I want you." She hooked a leg around my waist and pulled me down. I didn't fight her this time and settled between her legs. "Now." Not willing to disobey her command, I sank into her. Fuck. She was so tight from her orgasm still. I could feel her clench around me as I settled with my hips flush against hers. "Move, Edward. Please." I wrapped my arms under and around her shoulders holding her close before pulling back until I almost slipped out then pushing back into her. Nothing was better than this. Literally nothing. "Edward, please." I looked into her eyes to see they were wild with desire. "Fuck me. Please. We can do slow and sweet later." I crushed her to me in a kiss before pulling away and pushing myself up to my knees.

"You want me to fuck you?" I asked to be sure. She bit her lip and nodded. "Hold on then." When I reached forward to the headboard, her hands flew up to brace herself. Once I had leverage, I held on and pushed into her roughly.

"Yes!" Her shout of approval spurred me on, and I fucked her at a punishing pace. I couldn't take my eyes off the sight of her breasts as they bounced in time with my trusts. Her legs were wrapped around me with ankles locked together. "Fuck. Deeper." I reached down to pull her ass higher on my thighs. "That's it. That's...it." I could feel her starting to tighten around me and was so thankful. I wouldn't last much longer, and she needed to come again. I moved one hand down her body until my hand was settled at the top of her mound. I moved my thumb to press against her clit, and her moans grew louder as her head lolled to the side.

"Come for me, Bella. Come all over me." I could tell she was fighting it, but I was having none of that. I pressed my thumb against her harder. "Look at me. Eyes on me."

She fought to keep her eyes open as she began to lose control. I cupped my hands behind her shoulders and pulled her up to straddle me. With my forehead against hers, our harsh breaths mingling, I couldn't hold off any longer and fell over the edge with her. I held her against me as she shuddered in my arms. Our bodies were slick with sweat, but I'd never felt closer to her than this moment. I kept her in my arms as we both came down from that euphoric high. She leaned forward to press her lips against mine, but it was the briefest of kisses. I lowered her to the bed but was afraid I would crush her. I rolled over taking her with me so that she was on top. We laid there for a few minutes while we recovered. Eventually, she crossed her arms over my chest and rested her chin against them.

"I'm not sure I could really tell how happy you are." I barked out a laugh and cupped her cheeks.

"My naughty girl." She smiled shyly. It still puzzled me how she could go all shy after all we'd done together. She kissed my chest before looking back up at me with sleepy eyes. "We should get out of bed." I looked at the alarm clock beside the bed. "Emmett and Rosalie will be here in thirty minutes." Her eyes widened, and she scrambled out of bed and hurried to the closet.

"I have to shower. You have to shower." She disappeared into the closet. "What if they're early?"

"We can shower together to save time." Her head popped around the doorframe, and she looked at me with narrowed eyes.

"No way, Mister. Then we'll really be running behind." I smirked. She disappeared once more but only for a few seconds. She headed for the bathroom with clothes in hand. However, when she passed me, I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her back into the bed.

"Edward," she half-heartedly whined while laughing. "Don't make me late."

"You won't be late. You're already here." That was logical. Logic always won with Bella. She sat up, gave me a peck, then pushed me away while she hurried into the bathroom. I just laid there with my arms behind my head. Life was damn good.

One Year Later:

I checked my watch for the umpteenth time. It read 1730, and I groaned. What was I going to do for the next hour? The sound of footsteps on the stairs broke me from my thought. Jasper came into view with an impish grin. Regarding him with caution, I finally asked him what the look was about.

"Your girl looks good," he said casually. What?

"She's here?" I couldn't contain my excitement as I stood quickly.

"Just arrived." He poured a drink and passed it to me. "Drink. Your nerves are showing." I flipped him off but did as he said.

"She's early."

"Did you expect anything less?" He took the empty glass from my hand and placed it back on the bar. "Everyone's here now. I wouldn't be surprised if we started early." I perked up at the idea. I was so ready for this. Before I could comment, I felt a rumble as the engine started, and within minutes, I could feel us pull away from the dock.

"You sure about this? This is your last chance. We can make it to shore if we run now." I rolled my eyes at him.

"I've been waiting for this for too long. There will be no backing out for me or her." A knock at the stairs interrupted us, and I told the person to come up. I smiled when my dad came in with a smile on his face.

"How are you doing?" he asked, and I sighed.

"Why does everyone keep asking me that? I'm perfectly fine. I'm ready for this. I'm tired of waiting." He smiled in amusement as he held his hands up in surrender. He then pulled at the neck of his shirt. "Uncomfortable?"

"I only have to wear a tux a few times a year when I have to schmooze the Board. I don't like it. I'm accustomed to my scrubs." Jasper and I laughed. "What do-" Dad was cut off by another knock at the stairs. What was with all the interruptions? My annoyance dissipated quickly when Hannah popped her head in with a smile.

"How would you feel about starting early, Captain?" the coordinator asked, and I couldn't stop the smile from spreading across my face as I stood and smoothed down my uniform.

"Hell yes." Shit. "I mean, yes, ma'am." She giggled at my outburst.

"Good. Step out on the deck. I'll send all the guests up."

Dad and I stepped outside as Jasper hurried down the stairs. The Captain of the yacht joined us first, shaking my hand. I thanked him for doing this but was interrupted as our 36 guests arrived and stood around us. I smiled and greeted them but didn't take time to go visit. I could do that later. I was ready to get on with the show. It wasn't long before everyone had claimed a spot and we began. The music began and Jasper walked in with Wyatt in his arms. Wyatt was holding the rings that were tied to a pillow. I couldn't help but smile at my little godson dressed smartly in his own little version of a tux. As Jasper took his place beside me as my best man, his wife began her walk. She dropped flower petals along the way from a basket that Willow, Wyatt's twin, held. My smile grew at how cute my goddaughter looked in her little white dress. Alice had done a wonderful job with them.

I was so focused on the two little ones, that I didn't hear the shift in the song. Once I caught sight of her, though, of my absolutely stunningly beautiful bride, my breath left me in a rush. She was here. She was finally going to be mine. I was so overcome by emotion, that I had to reach up and swipe away a tear. I couldn't believe she was going to be mine. It wasn't long before she was standing before me, and I had to force myself to not pull her into my arms and kiss her.

"Dearly beloved…" I honestly don't remember much of what was said. We'd opted for the traditional vows, but Bella had fumbled over a few words. I didn't often see her flustered, so it was amusing to watch color rise in her checks. Her response, though, was something I would remember for the rest of time.

"Sorry. It's just that you make me...crazy...happy...want to do things that should probably wait until at least the honeymoon." I grinned broadly at her confession that echoed our first date.

"Me too."

Three Years Later:

I sat down in one of the camping chairs we had set up in the living room and let out a long sigh. I was so tired. If I could just have five minutes to rest, I could finish out this task so we could get on the road. Sweat dripped down my temples, so I raised my hand to wipe it away. A whispered, "Shhh", from behind me made me smile, but I hurried to hide it. Clearly, I wasn't meant to hear. When a little boyish giggle followed the command, I couldn't resist. I turned hurriedly as I reached to pull them to me with a growl and tickled them.

"Uncle Edward!" "Stop!" "I'm gonna pee." I immediately stopped knowing that was not an empty threat.

"What are you two doing? Are the toys packed up like you were told?" Willow stepped forward to hug me with her precious pout that she knew how to wield against me.

"I love you, Uncle Eddie." I just rolled my eyes. She was the only person I let get away with that. Wyatt stepped forward and followed his sister's lead.

"Did you two do as I asked?" Jasper said as he walked in from outside.

"Daddy, I seepy," a precious little voice said from the bedroom door. I pushed the twins toward their dad and walked over to scoop up the last of the three musketeers.

"Are you tired, little princess?" I didn't need to ask. Her droopy eyes said it all. If I gave her two minutes, she'd be out like a light.

"Yes, Daddy. Can I take a n-nap?" My heart felt so full when she was like this. She may only be two, but like her mother, she was fiercely independent. I savored the moment she allowed me to hold and love on her. Unable to resist, I kissed her forehead.

"We're almost ready to go. You can sleep the whole way home if you want. Okay?" She nodded. "Why don't you, Willow, and Wyatt pack up the last of the toys? As soon as that's done, you can sleep."

"Otay." I sat her on her feet and the three disappeared into her bedroom.

"Come one, man. We've got to load the mattress, and then we're ready to head out," Jasper called from outside. A deep breath prepped me for the last of the manual labor before the long drive home.

It didn't take long for us to load the mattress in the U-Haul. Once it was done, we went back in to hurry the kids along. As soon as the boxes were full of Maisie's toys, I loaded those into the back of my truck. Jasper helped me get the kids buckled into the back of my truck. He'd be driving the U-Haul, and I'd have the kids with me. All. Three. Kids. I could only pray they slept most if not all of the way.

With the trucks running and the kids strapped in, I went back to leave the keys on the counter. Before leaving I walked around the little two-bedroom house that Bella and I had called home for the last four years. It was here that Bella had come when she left her assignment earlier than she planned. It was here I'd carried her over the threshold a year later after we'd gotten home from our honeymoon in South America. Then a little more than a year later it was here that we brought home our daughter, Maisie Grace Cullen. This little house held a lot of memories, but our new home in Chesapeake would hold more.

"Let's roll!" Jasper's exclamation brought me out of my thoughts. With nothing but happy thoughts of this place, I closed the door on this chapter to step into the new one.

"Daddy, I miss Mommy," Maisie said once we pulled onto the street.

"I know, Princess. I do too," I told her. "Remember, she had to go early so she could get stuff set up at work. She'll be at the new house when we get there in a few hours." She nodded, her eyelids drooping even further.

I turned on Radio Disney and pushed all the sound to the back. Luckily, they were all passed out within twenty minutes and didn't wake up until we were twenty minutes from home. The last twenty minutes of the drive I was given a rousing performance from the kids of their favorite songs. As the house came into view, I sighed in relief. It was 1400 hours. If we got to work immediately, we could have everything unloaded by dinner. The kids perked up when I told them we'd arrived. Maisie cheered when she saw Bella standing on the front porch.

"Mommy!" she yelled as she ran as fast as her little legs would carry her. Bella hurried down the stairs to scoop her up into her arms for a tight hug.

"Oh, little princess, I missed you so much," she said as she peppered our little girl with kisses. Once I'd unbuckled the twins, I made my way over to my family. Maisie was telling Bella all about her week and what Bella had missed while they were apart. "So, Daddy took good care of you?" Maisie's chocolate locks bounced as she nodded. She had her mother's hair and nose, but she had my green eyes. She was the perfect combination of the two of us.

"Hey, Sweetheart," I greeted Bella before kissing her and wrapping my arms around her and Maisie. "We missed you." She smiled so brightly.

"I missed you two as well." She turned back to Maisie. "Wanna go see your new house?" Bella and I had been lucky enough to build instead of buy. We'd designed this home over the last two years. Once I'd decided not to renew my contract after four years as an instructor, we'd found a plot of land near my parents and Emmett and Rosalie and started construction. It was completed a few weeks ago.

"Yaaaaaaayyyyy!" Maisie yelled. I don't think she fully understood what was going on, but we'd tried to prepare her over the last year for this.

Maisie loved that her bedroom was upstairs. She insisted on walking herself, so it took some time getting to the second floor. Bella and I had decided to put the master on the first floor at the back of the house. Bella had struggled with it. She'd worried about being that far away from our daughter, but I reminded her that Maisie was growing up and wouldn't need us as much as she currently did. Then she'd asked what we would do with out next child. That discussion had to be tabled when I couldn't stop myself from attacking her. As a compromise, we'd added a room near the master that could be used as a nursery then easily converted to an office eventually.

When we showed Maisie her room, she was enthralled with the princess fort bed. Since Bella had brought most of Maisie's stuff ahead of time, her room was fully functional. We left her to play with the twins while we unloaded and unpacked. Emmett had come over with some friends to help, so it only took two hours to have everything inside the house. Bella directed everyone to where boxes were to be placed, and Alice and Rosalie unpacked the kitchen stuff saying we would need access to it quickly. I ordered pizza to feed everyone that helped. Once it arrived and everyone was settled, I took a seat beside Bella.

"I've been meaning to ask you how things are going at the clinic. Is everything ready?" I asked her quietly as the rowdy crowd around us carried on their conversation.

"As ready as I can be," she said with a sigh.

Once we'd made the decision to move to Chesapeake, Bella had to decide what she was going to do. She'd been renewing her contract with the Army and stayed on at Fort Bragg. She could have probably worked at Norfolk, but it didn't appeal to her. She really wanted something that could offer a bit more stability when it came to her schedule. With Maisie getting older, she was going to be doing all kinds of activities. Bella wanted to ensure she could be there for everything. I told her to talk with my dad. He would have a better idea of what may be available in the Chesapeake area. I wouldn't have been surprised if he offered to get her a job at his hospital, but what she walked away with had shocked me.

In two days, Bella and my father would be opening Cullen Family Care and Surgical Clinic. Apparently, Dad had been talking to Mom about wanting to scale back on his work but not knowing the best way to do so. He didn't want to start his own business knowing he would be retiring in ten to fifteen years. He would have to sell the practice, and he didn't want to worry about that. So instead, they were opening the clinic together.

It would be a lot of work in the beginning, but once it was up and running, he would be the Chief of Staff allowing him more time off and a less stressful workload. Bella was going to be the Chief of Surgery allowing her to get into the OR more often for scheduled procedures during the day. Emergencies would be handled by other staff. Then, since it was a family business, they thought further. Rosalie had been working as an RN since graduation, so they offered her the Chief Nurse position which she happily accepting. Mom had had the last and final idea to bring on Alice as their Director of Human Resources.

"Look at me," I told her after seeing something I never wanted to see on her face. Doubt. "You are going to do wonderfully. This is going to be a success, and you're going to love it. You can do anything you set your mind to. I believe that with al my heart." She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine. I reluctantly pulled away when the catcalls started.

"Thank you."

Later that night, after everyone had left and we'd put Maisie to bed, I took a long hot shower which did wonders for my aching muscles. I would have much preferred to have my wife under the rainfall shower head with me, but she insisted on cleaning up the little bit of mess that had been made. Once I was dry and pulled on a pair of boxer briefs and pajama bottoms, I went to find my wife. I didn't hear her in living room or kitchen, so I figured she'd be upstairs checking on Maisie. Just as I moved to ascend the stairs, I saw the light for the back patio was on. I found her sitting on the swing looking lost in thought. She only moved to snuggle into my side when I sat beside her. Not waiting to break her train of thought, I remained quiet.

"I'm so glad you're home," she finally said breaking the silence. I squeezed her tightly.

"I missed you. So did Maisie," I told her. "We had a great time together, but it's not the same without you."

"It's been the same for us when you leave for training exercises." She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I think we're going to love it here."

"I'll love wherever you two are." She turned to smile at me.

"Come with me." She stood and held out her hand. "I want to show you something." Willing to follow her anywhere, I laced my fingers through hers and let her pull me inside. We paused long enough for me to lock up. When she pulled me towards the bedroom, I perked up. I was fully on board with her showing me whatever she was about to show me. "This way." I was confused when she turned the wrong direction and headed toward the office. "Go in." Why was she acting so strange?

I was confused when I stepped in to find the place fully decorated like a nursery. Maisie's crib that Jasper had made us was set up in the corner, and Bella's favorite rocker was opposite it. The walls were decorated with some of Maisie's old stuff, and a changing table was on the opposite wall. I knew we'd talked about this being a nursery when the time came, but I didn't realize Bella would want to get it ready immediately. With the clinic opening soon, I figured she's want to use this as an office until things settled down. I turned to her with what I'm sure was a confused smile on my face.

"Is this your way of saying you're ready to start trying for number two?" I asked her. My smile turned from confused to excited. "We can start trying right now. I'll take you across the hall this second." She snorted and rolled her eyes at me as she took a step forward, grabbed my hand, and placed it on her stomach.

"No," she said indulgently. "We don't need to start trying."

"Then what-" Wait. My breath hitched at the realization. "You're pregnant." Tears filled her eyes as a happy smile spread across her face. "You're pregnant; aren't you?" She nodded. Unable to contain myself, I whooped then crushed her into my as I spun her around. Her laughter filled the room.

"Put me down, you big oaf." I did as she asked worried I'd made her nauseous. Was she nauseous? Was she having morning sickness? Had she been to a doctor? How far along was she?

"Tell me everything. Tell me."

"I figured it out last week, and I went to a doctor to get confirmation on Monday. I'm about fourteen weeks along, and the baby is doing well." I moved my hands to cover my new baby. "I've been so busy and stressed lately, that I chalked it up to stress being the reason that I'd missed my period. I was wrong though. Dr. Jameson said since Maisie came so early, they are labeling this pregnancy as high-risk, but there's nothing to indicate anything is wrong. She just wants me to come in more often to be checked out. If this baby is anything like their sister, he or she will be here sometime after the new year." I kissed her soundly.

"I love you, Sweetheart." She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back.

"I love you too." She got a mischievous glint in her eye. "Now let's celebrate." She didn't have to tell me twice.

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