A few hours had passed and it was now approaching eight-thirty. Trent had since left for work, with the spare key Helen had given him, Jake had been called into work for some emergency (something that greatly annoyed Helen, seeing as it was the Easter vacation) and Amanda had gone back to Casa Lane to grab a few of the things that the Lane Trio had left behind in their haste and to see how long it would take for them to be able to move back in.

Daria and Jane were still in Daria's bedroom, avoiding leaving as much as they could as the Fashion Club had already begun to invade the house (meaning Sandi had arrived and the other two would be joining them any minute now), but they were now watching a movie rather than their favourite show.

'Raina,' a voice called out, belonging to a dark-haired boy chasing a blonde girl in a pink prom dress out of a school hall.

'Don't talk to me, Dylan!' the girl, who had an annoyingly high-pitched voice shrieked back at him, dramatically spinning on her kitten heel to glare at him.

'I'm sorry, okay?' he told her, moving closer to her with his hands outstretched.

'Go and get your winnings, Jerk!" she yelled, taking off the corsage she'd been given by him earlier in the movie and throwing it at him.

'Raina!' he called after her again as she ran off. He sunk down to his knees and keeled over, clutching the corsage to his chest, even though he could have easily caught up with her.

"What the fuck is happening?" Daria asked, staring at the screen with a confused expression.

"Ricky bet Dylan twenty dollars that he couldn't make Raina prom queen, she was just made prom queen and found out that the blossoming romance between them was caused by the bet because Abbie had it on camera and played it in the background as Raina was crowned," Jane explained, "a ridiculous concept, I know." Daria scoffed.

"I'll say."

Before either of them had the opportunity to ridicule the movie any further, there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" Daria called out and soon enough, Helen was in the room with them.

"You two are spending an awful lot of time in here," she said (A/N: haha, that's cute), looking between the two of them with a raised eyebrow.

"Beats being out there with Quinn and the mindless drones," Daria drawled.

"What makes you think I want to be out there alone with them?" Helen asked, putting her hands on her hips. Jane chuckled softly and Daria gave her classic Mona Lisa smile.

"You let them stay," Daria pointed out and Helen rolled her eyes.

"Quinn's so persistent," she groaned, "can you two at least come downstairs until Amanda comes home?" The two girls looked at each other, but with heavy sighs decided to not torture the poor woman.

"All right we'll be down in a few minutes," Daria agreed and Helen thanked them before swooping out of the room, closing the door behind her.

They'd barely stood up, Jane moving to switch the TV off, when the door was slammed open and a grating voice called, "Daria?!" The auburn haired girl turned with a frown on her face, unsurprised when her eyes landed on Quinn, who was standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

"Ever heard of knocking?" Daria spat, glaring at her sister who completely ignored the question.

"Where's Trent?" she asked and both Jane and Daria raised a brow at the question.

"At work," Jane answered, brow still arched, "he'll be back around midnight."

"That late?" Daria asked, looking back at Jane, who shrugged.

"The night shift get's more pay." Daria nodded before looking back at Quinn.

"Why?" she asked, narrowing her eyes.

"Because The Fashion Club is holding a debate as to what makes the hottest guy," Quinn began to explain, "and Sandi says we all need to bring evidence of our point to the next meeting. If even you are attracted to Trent, he must be pretty damn special so my theory is that-"

"Please don't tell me," Daria said through clenched teeth in a testy voice, "I don't wanna lose brain cells." Even with how irritated she sounded, she still flushed when Quinn bluntly called out her attraction towards him.

"Whatever," Quinn snapped, "call me if he comes back early..." And with that, she left.

There was a prolonged period of silence in the room where Daria and Jane tried to register what had just happened. "Okay then..." Jane muttered as she completed her task of turning off the TV and Daria let our a soft laugh.

"It's best to just not question her," she sighed and Jane hummed in agreement before the two of them moved towards the door.

"She even called you out on your attraction," Jane pointed out with laughter in her voice.

"And I could kill her for that," Daria said, simply, as they left the room, closing the door behind them.

"Hey," Jane called, gaining the other girl's attention, "you haven't worn your glasses all day." Daria shrugged.

"I didn't really notice," she mused, before narrowing her eyes at Jane who cackled somewhat evilly.

"Trent did."

"Shut the hell up..." Daria muttered irritably.

"I thought you couldn't see without them," Jane told her, shoving her hands into the pockets of her shorts as they walked.

"No," was Daria's simple reply, "I just have astigmatism." Jane arched a brow.

"In English?" she asked, grinning when Daria shot her a sharp look.

"It means the shape of my eyeball doesn't focus light properly, so things are a little blurry, but I can still see," Daria explained, "I only really have to wear them when I'm reading, writing or looking at a screen, but considering that's what I do most of the time, I just leave them on. It's more practical than taking them off and putting them back on again."

"Makes sense," Jane nodded, "you should leave them off more often; you have really pretty eyes."

"Thanks," Daria mumbled awkwardly.

"At least Trent seems to think so."

"Lane, I can and will punch you in the throat."

"Shutting up."