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A meeting was being held in the Ghost Zone. The Observants were outraged. Their two fellow Observants had just returned from Clockwork's and informed them that Danny Phantom still lived. Now an argument was takin place among the Observants on what should be done.

"Clockwork went against the rules, the boy must not be allowed to live."

"But it's Clockwork, he always seems to know what he is doing. If he has given the boy a second chance then he must believe Phantom is not a threat."

"Are we willing to take that chance? The boy could still turn into Dark Dan. And since the time flow has been disrupted we cannot know for certain."

The lead Observant sat quietly, thinking through all possible options. "It is true Clockwork seems to know what he is doing, but even he was surprised when Phantom did not turn in the test answers immediately. It is also true Clockwork can see the twist and turns of time, but time is just that... always changing. He can see all the possibilities for the future, but even he does not know which path time will take. So it is still possible that Phantom may turn into Dark Dan one day. We cannot take that risk. I vote it is in the best interest of everyone that we still destroy Phantom, even if that means he is terminated before us. Everyone that agrees say aye."

Ayes rang out through the room.

"All opposed?" The lead Observant asked.

Ayes rang out through the room once more in objection, but nowhere near as many as before.

"The ayes have it. Phantom will be executed before the council."

Before anything else could be said or done, the council along with the rest of the ghosts of the Ghost Zone vanished in a flash of light.

In the real world Danny Phantom was flying for his life. "Ah come on, can't I get a break!" Danny yelled at Valerie who was in her Red Huntress suit.

"Oh sure, I'll give you a break. I'll break your ectoplasmic body!" She screamed. "You ruined my life!"

"I'll say it once again that it wasn't my dog!"

"Lies!" She screamed once more before firing off another shot at him. The blast just left the gun when the entire town of Amity Park vanish into thin air.

Everyone appeared in a large room with no doors. On the left side of the room were all the ghosts, and on the right were the citizens of Amity Park. And smack dab in the middle was Danny Phantom, floating in midair. The humans on the right all started screaming except for a few. As soon as Jack and Maddie Fenton spotted the ghost boy they pulled out their weapons. Many of the ghosts of the other side of the room had similar reactions, and got ready to blast Phantom.

The scream of Ghost Child/Boy, Invisobill, Whelp, and Halfa echoed throughout the room as they all fired. Before any of the blasts could reach Danny, a hand grabbed him from behind and pulled him out of the way and to the front of the room. Danny turned around to find Clockwork. Before Danny could say anything, Clockwork raised his arm and clear shimmering waves separated the room into three sections. The humans on the right, ghosts on the left, and another clear force field separating Danny and Clockwork at the front of the room.

Upon noticing him, many of the ghosts cried out "Clockwork!" The ghosts went silent, realizing they were brought here by Clockwork's doing. Even none of the ghosts ever said it, they all respected Clockwork. Well except for the Observants at the moment.

The lead Observant came forward only to be stopped by the force field. "Clockwork, what is the meaning of this?"

Clockwork's form changed from that of an old man to a child, "I am simply doing my duty. After all I am responsible for the boy now."

The humans silenced in, not saying a word.

Danny looked at Clockwork, "What do you mean you are responsible for me?"

Clockwork changed from a child to an adult, "When I interfered with your very recent past, I became responsible for your future. What ever road you may travel down, it is now my responsibility. That is why I brought everyone here. The Observants held a meeting after everything that recently happened, and voted to exterminate you. Seeing as you are now my responsibility I couldn't just let that happen."

At hearing this Paulina spoke up, "What?! You can't kill Danny! We're supposed to get married!"

"That is precisely the reason I brought everyone here. The Observants plan to end Danny, and if they do that it will effect everyone's future here. So I thought you should all have a say in the matter."

"I say we let them finish him off." Danny flinched at his mother's harsh words. "He's nothing but ectoplasmic scum. He should be destroyed!" Jack agreed with his wife and mumbled under his breath, "They all should be destroyed."

"You may change your mind Mr. and Mrs. Fenton." Clockwork said as became an old man once again. "And I have no doubt that you will regret your words just now along with many of your past actions."

The Fenton parents scoffed, "I hardly believe that."

"Either way you will all watch Danny's past, present, and the future I believe is most likely to occur before judgement shall be passed. Is that understood?"

"What?!" Danny screamed, beginning to panic.

"You can't do that!" Sam screamed from the crowd. "It's an invasion of privacy."

"Shut up Manson, I think I speak for everyone else at the school when we say we want to know more about Phantom." Dash glared at Sam.

"I have to agree with Mr. Baxter, Ms. Manson. Even I am curious to know more about Invisobill." Mr. Lancer said, the rest of the town agreeing with him except for Sam, Tucker, and Jazz.

"My name is not Invisobill." Danny said in frustration, momentarily forgetting his worry. "But seriously Clockwork, are you sure about this?"

Clockwork smiled, and turn back into a child again. "All is as it should be."

Danny sighed even though he was still nervous, "Okay Clockwork. I trust you."

"Good." Clockwork nodded. "Now as you can all see, I have separated the room into three parts. No one is allowed to cross the barriers if they mean harm to anyone on another side. It will takes some time to watch everything, but I can assure you will not be bored. Now before we begin... Ms. Manson and Mr. Foley, if you will please come sit in the front section with Mr. Phantom."

"What?!" The parents of both teens yelled.

"My daughter is sitting nowhere near that ghost." Mrs. Manson glared. She made to grab her daughter, "Come on sweety-" But Sam grabbed Tucker and ran through the barrier, her parents throwing a fit when they couldn't follow her through the barrier.

Jazz wanted to follow, but she thought it best to wait.

Clockwork turned to the ghosts and call out, "Wulf. Cujo." At being called up to the front the two crossed the barrier and ran up to Danny. Danny picked Cujo up in his arms, "Hi guys." He said, and got licked by both causing him to laugh.

Hearing Phantom laugh caused many of the humans to look at him strangely. They had never heard him laugh before, and it made them realize he was just a kid, well teenager technically. Which made many of them sad, never realizing before that this boy must have died at a pretty young age.

Jack and Maddie couldn't understand how he was able to laugh. He was just an ectoplasmic entity after all. A remnant of post-human consciousness. Ghosts couldn't laugh because they couldn't feel happiness. Or so they thought.

They all came back to reality when Clockwork spoke again. "Oh, there is one other person who I believe should be here." Before anyone could ask who, Clockwork had set up another barrier at the back of the room separate from everyone else and another ghost appeared. This one wearing a cape.

Immediately recognizing him, Danny shot up in the air. "Plasmius," he growled.

Plasmius smirked, "Ah, how nice to see you little badger." Plasmius tried egging him on, "How are your mother and father."

It almost worked, but Clockwork laid a hand on Danny's shoulder. Danny took a calming breath before smirking back, "I wouldn't be so smug Plasmius. We are about to watch my past, present, and most likely future. Now I don't know about my future, but we both know that you play a part in my past."

Plasmius blanched at Danny's words. It was easy for the crowd to tell they had a history, and it made many of the humans tense at their animosity towards one another. Who was this ghost? And what role dig he play in Phantom's life? Er, existence?

"Now, any questions before we start?" Clockwork inquired.

"Yeah, where is our Danny?" Maddie asked worriedly, looking around for her boy.

"And where is my daughter?" Valerie's dad asked as well. Danny cast a glance up above the crowd of humans. Hovering above the crowd was Valerie, still as the Red Huntress.

Clockwork smiled knowingly at the parents, "Oh don't worry. They're hanging around."

Before the parents could ask what that meant, Clockwork waved his arm and a vision of the past began on the screen.

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