When the world began to paint in those lovely hues, the reality was much more different. Despite the world being painted in such beautiful colors. Those shades of yellow, blue, orange… Those colors were merely masking the harsh reality of Mother Nature.

He had learned that. He had learned that because the moment he had opened his eyes to view the beautiful array of colors, he was met with the grim, wry smirks from the people around him.

"Hey, why don't you look at that? The brat's awake."

He couldn't understand what was happening. Despite the world being painted in such beautiful colors, the reality was tainted in black and gray hues.

"Sorry, I can't understand you." The man who was standing next to his partner chuckled, laughing at their victim. "Don't you know that talking is futile if you've been gagged?"

He couldn't care less. All he could register was the fear overwhelming his very heart, his very mind. He was struggling in his restraints, the different colors of lights shining down upon him. He continued to scream through the gag, tears in his eyes. He continued to scream and scream as he tried to comprehend the very situation he was in. Why? He had wondered to himself. Why am I here? Where am I? Who are you?

Yes, despite being in such an extravagant, royal-like room, his reality was that of a poor rat. He was trapped, captured, and rendered helpless. He was under the mercy of the two soldiers who were laughing at his misery.

"You think acting like the victim will help you out here?" The elder soldier wrinkled his nose. "Your future is already sealed."

A moment passed before a disgusted growl escaped the soldier's breath. "God, do you ever shut up?" The man raised the stock of his rifle, then hitting the poor victim's face with the heel. The soldier scoffed as the victim began to sob, pain burning his entire face. "What a joke," he spat.

The other soldier smiled. "Sir, you think the boss won't mind the bruise on his head? Didn't he say that he wanted him to be 'pure'?"

"Nah, it should be fine. As long as he's not too damaged." The elder chuckled. "I wouldn't dare break him that much either. I'm just as excited to see their punishment more than anything else."

He didn't know what was happening. His head was aching. His entire body was aching, and his captors were mocking him. They were rolling their eyes at his pain.

Why? The poor victim lowered his head, tears falling to his legs. What did I do to deserve this? Why is this happening? What's going to happen to me?

He wanted to scream for help. He wanted someone to explain his situation, to heed his wishes and save him.

He desired to be saved. He desired to understand. He desired to be taken care of. He desired the love for someone, yet he knew better than to believe.

His fate had already been sealed. The world he once viewed would now be painted in gray and black hues.


Hello! As some people may know, my name is RioA, or Rio for short. As I have mentioned before in my first story here, I had this idea in my head for a while. Considering what people have told me through the reviews and mixing them all together, it came to this limited story. I will have some of my original characters in this story, but every other slot will be free for the taking~ Thank you to everyone who decided to help me out on deciding what to do with this story, and I can only hope I will be able to entertain you all with this one story. There will be about fourteen characters in this story. Yes, that is the original number I wanted for this story.

As always, there are rules needed to be placed. I will simply briefly state them. Importantly, however, the deadline for this story, I would say, would be around March 31. However, I also want to mention that I will prioritize my first story mainly. The story Disparity will be taken priority, however I will try to update this as quickly and as detailed as I could as how I usually update my first story.

1. You can reuse characters that were rejected from other stories. You may send them in if the story is in hiatus.

2. Mary/Gary Sues, like always, are not allowed in this story. To be perfect means to be boring, and let's be honest- to stop a killing game so easily would bore the poor audience, right? Make the characters unique and realistic! They should be able to make the audience relate to them.

3. You can only send in characters through private messages. Sending characters through reviews are not allowed here. Also, when sending the submission in, please title your submission "Act of Despair - [OC NAME]". I want to keep track of the submissions for this story, after all. If you don't submit the form like this, then you will be eliminated from entering into this story.

4. You can send to up to three characters, though I will try my best to only accept one from each person.

5. Please feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. I will try to answer them as best as I could!





Gender: (Male and female, please.)

Age: (Around 14-19 would be fitting, please.)

Ultimate Talent: (You could make your character's talent the same as those from the Danganronpa games, however be as unique as much as possible!)

Sexuality: (I'm open for anything, so please do not feel limited here.)


Race: (They would mainly be Japanese, but please feel free to put anything here as long as your character is logical.)



Physical Appearance

Appearance: (Please tell me everything about your character. From their hair to face to body to their complexion… Please tell me everything about your character.)

Casual Wear: (This would be what your character would wear throughout the entire killing game. Please make this detailed and fitting as possible for your character, whether it be based on their talent or their personality.)

Sleepwear: (Optional, but recommended.)

Formal Wear: (Optional, but recommended.)

Style: (What does your character like to wear? Do they like to wear certain colors and/or do they like to wear certain types of clothing? What would they despise to wear?)

Health Issues: (Do they have trouble seeing or hearing? Are they blind? Do they hold any sort of mental disorder as well?)

Inwardly Appearance

Brief Description of Personality: (Just simply give me a brief list of traits that could exactly describe your character.)

Personality: (This should be one of the most detailed sections of this form other than the backstory of your character. To me, personality is what helps a character shine. I highly value a character for their personality, so please make this detailed.)

First Impressions: (What do people expect from your character based on appearances alone? What do people expect when they see your character?)

Expectations About People: (How do they expect people to act?)

Expectations About Themselves: (What do they want themselves to be like?)

Outlook on Life:

Outlook on Death:

People They Like:

People They're Neutral On:

People They Dislike:

Close Friendship: (Would you be interested in seeing your character in a close friendship with someone? Who do they look for in a close relationship and how would they act around that person?)

Romance: (If your character were to fall in love, who would they fall for? What do they look for in a partner and how do they act around that person?)

Likes: (Around 3-5 is preferrable.)

Dislikes: (Around 3-5 is preferrable.)



Hobbies: (Around 3-5 is preferrable.)


Pet Peeves:

Voice: (How do they sound? Are they high-pitched or low-pitched? Do they sound sarcastic or are they usually the ones who sound lazy and quiet? Are they hoarse with their voice and how loud are they? If you want, you can reference me voice actors if you feel like it would work. They would either have to be English or Japanese voice actors in that case then, though both would be preferrable if you decide to do such.)

Quotes: (Give me a few here.)


Family: (Please state who is important in your character's life and state their status. Are they alive or dead? How did they impact your character and how do they act?)

Friends: (Please state who is important in your character's life and state their status. Are they alive or dead? How did they impact your character and how do they act?)

Backstory: (Please make this one of the most detailed of this section, if not the most. I would want to know how your character came to obtain their talent and how they came to be who they are today. I would love to know how your character gained their morals and how the people around them helped them become who they are presently.)

In The Game

Free Time Event Ideas:

Character Arc Ideas:

Reaction to Killing Game Announcement: (When the killing game is announced, how would your character react? Would they openly deny the game and try to fight against it, or would they believe the game was merely a prank? Would they cry out of fear?)

Reaction to Body Discovery Announcement: (When they hear that a body had been discovered while they were doing something, how would they react to the sudden announcement?)

Reaction to Body: (When they actually see the body, how would they react?)

Reaction to Execution/Being Executed: (How would your character react to seeing an execution? And, while we're at it, how would your character react to being executed?)

Role in Game: (Both innocent and guilty, please.)

Role in Investigation: (Both innocent and guilty, please.)

Role in Trial: (Both innocent and guilty, please.)

Motive to Kill: (Everyone could snap under the right circumstances. How would your character snap?)

Survivor, Victim, or Murderer: (Please rank what you feel your character would be here.)

Justification for Survivor: (Please tell me why your character can and cannot be such thing here. You have to give me reasons for both sides.)

Justification for Victim: (Please tell me why your character can and cannot be such thing here. You have to give me reasons for both sides.)

Justification for Murderer: (Please tell me why your character can and cannot be such thing here. You have to give me reasons for both sides.)

Justification for Mastermind: (Please tell me why your character can and cannot be such thing here. You have to give me reasons for both sides. I will be choosing the mastermind here, after all.)


Other: (Is there anything I missed? Please state so here.)


Males Submitted: x24

Females Submitted: x17

Submitted Talents:

Ultimate Actor x1

Ultimate Detective x1

Ultimate Florist x1

Ultimate Recreation Worker x1

Ultimate Butler x1

Ultimate Phantom Thief x1

Ultimate Weightlifter x1

Ultimate Juggler x1

Ultimate Beast Hunter x1

Ultimate Memory x1

Ultimate Linguist x1

Ultimate Bagpacker x1

Ultimate Painter x1

Ultimate Snowboarder x1

Ultimate Ballerina x1

Ultimate Sniper x1

Ultimate Construction Worker x1

Ultimate Survivalist x1

Ultimate Journalist x1

Ultimate Lolita Fashion Model x1

Ultimate Cat Keeper x1

Ultimate Nihilist x1

Ultimate Gray Hat Hacker x1

Ultimate Beekeeper x1

Ultimate Literature Student x1

Ultimate Slam Poet x1

Ultimate Technician x1

Ultimate Chess Player x1

Ultimate Acrobat x1

Ultimate Screenwriter x1

Ultimate Tragedy Writer x1

Ultimate Kagura Dancer x1

Ultimate Hero x1

Ultimate Animal Whisperer x1

Ultimate Composer x1

Ultimate Critic x1

Ultimate Survivor x1

Ultimate Mythologist x1

Ultimate Surgeon x1

Ultimate Playwright x1

Ultimate Bad Luck x1

Submitted Characters in Total (with mine): x41

-ROSTER (10/14 OPEN)-


1. Ultimate Actor

2. Ultimate Detective







1. Ultimate Florist

2. Ultimate Recreation Worker