written for hogwarts creative collection and the golden snitch's through the universe challenge

creative collection: Dark!AU (in which a character who is predominantly light-side is dark-side)

through the universe: Oblateness — (character) Lavender Brown

wc: 392

. . .

ix. in the dark we see our true selves

. . .

"Well, well," Bellatrix says, raking an unimpressed eye over the figure of Lavender Brown.

She is mediocre; she doesn't strike an intimidating figure, she doesn't look like the Death Eater she wants to be.

But to her credit, Bellatrix's gaze makes her stand up straighter. "I want to be a spy," she declares.

Bellatrix chuckles. "A spy, yes?" she asks. "Well, we already have one, darling. I have no need of you. In fact" — she takes her wand out of her cloak, pointing it subtly but noticeably at Brown's throat — "I could just do away with you now and save everyone the trouble."

"Your spy is Snape, right?" she confirms. "Well, all he knows about is what goes on with Dumbledore. Does he know what Harry Potter is planning? Does he know what goes on in Hermione Granger's mind? Because I room with her. I could tell you," offers Lavender.

She's smart, Bellatrix will admit. The Death Eaters could use this kind of intel.

"I'm listening," hums Bellatrix noncommittally.

Lavender Brown draws in a breath, then says, "I can listen in, but mostly their methods involve stumbling upon something and then reading up about it until they find something relevant. I'm not quite close to them...but that Ronald Weasley is so harebrained and desperate to get a snog, I might just give it to him…"

Bellatrix looks at her with a newfound respect. "And you're sure he's careless? He'll divulge secrets?"

"Perhaps he'll turn out to be more loyal...and if that's the case, magic is always a help…"

Maybe this Lavender Brown can be useful after all. It's clear now that she's not just some Death Eater wannabe, that she actually can work and that she has the cunning required to be a spy.

"You're debating," notes Brown.

"Indeed I am," agrees Bellatrix. "I'm wondering what to do with you. Killing you is always a possibility. But I concede you might just have a use."

They stand at a stalemate for a few moments, both thinking, What now?

Finally Bellatrix gestures for Lavender to get up. She pokes her wand into Brown's back and says, "Move. I'm taking you to the Dark Lord. He will be your Lord, too, if you are worthy enough."

Bellatrix cannot see her face, but she can imagine the dark smile gracing it.