The next thing she knew, Abigail found herself lying inside of a small cylinder glass tube. Past the thick glass was a futuristic looking office. Holographic images depicted charts and graphs, and the walls were decorated with panels of multiple buttons and screens. At the very center of the room was a shiny, curved desk and a red and white chair.

Flickering into consciousness, she pressed her shackled hands onto the invisible barrier in front of her. The ceiling of the capsule glowed a dim blue light. Small vents constantly flowed air in and out of the tube, but it made her tiny space cold and unwelcoming.

No no no no! This can't be happening. Oh Chaos, where is Uncle Ham? Shadow?!

A door hissed open. Abigail froze and pretend she was sleeping despite she slight shaking. She expected to hear footsteps but heard none.

"Is that the G.U.N. soldier?" A goofy voice called out.

"Shh! Pipe down." Another voice hushed. "I think she's sleeping. Let's just do what the boss told us to do and go."

Two shaped heads peeked from behind the desk. One a red sphere, and the other a yellow cube. Both had blue circle glowing eyes and stick figure shaped bodies.

Abigail peeked and literally thought she was seeing magic right before her eyes as the red robot floated in the air in front of her. He brought up a small window that showed her profile picture from G.U.N. along with some reports.

She squinted her eyes, trying to read the tiny scribbles. But she could only make out her name listed in bold and bigger letters.

"Hi!" The yellow robot stepped right in front of her along with a friendly wave. The girl flinched and retreated to the back of the cell.

"Cubot! We're not supposed to be talking to the prisoner!"

Cubot pressed his metallic face on the glass. "Aww but see? She's not dangerous."

"Stop it! Can't you see you're scaring her?" The red orbed robot scolded. He pushed Cubot out of the way. "Terribly sorry about that miss. My partner here can sometimes be a bit… unaware..."

Her chest heaved like a balloon being inflated and deflated. Cubot read her name on the computer. "Abigail... Ooo! I know! We'll call you Abby!"

"Now's not the time to be discussing nicknames you incompetent fool." Out from nowhere, Eggman appeared behind the capsule. Abigail did not dare turn around and stayed frozen like a statue.

"Boss. I have brought you the documents you asked for." The red orbed one spoke.

"Good. Now leave us."

The two bots did what they told and left the room. Abigail scooted as far away from the man as possible, pulling her knees up to her chest.

"Awww don't you worry kid." He spoke with false sincerity. "They're completely harmless."

She on the other hand was absolutely scared shitless. The leader of the Empire was actually talking to her. The number one enemy of G.U.N.

"Tell me." He sat down in his red padded oval chair. She noticed that the chair was also levitating not unlike the two robots. "What was that circus show about?" The girl managed to keep a stern face but trembled slightly.

"You and your squad were at Mirage Canyon. Do you remember that?" he repeated.

She just stared wide eyed at him, unable to respond. Her chapped lips formed a tight line.

"Well? I'm waiting!"

No response.

"So... You're one of those silent types huh?" A wonky-looking gun popped up from the desk.

Abigail switched between him and the gun.

"The glass won't protect you by the way." He pointed the blaster at her.

She somehow, someway, mustered up her courage for a brief second. "Be my guest." she finally spoke.

A stiff silent moment passed between them. He lowered the gun. "Well played Tower."

Sudden bolt of electricity shot from somewhere inside, sending her to shriek in pain and collapsing face first onto the floor.

"Now then... If you would be so kind." He emphasised the last word. "Tell me why were there G.U.N. soldiers at Mirage Canyon?"

She struggled to stand up from being so weak prior.

"Look." Her chest heaved, "I don't remember much… W-We were just looking for some emerald and my squadron was sent there."

"Funny that you mention that by the way. I believe squadrons are in groups of twelve to fourteen, not fiveteen."

"Well- I- um- This mission specifically called for t-that many!"

"I see... Or," he pointed a finger up in the air, then at her. "You're one of those stereotypical rebellious types. Aren't you?"

Abigail's face contorted into slight confusion as Eggman began to walk around her like a shark circling its prey. "You, being the Commander's daughter, probably had you stay inside various bases just to keep you safe. For many years! I'm assuming. But one day, you realized you were tired of being put in the sidelines. You wanted to see some action!" He punched his fists in the air.

He made it back to his chair with his hands behind his back. "So you joined the army, for what? To follow in Abraham's footsteps? To feel like you belong somewhere?" He leaned forward, "I'm genuinely curious."

Gail's expression twisted into a scowl. She hated how he just read majority of her 'stereotypical' life story. "Niece. Actually."

"Eh, same thing." He waved his hand in a shooing motion. He decided not to enrage her any more. "Let's talk about your injuries." He typed something on the table keypad and a few new windows popped up.

"Let's see here… Blunt force trauma, second-degree burns, bone fracture in the lower spine, broken rib-"

"-How, did I heal so quickly?" More importantly, how am I even alive?

"My med bots performed many surgeries to keep you alive." He stated.

"All that in one week?"

"A week?!" He bursted into a loud laughter, leaving Abigail confused. "Did Grahams tell you that? What am I? Some kind of genie? My dear, it's been almost two months since the incident happened!"

"... What?"

"Speaking of which, why hasn't Shadow sent someone to come back for you?" He thought aloud for her to hear. "He wouldn't just leave you behind like that. Especially someone of such high importance. Unless..."

"Unless, what?"

"Unless they believe you were dead."

The recruit shook her head. "No. No, Shadow tried to get me out."

"Which is what caused you to start dying in the first place." Eggman pointed towards the giant screen. A little cartoon stick figure with curly brown hair representing Abigail popped up on screen. "Look here. When the landslide happened, the pressure of the boulders were trapping in your blood, keeping you alive." The image showed a sad faced Abigail trapped under poorly drawn rocks, then more stick figures popped up, one being a scribbled faced Shadow.

"And once they started to remove the rocks, you immediately started to bleed to death. Which is why my robots rushed you here in such a hurry." The animation played what Eggman spoke, showing robots picking up her stick figure with her having 'X's' drawn on her face. "I am surprised you are alive..."

Abigail has a hard time processing all of this information. She was trying so hard to keep her glistening eyes from becoming raging waterfalls. "I didn't mean for this to happen…"

"And yet, there were fifteen soldiers..."

She sprouted an idea. "My uncle will repay you when you bring me back to him."

"Does he know you left?" he struck back.

Abigail didn't respond.

"Face it kid, they left you. And I saved you from the kindness of my heart." Eggman placed his hand over his chest as if to look sincere.

"You could have left me to die."

"But I didn't, didn't I?" His tinted blue glass suddenly turned white from the reflection of the lights. "Unlike your so-called allies."

"Well. I appreciate you helping me out. Really. But I'm going home now." She was about to move when she again realized glass was in her way.

"And go back to the ones who betrayed you?"

"Listen. Leaving me was not their intention. And if they did, my uncle will believe me."

"And how do you know that for sure?"

"Because Shadow would never leave me behind!" Her voice suddenly raised.

"Then why didn't the emerald not bring you with them?"

"I don't know!" She slapped her hands on her face, muffling her voice. "I have no clue…"

She couldn't hold it in anymore. She didn't care. The shackles rattled slightly as her sniffles turned into raspy cries. Eggman waited impatiently for her to stop. She eventually wiped her face with the white shirt.

"Tell you what." He finally spoke. "You don't have to go back to G.U.N."

"I'm sorry?"

Eggman opened up his arms gesturing the computer room around them. "You can stay here!"

" Um..."

"I saved your life, and I don't get anything in return?"

"Have G.U.N. pay a ransom instead." She spat.

"I don't think your uncle would like that, now wouldn't he?" He wagged his finger. "And besides, you owe me."

"Excuse me?"

"Since I did everything in my power to save you, you have to return the favor. Unless you don't mind letting Tower pay for your injuries."

"How much?"

After typing away at the desk, Eggman brought up a list of all of her surgeries. As the page scrolled down all she could see was multiple numbers.

Her eyes shrunk at the total, "Over Nine Hundred Thousand Rings?!"

"Why are you so surprised? We had to perform multiple surgeries! Blood transfusions- Broken bones- You know already. You were in bad shape..."

There's no way Uncle Ham can pay for this...

"Think about it Tower. You could live here in peace. I can give you a place to stay. A job. I'll pay you for your services, and in return you can pay off the debt."

Abigail bit her lip.

"Or option B is rotting in a cold empty cell for the rest of your life." He gestured to the confinement she was currently in. "Your choice."

Author's Note: This chapter was long due, thank you for your patience. There were many changes added and removed to this chapter that I couldn't decide on what to do. I have also changed the title of the story, because the previous title had already given away too much of the plot.