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Chapter One

Agate: Discovery and Truth

"How'd you find out what I was planning?" The demand echoed in Wyatt's aching head as he forced himself back to consciousness.

"What?" He mumbled, cracking open his eyes. The first thing he saw was the magic-formed white bars of a crystal cage. The second was Annie.

Slowly, his memories came back. Going through the portal and coming out in 2003, finding Annie, not his Annie but an Annie from a dark, evil-dominated timeline. And then,

"Did you push me in front of a bus?" He asked incredulously, sitting up carefully to avoid banging the bars and being electrocuted.

Annie glared at him. "You say it as if pushing you in front of a bus is the worst thing either of us has ever done to try and kill each other," she spat viciously, her gaze matching her tone.

Wyatt had never seen his sister look at anyone like that, a mixture of terror and loathing in her olive-coloured eyes. Eyes that were hard and dark from years of pain and grief.

He didn't like it, his baby sister should never look so frightened of anyone, especially not him. Wyatt's most important purpose in life was to keep his sister safe, his parents had ingrained that in him since before her birth. Still, this was not the sister who was constantly humming country songs or painting.

This wasn't the same sister who mothered all of their cousins and studied medicine because she hated not being able to heal. The one who'd inherited their mom's clean freak tendencies and their Aunt Prue's personality.

This was a warhardened version, who only saw an enemy when she looked at him.

"How did you learn my plan?" Annie repeated, a hard tone in her voice. Wyatt doubted this Annie had sung in years, if ever. He frowned, feeling a surge of guilt at the stab of fear that flashed across through their bond before swiftly being suppressed.

"Mom and the aunts told me," he said and his frown deepened at the bewilderment and hurt that came from her over their bond.

She shook her head in denial. "You're lying," she accused. "M, m, she wouldn't come if you called for her. Besides, the realms were shut off ages ago, you can't've summoned her or the Aunts. Who did you capture?"

Wyatt blinked in surprise at that statement but pressed on, determined to convince her. Seeing as Annie was one of the most stubborn in a family of immovable people, it wasn't going to be easy, he knew.

"I didn't capture anyone, I swear. Your plan worked, okay? You saved me. I'm good!"

Annie scoffed and shook her head. "Oh, I'm not stupid Wyatt! I only arrived yesterday, I haven't even met the sisters yet, let alone changed anything. How did you find out?" Her voice rose to a shout as she began to cross into hysteria.

"Look through our bond," Wyatt pleaded, the idea popping into his head. "You know that we can't lie through-"

"Our bond's been broken for years," Annie spat back at him. "And like hell am I gonna give you the chance to mess with my head by looking through your sick, twisted, mind!"

Wyatt opened his mouth to try and convince her again but she abruptly recoiled from him, scrambling away and rushing out of sight. Wyatt groaned and buried his head in his hands. This wasn't what was supposed to happen. Annie was supposed to listen, she was supposed to let him save her.

Anna fled the warehouse on foot because she didn't have the concentration to orb. Panic and fear were overtaking her exhausted mind, and sparks were flying from her fingertips even as the ground beneath her seemed to shudder from the force of her emotions. She slipped into an empty alley and struggled to calm herself, or at least to regain control of her more temperamental powers.

A choked laugh escaped her as she realized that Wyatt had been the cause of her losing control of her powers last time as well. The laugh changed to a sob and she buried her head in her knees. A few objects whirled furiously through the air around her.

Nico was dead, at least, she hoped he was. Anna knew all too well that death was by far the better alternative to captivity by Wyatt's forces.

Time travel was strange though, who knew how long it took for him to break and give her up. And it had to have been him, no one else knew the exact date and location that she was aiming for. The others in the council knew was that she was going back in time to erase the timeline and everyone else just knew she was going on a long-term mission. She'd kept it quiet to protect the safety of her mission.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she struggled to push them back as the image of Niko fighting off the guards the last time she'd seen him.

She sighed and pulled her hands through her brunette hair. Everything in her wanted desperately to be selfish for once and flee into hiding. Wyatt could escape the cage and the hasty wards that she'd thrown up but it would take days. Days Anna could use to disappear from the earth.

But Anna didn't have the right to abandon the world to the non-existent mercies of a tyrant from the future. And, selfishly, she was desperate to find out what Wyatt had done to make Nico betray her. He wouldn't have done it willing, she genuinely believed that. But Wyatt had ways to make everyone break, especially with Barbas and Isax on his side as his Chief Torturers.

She would have to go back and confront him, but, she inhaled, not yet. She ran her hands through her hair again, hid the evidence of her breakdown under a glamour and disappeared in a swirl of orbs.

If he wasn't so worried that Annie would come back and have a heart attack at finding him missing, Wyatt would've attacked the crystals and gone after her. Instead, he sat and contemplated his current state.

Being hit by a bus should leave more than just a few bumps and bruises, unless he'd been healed. And there was a strange taste of petrol in his mouth too.

Carefully he rubbed his fingers over his chest and lifted them to sniff at. Dismay rose in him when he took in the scents. Was Anna using Alchemy? Surely not, the Charmed Ones had mentioned that this version of Annie relied a lot on demonic contacts but no one said that she actually used demonic magic.

Maybe it wasn't Alchemy, he considered. Maybe it was some sort of healing potion. They weren't used often due to Whitelighters and because they had long-term effects but they existed. Still, at least Wyatt was here now. He could put a stop to any use of Alchemy of potions that caused long-term damage. Anna's mind was obviously fragile enough without adding physical problems to her stress load as well.

Thoughts of Annie's fragility turned his mind from her magic-use to the stuff she'd been snapping at him earlier.

"As if pushing you in front of a bus is the worst thing either of us has ever done to try and kill each other." "Our bond's been broken for years."

Both of those sentences were horrifying to him. Annie was his sister, his only sibling and best friend. Thoughts of harming her, let alone trying to kill her had never even crossed his mind. And breaking their bond? He had nurtured that awareness of his baby sister since before her birth, how could any version of him, even an evil one, ever consider damaging it?

Abruptly, Annie appeared in a swirl of blue orbs. She flung a brown paper bag at him. "Eat," she instructed him curtly.

"What is it?" Wyatt asked, picking up the bag. She shot him an irritated look that he suspected was going to be a frequent occurrence in the near future.

"Food," she snapped sarcastically. "Terribly sorry if it's not up to your standards, Your Majesty."

Wyatt sighed as he opened the bag to see some McDonald's fries and chicken nuggets. He grimaced slightly. Growing up on Piper Halliwell's cooking made you develop an aversion to fast food. His stomach grumbled and he reached to grab a few fries, deciding against being picky.

"Did you have something?"

Annie shot him a familiar look and Wyatt frowned. Typically it took more than asking if she'd eaten to have Annie looking at him like she doubted his sanity.

She shook her head and started to pace. "Why did you come back personally?" She demanded. "I'd never expected that. Sending a bunch of assassins, yes. But coming back yourself? What insurance do you have? I swear, Wyatt, if you got Pamela-"

"I don't have insurance," Wyatt shuddered at the thought of any of the family being used for that. Especially Pamela, jeeze, she was only twelve!

Annie snorted in disbelief and Wyatt sighed, changing tactics. "How long 'til the Titans then?" He asked. Annie paused to give him an expressionless stare that couldn't quite keep the curiosity from her green gaze. "They said that's when you came swooping in like some fairytale heroine or something."

Annie snorted. "I'm a lot of things but we both know I'm no heroine Wyatt," she answered, voice ragged. "How did you know that I'm planning to approach them during the Titan attack?"

"Because they told me that's when you did," Wyatt said. Frustration at Annie's adamant refusal to believe him started to rise and he stubbornly pressed it back down again. "When are we anyway?"

She eyed him warily for a minute before replying. "January 23rd. You'll be born in ten days."

Wyatt couldn't help the grin that split his face. "That's so weird, you know?" He said rhetorically. "I mean, I haven't even been born yet and still, I'm right here."

Annie chuckled before getting angry, upset at the rapport that had sprung up between them after years of being enemies. "Stop that!"

"Stop what?"

"You can't just act like you haven't aren't Emperor Wyatt!"

Wyatt looked solemnly at her for a moment before saying steadily, "I am not Emperor Wyatt."

"Stop it! Just stop with the damn head games! I hate them! What do you want?" She'd gone back to hysteria and it was genuinely worrying Wyatt how off-balance this version of his sister was.

He sighed unhappily. He couldn't help it. It was literally hurting him to see Annie so exhausted and broken. He hadn't had time to really take in the details of her appearance earlier but now he did.

Anna's hair was thin and tangled, cut in a harsh chin-length bob that was badly knotted. If any of the women in his family had seen it they would've had fits. Her lips were torn from being chewed on and her knuckles were had healing scratches on them, her nails badly chipped.

Her eyes were sunken with deep black shadows underneath them and her ragged, dirty clothes did nothing to hide the fact that she wasn't just slim, but dangerously thin. He could see certain hints in her face and body structure that she'd had various bones broken and they'd healed incorrectly.

And through their bond, (which was far more delicate than ever before but certainly not broken) he could sense her emotions. He closed his eyes and reached along their link into his sister's mind. It was full of shadows and rapidly shifting emotions, the only constants being a bone deep exhaustion and the heavy weight of grief and fear.

"Stay out of my head!"

The Twice-Blessed's eyes snapped open as Anna surged over to the cage, her crooked fingers curling around one of the crystals.

One inch. That was all she had move it. Heck, even a centimeter would work. Wyatt wouldn't be able to mess with her mind if he was incapacitated by pain. But her fingers wouldn't budge.

"You're nothing like him," Nico had once insisted to her, after she asked him if he ever worried that she would become like her brother. At times like this, Anna hated how right he was.

She could slaughter and torture enemies. Had and would kill both allies and innocents for the sake of the 'Greater Good'. But she couldn't bring herself to hurt Wyatt when he was powerless.

"Well?" She challenged bitterly, resignedly letting go of the crystal. "Where's the comment on how weak and pathetic I am? Go on, you know want to."

"Annie," Wyatt's voice and expression was gentle as he called her a name no one had used for her since Victor died from cancer when she was fourteen. "You're not weak. You're the strongest person I know."

Anna forced down the tears that threatened. "Why are you doing this to me?" She pleaded. "What's the point of playing this stupid head game? Haven't you tortured me enough?"

He looked genuinely anguished, something Anna had never seen on his face before. "How can I convince you?" He murmured with eyes that looked too hazel and caring to belong to the man with cold blue eyes who'd laughed as she'd screamed in agony under Isax's cruel touch.

He brightened slightly as an idea came to him. "Do we look alike?" At least he seemed to realize how absurd the question was because he quickly continued. "I know we're technically the same person but there must be differences."

Anna sighed and rubbed her temples, squashing the hope that flickered briefly in her as she properly took in the details of his appearance.

"You cut your hair," she finally pointed out and Wyatt flashed a bright grin.

"I can't stand long hair, always gets in the way. And you know Mom's opinion of guys with long hair, they're hooligans."

Anna flinched slightly, wishing that he wouldn't be so cavalier about mentioning their dead mother before she forced herself to continue with her study.

"Your clothes are strange," she sighed. "I've haven't seen you in anything other than black since we were kids."

"Black makes you look like a demon," Wyatt answered brightly. That stubborn trace of hope started to rise again and Anna cursed her fatigue as she tried to think.

"Let me see your collarbone," she commanded. Wyatt looked confused as he pulled his blue shirt down to reveal bare skin. Anna glared at it to hide her uncertainty. The scar was gone.

The closest she'd ever come to actually killing her elder brother was when she had stabbed him with a poisoned scythe. Anna had been seventeen at the time, Wyatt had been nineteen. He'd survived but been left with a permanent scar to remember the encounter. In return for the injury she'd given him, Wyatt had destroyed a town in France with over seven thousand people inside.

"How'd you get rid of the scar?" She demanded and Wyatt shrugged.

"The only scar I've ever had is from when I got my appendix removed when I was six."

Anna stared at him for a long minute. Then her bad judgement must've taken advantage of her tiredness because she found herself reaching out to grab and remove the nearest crystal, dissolving the cage. It took all her strength no to flee as Wyatt stood up and stretched.

"So what did I mess up?" She asked coldly, making Wyatt frown.

"What do you mean? You didn't mess anything up," he refuted.

She arched an eyebrow. "If you're good, then I succeeded at my main goal," she conceded, emphasizing the 'if'. "But something has to have gone wrong because otherwise you wouldn't be here."

"Annie, you didn't mess anything up," he insisted. "You died."

Anna frowned at him. "That still doesn't explain why you're here," she stated flatly, indifferent to his announcement. Life hadn't exactly been good to her. She couldn't really bring herself to be upset at a premature death, it would happen eventually anyway.

"Doesn't it?" Wyatt challenged, looking pained as Anna shook her head. "Your body, combined for lack of another word, with my Annie two days ago, the equivalent day to when you died in our timeline. Along with all of your scars and the injuries that killed you. We had to put you under a stasis spell to keep you from dying."

AN: So, as stated above, this story is based on asil's World Gone to the Wolves. An amazing story, but unfortunately is only two chapters long. I have long wanted a fem!Chris story too because I love genderswaps. But any I've found are only one-shots and I don't like crossovers which are Amandous' fem!Chris stories. So, I decided to combine them. Christopher Perry Halliwell is now Annette Patricia Halliwell (I love the name Anna, and Annette means beautiful grace, which I think is so pretty.) I know Anna isn't technically a nickname for Annette but let's just say she used Anna Perry as her alias, okay? Chapters 1 and 2 will be very similar to World Gone to the Wolves, after that, it's pure me! Enjoy, and remember to R&R but no flames please!